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									CHAPTER I EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Recruitment of Non Matric ESM as Bank Security Guards 1. In the past Ex-servicemen who were matriculate were not considered for the job of Bank Security Guard. However, with lot of efforts and liaison with State Level Bankers Committee, this point was discussed and as a result the bank rules have been amended accordingly and now matriculate Ex-servicemen can get the jobs of Bank Security Guards. Appointment of Lady Officers at Zila Sainik Boards 2. During the meeting of National Commission for Women (NCW) held recently in Delhi, it was recommended to State Govts to ensure that at least one lady preferably the Assistant Zila Sainik Welfare Officer should be appointed at the Rajya/Zila Sainik Boards in their State. The lady should preferably be a widow/war widow and settled there. Instructions have already been issued to the States. Some States have already appointed lady officers and others are in the process of doing so. Management of CNG stations in National Capital Region (NCR) 3. The scheme for management of CNG stations belonging to Indraprastha Gas Ltd was launched as a pilot project in July 2000. The CNG outlets are operated on „Company Owned Company Operated (COCO)‟ basis. On success of pilot project the scheme was extended to other retired officers. As on date there are 58 retired officers managing 55 CNG stations, and their performance has been appreciated by GAIL. 4. Eligibility. (a) (b) (c) (d) Note This scheme is presently available in Delhi only. Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor Scheme 5. In order to provide self employment to Ex-Servicemen (ESM) in rural areas and to provide means of mechanised farming, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd has formulated “Jai Jawan Se Jai Kisan Scheme (JJSJK).” This scheme also incorporates tractor financing scheme through State Bank of India (SBI) under „Rakshak Tractor Scheme „ and Life Insurance Scheme for tractor loans availed under „Rakshak Tractor Plus Schemes.‟ 6. The salient points of these schemes are mentioned below:(a) Direct benefit ranging from Rs. 15000/- to 35000/- available through Canteen Stores Department. The eligibility is as follows:-

Officers up to rank of Colonel/equivalent. Officers up to 58 years of age. Officers residing in Delhi. Bank security up to Rs. 2.00 lakhs and working capital Rs. 50,000/-


(b) One week intensive training on tractor usage, agro-applications and tractor maintenance and upkeep. (c) 02 years unlimited warranty. Ex-Serviceman does not have to spend on any unplanned maintenance activity. (d) (e) (f) Free maintenance (no labour charges) service in the period of 02 years. An invitation to visit the factory along with one companion. Long term discounts on purchase of spare parts.

(g) Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd Financial Services Ltd (MMFSL) provides loan at attractive terms. State Bank of India “Rakshak Tractor Plus” Finance Scheme 7. The salient feature of this scheme are as follows:(a) (b) (c) (d) 10% Margin money. Rate of interest 10.5% on reducing balance. Applicable to Servicemen as well as Ex-Servicemen. Security. Hypothecation of the tractor and accessories.

(e) Mortgage. Mortgage of land possessed by the applicant or his family, the value of which is adequate to cover, the limit sanctioned. OR Any other tangible security offered by the applicant or his family member such as Indra Vikas Patrika or Kisan Vikas Patra or National Savings Certificates or Fixed deposits in SBI etc to cover 50% of the limit. (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Kisan Credit Card will be issued. ESM can apply for other SBI loans. Moratorium period of 12 months. Repayment of loan in 7 to 9 years. No hidden charges.

3 CHAPTER II PENSION POLICIES This section contains the current important Govt letters/policies. REF (I): AUTHORITY NO. 2(1)/02-D(PEN/SERS) GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, DEPTT. OF EX-SERVICEMEN WELFARE ,NEW DELHI, DATED 19TH APR 2005 SUB: AUTHORISATION OF PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS TO DISBURSE PENSION TO THE DEFENCE PENSIONERS ALL OVER INDIA 1. I am directed to convey the sanction of President for authorization 27 Public Sector Banks to disburse pension to the Defence pensioners all over India. A list of 27 Public Sector Banks who have confirmed their willingness through Reserve Bank of India for disbursement of Defence pension to Defence pensioners all over India is enclosed. 2. CGDA may take necessary action for amendment to the booklet on Scheme for payment of pension to Defence pensioner by Public Sector Banks. 3. All the authorized Public Sector Banks will identify their nodal branches which would be responsible for providing all the necessary information relating to pension and for accounting purpose through a single window system. 4. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Division of this Ministry vide their U.O. No. 1809/FP dated 8th Apr 2005. List of Public Sector Banks authorized to disburse Defence Pension to the Defence Pensioners All Over India Sl. No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Name of Bank State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur State Bank of Indore State Bank of Mysore State Bank of Patiala State Bank of Saurashtra State Bank of Travancore Allahabad Bank Andhra Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of India Bank of Maharashtra Canara Bank Corporation Bank Dena Bank Indian Overseas Bank Indian Bank Oriental Bank of Commerce Syndicate Bank

