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					Arizona teen suspended in fight over Confederate flag | Mail Online


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Sunday, Nov 24 2013 12AM 75 F 3AM 75 F 5-Day Forecast

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Arizona teen suspended for flying Confederate flag says he is a victim of a hate crime

Student flew flag from his pick-up truck Flag angered other students at his high school
resulting in a fight followed by a week-long suspension Jacob Green, 17, STILL refuses
to remove the flag from his vehicle

By James Daniel

PUBLISHED: 16:45 EST, 23 November 2013 | UPDATED: 17:32 EST, 23 November



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An Arizona high school student has been suspended after driving to school with the
Confederate flag flying from his truck.
Jacob Green, 17, insists he is not a racist person and that flying the flag wasn’t a problem
until a few weeks ago when another boy got into a fight with him.

The Confederate flag has remained a controversial symbol since the Civil War and to this
day still incites a lot of emotion.

Scroll down for video...

Jacob Green: The high school student displayed a confederate flag on his truck sparking a
fight which resulted in the suspension of both himself and another boy

Some call it a symbol of hate from an era that preached segregation among Americans.

After the fight, both boys at the school in Goodyear were suspended.


Frat's 'Colonial Bros and Nava-Hos' off campus party investigated for racism

Three high school girls brawling with transgender classmate caught on tape

Jacob has been banned from displaying the flag on campus but he has argued that the
school has violated his first amendment rights to freedom of speech.

The school district says it can limit students' rights while they're here on campus,
especially when it comes to safety.
Flying the flag: Some call it a symbol of hate from an era that preached segregation
among Americans, but the flag sparked a fight at a high school and the district suspended
both boys involved


The 13 stars of the Confederate flag represent the southern states who attempted
secession from the United States during the Civil War, and where slavery was legal.

The Confederate States set up a government from 1861 to 1865, but were eventually
defeated by northern states in the U.S. Civil War.

The 13 stars on the Confederates Flag represent the states of South Carolina, Mississippi,
Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina,
Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri.

In an email to parents following the incident, school officials explained that both students
were suspended for five days and that Jason was prohibited from bringing the flag on

‘Open display.. bringing it in.. it has been proven to be patently offensive to certain
groups and the courts recognize that,’ said Agua Fria Unified School District
Superintendent Dennis Runyan.

Historically, the flag has been known to symbolize a time of oppression and racism, but
the 11th grader at Millennium High School says he has a different view of the flag.

‘I'm not a racist person,’ said Jacob Green to Fox News ‘I've done nothing wrong. I've
flown a flag on my truck. Somebody fought me because of it. I didn't fight him. I was
walking around like a normal person. He confronted me, he hit me first.. I was defending
myself,’ he explained.

Jacob claims that the flag wasn't a problem until a couple of weeks ago when he and
another boy got into a fight at school.
Controversial: Historically, the flag has been known to symbolize a time of oppression
and racism

Jacob says he researched the history of the Confederate flag and didn't find it offensive.

‘The flag means basically more independence, less government. It didn't mean racism, it
didn't mean slavery, it didn't mean any of that. It basically meant what they were fighting
for was their right to be independent and not have the government control them.’

Jacob has so far refused to remove the flag from his car.

His parents also back him saying that they believe their son should have the right to fly
the flag at school. They also believe the student who attacked their son committed a hate
crime and are considering filing a police report

Either way, the school believes the flag to be a source of trouble and Jacob won’t be
allowed to return to campus until he changes his mind.

FOX 10 News |

Read more:

Arizona high school student suspended after fight over Confederate flag

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The comments below have not been moderated.
mona, Indianapolis United States, 2 hours ago

whatever this flag meant in the 1860s is not what it means now every white supremacist
group uses this flag so this kid is just an idiot if he thinks it doesn't represent white power
and hatred of minority groups there are lots of symbols that meant one thing hundreds if
not thousands of years ago that now represents something totally different he is just a
rude disrespectful intolerant little twit if you know something hurts other people or just
advancing hate then doing it is just mean

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Edward, Scottsdale, 5 hours ago

Arizona was a Confederate territory, so the flag is historically appropriate, if not PC.
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zaglossus, Auburn_CA, United States, 6 hours ago

Kids don't have full free speech rights while they are attending school.

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Valerie, Oregon USA, United States, 4 hours ago

But they d

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How To Register.]***

a rainbow flag it would be ok. I would bet money on it.

