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					                                                                                  SPRING 2012
                                                                                  LIV. NUMBER 30

                    The Prospector

                      Colorado Dietetic Association Quarterly Communication

                                  President’s Message
                                                               CDA Members,
 Inside this issue:
 Committee Updates        2                                    As we close out the end of the 2011-12 membership
                                                               year, I would like to thank our board members and
                                                               volunteers for all of their hard work over the past year.
 District Updates         9                                    I also would like to thank our members for continuing
                                                               to support CDA. I am grateful for the opportunity to
                                                               serve as the President and would like to welcome the
 House of Delegates       11                                   new president, Bethany Braunstein, to her position.

 Community Spotlight      12                                    Over the past year, CDA has diligently worked to
                                                                promote dietitians and registered diet technicians in
                                                                our communities and with our legislators. Thanks to the
 Calendar                 19                                    efforts of our board members, volunteers, and local
                                                                Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson and
                                                                resource persons, dietitians are seen frequently on the
                                  news, radio, magazines/newspapers, and at local community events. A few of the
                                  events included the 9 Health Fairs, Call Line 9, and the Heart Walk. Additional
                                  accomplishments this year include: grassroots efforts with Colorado legislators,
                                  updated website, CDA Annual Meeting in Westminster, and CDA Lobby Day. Next
Special points of                 year our goals include continuing to improve our grassroots and marketing efforts
   interest:                      and evaluating a potential name change to coincide with the newly named Academy
                                  of Nutrition and Dietetics.
 Community Spotlight:
  LiveWell Colorado               CDA is your organization, and in order to continue to grow and improve the
  and Cooking Matters             organization, we need your help and involvement. If you would like to get involved
                                  on a committee or serve in a chair role, please contact
 Introducing 2012-2013
  CDA Board of Directors
  (pg 18)                         I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!


                                  Athena Evans MS, RD, LD, CDE
                                  President, 2011-12
                                  Colorado Dietetic Association
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                                                                                            LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                                  Angela Mariotti, RD
Public Relations and Marketing                                                    Nikki Nienhuis, RD
                                                                                  PR/Marketing Co-Chairs
Walk with a Doc: Take a Step toward Better Health
is a program where the public meet monthly to walk with
doctors and dietitians to improve health, learn about
important health topics, and meet new friends interested in
improving their health. This is a great way for people to ask
medical and nutrition questions in an informal, relaxed, and
fun way!

We are in need of dietitians to volunteer for these events. To
learn more about these great events, please visit their

Below are the dates and locations of the upcoming Walk with a Doc events:

   8am Saturday, May 12th
    Crestmoor Park, Meet by Tennis Courts
    Plenty of Free Parking Available
    TOPIC: Tuberculosis: What You Need to Know

   8am Saturday, June 9th
    deKoevend Park, Meet at Shelter C
    Plenty of Free Parking Available
    TOPIC: Asthma: New Treatments

   8am Saturday, July 14th
    Crestmoor Park, Meet by Tennis Courts
    Plenty of Free Parking Available
    TOPIC: Choosing the Right Shoe

   8am Saturday, August 11th
    Bible Park, Meet at Baseball Diamond
    Plenty of Free Parking Available
    TOPIC: Pulmonary Hypertension

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact Angela Mariotti at
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                                                                                             LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                                 Angela Mariotti, RD
Public Relations and Marketing, continued                                        Nikki Nienhuis, RD
                                                                                 PR/Marketing Co-Chairs

Do you have Facebook?

Colorado Dietetic Association has a Facebook page!

Join our page to see updates, events, and to join a

                                 With our drive for licensure, we are in need of testimonials!

                                 Please ask clients, patients, friends, and family for their testimonials
                                 on how a registered dietitian has been vital to their health success.

                                 Please contact Angela at if you have
                                 someone interested in providing a testimonial.

