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					                   CURRICULUM VITAE
Maria Chriselda C. Bolisay
Address 1: King Fahad Medical City Main Hospital P.O. Box 59046 Riyadh 11525 K.S.A.
Contact No.: +966543967509
Address 2: Blk.15 Lot 1 Cecilia Village I Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija 3100 Philippines
Contact Numbers: +63-44-949 9294 / +639162168578
Email Address: chris_bolisay@hotmail.com

        Career Objective
        To provide comprehensive nursing care as per established standard of practice using the nursing
process. Also to perform independently as a proficient practitioner and is utilized as a resource person,
role model and teacher to colleagues.

        Personal Information
    •   Date of Birth                                : March 12, 1985
    •   Age                                          : 23
    •   Height                                       : 5’2”
    •   Weight                                       : 110 lbs.
    •   Birth Place                                  : Quezon City, Philippines
    •   Gender                                       : Female
    •   Marital status                               : Single
    •   Citizenship                                  : Filipino
    •   Languages / Dialects Spoken                  : English, Filipino
    •   Skills                                       : Computer literate (Basic Hardware and Software

        Areas of Expertise
       Adult Medical-Surgical
       Intensive Care Unit (Medical, Surgical, Kidney ICU)

        Professional Qualifications

B.S. Nursing School                                  : Wesleyan University-Philippines
Address                                              : Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija
Year Graduated        : April 1, 2006
Achievements          : University Scholar
                       - Cabanatuan City College Scholarship Program
General Weighted Average                      : 1.68 (93%)

High School:
School                                               : Honorato C. Perez Sr. Memorial Science High School
Year graduated                                       : March 2002
Achievement                                          : Outstanding Researcher of the Year

School                                               : Good Samaritan Colleges
Year Graduated                                       : March 1998

        Professional License

        June 2006 Nurse Licensure Examination (Local)
        June 2007 CGFNS initiated Nurse Licensure Examination (Local)
        Professional Regulation Commission, Manila
        International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Passer
        Bandscore: 7
       Training/ Seminars Attended

      Intravenous Therapy Course – November 7, 2008
      Hemodynamic Monitoring – November 1, 2008
      Administration of Blood and Blood Products – December 2, 2007
      Nursing Management of Emergency Drugs – December 29, 2007
      Wound Care Management Workshop – November 24-25, 2007
      GE Solar 8000i & CIC Patient Monitoring Training – November 2007
      Basic Life Support (Saudi Heart association) - December 12, 2007
      Standard First Aid (Philippine National Red Cross) – August 15, 2007
      Basic Life Support (Philippine National Red Cross) – July 30, 2007
      Health Care Convention – May 22, 2005
         - Mental Disorders and Mental Status examination
         - Infectious Disease Control
         - Newborn Screening
          - Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient

       Affiliations and Memberships

      Philippine Nurses Association Inc.
      Philippine National Red Cross
      Cabanatuan City College Scholarship Program Alumni
      Riyadh ICU Club


EMPLOYER 1 – King Fahad Medical City
       Address         : King Fahad Medical City Main Hospital P.O. Box 59046 Riyadh 11525
                       Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
       Contact No      : +966-1-288-9999 Ext. No. 1269/1266
      Bed capacity of the hospital: 1500
      Unit/Area: Intensive Care Unit (Medical, Surgical, Kidney ICU)
      Inclusive date of Employment: August 25, 2007 – Present
      Comprehensive Job Description:
     - Works safely within her level of competence.
     - Provides basic nursing care as she is assigned.
     - Secure safety and observes infection control.
     - Carries doctor’s order based on gathered data upon assessment.
     - Monitor patient’s vital signs until stable and reports any untoward signs and symptoms promptly.
     - Hooked to cardiac monitor for cardio-monitoring purposes and operate ECG or EKG machines if
  needed as per doctor’s order.
     - Explain all procedures to be done to the patient and relatives prior to execution and making sure
  that consent has been secured.
     - Treat patient’s documents as legal and confidential to all personnel who are not members of the
  medical team of the institution.
     - Observe and responds to the patient’s emotional and spiritual needs.
     - Attending to patient’s personal needs and performs and maintains personal hygiene of each
  patient by doing bathing, mouth gargling, and changing of wound dressing and other related measures.
     - Personally endorse patients properly to the co-staff after duty and upon transfer of patient to
     - Personally endorses patient properly to the assigned unit staff once the patient is out of the unit.
     - Observe proper aseptic technique and practical universal precautions.
     - Explain all procedures to be done to the patient and relatives prior to execution and making sure
    that consent has been secured.
     - Treat patient’s documents as legal and confidential to all personnel who are not members of the
    medical team of the institution.
     - Attending to patient’s personal needs and performs and maintains personal hygiene of each
    patient by doing bathing, mouth gargling, and changing of wound dressing and other related
     - Ensures that allocated tasks are completed properly and in timely manner.
     - Works flexibly and cooperatively to provide basic nursing care to the patient.
     - Responsible for the documentation of any procedures carried out on the patient
     - Assists with the patients mobilization
    -   Assists with pressure area care
    -   Assists the patient to wash/bathe as necessary
    -   Make the beds
    -   Feeds the patient as necessary
    -   Ensure that equipment is well maintained and clean.
    -   Performs delegated non-patient tasks as directed by the Head or Charge Nurse.
    -   Relieves in other areas when asked.
    -   Answers the phone politely using the correct telephone etiquette.
    -   Answer telephones according to KFMC policy.
    -   Relay messages as appropriate.

