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									 Film Programs in Toronto - Career Prospects and
                 Course Details
The television and film industry has been playing a crucial role in our daily
lives since its inception. It’s not only recognised for its cultural
contribution and entertainment aspect, but it has also made a significant
economic impact. It has created thousands of jobs in the past and its
constant evolution is opening doors to many more career opportunities.

Within     the     industry,    the     job     roles      may    include
film/documentary/video/television   production,    direction,  production
assistance, production management, business development, film and
television accounting, financing and funding, international distribution,
production    coordination,   marketing     and    communications     and
entertainment law.

The industry is fiercely competitive and the career opportunities in this
field depend upon an individual’s hands-on-films production, business and
communication skills, interpretation abilities and the content of their

Though a degree or certification in film studies is not required to enter
into the field of television and film production, but then it can put you on
the right path. Creativity and talent are heart and soul, but targeted skills
and functional knowhow can help you build a lasting career. A certification
in television and film – business prepares you to work in this industry.

Career Prospects

Graduates in television and film - business can find employment with film
and television production houses, film distribution companies,
broadcasting companies, theatres, digital asset management companies,
media manufacturing companies and event management companies that
organise film festivals.

Graduates can also assist art directors, veteran film producers and other
famous people who have been engaged in pre-production, production and
post-production of films. They can also try hands at independent film

Film Programs in Toronto

The one-year graduate certificate film programs in Toronto focus on
business aspect of television and film production industry. The aim is to
help students explore the legal, regulatory and financial frameworks of
the industry and develop understanding and skills required for producing
good content in the current Canadian market.

The program lays emphasis on the knowledge of transmedia, global
marketplace, distribution models and additional revenue sources by
combining knowledge of television and film industry with the principles
and practices of accounting and business.

The film program covers a wide range of subjects including

     The business of film producing
     Accounting for film and television
     Production management and coordination
     Entertainment law
     Production
     Business and entrepreneurship
     Financing and funding
     Team building
     Going global
     Alternative revenue streams

It combines classroom learning, opportunities to learn pre-production,
production and post-production techniques in crew and leadership
positions and field placement. Students learn to develop and implement

     Project financing plans
     Business plans for the launch
     Marketing plans
     Operations of an independent production company

Enrolling in to a Film Program Toronto

Centennial College is a reputed Toronto film school that offers an
intensive yet condensed film program. To apply for this program, you
need to submit a:

     College advanced diploma (three years) or a university degree
      (three or four years)
     Current resume
     A letter of intent that is used as a basis of discussion on program

The film school Toronto also considers applicants who present a
combination of partial post-secondary and work experience in related
fields, such as communications, film and television, business management
and accounting.

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