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									Utilities - Plano, TX USA
Water & Sewer
Water Availability                                        North Texas Municipal Water District
        Major Source                                      Lake Lavon,Lake Chapman/ Lake Cooper, Lake Texoma
        % of Population Increase Served from the Source   1964 60,000; 1994 816,000; 2004 1.5 million, 2050 3.5 million
   Water Treatment
        Name of Provider                                  North Texas Municipal Water District
        Rated Capacity (mgd)                              258 million gallons per day
        Average Daily Demand (mgd)                        54.5 million gallons per day
        Peak Demand (mgd)                                 not tracked (NTMWD)
        Chemical Breakdown of Water                       See Water Qualtiy Report 2008 at www.plano.gov
 Water Rates                                              www.plano.gov/departments/cus/
        Minimum, first 1,000 gallons                      $13.79 for 5/8" to $61.03 for 1.5" meter $96.33 for 2" meter
                                                          1" meter
       1,001 to 5,000 gallons                             $0.32 per 1000 gallons
      All over 5,000 gallons                              $1.64 per 1000 gallons
      All over 20,000 gallons April 1 to October 31       $3.27 per 1000 gallons
       Water Connection Fee                               $15.00
Sewer Treatment
Name of Provider                                          North Texas Municipal Water District
Type of Service                                           Transport and treatment (NTMWD)
Rated Capacity (mgd)                                      68 mgd
Average Daily Demand (mgd)                                est. 28 mgd (NTMWD)
Peak Demand (mgd)                                          NTMWD all area included 422mgd
Sewer Rates                                               water_sewer_rates.aspx
Minimum, first 1,000 gallons                              $10.20 for 5/8" to $35.99 for 1.5" meter $55.35 for 1.5" meter
                                                          3/4" meter
All over 1,000 gallons                                    $3.55 per 1000 gallons
                                                          There is no sewer charge for separately metered landscape irrigation
New Sewer Meter Fee                                       4" =$50; 6" = $75; 8: = $125
Source: City of Plano

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Utilities - Plano, TX USA
Electric Power
                                                                 Electric deregulation started January 1, 2002. Most areas of Plano
                                                                 are deregulated; however, limited areas are served by a regulated
State Electric Power Deregulated                                 power cooperative.
                                                                 Oncor Electric Delivery and chosen Retail Electric Provider (REP).
                                                                 Limited areas of Plano are served by CoServ Electric, a regulated
Name of Electric Delivery Company                                electric power cooperative.
                                                                 Oncor Electric Delivery serves approximately one third of the the
Communities Served                                               state of Texas

Retail Electric Service Providers (REP)                          There are 23 certified Retail Electric Providers in Texas
Residential, Commercial & Industrial Customer Negotiated Rates   See www.powertochoose.org
Commercial & Industrial                                                  Small                 Medium                   Large
                                                                  0-199 kW Demand 200-999 kW Demand Over 1000 kW Demand
                                                                 Power Factor 95%
Company-Net Importer or Exporter of Power                        Generation within the ERCOT grid is deregulated
Reserve Generation Capacity                                      13.8% for 2009
Name of Power Pool Membership                                    Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)
Sources: ERCOT, Power to Choose
Natural Gas
    Name of Provider                                             Atmos Energy
    Average Cost for Industrial Users ($ per mcf)                Competitive Market Rates Available : See www.AtmosEnergy.com
    Firm Contract Rates
         Commercial                                              Customer Charge: $13.50/month; all usage $0.9809/mcf
         Industrial                                              Customer Charge: $425.00/month;
                                                                 First 0 to 1,500 MMBtu                  $0.2733 per MMBtu
                                                                 Next 3,500 MMBtu                        $0.1993 per MMBtu
                                                                 All MMBtu over 5,000 MMBtu              $0.0427 per MMBtu
    Interruptible Service Rates                                  Variable/ Available
Source: Atmos Energy
Natural Gas
    Name of Provider                                             CoServ Gas
    Average Cost for Industrial Users ($ per mcf)                Competitve Market Rates Available: See www.Coserv.com
    Firm Contract Rates                                          Available
    Interruptible Service Rates                                  Variable

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Utilities - Plano, TX USA
Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers regulated by the Public Utility Comission of Texas
     # of Local Service Providers                                 Verizon & AT&T Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) ; 72
     Central Offices of Local Service Providers                   Competitive Providers (CLECs)
        Name                                                               City              County                Address
             Verizon has 6 Central Offices                                Plano               Collin       Proprietary Information
     Switch Technology is Digital or Analog                       digital
     Fiber Service Provided                                       Yes
     Monitored Remotely or On-Site                                proprietary
     ISDN Availability                                            Yes
        ISDN Available from this Switch                           proprietary
        ADS2 Available from this Switch                           proprietary
        Central Office on Self-Healing Fiber Ring                 proprietary
        Dual Feed from 2 Switching Offices Likely Available       proprietary
Source: Public Utility Commission of Texas
Points of Presence (POPs) of Long Distance Carriers
                                                                   City                County                 Address
     # of Long Distance Service Providers                          There are 1,842 certified long distance carriers in Texas
     Microwave or Hardwire                                         yes                 Department of Information Resources - State of
     Dual Fiber Fee from the Central Switching Office of the Local Exchange Carrier    Texas
     Diverse Routing Available                                     yes
Sources: Verizon, Public Utility Commission of Texas, State of Texas
United States Post Office (Including Performance Ratings)
    Distance to Nearest General Mail Facility                          various locations
    Guaranteed Service/Delivery Territory for Dallas District              First Class          Next Day               2nd Day
                                                                           not available      not available          not availabale
     Nearest Bulk Mail Facility                                        Dallas, 2400 DFW Turnpike, Dallas, 75398-9998
     Distance from the Community                                       19 miles; 26 minutes
Sources: USPS, Rand McNally

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