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					Medway School of Pharmacy- ‘School Board’, Minute of 15th December 2005, approved 5th June 2006.

MEDWAY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY SCHOOL BOARD Minutes of the 5th Meeting of the Medway School of Pharmacy School Board held on Thursday 15th December 2005 in Room A259, Anson Building PRESENT: Head of School of Pharmacy Reader Senior Lecturer Clinical Lecturer Clinical Lecturer Teacher Practitioner Chief Technician School Administrator 1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies were received from Sarah Corlett and Abdul Mohammad. 2. MINUTES OF THE MEETING 11th July 2005 The minutes were confirmed as accurate. 3. MATTERS ARISING There were no matters arising 4. RESOURCES- verbal update following PMB meeting held that morning (15th December 2005) STAFF AS A RESOURCE The Chair updated members on the discussions that had taken place that morning. Manpower continues to be the main concern with the 10 posts approved by the PMB in July 2005 not yet advertised. The UoK had signed off all of the posts immediately but could not proceed to advertise them until the UoG VCG indicated agreement. Apparently the UoG had interpreted our Pharmacy manpower plan (agreed with the RPSGB in April 2005) as staff available to but not necessarily located in the School of Pharmacy with staff numbers relating to numbers in post at the end rather than the start of the academic session to which it refers. This interpretation is of concern given that the manpower plan was a condition of the step 4 accreditation and the staff number based on a SSR of 20:1 with a recommendation that staff are in post in advance of the academic session in which they are required to teach. In an attempt to unblock the posts a new protocol for the appointment of all School of Pharmacy staff was developed and agreed between the UoK and UoG. This had been copied to all Pharmacy staff previously. Despite this protocol the UoG had indicated that it wanted to downgrade one of the posts from a Reader to a lecturer grade. The Chair suggested we downgrade to SL level as a compromise. Colleagues agreed but Clare Mackie (Chair) Tim Paget Min Keating Ruth Rodgers Trudy Thomas Linda Dodds Lynn Gallagher Debby Dixon


Medway School of Pharmacy- ‘School Board’, Minute of 15th December 2005, approved 5th June 2006.

expressed reservations about the protocol and the implications for the RPSGB accreditation visit (see item 7.1 below). The Chair stated that she had a commitment from the PMB that all ten posts would be advertised in the first week in January with a closing date of 30th January following which interviews would be held on the second and third week in February 2006. Staff expressed concern that this was too close to the RPSGB visit scheduled for 24th February and that we were very close to loosing accreditation on the basis of our current SSR. The Chair explained that she had taken every opportunity to express her concerns including raising the matter at Academic Council but had been unable to progress the matter. Members asked that the Chair express the disappointment of the School Board in the strongest possible terms at the next PMB meeting. Action: HoS to raise disappointment with the PMB 4.2 ESTATES- LABORATORIES The PMB had formed an estates sub-committee which had met in October and had made great progress on Pharmacy laboratory accommodation. However two issues remained which were likely to impact during the current academic session. Issue 1: molecular biology/microbiology laboratory Tim Paget raised concerns about the new molecular biology/microbiology laboratory currently being refurbished on the first floor of Anson. It was to have been ready before Christmas to allow teaching from the first week in term 2 after the Christmas break. The Chair advised that the timetables had been rescheduled to take account of a possible delay in the building works. Issue 2: research laboratories The Chair was more worried about delays in accessing research laboratories as Medway Sciences were to have moved to the Nelson building by Christmas leaving the second floor of Anson South. This is compounded by our lack of access so that refurbishment can progress without delay. This has implications for our recruitment of research active staff that are likely to want to visit the laboratories during the interviews scheduled for February 2006. 5. MINUTES OF THE QUALITY AND LEARNING SUBCOMMITEE 7th November 2005 The minutes of this meeting were not yet available for circulation due to pressure of work. The major issues relevant to the School Board relate to resources (staff and physical resources) and appointment of external examiners. The approved minutes of this committee will be included in the next School Board agenda. MINUTES OF SUBJECT AND PROGRAMME PROGRESSION AND AWARD BOARDS Minute of the combined Progression and Award Board for the ‘PgCert Supplementary Prescribing for Pharmacists’ and ‘PgCert Supplementary/ Extended Independent Prescribing for nurses’ held on 2nd September 2005 The minutes were noted and the teaching team congratulated on their second cohort of 15 graduates of this programme. The Chair has provided the RPS and NMC with certified pass lists for this cohort as required under the conditions of accreditation.