4 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 UCO Bank Union Bank Of India Vijaya Bank Punjab National Bank Central Bank of India United Bank of India State Bank of India State Bank of Hyderabad Punjab and Sindh Bank

REF(II): AUTHORITY 38/42/2005-P&PW (F) GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF PERSONNEL, PG & PENSIONS DEPARTMENT OF PENSION & PENSIONER‟S WELFARE NEW DELHI- DATED 17 FEB 05 SUB : PAYMENT OF DIFFERENCE OF GRATUITY TO PRE-1996 CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PENSIONERS- CLARIFICATION REGARDING 1. The undersigned is directed to say that a number of representations have been received seeking confirmation whether in pursuance of Supreme Court Judgment , vide this Department‟s OM No. 45/86/97-P&PW (A) Pt. I dated 04.12.2004; pre-1996 pensioners have been made eligible for receiving additional gratuity. They have asked the concerned pensioners to apply to their respective Departments by furnishing details of PPO number, date of retirement, Bank details etc. It also contains a portion of OM purported to have been issued by this Department but does not indicate the name of Officer under whose signature it has been issued. 2. In view of the above, the factual position in the matter is as under: (a) This Department has not issued any OM on 4.12.2004 granting additional gratuity to pre-1996 pensioners as there is no such Supreme Court Judgment in that respect; and (b) The extracts of OM reproduced by them purported to have been issued on 4.12.2004 is in fact a portion of this Department‟s OM dated 4.12.2001 bringing out certain modifications to OM dated 27.10.1997. In that OM, the Government consequent upon acceptance of the 5th Pay Commission recommendations, interalia, prescribed that 100% of DA be added to the pay and on this the retirement/death gratuity be calculated. This was made effective from .1.1996. It did not change any provisions regarding percentage on DA for those who retired before 1.1.1996. Vide OM dated 4.12.201 the Government clarified that the addition to DA for calculation of gratuity would be applicable for calculation of all types of gratuities like death/retirement/service gratuity. In this OM also there is no change in other provisions of OM dated 27.10.1997 including the cut-off date of 1.1.1996. This was further clarified vide para (ii) of OM dated 18.2.2003. Hence, prior to 1.1.1996 only basic pay was reckoned as emoluments for computation of gratuity. It has not been agreed to extend the benefits to retires prior to 1.1.1996 as for grant of any benefit, prescription of a cut-off date is essential prior to 1.1.1996 as for grant of any benefit, prescription of a cut-off date is essential keeping in view various constraints including financial constraints.


SUB : GRANT OF DEPENDANT PENSION IN RESPECT OF COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND 2ND LIFE AWARD IN RESPECT OF PBOR – DISPENSING WITH THE REQUIREMENT OF AN AFFIDAVIT 1. As per the provisions of Min of Def letter No. 1(7)/89/D(Pen-C) dated 21 Jan 04, the requirement of an affidavit as contained in Min of Def Corrigendum No. 1(7)/89/D(Pen-C) dated 02 Nov 89 for drawl of Dependant Pension/Second Life Award, as the case may be, by parents/eligible brothers and sisters (in the absence of parents) has been dispensed with w.e.f 21 Jan 04. Henceforth, the present requirement of filing an affidavit shall be replaced by a self-attested declaration as per a specified format, from the dependant parents/eligible brothers/sisters on any normal paper and need not be attested by any authority other than the concerned individual drawing the Dependant Pension. Past cases already decided will not be re-opened.

