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frenchie visit.docx - Diamond Bar High School


									Dear parents and guardians of esteemed French students,

       This spring, we will have a unique opportunity to connect with French students without
even leaving our homes.
       Twenty one high school students and four teachers from France will be visiting southern
California. They are hoping to make the most of the opportunity to immerse themselves in the
English language. They are seeking host families for 7 boys, 14 girls and four teachers.
         If you choose to host a student, the immediate benefits to your students
     1. They will correspond via email with their new French friend, starting this month. This
         will strengthen their French abilities and start them on a path of lifelong learning.
     2. At the end of the semester, they will be able to change any two test grades from their
         current grades to 100%.
         Long term benefits:
These students and their teachers are eager to return the favor when any of us are visiting
France. They are from La Touraine, a beautiful area where the most famous castles in the world
are. We hosted 15 students of theirs in 2009 and 20 students last spring. Several of our students
have since spent significant time visiting the homes of the students that they had previously
hosted. They came back to the U.S. markedly stronger in French and excited to have friends in
another continent.

       The tentative dates of their visit will be Tuesday, April 9th through Sunday, April 21st.
Responsibilities of the host families will be as follows:
1. Take the French student to school in the morning. The French students will spend until
lunch or 3pm shadowing their host student through an American school day. There is possibility
that they will choose to spend some days on excursions with their teachers instead of going to
2. The Diamond Bar students should try to get the majority of their homework done in the
afternoons. The French students will be picked up from school by their teachers, who will lead
them on excursions until the early evening.
3. Feed them dinner and converse with them in English. When they return to Diamond Bar
around 5pm, they will be looking forward to experiencing the culture of your house. They are
not expecting to be extravagantly entertained. Include them in your lives.
4. The weekend of April 13-15 will be your time to showcase your lives in any way you see fit.
We may plan an event for any or all of the students to spend together, but you will have the
choice to participate or not.

Please let me know if you are interested,

Anthony Tietz
We would love to host a French student. Include us on your email list so that we can receive updates
about their visit.

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