        Heart Walk
 Denver’s annual Heart Walk will take place Saturday, June 2nd,

 CDA will have a team walking; therefore, we are in need of team
 captains! Team captain responsibilities are to obtain at least 10
 people to walk with CDA for this event and to communicate to
 your team members information such as time and location to
 meet, etc. CDA will also have a booth at the Heart Walk’s
 epicenter as a place to answer nutrition questions.

 If you are interested in becoming a team captain or volunteering
 at our booth, please contact Angela Mariotti at:
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                                                                                             LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                                  Angela Mariotti, RD
Public Relations and Marketing, continued                                         Nikki Nienhuis, RD
                                                                                  PR/Marketing Co-Chairs

                              CDA is looking for food models, posters, and educational materials to be
                              donated to CDA for use at various events.

                              If you have any items you would like to donate, please contact Nikki
                              Nienhuis or Angela Mariotti at:


Lobbyist Message
By Emily Hanson

Developing a face for your organization at the Capitol is an important advocacy tool. As the political
and health care policy landscape continues to change in the nation and Colorado, it is important for the
Colorado Dietetic Association to have a presence at the State House during the legislative session.
During the 2012 session, the Colorado Dietetic Association partnered with State Representative Sue
Schafer to start the “Meet a Colorado Dietitian” program. This program brought Colorado dietitians to
the Capitol to share their specialties in dietetics as well as provide important information about who
dietitians are and what they do. Dietitians provided handouts, informational displays, and healthy
snacks to legislators and Capitol staff one day a week through the months of February and March.
Topics included: what to eat when eating out, fat facts, how to fill your plate the MyPlate way, and what
the medical side of dietetics looks like.

Representative Schafer noted the positive feedback she received about the program from both
legislators and staff; in its first year, “Meet a Colorado Dietitian” helped educate everyone at the Capitol
and assisted them in gaining a better understanding of the practice of dietetics. She reiterated the
importance of keeping a strong presence at the Capitol and encouraged dietitians to continue to
volunteer. Because of term limits, keeping a presence at the Capitol helps develop the institutional
knowledge that is lost when new elected officials come into office. Opening the program up to all
legislators and staff ensures that the gatekeepers of information for legislators, the aides, and staff know
where to go for information and advice when it comes to dietetics. As a new initiative, “Meet a
Colorado Dietitian” provided CDA with a forum to put a face to Colorado dietitians. It is important that
CDA continues to develop and grow this program to keep dietitians and dietitian interests at the
forefront of legislators’ minds when they consider nutrition and health care policy issues. Therefore, it
is paramount that CDA continues this program in the 2013 legislative session, and we hope to see
additional volunteers so we can offer this important program throughout the session.
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                                                                                           LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                                Angela Mariotti, RD
Public Relations and Marketing, continued                                       Nikki Nienhuis, RD
                                                                                PR/Marketing Co-Chairs

Lobbyist Message, continued
The Colorado Dietetic Association also provided nutritious snacks to help the legislators stay alert and
attentive during the budget debate mid April. The House debated into the night on the budget and
accompanying bills, and Representative Dave Young had this to say about the snacks, “My thanks to
the Colorado Dietetic Association for providing the great snack bag to members of the Colorado
House of Representatives. Your timing couldn’t have been better!” He went on to say, “Having healthy
snacks available through the 1:30 pm -11:00 pm segment really helped me stay focused.” CDA
provided snacks for the House and the Senate during the budget debate.
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                                                                                           LIV. NUMBER 30


Member Benefits
RDs in the Media, continued :
                                                                             Amanda Hermann, RD
                                                                             Member Benefits Team Chair

 On behalf of the Membership Benefits Committee, we would like to formally congratulate our awards
 and scholarship recipients for 2012!

    Outstanding Dietitian of the Year for 2012             Mary Lee Chin MS, RD

    Outstanding Dietetics Student Award                    Joanna Helm

    Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year                 Kelly Ping MS, RD, CSSD

    $500 District Grant Award                              Denver Dietetic Association

    $250 Scholarship Award                                 Katie Frushour

    $250 Scholarship Award                                 Marcey Robinson MS, RD, CDE, BC-ADM

 Congratulations again!!