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Gin Collum, Alabama, United States, 7 hours ago

First of all punk your parents are idiots and therefore I will excuse your ignorance but
your controlling, disrepectful, passive aggressive behavior, with the I will show u

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Valerie, Oregon USA, United States, 4 hours ago

Like it or not, the child is right.



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Lucy1981, Centreville, Alabama, 7 hours ago

I'm for Alabama football and I fly an Alabama flag but other people are for Auburn an
they fly an Auburn flag. I don't like what their flag stands for but it's still their right to fly
it. If I don't want to see it, I look the other way.

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Lucy1981, Centreville, Alabama, 7 hours ago

It's just a flag. If people didn't make a big deal out of it, then it wouldn't be a big deal.
People wear shirts that are more offensive. It is just a flag from history. That is all. Every
little thing is made into a big deal now.

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ONSLOW1066, LONDON, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

If I were him. I would drive to school and park outside the school leaving the flag
blowing in the wind. Then he could use a bike to ride up to the school building or a
skateboard. That would make HIM the WINNER.

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Gin Collum, Alabama, United States, 6 hours ago

why? tell the truth u know you would be flying the rainbow flag....that cool it promotes
love not hate.



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Brian, chicago, United States, 5 hours ago

what are you onslow, about 12?


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SaySo, Here, 8 hours ago

The K N O C K O U T G A M E is where b l a c k s randomly pick out unsuspecting w h
i t e victims to sucker punch and knock to the ground. It has happened across our nation.
Our media does not report it as b l a c k on w h i t e crime. But videos do not lie. Victims
accounts do not lie. If you travel to the U S A, beware of the K N O C K O U T G A M E.
People have died from this. Consider this a Public Service Announcement.

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 'Drugged-out' Lamar Odom raps shirtless with a friend about cheating on Khloe
Kardashian in video taken this month Shocking footage

  Prince Harry arrives in Antarctica for Walking With The Wounded South Pole trek
after storm trapped his team in South Africa He's ready for the trek

 'It had spread to my lymph nodes': ABC anchor Amy Robach opens up about her breast
 cancer prognosis after double mastectomy

 'Shame Posh's clothes will only fit my 14-year -old daughter': The size 4 mom who
 excitedly bought Victoria Beckham's outfits but couldn't wear them

  Court one day, cocktails the next! Teresa and Joe Giudice put their legal woes behind
them as they party for a good cause Facing 50 years in jail
  'I was nervous she wasn't going to like me!' Jersey Shore star Pauly D gushes over
meeting 'beautiful' baby girl Amabella for first time Truce with baby mama

  No luggage, no problem: Makeup-free Natalie Portman strolls through an airport with
just a clutch purse and a smile Landed in Los Angeles

  There she blows! Marcia Cross' hair gets caught by a gust of wind during shopping trip
Actress lost control of her red locks at Brentwood Country Mart
  'That's the definition of fat and happy!' Mario Lopez squirms as Ellen DeGeneres
displays his old bouncing baby pictures He's a very proud father

 Your own $160,000 Downton Abbey, Swarovski crystal tights... and a duck that thinks
 it's a lamp: Perfect Christmas gifts for squillionaires

 Pregnant Olivia Wilde keeps her growing belly under wraps in baggy attire as she stops
by community center Looked chic in a pastel suit
 Muy caliente! Scarlett Johansson is white hot in her Vogue Mexico cover as she marks
her 29th birthday Star had sultry dark lips and a white corset on
 The couple that works out together, stays together! Goldie Hawn shows off impeccable
physique as she and Kurt Russell enjoy a trot Actress just turned 68

 The flux capacitor still works! Michael J Fox goes Back To The Future as Christopher
Lloyd makes guest appearance on his show 28 years since film

  Bare-faced Alyson Hannigan and husband Alexis Denisof push daughter Keeva in toy
car on blustery autumn day out Chilly in Los Angeles
  Guess Who's Back (together): Eminem and ex-wife Kim Scott rekindle their romance...
seven years after SECOND divorce Their love never dies

 Sticky mile: Gerard Butler clings to his sweaty blue T-shirt whilst out on a long run
with his pal Scottish star was working out
 'No, no, no!' Jennifer Lawrence pretends to have a meltdown and screams at
photographers on the red carpet Watch the video here

 Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult caught making a quick getaway as they leave
The Daily Show studios together Yet to confirm they are back together