REF(IV): AUG 2003


SUBJECT: AWARD OF EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP TO CHILDREN OF ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL OF NEPAL SERVING IN ARMED FORCES OF INDIA AND KILLED/DECLARED MISSING/PERMANENTLY DISABLED IN ACTION – STUDYING IN VARIOUS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES IN NEPAL 1. The provisions contained in Min of Def letter No. 9(1)/703/Edn Concession/D(Res) dated 06 Aug 2003 regarding Educational Concession to the children of Armed Forces Personnel killed/declared missing/permanently disabled in 1962, 1965, 1971 Wars, OP PAWAN, OP MEGHDOOT and all post MEGHDDOT OPERATIONS including Counter Insurgency Operations in both India and abroad has been made applicable to the children of above category of personnel of Nepal serving in Armed Forces in India, studying in Govt/Govt aided school/educational institutes and other schools or colleges recognized by the Govt of Nepal, keeping in the status of Gorkhas in Indian Army vide Min of Def letter B/44601/Nepal/Edn Concession/D(Res) dated 26 Feb 2004. It has been clarified that educational institutes recognized by the Govt of Nepal will be deemed as recognized by the Govt of India as far as the said concessions are concerned. The payment on account of educational concessions to the children of entitled Armed Forces personnel of Nepal who were killed/declared missing/disabled permanently, while serving in the Armed Forces of India, may be made through the Embassy of India at Kathmandu. REF(V): DEPARTMENT OF PENSION & PENSIONERS‟ WELFARE OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. 42/2/2004-P&PW(G) DATED 15 MAR 2004 SUBJECT: MERGER OF 50% OF DEARNESS ALLOWANCE/ DEARNESS RELIEF WITH BASIC PAY/PENSION TO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES/PENSIONERS WITH EFFECT FROM 01 APR 2004 AND GRANT OF DEARNESS RELIEF TO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PENSIONERS/FAMILY PENSIONERS– REVISED RATE EFFECTIVE FROM 01 APR 2004 1. As per the provisions of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Pension & Pensioners‟ Welfare Office Memorandum No. 42/2/2004P&PW(G) dated 15 Mar 2004, dearness relief payable to the Central Government

6 pensioners/family pensioners has been enhanced from 59% to 61% with effect from 01 Jan 2004. 2. As per the provisions of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure Office Memorandum F. No. 105/1/2004-1C dated 01 Mar 2004, Dearness Relief equal to 50% of basic pension/family pension has been converted into Dearness Pension/Dearness Family Pension. Consequently, Dearness Relief from 01 Apr 2004 is payable at the rate of 11% on Basic Pension/Family Pension and Dearness Pension/Dearness Family Pension. Since 50% of Dearness Allowance converted into Dearness Pay is counted for retirement benefits, pension/family pension is calculated at 50% and 30% respectively of Pay plus Dearness Pay subject to minimum of Rs. 1,913/- and maximum of 50% and 30% respectively of the highest Pay plus Dearness Pay in the Govt (The highest pay in the Govt wef 01 Jan 1996 is Rs. 30,000.00). It means that the pension now is calculated at 50% of the average emoluments in all cases subject to 50% of the highest pay in the Govt plus highest Dearness Pay. As such, the highest pension, comes to Rs. 22,500.00 (ie Basic Pension Rs. 15,000.00 + Dearness Pay Rs. 7,500.00 = Total Pension Rs. 22,500.00). 3. In the case of re-employed pensioners who are not eligible for Dearness Relief on pension, the question of conversion 05 50% Dearness Relief into Dearness Pension does not arise. But after they retire from re-employed they will be eligible for 50% Dearness Pension and Dearness Relief on Basic Pension plus Dearness pension. REF(VI): MIN OF DEF VIDE LETTER NO. 12(45)/03/WE/D (RES) /691 / A/D (PEN/SERS) DATED 20 AUG 2004 SUB: ISSUE OF 1ST PAYMENT DISBURSING OFFICES (DPDOs) CHEQUES BY THE DEFENCE PENSION