 Look for articles submitted by our scholarship
 recipients in the next Prospector!

 Amanda Hermann RD, CDE
 Membership Benefits Chair

                                                                                     Kris Kinney, RD
Nominating Committee                                                                 Nominating Chair

 The CDA Election is over, and the results of the ballot are in!

 Our incoming CDA Board members for 2012-2013 are:

    Elizabeth Tilak, MS, RD as President-Elect
    Alix Wilson, MS, RD, CDE as Treasurer
    Alena Clark, PhD, RD, as Delegate
    Maggie Whalen, RN, BSN, RD, CNSC as Nominating Committee Chair

 Welcome from the rest of the CDA Board; we are anticipating a great year working together!
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                                                                                           LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                        Jan Kochis, RD,
Public Policy                                                           CDA Licensure Chair

The Public Policy Team continues to work on legislative issues both state and federal. We have been
working to build relationships with legislators through a number of activities.

        We had a successful Lobby Day on March 1st, and several legislators and/or their staff
         attended lunch.

        There has been an RD at the Capitol once a week during the legislative session, volunteering
         to provide his/her expertise and answer legislator and staff questions.

        With the assistance of donations from some of our industry partners, we provided a bag of
         healthy snacks to all legislators during their debate on the state budget. They are often on
         the floor for long hours without breaks for meals, and the healthy snacks were well received.

Rosanne Ainscough and Julie Maxwell represented CDA at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Public Policy Workshop, April 15-17th. They were joined by Mary Lee Chin and students Maranda
Robison (UNC) and Bonnie Helm (Metro).

The main focus of workshop discussions was on the importance of establishing good working
relationships with state politicians and political appointees, from the governor’s office down to local
elected officials, to ensure that registered dietitians are at the table and involved in key health
policymaking decisions and committees in their state. More specifically, discussion about state
development of health insurance exchanges, a component of the Affordable Health Care Act, was
held. Emphasis was made on how this pending state legislation has the potential to greatly impact the
opportunities for dietitians; therefore, we must get a seat at the table on state committees tasked with
crafting these policies.

The main federal issues identified by the Academy that we focused on this year included the

        Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act              (Click here for brief)
        The Farm Bill Authorization                             (Click here for brief)
        The Drug Shortage bill                                  (Click here for brief)
        MNT for pre-diabetes                                    (Click here for brief)

One of the best presentations was by Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. He spoke about the Farm
bill and said it should really be called the Farm, Food, and Jobs bill.

The conference culminated with visits to the Hill. We met with the staff of Congressmen Dianna
DeGette, Cory Gardner, Scott Tipton, and Michael Coffman. We also met with staff of Senator Michael
Bennett. Our focus was on those on key committees that will be addressing our main issues for this
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                                                                                                 LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                             Jan Kochis, RD,
Public Policy, continued                                                     CDA Licensure Chair

In a nutshell, the message delivered at the Public Policy Workshop was loud and clear:

Now is the time for registered dietitians to let their voices be heard as the experts in food and nutrition, to
improve the health of their fellow citizens while promoting the profession and ensuring bright career
prospects for all.

If you are ready to lend a hand with this effort, plans are being made now to visit with Senator Udall’s
office and Congressmen Jared Polis, Doug Lamborn, and Ed Perlmutter here in Colorado. If you have
an interest in attending one of these meetings, please contact Rosanne Ainscough at:

                                         UPDATE ON LICENSURE
                                     Jan Kochis, CDA Licensure Chair

Since our bill was postponed indefinitely, we have been strategizing with our lobbyist and The
Academy as to what the next steps will be. We did decide that we would introduce a bill next year; this
could be our last opportunity to do so since there was a change in the DORA policy for regulating

The Academy has been doing some ground work with the nutritionists, and we would like to meet with
the local qualified nutritionists to see if we have common interests in regulating nutrition professionals.
They were part of the opposition to our bill in addition to Vitamin Cottage and The Nutrition Therapy

Over the summer months, we will be communicating with all of you so we can keep the momentum
going for our efforts for licensure. We will be doing some more training of the district legislative
leaders and asking people to attend town hall meetings and to work on campaigns for the legislators we
will be working with next year.

