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Brown, Troy - Statement

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									TAPED TRANSCRIPT OF TROY BROWN INTERVIEW CONDUCTED BY CORPORAL EDWARDS CASE NUMBER - 08-074777 JULY 25, 2008 EE - CORPORAL WILLIAM "ERIC" EDWARDS DR - DETECTIVE DOROTHY RIVERA TB - MR. TROY BROWN I didn't (unintelligible). D, folder three. Perfect. 11:33 a.m. on 7/25/08. Corporal Eric Edwards, Orange County Sheriffs Office, sitting in the large conference room next to the Auto Theft area, with? Detective Dorothy Rivera. Troy Brown. And Troy, can you state your date of birth for me? It is June the 5th, 1984.

Okay. We are here today, you voluntarily came here today. We're trying to ratchet down a timeline and go through some calendars. Uhm, you had an opportunity to sit down with some of your friends and try to figures some things out. I believe it was on the 20th is what we've established. July 20th. Uhm, do you remember that meeting? I do.

1 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


Jesse, Amy, Ricardo and... And myself. Right. (Sighs.) A few high points I'd like to cover with you. Casey, uhm, she, you met her from, through an old girlfriend called Lauren... Coppel? C-O-P-P-L-E? Is that how we're spelling that? E-L. E-L? You don't have a phone number for her do you? Uh, I do. Just in case we need that. Oh, it's not saved. I just know her phone number. Uhm, 407-435-7538. Okay. And well about when did you meet Casey the first time? I met her for the first time on my, on June 5, 2007, my twenty-third birthday. Kind of developed a friendship type thing from there on out? Uhm, uh, kind of. Uh, not really until she started dating Ricardo Morales, and then that's when we became better friends just because.... Social circles? Yeah (affirmative), exactly. Now you said there was a... But she was still a friend, but uh, more of a distant friend rather than hang, seeing her all the time. EE: Yeah (affirmative), because Lauren probably didn't want you hanging out with anyone other than her? TB: DR: Uh, I wouldn't say that. (Laughs.)

2 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG

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(Laughs.) I was just reading into it. Your sister, her name? My sister? Yeah. Is uh, Cara Pletzer. Pletzer?


Spell? Uh, P-L-E-T-Z-E-R. Z-E-R. First name Cara, C-A-R-A. You said that one time she visited and the conversation came up regarding watching kids, or babysitting?


Correct. And out of curiosity you asked Casey how much she paid and her nanny? Uh-hum (affirmative). Tell me about that occurrence. Uhm, I uh, my sister does, uh, she, she's in grad school. Does babysitting. So uhm, uh, we were talking about how much she made. And I thought that it was a low amount for uhm, being a babysitter. And I suggested that we should uhm, ask Casey because she has a nanny. And so we were out, uh, we were watching the uhm, national championship, the college basketball national championship over uhm, Ricardo's house and my sister and her husband were there. And I asked Casey how much she paid her nanny and she never uh, gave

Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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5 6

me a concrete answer. She just told me that, "I pay her a lot. Don't worry, she's fine." EE: TB: EE: TB: Did she ever refer to her by name, the nanny? She, not to me, no. No? Did you ever see her field a phone call from that nanny? Uhm, no. She, uh, I don't remember her ever saying hold on, I have to talk to my nanny. EE: TB: EE: Or I'm going to call my nanny? Exactly, no. Okay. Did you ever visit the nanny's house and watch her drop the baby off there? TB: EE: TB: EE: No. Or pick the baby up? No. We'll get to Melissa here in a little while. That's all I have noted. I'm going to go to the calendar book. Starting, we, we started, you guys started your uh, recollection off of May 14th where uhm, Ricardo, Casey and Troy all went to Voyage together? TB: EE: TB: EE: TB: EE: TB: Correct. And she ended up getting a flat tire, or two flat tires? Yes. And you guys went back to help her? Yes. She... 408 and 436 area? Correct.


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4 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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Okay. Tell me about that. Uhm... Real, real quick. It's not.

TB: Okay. Uhm.... EE: TB:
Just... .. .we uhm, we went out to Voyage that evening. Uhm, we came back to Ricardo's house. We were there for, she was probably there for maybe ten minutes. Uhm, then she left. And she uhm, she called us ten minutes later, asking us to come and, and help her because she got two flat tires. So me and Ricardo went there and...


She was driving the white Pontiac? Correct. Okay.

DR: Well we didn't ask him about how it got smashed. Remember we didn't go over


You didn't know, did you? How the flat tires occurred? Oh.

DR: Oh, no. EE:
Yeah (affirmative).