  Breaking the spell? Watch Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn joke around behind-the-
scenes in bloopers real Watch the video here

 Adam Levine's fianceé Behati Prinsloo shows off her peachy bottom on Victoria's
Secret bikini shoot She's engaged to the 'Sexiest Man Alive'

 EXCLUSIVE: Hitmaker and cancer survivor Nile Rodgers, 61, reveals the secret of his
 success - he only has three hours of a sleep a night Snapped with Pharrell

  'My angel with broken wings': Chris Brown's mother Joyce Hawkins speaks out as she
'fears her son is in the wrong crowd' She's a protective mom

  No one's looking at your Minnie ears: Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel
flashes some sideboob in topless shoot Posed in black and white

  Table for one, please: Harry Styles leaves LA restaurant on his lonesome... a day after
dining at the SAME place with Kendall Jenner Singer was flying solo

  She's showing the love! Taylor Swift gets decked out in a designer sweater and
expensive handbag for morning workout Wore heart on her chest

 Pregnant and fabulous Gwen Stefani opts for a safari chic look on coffee run with
Gavin Rossdale The couple are expecting their third child

  Looking for Lindsay! Has Ms Lohan found her new style in tastefully Gothic Elle
shoot? She has quietly been crafting a new persona since a rehab stint
  Dina Lohan judge 'orders psychiatric evaluation and suggests community service' as she
appears in court for DWI case Arrested for speeding
  BEL MOONEY: I'm having nightmares about my wife's sex life with old boyfriends
Advice for a man who keeps having irrational thoughts about the past
  PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Why I don't begrudge the Pythons their payday If nothing else,
the comics' comeback will be a reminder humour doesn't have to be cruel
  Hello, sailor! Chris Hemsworth saunters around on dry land as crew set up dramatic
scenes for In the Heart of the Sea He's filming in Spain

 Has Courtney got a new crinkly? Stodden, 18, steps out Anna Nicole Smith's ex
Edward Lozzi... and he's 53 - just like her ex Doug Reality star now single

 That's Banging! One Direction's Zayn Malik takes time out of his tour schedule to ink
new gun tattoo on his stomach Controversial statement

  Something to tell us? LeAnn Rimes shows her muscular legs in an asymmetrical skirt
as she shops for baby clothes Paid a visit to baby store
  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley manages to look gorgeous after an exercise session as she
leaves gym in crop top and cut-out leggings Looking lovely in LA

  Jessica Lowndes shows ex-boyfriend Thom Evans what he's been missing with sexy
bikini Instagram Lounging poolside from an unknown location

  Khloe Kardashian has the blues in Australia as video leaks of Lamar Odom rapping
about cheating and drugs She's on a promotional tour Down Under

 Kim Kardashian eBays her old clothes to help Philippines typhoon victims... but
donates just 10% of the proceeds to charity A minimal donation

 Making a meal of it: Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor shoot scenes for new film
Mortdecai in a London restaurant It's an action/crime film

  Now that's a rough cut! Injured Jake Gyllenhaal protects his stitched-up hand from the
rain during a walk in Tribeca Wounded while on the set of Nightcrawler

 Girls are back! Lena Dunham's gang return to deal with heartache and messy
 friendships in teaser for season th

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approved fashion brand He needs tough gear
  Hugh Jackman arrives for medical appointment with wife Deborra-Lee Furness after
she urged him to get treated for skin cancer Had cancer on his nose

 'I feared being so naked': Eva Longoria on wearing nothing but crystals in racy new
photo shoot Felt insecure about her latest magazine cover

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 The hidden grief of the Boston bombing hero: Away from the limelight Cowboy hat
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 Mother of two children in horror pond crash gives birth prematurely due to the shock
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 History made as Iran agrees with world powers to freeze nuclear program for six

 'I can't even hide in Japan!': Alec Baldwin stalker admits going after the actor has
 ruined her career

 More than 11,000 children killed in Syrian conflict - and a quarter of them were SHOT,
 report reveals

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 Second movie in Hunger Games series sets fire to the box office by taking $307 million
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 Father of boy, 9, killed in tornado says he believes photo taken of niece after his death
 shows him standing...
Mom faces jail for crash which killed her newborn twins because she didn’t fasten them
in safely...

World's longest commercial flight - a 9,534 mile route over the Arctic Circle -
completes its final journey

Woman charged with sending ricin letters to Obama and NYC Mayor Bloomberg cuts a
plea deal with prosecutors

A decaying gritty area of Detroit is being transformed into the 'world's largest urban
farm' with trees,...