If any of you are interested in becoming involved with licensure, please contact me. We can always use
another hand and voice in our quest for licensure for nutrition professionals.
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                                                                                              LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                         Alix Wilson, MS, RD, CDE
NCDA District Update                                                     President, NCDA

Amazing, another dietetic association year has come and gone. The Northern Colorado Dietetic
Association (NCDA) had a great year. We thank our President-Elect for all the planning and
preparation put into the meetings and special projects. It has been a fun and educational year.

On Saturday, April 28th, nine NCDA members (4 RDs and 5 students), hosted an “Ask the RD” event at
King Soopers Marketplace on North College Avenue in Fort Collins from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. Jenna
Brannock, Savanna Gainsforth, Lana Olsson, Jennifer Saibel, Lacie Satterlee, Hattie Sando, Carrie
Schneider, Nicole Shanks, and Amy Smith spent a half-day fielding questions and distributing
literature explaining the role of the registered dietitian and how to contact one in Colorado. Lacie
Satterlee organized the volunteers, and Jen Saibel offered a grocery store tour at 2:00 pm for two
appreciative customers. NCDA had great support from the on-site store manager and assistant
manager throughout the day.

NCDA would like to continue to market registered dietitians as nutrition professionals in grocery
stores and at community events in the future. We learned that we need to improve our community
marketing to recruit participants for such events and would partner with community agents in the
future. The NCDA board welcomes member feedback and input about future events.

We would like to congratulate those nominated into their new NCDA board positions:

   Lisa Caldwell as President-Elect
   Lacie Satterlee as NCDA Secretary
   Katie Kissane as Nominating Committee Member

We have one board position left to fill, Special Awards Chair. If you are interested in being part of the
NCDA board, please contact our current Nominating Committee members Lisa Caldwell
( and Shelley Prior ( As always, we strongly
encourage you to become involved with your local district association board. It’s fun and a great way
to be involved.

Please visit the NCDA district website often for updates. Have a wonderful summer!

For additional information regarding NCDA, please contact 2012-2013 NCDA President Lana Olsson at
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                                                                                               LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                             Kristie Kammer, RD
SCDA District Update                                                         President, SCDA
Congratulations to the following new SCDA board members for the 2012-2013 year!!

   President-Elect:         Sarah Southworth, RD, LD/N
   Treasurer:               Karen Beers, RD
   Nominating Chair:        Jean Ann Reid, RD

We have one meeting left for this year and will start our meeting planning for 2012-2013 in June. Please
email Kristie Kammer ( if you have any speaker suggestions, comments,
or questions.

DDA District Update                                                          Jenna Allen, RD
                                                                             President, DDA

The Denver Dietetic Association membership year is coming to a close. The last membership
meeting of the year is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16, from 6-8pm. Meeting details are as

Eating Disorders: The intersection of genetics, environment and triggers
Presented by Amy Buordo, Executive Director
Eating Disorders Foundation, 1901 E 20th Ave. Denver 80205
RSVP by Tuesday, May 9, to reserve your seat and appetizers

For additional details about the meeting and to RSVP, please visit us online at:

As we approach the end of the current DDA membership year, I want to thank the DDA Board of
Directors for helping make this year such a success! We also want to remind you to renew your
membership. We are offering an early renewal discount, good through Sept. 1, 2012. To take
advantage of this offer, renew your membership online at
We hope you will consider joining us for the 2012-2013 membership year.

The Denver Dietetic Association is also pleased to announce the results of the elections for the
following board positions…

   President-Elect:   Jamie Daugherty
   Treasurer:         Jeannie Schwendter
   Secretary:         Tori Christensen

Please join us in welcoming them to the board!

We are always open to your comments and feedback. If you have something to share, please contact
Jenna Allen at
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                                                                                             LIV. NUMBER 30

                                                                         Alana Cline, PhD, RD
Spring 2012 Update                                                       Colorado Delegate

I attended the virtual Spring House of Delegates Meeting on April 26th and 27th to discuss our
mega-issue questions below:

1.   What is needed for nutrition and dietetics practitioners to better understand the continuum of
     professional preparation to progress throughout their careers?