1. As per report of the Raksha Mantri‟s Committee on evolving a national policy for the welfare for Jawans and Ex-servicemen (Jun 2003) wherein the committee had directed the Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) to examine the grievances relating to delay in 1st payment cheques by DPDO with a view to simplify the procedure and to carry out a study in the matter. Accordingly, a Working Group was constituted under the Chairmanship of Additional CGDA to go into the issue and make suitable recommendations. Certain recommendations were made with the approval of competent authority for implementation with minor modifications in order to ensure that there is no delay/harassment on part of DPDOs in so far as release of 1st payment cheque is concerned. 2. Under the existing scheme operational in the DPDOs, the retirement benefits including lump-sum payments of gratuity and capitalized values are released by the DPDO after receipt of Pension Payment Order (PPO) from the concerned Record Office (RO)/Head of Office (HOO). However, there have been occasions when PPOs reach DPDOs after the date of retirement leading to delays in issue of 1 st payment cheque of gratuity and capitalized value to the retired personnel besides other reasons. 3. In view of above, it has been decided by the Min of Def vide letter No. 12(45)/03/WE/D(Res)/691/A/D(Pen/Sers) dated 20 Aug 2004 to bring out the following changes with immediate effect in the scheme to ensure prompt release of lump-sum retirement benefits :-

7 (a) The RO will strictly ensure that pension claims are submitted to Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) concerned at least four months prior to the date of discharge from service as per the prescribed schedule. (b) The PSA concerned will issue PPO to notify the pensionary award within 6-8 weeks of the receipt of the claim by them. (c) On receipt of PPO from PSA, RO will dispatch the PPO to the DPDO along with connected documents through registered post at least 4 weeks prior to the date of discharge from service of the individual to avoid any chance of delay/misplacement/loss in transit which will include even those PPOs where cancellation may be required on account of promotion/retention in service of an individual at a later date. (d) The RO, on the date of discharge of the individual from service, in addition to discharge certificate, pensioner‟s copy of PPO and the covering letter at present being issued to the retiree at the time of discharge, will issue a call letter to the retiree advising him to report only to the Officer- in-charge of DPDO concerned for collection of his 1st payment cheque on any working day following the date of retirement along with the requisite documents mentioned therein. (e) DPDO will also issue a call letter to the pensioner immediately on receipt of PPO from the concerned RO/HOO as an additional means of intimating the pensioner. The pensioner will, however, be advised to collect his dues on any working day after his retirement without indicating any specific date for reporting to DPDO. Pensioner will be entertained on the basis of call letter issued either by the RO or DPDO. The call letter issued by the DPDO would also make a mention of the requisite documents to be furnished for identification at the time of drawl of 1st payment cheque. (f) DPDO will issue a cheque, for the consolidated amount on account of the retiring gratuity and capitalized value, to the pensioner on the date of reporting. For this purpose, DPDO will complete all the formalities leading to issue of cheque before hand to ensure that on no account the pensioners are turned back without drawing their respective cheque. 4. The following action will be taken in respect of cases where PPOs are to be cancelled on account of promotion/retention in service/disciplinary action :(a) RO will immediately issue a telegram/telex/fax to the DPDO for not acting upon the PPO. (b) The DPDO on receipt of intimation from the RO will immediately transmit the PPO (in original) back to the RO. (c) The RO on receipt of original PPO from the DPDO will arrange to return all the copies of PPOs to PSA concerned under registered cover for cancellation.

8 REF (VII): DEPARTMENT OF PENSION & PENSIONERS‟ WELFARE OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. 1/19/03-P&PW(E) DATED 25 AUG 2004 SUB: ELIGIBILITY OF DIVORCED/WIDOWED DAUGHTER FOR GRANT OF FAMILY PENSION 1. As per the provisions of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Pension & Pensioners‟ Welfare Office Memorandum No. 1/19/03-P&PW(E) dated 25 Aug 2004, there will be no age restriction in the case of the divorced/widowed daughter who shall be eligible for family pension even after their attaining 25 years of age subject to all other conditions prescribed in the case of son/daughter. Such daughter, including disabled divorced/widowed daughter shall, however, not be required to come back to her parental home. To be eligible for family pension, a son/daughter (including widowed/divorced daughter) shall not have an income exceeding Rs. 2,550.00 per month from employment in Govt, the private sector, self employment etc. REF (VIII): MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (PEN/SERS) DATED 06 OCT 2004 LETTER PC-5169/AT-P/PC/909/A/04/D