Mother claims healthy son, 19, was killed by flu-shot after he fell into a coma just 24-
hours after having...

Everest pioneer Frank Smythe 'saw the body of legendary explorer George Mallory in
1936': Mountaineer's...

How competitive eating cured my binging disorder: Maria Edible tells how two years
of extreme food...

Frat's 'Colonial Bros and Nava-Hos' and 'Mexican and Americans' off-campus parties
investigated for racism

Xbox One smashes console sales record: One million sold globally in first 24 hours
since launch

REVEALED: How Elin Nordegren's 'fake text messages' snared Tiger Woods for

Deadly black widow spiders found in grapes in multiple states

Escape to your own piece of Neverland: Enchanting hideaway where Peter Pan's real
life Lost Boys roamed on...

Doorknobs BANNED in Vancouver as local government pushes to make houses more

'Some touching required'. Man living in a Washington DC penthouse posts Craigslist ad
for a NAKED roommate

Meet the real-life mermaids: Inside the bizarre Florida theme park where women live
like the mythical...

Tragedy as boy, 10, shot dead by ruthless thugs during brazen Miami nail salon robbery
 Sisters who held record for world's oldest siblings die within months of each other -
 with a combined age of...

 Will 'long-hidden footage of second shooter' to be aired this week prove Lee Harvey
 Oswald did NOT act...

 Connecticut high school football captain stabbed 27-year-old gay lover to death, police

 'No, I didn't kill Michael. He did it himself... with a massive overdose using his own
 stash': What really...


Murdoch's feud with Blair over wife Wendi: 'Terminal' end of friendship over claims of
'multiple encounters' between ex-PM and tycoon's wife

'No, I didn't kill Michael. He did it himself... with a massive overdose using his own
stash': What really happened the night Jackson died, by Dr Conrad Murray, the doctor
jailed for the death of the King of Pop

'Take that haters!': Pregnant mother whose body-building photos sparked media storm
gives birth to a healthy baby boy

Meet the neuroscientist and married father of three who discovered he was a
PSYCHOPATH after accidentally studying his own brain scans

Student, 14, 'used tree branch to rape teacher in school bathroom before slitting her throat
and leaving a note saying "I hate you all" next to her staged body'

Deadly black widow spiders found in grapes in multiple states

Will 'long-hidden footage of second shooter' to be aired this week prove Lee Harvey
Oswald did NOT act alone?

Evil father found guilty of starving daughter, 16, down to 68 pounds 'while stepmother
beat her and brother sexually assaulted her during six years she was imprisoned in the

Father of boy, 9, killed in tornado says he believes photo taken of niece after his death
shows him standing next to her
Pregnant woman caught on camera 'hitting her belly with a hammer after boasting her
baby is hard' just three weeks before giving birth to this little boy

Crowd goes wild as usher takes on young fan in dance battle at Detroit Pistons game

The $27 million mansion with its own hidden bar where San Francisco's elite once
enjoyed banned beverages

Mother claims healthy son, 19, was killed by flu-shot after he fell into a coma just 24-
hours after having vaccine

Convenience store worker sues Florida police for racial profiling after they stop him 258
times for TRESPASSING... at his own place of work

'Some touching required'. Man living in a Washington DC penthouse posts Craigslist ad
for a NAKED roommate

Mother of two who survived cancer and recent motorcycle crash is KILLED by a car
after leaving her house for first time after accident

'Bigger is not necessarily better': Colorado couple build 124 square foot dream home on a
flatbed trailer

Welcome to Cat Island - the Japanese fishing village where felines far outnumber the
human population

A ride through 1980s New York: Amazing photographs of the New York City subway as
it was 30 years ago

Kindness suits them: Moment a fifth-grade football team rallies around bullied special-
needs waterboy who likes to wear jackets and ties by dressing up like him

306 US

The spectacular Spider-Man: Artist painstakingly captures webbing to create unique
pieces of art

Time-Traveling photographer goes back to history's most iconic moments to add herself

Virtual reality worlds could help treat drug addicts learn coping methods to stay clean

Dedicated TV presenter cuts short her wedding after earthquake hits, grabs mic and starts
reporting from scene still in her bridal gown and veil

The Coca-Cola tin that splits in two so you can share it with a friend

Claims that doctor's secret 'vitamin formula' given to President was in fact meth

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