EMPLOYER 2 – Premiere General Hospital of Nueva Ecija Inc.
        Address         : Maharlika Highway Daang Sarile Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija, Philippines
        Contact No      : +6344-463-7845/7848
       Bed capacity of the hospital: 150
•       Unit/Area: General Ward
•       Inclusive date of Employment: October 17, 2006- August 15, 2007
•       Comprehensive Job Description:

    - Receives endorsement.
    - Has continuous contact with the patients throughout the shift and is calm, courteous and tactful at
    all time.
    - Assist doctors with any procedure they may need to perform. Prepare patient physically and
    emotionally for these procedures and ensures any necessary equipment is ready.
    - Responsible for the administration and documentation of prescribed medication to the correct
    patient, via the correct route and at the correct time.
    - Monitors the vital signs and reports abnormalities to the Nurse in Charge, Resident on Duty or the
    Attending Physician as appropriate.
    - Maintains accurate and complete documentation of nursing care. Uses correct focus-charting
    technique as per hospital policy.
    - Observes, recognizes and reports significant patient symptoms to the nurse in charge, Resident on
    duty or the Attending Physician as appropriate.
    - Completes a full nursing assessment and admission lab work within 12 hours of a patient’s
    admission. To complete the nursing assessment, documents the patient’s nursing/medical history,
    drug history, nutritional history, and immunization history as fitting.
    - Maintains an ongoing assessment of the patient’s response to treatment.
    - Documents any nursing intervention provided in focus nursing progress notes.
    - Organizes work to allow adequate time for individual patient needs.
    - Organizes individual patient care in a therapeutic cost effective manner.
    - Carries out the doctors' orders as prescribed.
    - Maintains orderliness and adequacy of medical supplies and medication.
    - Uses proper infection control principals in all aspects of work for protection of patients, staff and
    - Applies and changes dressings as required using the correct aseptic technique.
    - Performs IV cannulation of patients when hospital certified, following hospital policy.
    - Draws blood and performs other lab procedures on patients.
    - Functions proficiently in all clinical situations. Ensures that techniques and practices used are
    according to accepted standards of practice. Consistently follows established policies and
    - Functions calmly, quickly and effectively in any emergency or unforeseen situation.
    - Provides a safe and secure environment for patients. Maintains this environment in a comfortable,
    clean and orderly manner.
    - Accepts accountability for clinical care of assigned patients, including direction of Nursing
    Attendants and ancillary personnel.
    - Directs and evaluates care provided by other nursing personnel.
    - Ensures all equipment is used safely and correctly.
    - Ensures professional development by taking part in the hospital in-service training program and
    other further education opportunities.
    - Participates in performance Improvement plan monitoring activities.
    - Is open to constructive feedback and integrates recommendation into practice.
    - Orientates new staff to their work area acting as a preceptor to orientees.
    - Keeps all areas stocked, tidy and ready to use.
    - In times of emergency is required to make every effort to reach the hospital.
    - Ensure patient complaints are dealt with in line with Hospital policy.
       - Recognize the need to, and educates the patient as necessary calling upon the multidisciplinary
       team as required.
       - Answer the nurse call bell and all patient or relatives needs/ inquiries in a timely manner.
       - Clear empty food trays to the pantry.
       - Assist with admission, transfers and discharges.
       - Ensure that equipment is well maintained and clean.
       - Perform delegated non-patient related tasks as directed by the Head Nurse.
       - Relieves in other areas when asked.
       - Do post mortem care

   EMPLOYER 3 – Eduardo L. Joson Memorial Hospital
           Address         : Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija
           Contact No      : +6344-600-5235/1424
          Bed capacity of the hospital: 100
   •       Unit/Area: Medical Ward
   •       Inclusive date of Employment : July 2006-November 2006
   •       Comprehensive Job Description:

       - Gives direct nursing care
       - Identifies nursing needs of patients
       - Plans, gives and evaluates nursing care.
       - Makes daily rounds with the medical staff.
       - Administers medicines, injections, osteo-feedings and other treatments as ordered by the medical
       - Communicates with the head nurse regarding the need for supplies and equipments for providing
         nursing care.
       - Performs such nursing activities such as bathing and oral hygiene
       - Assists patients in moving, maintaining proper alignment of patients body and utilizing good
       body       mechanics
       - Takes and records vital signs
       - Observes signs and symptoms, institutes remedial action when appropriate and records these in
         the chart
       - Supervises the work of attendants and helpers
       - Supervises student nurses in their performance of nursing procedures.
       - Observes medical asepsis
       - Reports observations to the physician
       - Observes and responds to the patients emotional and spiritual needs
       - Acts as liaison between patients and hospital personnel
       - Interprets to the patient and his family their role in promoting successful therapy and
       - Prepares patients for, and assists physicians with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
       - Carries out doctors legal orders
       - Assists physicians when examining patients
       - Performs irrigations, catheterizations and gives enemas
       - Administers and charts medications and patients reaction to medication.
       - Instructs patients and families
       - Interprets hospital policies and procedures.
       - Gives health teachings
       - Maintains good relationship with other hospital personnel
       - Charts accurately medications and treatments given
       - Attends meeting and conferences
       - Performs other duties as required by the head nurse, Supervisor and the Chief Nurse

 Comprehensive List of Cases Handled, procedures performed or assisted and equipment
                              handled per specialty area:

Cases handled:
- Below knee amputation
- Burns
- Oncology cases
- Diabetes Mellitus
- Fractures
- Myocardial Infarction
- Septic Shock
- Renal failure
- Cardiovascular accident
- Tuberculosis
- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
- Hepatitis
- Guillain Barre Syndrome
- Explore Laparotomy
- Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
- Craniotomy
- Herpes
- Hemorrhage
- Dengue
- Cholelithiais
- Bronchitis
- Seizures
- Whipples procedure

Procedures performed or assisted:
- Tracheostomy
- Intubation
- Central line insertion
- Arterial line insertion
- Quinton line insertion
- Intercoastal Drainage Insertion
- Pigtail Insetion
- External Ventricular Drainage Insertion
- Lumbar puncture
- Abdominal tapping
- Pleural tapping
- Foley's cathetherization
- Nasogastric tube insertion
- 12 Leads electrocardiogram
- IV cannulation

Equipments handled:
- Cardinal Health Alaris Syringe Pump
- Alaris Infusion Pump 8100 Series
- Hill Rom Total Care Bed Model 1900
- SCD Response Compression System with Vascular Refill Detection
- Kangaroo 324 Feeding Pump
- GE Tram-Rac K800 Series Monitor System
- Evita XL Series Monitoring System
- Medtronic Lifepak 12 Biphasic Defibrillator Monitor
- Atmolit 16 N Suction
- Cincinnati Sub-zero Blanketrol II Hyper-hypothermia blanket
- Hotline Fluid Warmer
- Huntleigh HealthCare Flowtron Excel
- Asena GS MK III Syringe Pump
- Colleague CX Volumetric Infusion Pump
- Ranger Blood/fluid Warming System
- GE Transport Pro Portable Cardiac Monitor
- GE Dash 5000 Portable Cardiac Monitor
- GE Medical Systems MAC 1200 ST Electrocardiogram
- GE MAC 5500 Electrocardiogram
- Glucometers
- Crash Cart with Emergency Medicines
- Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring and Central Venous Pressure Monitoring
- Nebulizers
        References With Contact Information and References

Name                                                        Contact no.

1. Ms. Merifel Gacusana                                     +966502447932
Staff Nurse, Intensive Care Unit
King Fahad Medical City
Riyadh, K.S.A

2. Mr. Jonathan Ocampo                                      +639054498799/
Staff Nurse                                                 +6344-464-8735
Wesleyan University-Philippines
Nueva Ecija, Philippines

3. Dr. Sancho Cortes                                        +639157766386/
General Surgeon                                             +6344-463-5666
Premiere General Hospital of Nueva Ecija, Inc.
Nueva Ecija, Philippines

4. Dr. Ma. Lorraine D. De Guzman                            +639175661211/
Obstetrician-Gynecologist                                   +6344-464-1969
Eduardo L. Joson Memorial Hospital
Nueva Ecija, Philippines

I hereby certify that the facts stated herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and

                                                  Maria Chriselda C. Bolisay, R.N.

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