2.   How do we create understanding among practitioners of the importance of advanced practice as
     essential to the future of the profession? Why should we care?

We were provided with advance backgrounder information and the link to the Council on Future
Practice report to prepare ourselves, along with feedback that we have received from discussion with
our constituents throughout the year. The purpose of our meeting discussion was to brainstorm and
come up with ideas that we can use to determine how to deal with next steps that are recommended
for our profession to prepare us to be successful in the changing environment of healthcare,
foodservice, and nutrition counseling. We had lively discussions, with many ideas being brought
forward. Delegates agreed that we cannot “do nothing” because our profession is in possible danger
of being taken over by others. So, in the near future, you will be provided with additional information
on what we need to do to move forward, using recommendations from the Council on Future Practice.

I will provide a summary of our discussions and recommendations as soon as it is made available to
HOD members to pass on to you.
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                                                                                                LIV. NUMBER 30


Weigh in on The Weight of the Nation
By Maren Stewart, LiveWell Colorado President and CEO

In April, LiveWell Colorado had the privilege of partnering with Kaiser Permanente, the Colorado
Health Foundation, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in hosting the
Denver premier of HBO’s documentary, The Weight of the Nation, a new four-part video documentary
series examining the forces propelling obesity in our country.

The documentary series airs exclusively on HBO starting in early May, and we were especially excited
to be the first city in America to premier one of the films at this event. Hundreds of Coloradans,
including business people, healthcare professionals, families and students, came together at the
University of Denver Cable Center for a fun and informative health expo, the film premier, and a lively
town hall discussion regarding this important issue.

Some people may be surprised that Denver was chosen for the premier of the documentary since
Colorado is the “leanest” state in the nation. While this is true, we must put this distinction in context.
We are a lean state in an increasingly fat nation. In fact, according to the 2011 Colorado Health Report
Card, which was recently released by our partners at the Colorado Health Foundation, the obesity
rate for Colorado adults (18 – 64) has risen from just below 20 percent to 22 percent in the last year.
With this increase, Colorado is no longer the only state with an obesity rate below 20 percent –
something that was often previously touted. Further, our current adult obesity rate would have made
Colorado the “fattest” state in 1995.

Our children are faring even worse. With a dismal ranking of 23rd in the nation, Colorado’s childhood
obesity rate is rising at the second-fastest rate of increase in the nation.

These alarming statistics clearly show our dire need to attract attention to and support for this grave
epidemic. At LiveWell Colorado, we are thrilled that The Weight of
The Nation is helping to intensify the focus on obesity.
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                                                                                              LIV. NUMBER 30


Weigh in on The Weight of the Nation, continued

During the premier of the film Challenges, viewers were exposed to an eye-opening look at the
numerous factors contributing to the rising rates of obesity in the U.S. The film powerfully captures the
complexity of the forces driving obesity and validates LiveWell Colorado’s convergence approach,
working collaboratively across sectors to make systemic and sustainable change.

During the town hall discussion, members of the audience discussed both obstacles to and
opportunities for combatting obesity in our state and nation. I was thrilled to see so many high school
students in the audience who are interested in playing an active role in addressing childhood obesity.

If you were not able to attend The Weight of the Nation event, there are still several ways in which you
can participate:
   Watch a recording of the town hall discussion to hear opinions from local health experts and
    members of the community. To access the recording, visit, click on the
    “LiveWell Toolbox,” and then click on “Webinars.” Afterward, share your knowledge and
    perspectives with others in your personal and professional networks and encourage them to get

   Sign-up to receive a screening kit that includes a copy of the fourth film Challenges, in addition to
    tips for hosting a local screening to help build awareness about and tackle the obesity epidemic in
    your community. You can sign-up for the kit at

   Plan a screening of the film at your child’s school, your workplace, your local library or your
    recreation center.

