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					Alcohol Waiver and Acceptance of Responsibility ñ International
v The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on all Celebrity Cruises ships is 21 years of age. • However, on ships in Europe, South America and Australia, where the legal drinking age is lower than 21, a parent who is sailing with his or her son(s) and/or daughter(s) who is between the ages of 18 to 20, may sign a waiver allowing the 18 to 20 year old to consume alcoholic beverages. ßThe 18- to 20 year-old must agree to comply with Celebrity' Cruisesí policies, including among other things, agreeing to not provide alcoholic beverages to any other person, regardless of age. Restrictions apply, and this policy is subject to change without notice. v An individualís age on the date of sailing determines his or her status for the entire cruise vacation.

v Guests are not allowed to bring beer or hard liquor onboard for consumption or any other use. Guests wishing to bring personal wine onboard with them at the beginning of the cruise may do so, limited to two (2) bottles per stateroom, but when consumed in any shipboard restaurant, bar or dining venue, each bottle shall be subject to a corkage fee of $25.00. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports of call or from onboard shops will be stored by the ship and delivered to guest staterooms on the last day of the sailing. Security may inspect containers (water bottles, soda bottles, mouthwash, luggage etc.) and will dispose of containers holding alcohol. Celebrity Cruisesí Guest Vacation Policy may be enforced, up to and including disembarkation, if a guest violates any alcohol policy. Guests under the age of 21 will not have alcohol returned to them. v Guests who violate any alcohol policies, (over consume, provide alcohol to people under age 21, demonstrate irresponsible behavior, or attempt to conceal alcoholic items at security and or luggage check points or any other time), may be disembarked or not allowed to board, at their own expense, in accordance with our Guest Vacation Policies.


Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to revoke or otherwise restrict drinking privileges of any guest, regardless of age. Even if all criteria are met, shipboard personnel may elect, and have the option to, not grant the waiver or any such drinking privileges. The waiver may not apply when the vessel is in certain territorial waters.

I AM THE PARENT OF _______________________, Stateroom No._________, born on ____/____/______ who I hereby affirm is between the ages of 18 to 20 years if age as of the sailing date of this voyage. I hereby request and authorize Celebrity Cruises to serve alcoholic beverages to the above named person. I have read and understand the Celebrity Cruisesí Policy as set forth above, and hereby agree to abide by that policy and affirm that the above named person is fully capable of and able to comply with that policy. I hereby accept full responsibility for his or her acts and agree to supervise his or her consumption of alcoholic beverages at all times.

ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO By parent (signature):_______________________ Name of parent (print):___________________________ Date:_____________

I, ___________________________, hereby represent and affirm that ___________________________is my parent, and that, as of the sailing date of this voyage, I am between 18-20 years of age and that I was born on _______/_______/_________. I have read the summary of the cruise lineís policies set forth above and hereby agree to abide by the policies and procedures set forth by Celebrity Cruises. Applicable to those minors between 18-20 years of age, who are granted the privilege of consuming alcoholic beverages served to them onboard as authorized by their respective parent or legal guardian. I acknowledge that those policies, among other things, strictly prohibit me from providing any alcoholic beverages I am served or receive, to any other person(s), with no exceptions, and I hereby agree to not provide alcoholic beverages to any person, of any age, at any time. I understand and recognize the seriousness of any violation(s) of these policies, and agree to abide any/all decision(s) by the company regarding any breach of these policies, pursuant to the companyís Guest Vacation Policy, which may impose sanctions up to and including disembarkation from the vessel and reporting of the matter to applicable policy authorities and/or the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)

ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO: By minor (signature):_______________________ Name of minor (print):____________________________ Date:_______________
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