HOW YOU GET PAID!! THE POWERFUL COMPENSATION PLAN! Please Read Below! You come in for $27, and go into the Linear Matrix (A Straight Line).The moment you get your Link, sign up your 2 people. They will Go into your Private Bank. Those 2 people Just qualified you, so the Next 7 People that come in from anywhere in the World those Sales Go Under you, and you Cycle! You Make $27 and you go right back around to the bottom of the straight line again. And when 2 More people are in your bank you are qualified again, and the Next 7 sales from anywhere in the world go under you because you are at the bottom of the Straight Line! They have to go under you! When you Sign up People they go Into your Personal Certificate Bank! Also the People You Sign up, when they sign up their 2 people! They cycle and come back around under you and go right back into your Personal Certificate Bank. If you sign up Jill and Jill signs up BOB and Bob is a SUPER Network Marketer! Let’s say Bob cycles 100 times in 3 days!! Bob made $2,700 Bob comes back to Jill 100 times; so Jill cycles 50 times and makes $1,350.00 GUESS WHAT??? Jill comes back to you, 50 times and you Cycle 25 times. That $545.00 just from BOB's efforts that comes back to you!! So your 7 Sales that you Need to Cycle will Be unlimited! They will ALWAYS BE there Over and Over! So your Goal Is to bank as many Certificates in your Private Bank as Possible! This can be new people you are signing up, or it can be People who are cycling and Coming back to you Over and Over Banking up your certificates! Remember Every time you cycle, you go back around to the Bottom of the line. The computer pulls 2 Certificates out of your personal bank, you are qualified again and the Next 7 sales from anywhere are under you, and you cycle again and again and again! So the Power is! Your 7 People sales will ALWAYS be there. You keep your 2 Qualifying Certificates in Play and you will cycle over and Over and Over! You don’t have to Sign up a Million People! Look at the BOB example up top.. Find 2 people like Bob who can cycle a few times a day, or a few times a hour, you will be cycling Over and Over as your Workers Come back to you and Go into your Bank!! Over and Over the computer Pulls 2 certificates out of your Bank you are qualified, the next 7 sales come in and you cycle. Again and again and again!! THIS PAYS DAILY! And you will see your cycles in REATIME ($27/$54/$81/$108) You can Load your Money into your Bank Account Every Night! Or you can order a Debit card and Load your Card every night! Or you can put your name on a check and they will mail it to you every night!

HUGE NEWS!!!!! It was just announced on the CORP CALL by DEAN SASSER!! THE NEW ((3 to infinity Bonus is Less than 30 DAYS AWAY)) be ready!! Qualify To Receive 5% of your Top 3 Personal Earners total Checks each Week you have to (( ENROLL 3 PERSONALS )) 3 personals That are (( ACTIVE )) And you are Qualified to Receive a 5% match On All 3 Of their Checks Each week!!! TO GET TO ((3 To INFINITY)) you have to personally Enroll 10 personals that are ((ACTIVE)) this makes you a ONE STAR!! And you have to have 30 cycles coming in each Month!! So you are a (( ONE Star DIRECTOR )) and you can now Receive Top 3 Matches Of 5% on All your Personals Checks each week! And all your personals Top 3 Earners total Checks for the Week! And Their Top 3 and there Top 3 and their Top 3 To Infinity! This can really add up! If you have 500 People in your Team! When this hits you could Be Making 5% of 200 to 300 Checks Every Week In your Team EXAMPLE::: Once you are a (( One Star Director)) or just a (( 2 Star )) You will be qualified for this New infinity BONUS!! Which Starts in Less than 30 DAYS!! IF You enroll 20 People You will Receive a 5% match on You TOP 3 Personals Each Week!! On Your Other 17 Personals you will make a 10% match each week on their Total Checks that Week!! YOUR TOP 3 Earners can change Every WEEK!!! NOW! All 20 of you Personals! Each Have a ((top 3 Earners each week)) you get 5% of all 20 of your personals TOP 3!! NOW you are Making 5% of 60 Checks each week!! All 60 of those People each Have a ((Top 3 income Earners))! NOW you are Making a 5% of 180 Checks each Week! All 180 Of those People each Have ((Top 3 Income Earners))! Now you are Making 5% of 540 checks Each Week! It Goes On and On! Their top 3 and Their Top 3 TO INFINITY!! ALL the Way through your WHOLE TEAM! UNLIMITED LEVELS!! NO BLOCKAGE!!! HUGE!! Another Way to qualify For the (( 3 infinity )) Is to be a (( 2 star )) thats 20 Personals That are (( Active )) We also Have a CRUISE CONTEST GOING ON FOR THE NEXT 6 Month! The Will Give away 15 Free 7 day Cruises For 15 People and their Guests! 7 Days Cruises VIP Suites! Balconies! VIP VIP!! Each month The Top Cycler, and the Person who signs up the Most People will

Win a Spot on the CRUISE! ((THAT’S 2 Winners Each Month)) For the Next 6 months! You can only win once! So once you Win, Everybody Else will have a Fighting Chance! AGAIN you have to be a ((ONE STAR)) to be qualified For the Cruise contest! That’s 10 Personals you Put in that are (( ACTIVE)) SO THE MAJIC NUMBER FOR EVERYTHING IS (( 10 Active Personals!! )) That’s ((ONE STAR STATUS))!! THIS NEW INFINITY BONUS WILL START IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!! Your Goal Over the Next 3 Weeks is to get Qualified!! With This incredible $27 Company With all these GREAT BENEFITS! Everybody Reading this Can Sign Up 10 People! Who Need 2 plus 7!! GET QUALIFIED!! YOUR GOAL IS 10 ACTIVE PEOPLE!! THAT’S THE MAGIC NUMBER!! 30 Cycles be a one Star DIRECTOR OR be a ((2 Star)) 20 Active Personals you signed up!! EVERYBODY CAN DO THIS! IT’S TIME TO GET EXCITED!! PEOPLE IN THIS COMPANY WITH THIS NEW BONUS Will Already Be Earning 10,000 a month just from this NEW Bonus Alone! Not to mention Our DAILY PAY!! This Can Change your LIFE! IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP! MAKE It Happen! FOR YOU!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!! GET YOUR 10!! Be ready for this Bonus!!! It’s a LIFECHANGER!!


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