SUB: CONTINUATION OF PENSION ON CHANGE OF NATIONALITY BY NRI PENSIONERS 1. As per the provisions of Ministry of Defence letter PC-5169/ATP/PC/909/A/04/D(Pen/Sers) dated 06 Oct 2004, the entitlement to pension will remain unaffected on change of nationality and pension will continue to be paid by his/her Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) in respect of Armed Forces Pensioners. However, the pensioner should intimate the change of nationality etc as per the existing provisions to the PDA as well as to the PCDA (P), Allahabad for updation of their records. REF(IX): MINISTRY OF DEFENCE LETTER 5169/AT-P(PC)/2936/B/D (PEN/SERS) DATED 07 JAN 2005 SUB: AUTHORISATION OF HDFC BANK LTD, UTI BANK LTD, IDBI BANK LTD AND ICICI BANK LTD FOR DISBURSEMENT OF PENSION TO DEFENCE PENSIONERS 1. As per the provisions of Ministry of Defence letter 5169/ATP(PC)/2936/B/D(Pen/Sers) dated 07 Jan 2005, HDFC Bank Ltd, UTI Bank Ltd, IDBI Bank Ltd and ICICI Bank Ltd for disbursement of pension to Defence pensioners. Pension Payment Order (PPO) will be received centrally by Nodal Branch and the same will be transmitted to Paying Branch. Pension will be credited to the account of pensioners across al the branches by Nodal Branch through a single file uploaded and on line credit. Paying Branches will collect requisite certificates from the pensioners. The Banks will follow the terms and conditions set out in the „Scheme for payment of pensions for Defence pensioners by Public Sector Banks‟ (revised and effective from 01 Jan 87 and as mended from time to time) and the instructions issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)/Govt of India in this regard from time to time. The ibid banks will also intimate to RBI about the addition of their branches for information and record.


SUB : GRANTED OF DEARNESS RELIEF TO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PENSIONERS / FAMILY PENSIONERS – REVISED RATE EFFECTIVE FROM 01 JAN 2005 1. As per the provisions of Ministry of Personnel, Pension Grievances & Pensions, Department of Pensions & Pensioners‟ Welfare Office Memorandum 42/2/2005-P&PW(G) dated 04 Apr 2005, dearness relief shall be paid to the Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners at the rate of 17% w.e.f 01 Jan 2005. REF(XI): B/49708/RECT/AG/ECHS DATED 1-2005 FROM ARMY HEADQUARTERS, DELHI 10. SUB : ELIGIBILITY FOR JOINING ECHS: RECRUITS EARNING DISABILITY PENSION. 1. Refer Govt. letter No. 22(1)/01/US/D(Res) dated 30 Dec 2002.

2. The Govt. letter under reference lays down the following twin conditions which are mandatory for becoming a member of ECHS:(a) (b) Should be an Ex-Servicemen. Should be in receipt of pension/disability pension.

3. Recruit. If a recruit sustains injury during training which is attributable to military service, he is eligible for status of ESM and granted disability pension. Since these recruits meet the twin conditions described in para 2 above, it has been decided that they will be eligible to become a member of ECHS. REF (XII) : NO. PC 1(2)/98-D(PEN/SERS) EX-SERVICEMEN WELFARE (PEN/SERS) DATED 06-12-2004 DEPTT. OF

SUB : ISSUE OF LIFE CERTIFICATE OF DEFENCE PENSIONERS BY PENSION DISBURSING BRANCHES OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS. 1. As per the extent scheme, identification of pension by Pension Disbursing Authority once in a year is one of the basic requirements for continued payment of pensionary dues to the pensioners. For those who follow old Banking Scheme, life certificate is signed by Public Sector Banks Manager. However, in respect of those pensioners, who draw pension from Banks through DPDO under New Banking Scheme, life certificate is issued by DPDO. Such pensioners, who are around 6 lakhs, are required to appear before the DPDO once in a year for the purpose of verification. This arrangement has been often resented to by the pensioners as they have to appear before the DPDO only for this purpose. Non identification leads to temporary stoppage of payment of pension, which causes financial hardships to them. Various Ex-servicemen Association/Army Headquarters have been raising this issue on the ground that current system not only entails lots of time but also breeds corruption. They have represented from time to time for replacement of this system so that such certificate be issued by the Banks having their accounts.