Medway School of Pharmacy- ‘School Board’, Minute of 15th December 2005, approved 5th June 2006.


Minutes of the combined MPharm Subject Assessment Board and Progression and Award Board held on the 7th September 2005 The minutes were noted. Of 80 students that started the MPharm stage 1 programme in September 04, three withdrew before the HEFCE census date of December 2005 leaving 77 students formally enrolled on the Programme. Of these 70 (90%) progressed to stage 2. Three students failed academically, one transferred to the London School of Pharmacy (exceptional circumstances) and 3 students had not attended their examinations. The Chair expressed her thanks to those staff who had prepared revision guides and provided intensive revision sessions & mentoring for resit students over the summer. PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT TEAM REPORTS Undergraduate Programme Management Team MPharm update on RPS accreditation Following submission of an interim report to the RPSGB at the end of October Damien Day and Karen Jones had visited the school on Friday 4th November. Following a brief tour of the laboratories, Damien Day commented that the progress of estates appeared to be satisfactory, and that student numbers (tables 1 &2) were acceptable. However, he expressed his concern at staffing levels, which are currently running at a staff student ratio of greater than 30:1. Damien stated that new staff must be appointed as soon as possible to relieve the pressure on current staff within the School and to meet the criteria laid down by the RPSGB following their last accreditation review in April 2005. Damien said that it was his view that staff must be appointed directly to the School in order that pastoral duties and administrative burdens could be shared. Action: Members to note dates for RPS Accreditation visit 2006 pre-meeting scheduled for 24th January 2006 with actual meeting 24th February 2006 The RPSGB require all documentation to be submitted early in the new year. Colleagues are advised to update their CV. Tim Paget and Ruth Rodgers agreed to compile a document with an index to incorporate three groups of staff (1) academic staff CVs (2) technical staff CVs and (3) service teaching staff CVs. The Chair agreed to draft the step 5 self evaluation document for circulation by Monday 9th January- staff would have to meet that week to agree a final version of the document as the submission was due by Friday 13th January 2006. Action: (1) All staff to update CVs on shared drive (2) Tim Paget and Ruth Rodgers to compile CV document (3) Chair to draft self-evaluation document for circulation on 9th January (4) Academic staff to meet and discuss and agree final version by Friday 13th January 2006 Foundation Degree Pharmacy Practice (Fd PP) This full time taught programme had recruited 54 students in September 2005. Min Keating had co-ordinated all student placements and a number of induction sessions for mentors. The PMB had agreed a remuneration model as community pharmacists are independent contractors and that this mentor role required them to attend

7. 7.1


Medway School of Pharmacy- ‘School Board’, Minute of 15th December 2005, approved 5th June 2006.

university for two sessions of training and development and to invest time in working through a mentor’s manual and supporting the student by signing off on portfolio entries to confirm that the activity had actually been undertaken, and that the fee (£1,000) would cover the payment of locum fees associated with these activities as it was a legal requirements to always have a pharmacist present in the pharmacy. Action: Min Keating to draft documentation and make the first payment to mentors in January 2006. Foundation Degree Medicines Management (FD MM) Due to current staffing levels a decision was taken by the School to defer the start of this programme to October 2006 (originally planned for January 2005). An extension has been permitted to allow us to submit samples of distance learning materials for the validation process by the end of May 2006. The Chair noted that Gabby Cleazy, a joint appointment between SEMMED and the School, had started last month (2 days per week) and would be supporting Trudy Thomas in planning and writing the distance learning materials. 7.2 Postgraduate Programmes Management Team Short Course Provision Administrative problems had occurred with this programme and the Chair (supported by Jo and Pippa) was rewriting the protocol and attempting to recover data to get the project back on track. This work would take several months. PgCert ‘Supplementary Prescribing’ The Programme Leader reported that the November cohort (target: 20) resulted in 26 students with a waiting list of 11 for May 2006 entry. An accreditation event has been arranged for 10th January to obtain approval for physiotherapists, podiatrists and radiographers. The accreditation body is the Health Professions Council who had cancelled two earlier dates so it is hoped that they will attend and undertake the accreditation as we have 3 potential students from Allied Health Professions. Currently this programme takes 2 cohorts per year but could increase to 4 cohorts per year based on demand. The Programme Leader also explained that there is demand for a level 3 qualification for nurses in addition to the Masters level offered at present. Both of these developments would require additional resources. PgDip/ MSc Medicines Management The Programme Leader reported that she has 12 students registered of whom 7 attended the October study day. Further study days were scheduled for next term with the 3rd 15 credit course due to be completed and sent out to participants. Two further courses have been drafted by Stuart and Cleo but have not yet been finalised due to current teaching loads of both teacher practitioners. The Chair reported that she had funded the outsourcing of the writing of the remaining courses. The Programme Leader responded that she had identified and engaged some good authors. She also reported that the first of these commissioned courses ‘Minor Ailments’ was due to be completed by March but required a lot of work. The only course that she had been unable to identify an author was for a 5 credit course on respiratory infections. Due to staff workloads this programme has yet to be advertised.


