; Using Fireworks For Image Manipulation
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Using Fireworks For Image Manipulation


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									GCSE ICT

Using Fireworks for Image Manipulation

What is the difference between bitmapped and vector? Bitmapped (raster) image
The most common type. An image whose raw information contains information about the
                              colour of each and every pixel. Usually the larger the
                              display size, the larger the file size. A disadvantage of a
                              bitmapped image is when you zoom in, the image gets
                              chunky looking. The
                              filename extension of a bitmapped
                              type is usually PSP, BMP, TIF, JPG,
                              or GIF.

                                 With bitmapped (or, raster) graphics, you store the
                                 colour for each pixel of the image. Imagine a piece of
                                 graph paper with very small grid squares. Doing
                                 bitmaps is like making a picture by colouring each
                                 square individually, one colour per square.

                              The advantages of bitmaps are that you can make
and edit much more detailed images, since you can control each pixel, and that
restoring an image from disk requires very little computation (nowadays you have
to uncompress the image, but once the pixels have been reconstructed very little
math processing is required to draw the image).

Vector image
Contains information for another application to recreate the image from a set of
instructions (turn left here, draw a circle, make this area red). Can be displayed or
printed at any size and not get pixelated (chunky). File size is dependent on the number
of instructions needed to recreate the output. Advantage, great for creating and printing
logos, clipart, lettering and such, can be resized and keep the sharp edges.
Disadvantage, does not recreate a photographic type image. Common filename
extensions are PSP, EPS, PS, WMF, CDR.

The advantages of vector objects are that generally they require less storage than
bitmaps (especially for fairly simple drawings), you can scale and rotate them with
very little loss of detail, and you can manipulate each object separately, even
when on the same layer.

It is often necessary to transfer data from one application to another. A picture may be captured and
edited using a specialised photo-editing application and then imported into a word-processed
document. This can only happen if the photo editor and the word processor application share a
common format for storing the picture data.
Even greater problems could arise if files are being transferred from one computer to another
because the two computers might be running completely different applications. Since this is a
common problem, a number of standard file formats have been created. These formats will be
understood by the relevant applications software.
The format that a file is stored in is usually indicated (in the Windows Operating System) by a three-
letter extension that is placed after the filename. The table below lists some common file formats for
the various types of data that applications use.

A D Pearson

   Type of
               File type    Extensio                       Description
                                       The basic text format stores the characters that
                                       make up the document. No data about the
              Text          TXT
                                       layout or fonts is stored. It can be read by any
Text                                   word processor or text editing application
                                       Stores additional data about fonts and layout.
              Rich Text     RTF        This type of file can be read by most word
                                       processor applications
                                       MPEG stand for Moving Pictures Expert Group.
                                       This file format stores compressed sound data.
              MPEG – 1                 It is used to distribute sound tracks from CD's
              Audio layer 3            and other recorded sound. MP3 files can be
                                       read and played by a variety of specialised
                                       This sound format was developed my Microsoft
                                       for use in the Windows operating system. The
              WAVE          WAV
                                       different sounds produced by Windows are
                                       stored as wav files.
                                       Strictly speaking a bitmap image file uses one
                                       binary digit to represent one point on an image
                                       as either black or white. It can therefore
                                       represent monochrome images only. In practice
                                       the bmp format represents coloured images by
              Bitmap        BMP
                                       using more than one bit to store data about the
                                       point on the image. Bitmap images are not
                                       compressed and so picture files can be very
                                       large. This file format is readable by most
                                       picture-editing applications.
                                       This is a compressed file format used for
                                       storing picture data. This format is useful for
                                       storing photographic images but does not work
                            JPG        well for black and white images or drawings. It
              c Experts
                                       is commonly used to store pictures on web
              Group JPEG
                                       sites and is readable by most photo-editing
                                       Used, like JPEG files to store image data in a
              Interchange   GIF
                                       compressed format.
                                       This type of file is actually a text file. It uses a
              Hyper Text
                                       special language to describe the layout of a
              Mark up
Other                       HTM        web page. HTML files can be understood by
                                       web browsers which will display the file as a
                                       web page.

A D Pearson

                                This is also a text file. A CSV file consists of
                                records that can be input directly into almost
                                any database application. Each line of the file
              Separated   CSV
                                represents a single record and the individual
                                field values are separated by commas – hence
                                the name.

A D Pearson

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