10 2. The matter has been considered in consultation with Banking Division and Indian Banks Association. It has been agreed that all member banks, having defence pensioners‟ accounts would issue life certificate without charging any fees on the basis of customers‟ records available with them. Therefore, any pensioners can o. to get such annual life certificate issued by the paying Bank Branch, having his account. REF (XIII) : INDIAN BANKS‟ ASSOCIATION, MUMBAI CIRCULAR NO. CIR/BOD/OPR/39-01/2004-05/274 DATED 29-11-2004 TO THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF PUBLIC SECTOR MEMBER BANKS IN THE COUNTRY. SUB : ISSUE OF LIFE CERTIFICATE TO DEFENCE PENSIONERS BY THE PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS. 1. Please refer to our letter No. CIR/BOD/39-01/04-05/256 dated 05-11-04, conveying the decision of the Managing Committee that banks shall take up the work relating to issue of life certificate to all defence pensioners including those who are drawing pension through the office of District Pension Disbursement Officers (DPDOs) (copy enclosed for your ready reference). 2. In this connection, we have received from the Director (Pensions) Ministry of Defence, Government of India, New Delhi, the format of Life Certificate to be issued by the banks to the defence pensioners. We are enclosing a copy of the format for your information and necessary action.

Enclosure to MoD letter copied to IBA etc Format of a Life Certificate Certified that I have seen the pensioner ---------------------------(Name of Pensioner) Holder of Pension Payment Order No. ------------------------- and that he/she is alive on this date. Name ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pensioner‟s Signature & Address ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dated : For Defence pensioner only P.S. No. -----------------

T.S. No. ----------------------------

Seal : P.S. Officers of Reserve Bank of India State Bank of India/ Public Sector Bank is authorised to sign this certificate. 2. Form of Certificate of Non-employment/re-employment

I declare that I am not serving in any capacity either in a Govt. Department/Office, Company, corporation/autonomous body or society of Central/State U.T. /local Body. OR

11 I declare that I have been employed/re-employed in the office of --------- w.e.f. --------which is a partly/fully financed by Central/State/UT/local Body. 3. Declaration of Non-Marriage/Non-remarriage

I hereby declare that I am not married/remarried. OR I have got married/remarried on -------- with ----------(Name of spouse and address) 4. I have declare and undertake that I am entitled to Medical Facilities under CGHS or other similar Scheme /Armed Forces Hospitals/MI Rooms but I am residing in an area where no such medical facilities are available. I certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that above declaration is correct. Place : My residential is address is : Village/Mohalla ----------------------------------- PO :----------------------------- Distt ---------------------Pin --------------Signature/Thumb Impression of Pensioner Name ----------------------------------PPO No. -----------------------------SBA/C/CH/No. ----------------------Dated ---------------Place. --------------2nd Enclosure to MoD letter dated 06 Dec 2004 to Indian Banks‟ Association, Mumbai – 400 005 REF (XIVI) : NO. CIR/BOD/39-01/2004-05/256 DATED 5-11-20044 OF IBA TO THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF ALL MEMBERS BANKS SUB : ISSUE OF LIFE CERTIFICATE TO DEFENCE PENSIONERS BY THE PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS. 1. As in the case of pensioners pavement to Central Government Pensioners (Civil), where the disbursement is handled by the banks directly, a portion of pension payment of Defence Pensioners is handled by the banks. In such cases, pensioners are expected to present themselves before the Branch Manager of banks once in a year for attestation of Life Certificates. 2. The Ministry of Defence also handles pension disbursement by way of a scheme know as “New Bank Scheme” operated through District Pension Disbursement, DPDOs send a consolidated cheque to the banks every month for credit to the accounts maintained by the pensioners with the banks. At present, such pensioners are required to assemble before the DPDOs at a designated time and date for attestation of Life Certificates.


3. The Defence Ministry made a representation to the Banking Division, Ministry of Finance, which was forwarded to IBA stating that difficulties are faced by the old, sick and infirm defence pensioners in presenting themselves before the DPDOs once a year for issue of life certificate. The Ministry therefore, requested that banks may take over the work of issue of life certificate to all defence pensioners, since every defence pensioners would have a bank account and the bank would have the photographs and other details of the pensioners. 4. The above proposal of the Defence Minsitry was placed before the amanaging Committee of the IBA at its meeting held on 30-07-2004. The Committee deliberated on the issue and noted that banks are already doing the work relating to issue of life certificates of a large number of civil and defence pensioners for which no charges are levied. Since the banks carry out due diligence under Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines while opening bank accounts, it was felt that the identity of the pensioners can be verified at the banks level based on available records. The Managing Committee decided that banks shall take up the work relating to issue of life certificate to all defence pensioners including those drawing pension through the office of the DPDOs and also without insisting on separate commission. 5. Member banks are requested to take note of the aforesaid decision of the Managing Committee. Thanking you.


