Prepare for a Career in Digital Media Industry with an Interactive Media Program

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					Prepare for a Career in Digital Media Industry
     with an Interactive Media Program
The unremitting and rapid introduction of new digital media channels, tools,
devices and data sources has made digital media landscape more complex
than ever. Just when a particular trend start gaining pace, a new
development happens.

This makes it difficult for professionals in this field to cope with the
continuous and quick changes. They find it extremely challenging to work
effectively in non-stop shifting interactive media landscape.

So, does this mean that whatever you learned in college is obsolete?
Whatever you know is no longer useful? Do you have to go back to the
school to upgrade your knowledge and skills?

Well, whatever you learned in a graduate program is not completely
outmoded. But you certainly need to upgrade your knowledge and skills. An
interactive media program at Centennial College can help you leverage
your previous skills and gain new ones, preparing for a new and more
rewarding career in ever changing digital media industry.

About Interactive Media Course

A postgraduate interactive media course emphasizes on various aspects of
interactive media industry, such as:

     Interactive media design and development
     Content production
     Process management
     Strategy building and implementation
     User experience
     Pitching and presentations
     Networking

It is designed to make you more effective while working in the interactive
media landscape. The collaborative and project-driven program prepares you
for today’s fast-paced technological environment.

The three-semester program begins with introducing you to foundational
skills by covering production tools, emerging technologies, practical coding,
interactive media writing, video and sound for interactive media and user
experience. You also gain skills necessary for collaborative workplace.

In the second semester, you gain theoretical and practical knowledge in
project management and more advanced production tools. You apply your
business, technical and analytical knowledge while working on your own
project. During this semester, you gain a solid understanding of planning
and documentation for interactive media.

The courses in third semester aim to help you make your communication,
presentation and interpersonal skills stronger. You gain better understanding
of the industry and available career options. Intensive training and industry
field placement mark the completion of the course.

Career Opportunities after Course Completion

The advancement in media consumption devices and internet technology has
opened doors to numerous career opportunities for graduates in interactive
media management. They can begin their careers as interactive producers,
digital project managers, interactive designers, digital strategists, user
experience designers, digital content coordinators or digital content

Who Should Enroll in a Postgraduate Interactive Media Management

The program is the right choice for individuals

      Interested in scoring a job in digital media industry
      Looking to upgrade their skills
      Wanting to assume higher roles in management
      Exploring entrepreneurship opportunities un digital media industry

Enrolling in an Interactive Media Management Course

Interactive media management is a postgraduate course. To enroll into it,
you need:

      College diploma or degree in any discipline
      Relevant work experience
You may also need to attend a program admission session. However, you
will need to book for it in advance. In addition, you also have to submit a
letter of interest to program coordinator.

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