Medway School of Pharmacy- ‘School Board’, Minute of 15th December 2005, approved 5th June 2006.


STUDENT/STAFF LIAISON COMMITTEE The student staff liaison committee met on 29th November, the minute was not yet available and would be included in the next School Board papers. Dr Rodgers stated that there were 10 elected undergraduate and 1 postgraduate representative on the committee in addition to 3 academic staff (Drs Rodgers (Chair), Dr Apampa and Dr Corlett). The most pressing items had been term 2 timetables (which have now been issued) and assessment handbooks to include past-papers for all three cohorts (FdPP, MPharm stage 1 and MPharm Stage 2). Action: All Course leaders to submit draft sample papers to the year co-ordinators by 20th January 2006


APPROVAL OF EXTERNAL EXAMINERS MPharm Programme: The Board approved the following external examiners: Prof. Felicity Smith, University of London- Pharmacy Practice Prof. Gary Martin, Kings College London- Pharmaceutics Dr Norman Hodges, University of Brighton- Bioscience/ Microbiology Dr Alan Gibson, Kings College London- Pharmacology FdPP Programme: The Board approved Dr Jenny Scott (Pharmacy Practice), University of Bath MSc Medicines Management: The Programme Leader had two possible candidates from Leeds -Duncan petty and Theo Raynor. She had informally invited Duncan who required permission from Theo to take on this role and was awaiting a response. It was agreed that both were acceptable to the Board. To be followed up by Chairs action and reported to the next meeting of the Board. Action: Programme leader to confirm nomination for Chair to action New Fd MM programme: The Programme Leader was asked to nominate an external examiner for the FdMM Programme. To be followed up by Chairs action and reported to the next meeting of the Board. Action: Programme Leader to nominate an external examiner for Chair to action if necessary Extension of accreditation of PgCert Supplementary Prescribing It was noted that an additional external examiner was required for the PgCert in Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professions to fulfil the requirements of accreditation by the Health Professions Council. Action: Programme Leader to nominate an external examiner for Chair to action if necessary


HEALTH AND SAFETY No items to report


Medway School of Pharmacy- ‘School Board’, Minute of 15th December 2005, approved 5th June 2006.


UNIVERSITY WIDE COMMITTEES Minutes are available in the cabinet in the School administrative offices on the second floor of Anson. Members were asked to note that these papers were confidential to the individual institutions.

University of Greenwich Academic Council Executive committee Academic Planning Committee Resources Committee Learning and Quality Committee Medway Portfolio Planning Group Research Degrees Committee Research Ethics Committee Research & Enterprise Committee Transparency Review (TRAC) 12. A.O.C.B. None

University of Kent Senate Monthly Management Meetings (M-cubed) Faculty Board Monthly Directors meetings Learning and Teaching Committee Medway Managers (M-squared)

In closing the Chair thanked all members for all the hard work they had contributed to the School achieving its aims this academic session. She reassured members that resources (including both staff and estates) were her top priority and wished members a happy restful holiday over the festive season.


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