1. In continuation of this Ministry‟s letter No. PC 1(2)/97-D (Pen-C) dated the 16th May, 2001 on the subject mentioned above, I am directed to convey the sanction of the President to grant Liberalised Family Pension to a widow whose liberalised family pension was stopped on her remarriage before 01.01.96 with a person other than a real brother of the deceased. Such pension may be regulated in terms of para 6.6 of this Ministry‟s letter No. 1(2)/97/D/(PEN-C) dated 31.01.2001. 2. The actual benefit arising out of this order will be payable from the date of issue of this letter. 3. Pension Regulations of the three Services will be amended in due course.

4. This issues with the concurrence of Defence (Finance) vide their UO No. 2907/Fin/Pen dated 24.06.05.




1. Nomenclature. The scheme providing extended insurance cover for death after retirement from service was introduced w.e.f. 01 Jan 82. It is known as „Post Retirement Death Insurance Extension Scheme‟ 1982 (PRDIES)‟.

2. Eligibility. cover:-

The following personnel will be eligible for the extended insurance

(a) The scheme will be compulsory for all retiring Naval members of the existing Naval Group Insurance Scheme, including those re-employed after retirement. One time non-refundable term premium is retained as per rate applicable fro the survival benefit of the member, at the time of retirement. (b) The scheme will not, however, cover the following categories of personnel :(i) Coast Guard Personnel

(ii) Personnel who have been dismissed with disgrace, or dismissed from service or sentenced to undergo imprisonment. (iii) (iv) Personnel discharged for misconduct or due to unsoundness of mind. Deserters.

(v) Members retired or retiring before completing minimum pensionable service (Officers 20 years and Sailors 15 years of service). (vi) Members engaged in aviation or air travel business except as a fare paying or part paying or non-paying passengers for the purpose of transport.

3. Scope. The extended Insurance cover will be provided from the date, the personnel are struck off the effective strength on retirement/discharge/release and will terminate on completion of 25 years or attaining the age of 72 years whichever is earlier.

4. Re-employed Officers. The re-employed officers will continue to be active members of NGIS like others serving officers. However, after final retirement, (after release from re-employed service) they will be covered under PRDIES, the period of 25 years or 72 years of age will be counted from the original date of retirement. 5. PRDIES/Premium Settlement of Survival Benefits on Retirement/Release. Single non-refundable premium at the rate of Rs. 19,650.00 form Officers and Rs. 10,775.00 from sailors will be retained out of the survival benefit of Group Insurance

14 Scheme payable on retirement, to provide an Insurance cover of Rs. 3.6 lacks and Rs. 1.5 lacs respectively. No payment or refund of any kind is admissible out of one-term premium for PRDIES to the individuals who exit the scheme by survival beyond the period of Extended Insurance Cover. 6. CABS (Release Centre) makes payment of the retirement benefits after deducting the amount of one time non-refundable term premium to all sailors proceeding on release/discharge with pensionable service. The nominal roll of such personnel indicating the amount paid and the amount retained towards Post Retirement Death Insurance Cover are forwarded to Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Navy) NGIS Section, every month. 7. Issue of Insurance Certificate. The PRDIES Insurance Certificates and related documents in case of officers are issued by NGIS section of DNPF/Integrated HQ. MOD(Navy) in case of sailors by CABS (Release Centre) at the time of their retirement/release from service on receipt of completed application forms for PRDIES form the members. 8. On receipt of Insurance claim and relevant documents from the nominees/beneficiaries who unfortunately die within the period of insurance cover, the Insurance Benefits will be paid in a lump sum to the person or persons nominated by the deceased member to receive the benefits by means of a valid nomination in the application from the PRDIES. In the absence if a valid nomination, the insurance benefits will be paid in accordance with the personal law of the deceased member. 9. Nomination. Commanding Officers of Ship/Establishment are to ensure that nominations made are correctly filled in favour of nominees/beneficiaries. The details will be entered by GIS Section in the Insurance Certificate prior to its issue. Nomination is, therefore, a vital element to ensure that the benefits reach the right person(s). The insured individual will be responsible for notifying any change in the nomination in case of death of the nominee/beneficiary or change of family circumstances. The Commanding Officers and individuals are requested to exercise utmost care to ensure that particulars of nominee/beneficiaries are correctly recorded in all respects. 10. Payment of Insurance Claims on Death. The payment of insurance claims on death, will be made only after the occurrence of death has been established to the satisfaction of the Administrators of the Scheme. They retain the right to make independent investigations into the occurrence of death and to reject any proof/document submitted by a nominee/beneficiary to establish death of a member. A claim arising out of death due to suicide will NOT be accepted unless it is proved to the satisfaction of Administrators of the scheme that the suicide was NOT committed for the purpose of getting pecuniary benefits to the nominees/beneficiaries. The onus of giving such a proof would be on the nominee/beneficiary and the decision of the administrators with regard to the validity and adequacy of such proof would be final and binding. 11. The normal mode of payment will be through a Bank Draft/cheque to be carried to the nominee/beneficiary‟s bank account. The beneficiary is to, therefore, open a Bank account specifically operatable by him/her.

