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					Power Careers Program

The program began with a pilot program in 2002 and reached full implementation in 2003. With the placement of 19 new
students into the program on June 11, 2012, and two more scheduled for September, a total of 193 students have been
selected and placed in the Power Careers Program.

All fossil-generating plants in the Carolinas have participated in the program including three nuclear plants, four CT plants
and two hydro plants. The program will expanded again this year to add two more intern students for Fleet Services to
work as mechanics at our Garner garage and the Florence garage later this year.

Of the 193 students placed in the program, 133 have graduated in the program with two-year AAS degrees; 30 students
dropped out, resigned or were removed from the program before graduation; and 30 are active in the program.

Of the 133 who have graduated, 86 have been hired regular full-time. Of those, 83 are still with the company (a 96%
retention rate). Twelve graduates are currently working as contractors and are still employed and will continue to be
considered for full-time job openings (86 + 12/133 = a 73% hire rate). Thirty-five graduates were not selected, found other
jobs, returned to school or left after working as a contractor.

Initial job placement upon graduation for the 86 regular full-time hired graduates includes the following:
             25   Mechanics
              1   Fuel Handling
             12   Traveling Maintenance (8 mechanics and 4 I&C)
             29   Instrument & Control Technicians
             13   Auxiliary Operators
              2   Energy Delivery – Transmission Relay Tech and Lineman
              4   CT Tech III – Smith Energy Complex

At last count, approximately 5%-10% of the students hired full time are continuing their education through the education
assistance plan by pursuing a four-year degree through a four-year university.

Community colleges with students participating in the program (16):

                North Carolina                    South Carolina                            Virginia
                A B Tech CC                       Florence Darlington Tech CC               Danville CC
                Alamance CC
                Blue Ridge CC
                Cape Fear CC
                Central Carolina CC
                Haywood CC
                Montgomery CC
                Northeastern Technical CC
                Piedmont CC
                Richmond CC
                Robeson CC
                South Eastern CC
                Wake Tech CC
                Wayne CC

Lee McCollum    Power Careers Program     919-881-3773 email: lee.mccollum@pgnmail.com

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