DR: But she said she had wrecked her car. EE:
She told you somewhere along the way up in the future that her car had been totaled to the point where it couldn't be repaired. Remember saying that?


I, I always thought it was just internal damage. I didn't, I didn't get the idea... Oh, oh.

Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


1 TB: 2 EE:

...that-it was like... But this is... accident. This was after you came back from uh, your trip? Correct. I mean uh, all the car problems just kind of like pushed together with me. I never really even thought much of it. Uhm, I always thought that, she had the flat tires and I assumed that that was just flat tires and that was fine. They'd throw two tires on it and it was fine.

3 TB: 4 5 6 7 8 9 EE: EE: TB:

When was it she told you she was going out shopping for a car? Uhm... Yeah (affirmative), I know what you're talking about now. That was, let's see uhm, that was the day before I went to Puerto Rico, or the day of because it was a was a... It was July 7th or 8th. No, because I didn't go with them on the day... You didn't go, because you didn't go.... I didn't go... ...until the 11 th did you? Yeah (affirmative), I had a... Because you had a job interview? I had a job interview. Yeah (affirmative). And uhm... Was that a text or a phone conversation? That was a phone conversation she told me that. There were texts, but when she specifically told me that it was a phone conversation.

10 TB: 1 1 EE:

12 TB: 13 14 DR: 15 TB: 16 EE:

17 TB: 18 EE:

19 TB: 20 21 22 EE: TB: EE:

23 TB: 24 25 EE:

And it was either the 10th or the 11th?

Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


1 TB: 2 3 4 5 6 DR: EE: TB:

Yes. Oh, and I didn't mention this before, but uhm, on the night where she got the two flat tires. Uh-hum (affirmative). Uhm, she said she uh, she actually attempted to, when we couldn't get, because we got one of them on. Uh-hum (affirmative). And we were trying to get, well because there were two, we were trying to get Ricardo's spare on the other one and it just wouldn't fit. You know...

7 TB: 8 9 EE:

Uh-hum (affirmative). was a square peg, a round, you know? And uhm, and then she actually, she was saying she has, she had to get home uhm, for Caylee in the morning. And, and so she actually attempted to drive home on the two flat tires. And then sparks flew and everything was flying. So she pulled off maybe a half mile to a mile down the road.

10 TB: 1 1 12 13 14 15 DR:

Okay. And then we uh, then me, and she parked it a residential neighborhood. I'm not sure which one it was. And then uhm, and then me and Ricardo drove her home. Okay. To grandma's? Correct. I didn't mean to jump your thing but... Yeah, well that's fine. I forgot about that. So did I. That was on May 14th all that that we just talked about? Yeah (affirmative).

16 TB: 17 18 DR: 19 EE: 20 TB: 21 22 23 24 25 DR: EE: DR: EE: DR:

7 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


1 2 3 4


Yes, yes. Alright. We zip ahead to the 24th of May, where you guys are at the Waterford Lakes Buffalo Wild Wings for a UC, UFC fight was on that you recall?


Uh-hum (affirmative). And you uh, while you were there Casey r.. .uh, suggested, you and Casey went together?



Yes. And Amy met us. She came and got you and then you guys went. And then Amy met you there? Yes. And then Casey suggested you go to a party and this Tony guy was there? Correct. That was the... First time you met Tony as well? .. .first time we ever met him. Okay. Beer pong. She said she was, they were, so.... Yes. Okay. And I was trying to get on, but they were.... Too many people in line? Too many people and I didn't know anybody there, and yeah (affirmative). Okay. The 25th of May, no clothes party. Casey drove Amy and Troy to that? Correct. Troy wrapped in plastic. Amy wrapped in who knows what and Casey in a flag? Correct. And that's later towards the night Brandon was ran into? And Brandon is someone that made Casey emotional and she disappeared for a little while?

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8 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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Correct. No idea where the child was? Uh, no. It was not mentioned. Okay. Zipping forward to May 30th. You say there's a phone uh, contact. Casey tries to call you, or she does call you 6, uhm, 6:29 p.m.?


Correct. Uh, and you can't remember what the content... I... ...may have been? I don't remember what the content of it was, no. Okay. Going into June. Uh, a celebration June 4th, your birthday party... Uh-hum (affirmative). Voyage, right? Correct. Uh, you remember Casey and Tony coming, the new, the new person that you met, plus two of his friends?


Yes. But you weren't really where you could focus on them uh, socially. You had other things going on.


Correct. But you remember Amy being there? I remember Amy being there. Okay. Anyone else that we may have already talked to? Was Ricardo there? Ricardo was there. Okay.

Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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And uhm, there was a, I remember people telling me this that there was an issue between uhm, Ricardo and Casey because she had brought Tony. And that was the first time they had ever met. So there was well I guess tension, or not. I guess there was tension.


Okay. And the next day, on the 5th? The next day uhm, we uh, we went out to Friday's for my actual birthday. And then it was uh, suggested by a friend that we got to a strip club. And we went to uhm, we went to Dancers Royale. Uhm, it was me, Ricardo, Amy, uhm, and....


Some other friends? And some other friends. But no Casey? No. And no... No (unintelligible)? .. .no other friends that no Casey, and then there was no Casey. Okay. Now you believe, zipping ahead to June 9th and 10th, that would, that would be uhm, the last times that Ricardo recalls seeing the baby?


Uh-hum (affirmative). But Casey stayed over there with Caylee. And you say there may, you may have been there that time and seen them, but you're not sure?


I'm.... That's a possibility? I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I'm over there enough to assume that either, that I was probably, what day was it? It was a Monday?


Monday and Tuesday. Uhm, I'm, (sighs), I'm pretty sure that was the last time I saw Caylee.

10 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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EE: Okay. The 11th through the 18th you were gone to Tallahassee? TB: No, I was in uhm, D.C. EE: Amy was the one in Tallahassee. TB: Yes. EE: You're in D.C? TB: Yeah (affirmative). That, and that's home. EE: Right.
Well, Northern Virginia.

8 TB: 9

EE: Casey texts, texts you on the 19th about going to Fusion?

10 TB: 1 1

EE: Wanted you to attend?

12 TB: 13 EE: 14 15 TB: 16 EE: 17 TB: 18 19 20 21 22

The, you couldn't go. Uh, on the 20th you actually make a phone call just apologizing you can't go? Uhm, I think it was, because Fusion's is Friday. I think it was.... We going to click that up one? Yeah (affirmative), let me, let me, let me double check. Let me just make sure when the phone call was. No, it was Friday the 20th. It was the conversation. So I'm not sure if that was the conversation about Fusion, and then there was other conversations before that, but. Okay, so I guess there was no conversation apologizing for not going. There was just a conversation about going.

EE: And you couldn't go?
And then, yeah (affirmative).

23 TB: 24

EE: So you didn't see her in that window anyway?
Yeah (affirmative).

25 TB:

Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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2 4 , another text. Content there being they haven't started moving in, uhm, maybe talking about Amy. Butuh...


(Inaudible.) ...she says she hasn't been home in nine days. There was a, it was a Facebook message. Facebook. Facebook. And uhm, and huh, and this was on, uh, this was at 12:40 p.m. on the 24th. And she says uhm, this is referencing Amy moving into the house. And she said she still has yet to move into the house. "Hell, in the past nine days I haven't even been living at the house. Drama. I'll fill you in on it later."


Excellent. No real contact we're aware of from the 25th through the 30th? No. But she comes back into the picture starting the first uhm, after she drops off Tony, I guess the new, or the new boyfriend, at the airport? Correct. I.... You have company come into town though around the 2nd? Yes. I uhm, I had a friend, a friend from uhm, back home, and uh, name Melissa England. She uhm, she came, she flew in Tuesday night. I actually was dropping Ricardo off at the airport to go to Boston as I was picking her up. And we went out to Voyage that evening.


On Tuesday? On Wednesday. Wednesday? Yeah (affirmative), Tuesday I don't, I don't see Casey on Tuesday. I wasn't there for that. Uhm, and then we went out to Voyage. And then uhm, and that was

12 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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with uhm, Amy. Amy was there. And then uhm, and then we went to Macos after that. And then we went back to uhm.... EE: TB: EE: TB: Amy, Casey, M...Melissa and Troy? Yes. There was other people there but the.... Okay. .. .the significant people that was who it was. And uhm, and then we went back to Ricardo's, or and Amy's. Uhm, and went to bed, woke up. And then uhm, Casey later on that day... EE: TB: EE: On the 3rd? That's, that's when we, that's when she uh, had the new tattoo. But she, on the 3rd she actually, you say on the night of the 2nd, the very first day that Casey met Melissa, Melissa tells you that Casey said, "We ought to go get a tattoo?" TB: Yes. She asked, she told her that need to get a, "We, we should go get tattoos." And Melissa says, "You're crazy. I'm not getting another tattoo." EE: TB: EE: Thought that was odd? Yes. And then uhm, and then the next day she shows up with one. Well the 3rd you say that you ended up having to go to work and Melissa and Casey ended up spending like five hours together? TB: EE: TB: EE: Correct. But the child was never mentioned? Correct. And this was odd to Melissa because she was in a prior relationship with a man that had a baby and so she was almost looking forward to that... TB: Correct. She wanted to have....

