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									Pharmacy Ireland 2020
Pharmacy Ireland 2020 -Fine-tuning Pharmacy for the Health Needs of Ireland Pharmacy is the most important first point of professional contact for most patients and members of the public seeking advice, care and treatment. Pharmacy needs to release further added patient value to contribute to sustainable health and wellbeing. The Pharmacy Act 2007 empowers the PSI to commence a review of pharmacy services and pharmacy practices in the state. It is desirable that we develop an ambitious and reliable blueprint to guide the development of pharmacy practice and service over the next 10 years; one that we can be proud of. Pharmacy practice must move with the times, embrace change, continuously innovate, review its services and make the profession pro-active in the vanguard of health sector challenges and changes. A lot has been achieved in past decades, however, much more remains to be done. The wider availability and accessibility of pharmacists and pharmacies and the personal nature of the professional service offered facilitates a closer ongoing relationship with members of the public and patients and other frontline health professionals and service providing personnel. Many countries have developed the roles of pharmacists and pharmacies to tackle the challenges facing their health services. Pharmacy graduates are highly trained and have high expectations. The output of this project will assist in making pharmacy a more satisfying and rewarding career while providing the maximum opportunity to improve every patient’s quality of life. The Aims of Pharmacy Ireland 2020 1. To enhance pharmacy care, practice and treatment in Ireland. 2. To build dynamism in the pharmacy profession, embracing professional and role change as a necessity. 3. To actively examine cross professional collaboration as a means to deliver a better patient service. 4. To establish Irish pharmacies as centres of evidence based care. 5. To examine ways of expanding the role of pharmacy and orientate pharmacy practice to the screening and health promotion needs of the population. 6. Through new models of pharmacy practice, to reduce the numbers of patients suffering from chronic and preventable diseases. Specifically, it is hoped that pharmacy practice in 2020 will achieve the following objectives:

1. Consolidate the advisory and medicine distributive role of pharmacy. 2. Provide continuity of care and accountability. 3. Provide a range of diagnostic and screening services (including tests for PSA, H. Pylori, Cholesterol, BP, BMI, BG, INR, etc.). 4. Increase health gain through evidence based and measureable health promotion campaigns. 5. Provide a front-line, complementary primary care service with a wide range of evidence based pharmacist prescribed deregulated medicines. 6. Contribute to a decrease in antibiotic resistance in the general population. 7. Increase the detection and reduce the availability of counterfeit medicines. 8. Provide a pharmacoeconomically viable health service to patient and state. 9. Demonstrate how future pharmacists can fully utilise the high quality education they have received. Terms of Reference of the Steering Group
Chair person: Mr. Brendan Hayes, President of the PSI and community pharmacist. Members: Other PSI Council members on the Group are Ms Cathriona Hallahan, the Managing Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa of Operations at Microsoft, Professor Peter Weedle, a lecturer in pharmacy at University College Cork, and Ms Ita Kelleher, a former nurse and a public interest nominee of the Minister for Health and Children, to the Council of the PSI. The Group will be assisted by the Registrar of the PSI, Dr. Ambrose McLoughlin.

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To review the national policy context in which pharmacy services are provided in Ireland. To review the current pharmacy service provision in Ireland. To critically appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the current pharmacy system in Ireland. To consult widely on the future of pharmacy practice and to formulate and plan for the design, planning and implementation of a design programme in respect of pharmacy practice in the year 2020. To prepare an overview of the published literature in respect of pharmacy practice development worldwide and to review the systems in other countries that may be applicable in Ireland. To propose appropriate evidence based models for pharmacy care practice and treatment in the Republic of Ireland. To identify requirements for the early implementation of new pharmacy services in Ireland. To specify the actions required to put in place an effective implementation process. To propose a system of voluntary enrolment in the proposed new models of pharmacy care, practice and treatment. To recommend appropriate investment and revenue models to support pharmacy care, practice and treatment. To identify the areas of academic practice and research that need development in Irish pharmacy. To propose a governance framework including audit systems for the new services. To advise and devise models for conversion training and joint training of key pharmacy personnel in all sectors of pharmacy.

14. To present a strategy document to the PSI Council, the Minister for Health and Children and other stakeholders. 15. To report to the Council of the PSI within three months and the PSI will then forward its advisory report to the Minister for Health and Children, Ms Harney.


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