Obesity weighs on all of us – threatening all Coloradans, our way of life and our state’s economic
prosperity. Obesity doesn’t just impact our waistlines, it impacts our health, our schools, our
communities, our workforce and our bottom line.

Thank you for engaging in this critical issue and doing your part to ensure the health and prosperity of
our great state.
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                                                                                             LIV. NUMBER 30


It’s Dinnertime!
Low-Income Families’ Efforts to Plan, Shop for and Cook Healthy Meals
By Becky Mares

Budgets are tight and schedules are packed. It seems like no one has time for a family meal,
especially when working two jobs to make ends meet or trying to find a job in a rough economy. If
asked how many times a week low-income families cook at home, what would you say?

It turns out that 8 in 10 low-income families are making dinner at home at least five nights a week.
Contrary to popular thought, as income decreases, the frequency of eating dinner at home increases.

According to a national survey of 1,500 participants, 61% of low-income families are making dinner
from scratch four days of the week. Two nights feature dinner from packaged foods, and only one
night a week does a low-income family eat fast food.

Not only are low-income families cooking at home, but they also want to make those meals healthy.
Most believe that healthy eating is realistic for them, but they are struggling to do so. The primary
barrier? Cost. While families are largely satisfied with the variety and quality of healthy grocery items
available to them, only 30% are satisfied with price.
                                                                                                   Page 15

                                                                                            LIV. NUMBER 30


It’s Dinnertime!
Low-Income Families’ Efforts to Plan, Shop for and Cook Healthy Meals, continued

Families are eager for tips and educational tools that will make preparing
healthy meals easier and more affordable. A better understanding of the
health benefits of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables can put more
healthy options within reach for low-income families. Low-income families
that regularly plan meals, write grocery lists and budget for food make
healthy meals from scratch more often (5+ times a week) than those who

Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters helps families plan, shop for and cook healthy meals within a
budget that works for them. Since 1994, Cooking Matters Colorado has been teaching families across
the state how to provide the best nourishment possible to their families. With the help of culinary and
nutrition experts, we share practical information and simple strategies that help families at risk of
hunger get healthy meals on the table more often.

To see how you can get involved, visit our website at

Additional News….
Cooking Matters Introduces Curriculum for Child Care Professionals!!

                                                Cooking Matters recently launched Cooking Matters
                                                for Child Care Professionals, a professional training
                                                program designed to empower in-home child care
                                                providers to plan, prepare, and serve healthy meals
                                                and create a healthy food environment for the kids in
                                                their care.
                                                                                                     Page 16

                                                                                              LIV. NUMBER 30


Additional News….
Cooking Matters Introduces Curriculum for Child Care Professionals!!, continued

Each of its five modules offer providers hands-on practice in the kitchen, interactive discussions on
ways to make healthy choices about food served to kids, and strategies to promote positive attitudes
about food among kids. The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is encouraged throughout
class, and all recipes meet the guidelines. Providers also receive eight continuing education hours
and essential kitchen tools to continue preparing nutritious food in their homes on a budget.

Since its launch in January, Cooking Matters Colorado has reached 120 providers through Cooking
Matters for Child Care Professionals courses. On average, each provider has six children in their care.
Therefore, the effects of the curriculum have expanded into the homes of over 720 families. These
effects include: increased fruit and vegetable consumption, switching to lower-fat milk products,
incorporating more whole grains, consuming less processed meats, and creating positive attitudes
and behaviors for a healthy meal environment.

After attending a Cooking Matters for Child Care Professionals course, providers have reported back

   “I’m trying new fruits and vegetables. I am finding that [the kids] like more than I thought they

   “Letting the children serve themselves has been a positive, fun experience, [something] which we
    will continue to do.”

   “I am realizing that I can make time to prepare healthy foods, something I never thought I had
    enough time to do.”

