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BL345024 TAKE ALL LOT by jizhen1947


									Item         Model                  Desc                              Name                   Qty
----------   --------------------   ----------------------------------- -------------------- ------ ---
11708297     MD638LL/A              ATT 01 IPHN5 16GB B               AT&T Wireless                   35
11708288     MD639LL/A              ATT TGT IPHN5 16GB W              AT&T Wireless                     9
11708310     MD647LL/A              ATT 01 IPHN5 64GB W               AT&T Wireless                     1
11708287     MD638LL/A              ATT TGT IPHN5 16G B               AT&T Wireless                   11
11708299     MD639LL/A              ATT 01 IPHN5 16GB W               AT&T Wireless                   22
11708305     MD641LL/A              ATT 01 IPHN5 32GB W               AT&T Wireless                     6
11708290     MD641LL/A              ATT TGT IPHN5 32GB W              AT&T Wireless                     3
11708303     MD640LL/A              ATT 01 IPHN5 32GB B               AT&T Wireless                     3
11708307     MD646LL/A              ATT 01 IPHN5 64GB B               AT&T Wireless                     2
Reserve Price
$ 33,829.40

Condition & Packaging
Tested Functional Defect AT&T Iphone 5 - 16GB/32GB/64GB - 1 pallet, 96 lbs

Units are customer returns that have been powered up and cleared of customer data.
The breakdown is 81 units have a functional defect and 9 units have cosmetic issues.
Accessories are not included.

Please note that all stock is sold as is and there will be no refunds for any stock that is missing, damaged or destro

Pallet Count
1 pallet, 96 lbs

All merchandise will come in Gaylord containers on pallets

All the stock is sold "As Is" without any warranty.

Freight terms FOB Fort Worth, TX. The supplier can not ship outside the US.
Buyer pays all freight charges.
Bidder is responsible for arranging pick up and paying for freight.
Inventory will be available for pick up within 2/3 working days after payment is received.
Please note below pick up requirements:
The product must be collected within 5 working days after the pickup details are issued
All pickups must be made in a vehicle that is capable of accepting full Gaylord/palletized shipments. It is not allo
Vendors are not allowed to break down palletized Gaylord shipments into smaller packages for loading into vehi
 Personal vehicles and flat bed trailers are not acceptable

Payment Method
Payment should be made by:
Bank Transfer to Freeflow
Credit Card – note that there is a 3% handling fee when paying by this method. Credit cards that can be accepted
PayPal – note that there is a 3.9% handling fee when paying by this method. Please also note that the maximum a
Payment must be received and processed within 24 hours from the date of invoice. otherwise bidder will be rem
missing, damaged or destroyed.


zed shipments. It is not allowed to enter the premises in cars, pickups, SUVs or other personal transfers.
ckages for loading into vehicles.

 cards that can be accepted are Visa & MasterCard only.Please also note that the maximum amount that can be charged cred
so note that the maximum amount that can be charged from PayPal is $5,000.
 therwise bidder will be removed from the site.

ount that can be charged credit card is $5,000.

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