13 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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...conversation? .. .a conversation with her about it. Because, because she understood the other side of that story? Correct. Okay. Now you say there was a male covered with tats, or had some tats that you know, that you could help us i.d. (identify) that actually went with Casey when she got that tattoo you believe?


Correct. But we don't know who that person is yet? I, I can probably, I can probably get his name fairly easily I'm thinking. I probably uhm, I'm trying to remember. Uh, I, uh, I, I'm, I'm can, I'm pretty sure I can get the name. Uhm, but yeah (affirmative), I can't recall it right now. I know it but I just, it's a's a common name. I just can't remember what it is right now.


Okay. That night y'all went to The Lodge down off of Orange Avenue? Correct. And who all was there? Uhm, that was of the significant people... Uh-hum (affirmative). .. .it was just me, Casey and Melissa. No Amy? Amy was not there. No, she was not. Okay. You say that she got upset, Casey got upset because her brother called her?


Correct. Her brother... And she wanted....

14 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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...was calling her. She wanted to leave? Uhm, we, I don't, I, I didn't know what the content of the calls were. But she was visibly upset and said that her brother was coming to get her and she just wanted to get out of here. And then we uhm, we left after that.


Okay. You were out of town the 4th and the 5th. You go visit some. We went to Sarasota for the 4th of July.... Okay. .. .to visit some of Melissa's friends. Melissa. You guys go bowling on Sunday the 6th. You get a text message from Casey. You think she's coming over there to where you are?


Correct. But she never shows? No. You have a phone conversation on either the 10th or the 11 th you believe? Uh, yes. Uhm... Uh.that.... .. .regarding the trip to Puerto Rico, to see if she was still coming because uhm, she would, she never told us for sure if she wasn't going. She would always continue to put it off. So, uhm, I continued to ask until the day I left if she was coming or not. So that's what those...


And during that conversation she made reference about her car? Correct. Uhm, she made reference to one of the uh, she made reference to several reasons why she couldn't go. Uhm, two of which were the fact that she

15 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


1 2 3 4

needed, she was trying to find a place to live. And she was uhm, searching for a new car. EE: TB: EE: Did she say what was wrong with her car? She did not. And the next time you remember even seeing Casey was at the airport when they picked, when she picked uh, Amy up on the 15th. And then Amy... TB: EE: Came back and got, yeah (affirmative). ...came back and got y'all. Okay. And then starting the 15th and the 16th is where all the uh, police involvement? Yes. Never at any time did she tell you that someone took her child and refused to return it? TB: EE: TB: EE: DR: EE: DR: No. That you can recall? No. Alright. You ever find her upset? By herself thinking, you know? Crying? Other than the night with, dealing with Brandon?[ Uhm, no. Never, I mean never alone. I, I, she was, she was upset at certain points, but it was led to believe that it was because of all the family issues that was going on. But she was, she, I mean she was upset at certain points throughout I guess whenever I would see her throughout the month of June until July. EE: Now July, that week of July where she stayed there with Amy and you guys went out quite a bit, did she seem jovial or was that where she was up....

7 8

9 10 . TB: 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 EE:

16 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


1 TB: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DR:

She, actually it was weird. It was kind of like a, almost like a roller coaster because it seemed like she was very carefree. More carefree than what she normally was. And but then there was the issues with, because then Melissa tells me that she's arguing with her mom on the phone. And then on the 3rd, or and then later that night she has problems with her brother. And I can see that she's visibly upset. But she, she's putting on this persona of she's very care, like.... But it was only when her... She.... was trying to intervene? Correct, yeah (affirmative). Okay. So it was, it, it was, she was, it was, it was that issue. It was two extremes. It was either... Uh-hum (affirmative). ...she was very carefree and I guess loving life, and then there was the interaction with her family, and that's when she would, you know, be visibly upset. Okay. And nobody ever heard the conversation between them? I had never, the uhm, Melissa heard the, the, the uh.... The answers? The answers.... Uh-hum (affirmative). .. .coming from Casey. Uh-hum (affirmative).

9 TB: 10 DR: 11 12 TB: DR:

13 TB: 14 15 DR: 16 TB: 17 18 19 DR: 20 TB: 21 DR:

22 TB: 23 24 25 DR: TB: DR:

17 Brown, Troy/Case #08-06920B/GG


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So uhm, she would probably be able to, to touch on that more than I can. Okay. Raise your right hand for me? You swear and affirm that everything you said today is true?


Yes. Freely given? Yes. Excellent. 11:53 a.m., conclusion of interview.

End of recorded statement. This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.



18 Brown, Troy/Case #08-069208/GG


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