   “The kids are [tasting] a broader range of food, which in turn is carried to the home environment.”
                                                                                                       Page 17

                                                                                              LIV. NUMBER 30


Cooking Matters Introduces Curriculum for Child Care Professionals!!, continued

Volunteer chef educators, nutrition educators, class assistants, and Cooking Matters staff have come
together to teach this curriculum across Colorado. Together with these experts and other supporters
throughout the state, we can help children get a jump start on leading healthy, productive lives.

Additional Cooking Matters for Child Care Professionals trainings are scheduled across Colorado. A
new curriculum for center-based child care centers will be launched in the fall of 2012.

For more information about the courses or to volunteer as a nutrition educator, please contact Renée at or 303-801-0319.

                                       Cooking Matters Colorado Counties

Metro Denver     Southwestern Corner        Teller           Conejos         Yuma          Clear Creek
   Denver           La Plata              Park          Eastern Plains      Bent          Summit
   Boulder          Archuleta             Crowley          Lincoln
                                                                               Otero         Grand
   Broomfield       Montezuma             Fremont          Kit Carson   Northern      Western Slope

   Adams        South Central                                Cheyenne                      Mesa
                                            Alamosa                            Larimer
   Arapahoe         El Paso                                 Prowers                       Delta
                                            Huerfano                           Weld
   Jefferson        Pueblo                                  Washington                    Montrose
                                            Las Animas                         Morgan
                                                                                              Garfield
                                                                  Page 18

                                                            LIV. NUMBER 30

We would like to introduce the new Board of Directors members for
the upcoming 2012-2013 term...

Executive Assistants……………………….…… Rebekah Spetnagel and Julie Bush
President ……………………………….……….. Bethany Braunstein
President-Elect………………………..………… Elizabeth Tilak
Secretary……………………………..………….. Elizabeth Tscholl
Treasurer………………………………………… Alix Wilson
Past President……………………………………. Athena Evans
Public Policy Chair……………………………… TBA
State Policy Representative…………………….. Roseanne Ainscough
Licensure Chair…………………………………. Jan Kochis
State Regulatory Specialist……………………...Heidi Fritz
PR/Marketing Chair…………………………….. Angela Mariotti and Nikki Nienhuis
Member Benefits Chair………………………….Amanda Hermann
ADA Delegate……………………………………. Alena Clark
SCDA President…………………………………..Suzanne Hall
DDA President……………………………………April Sifford
NCDA President………………………………….Lana Olsson
Nominating Chair………………………………..Maggie Whalen
Continuing Education Chair……………………Hilary Rounds
CDA Prospector Editor………………………….Andrea Schmidt
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                                                          LIV. NUMBER 30


May 12th, 2012:     Walk with a Doc Event

June 9th, 2012:     Walk with a Doc Event

June 2nd, 2012:     Heart Walk Event

July 14th, 2012:    Walk with a Doc Event

August 11th, 2012   Walk with a Doc Event

October 2012:       Fall Prospector newsletter will be available
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   Fax: 303-757-1739                                For comments and inquiries about the current and future
                                                    content of the CDA Prospector, please contact the CDA
                                                    Prospector Editor, Alice Haas, at:
                 We’re on the Web!
               We’re on the Web!

                 CDA Board of Directors and Prospector Editor
         Executive Assistants           State Policy Representative                       SCDA President

         Rebekah Spetnagel                 Roseanne Ainscough                              Kristie Kammer

              Julie Bush

                                             Licensure Chair                               DDA President

              President                         Jan Kochis                                  Jenna Allen

            Athena Evans

                                        State Regulatory Specialist                       NCDA President

           President-Elect                      Heidi Fritz                                  Alix Wilson

         Bethany Braunstein

                                           PR/Marketing Chair                            Nominating Chair

              Secretary                      Angela Mariotti                                 Kris Kinney

           Elizabeth Tscholl                  Nikki Nienhuis

                                                                                    Continuing Education Chair

              Treasurer                   Member Benefits Chair                             Hilary Rounds

             Alena Clark                    Amanda Hermann

                                                                                       CDA Prospector Editor

            Past President                    ADA Delegate                                   Alice Haas

          Jessica Crandall                     Alana Cline

         Public Policy Chair


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