15 12. Disputes. In case of any dispute or doubts regarding benefits under the scheme, the decision of Administrators would be final and binding on all members/nominees/beneficiaries. REF: INTEGRATED HEADQUARTERS, MOD, DIRECTORATE ALLOWANCES LETTER BA/GIS/25 DATE 09 JUN 05 OF PAY &


2. The Administrative of Naval Group Insurance Fund have approved enhancement of Insurance Cover under General Group Insurance Scheme (GGIS) and contribution to Annuity Certain Scheme (ACS) w.e.f. 01 Oct 05 as given in the succeeding paragraphs. 3. Enhancement of Insurance Cover under General Group Insurance Scheme (GGIS). Insurance Cover under General Group Insurance Scheme covering all officers and sailors/naviks has been increased w.e.f 01 Oct 05 as follows:Category Officers Sailors/Naviks Death Cover (in Rs.) 15 lakhs 7.5 lakhs 100% disability cover (in Rs.) 7.50 lakhs 3.75 lakhs Monthly premium (in Rs.) 1125/540/-

4. Pro-rata Disability benefit is payable in case an officer or sailor/navik is invalided out of service with 20 percent to 100 percent disability before completion of present term of service/engagement but not at his/her own request and as per eligibility conditions. This benefit is payable in addition to saving benefit. 5. Annuity Certain Scheme (ACS). The Annuity Certain Scheme was introduced w.e.f. 01 Apr 2000 to harness additional saving capacity of Naval personnel post Vth Central Pay Commission award. The contribution to ACS was Rs. 250/- p.m. for officers and Rs. 140/for sailors. It has now been increased to Rs. 375/- p.m. for Officers and Rs. 210/- p.m. for sailors w.e.f. Oct 05.

SCUP (SENIOR CITIZEN UPKEEP PLAN) 1. With introduction of ECHS for retired personnel from 2003, requirement of another medical insurance scheme under SCUP is not considered essential . 2. All personnel who are below 54 years of age and members of SCUP, may withdraw the one time premium, made to UTI, by applying to UTI Investor Services Ltd., R.No.174 & 175, Rajendra Bhavan (DDA Bldg), Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008 on a plain paper application for refund of total amount by attaching membership certificate / application no. or any other personal details. 3. SCUP members in the zone of 55 to 60 years would get reduced refund, due to annual installment towards medical insurance by UTI to New India Assurance Company. It is advisable to continue SCUP membership for such members.


4. At the age of 61 years, SCUP members can avail Residual Value admissible to them, by applying to UTI on a plain paper application. The member and wife will continue to avail medical insurance from designated hospitals, Upto Rs. 5.39 lakh. List of empanelled hospitals for treatment under SCUP has been sent to all the Navy Foundation Charter. 5. Members after attaining 54 years of age and who wish to continue membership are to apply on a plain application quoting their membership certificate number to UTI for getting their membership Identity card and Log Book. This card / Log book would entitle the member for medical treatment at empanelled hospital after 58 years of age.


1. Reference 154 IG of 19 May 2005 and minutes of the Annual General Body meeting of INBA held on 11 Jan 2005 at Visakhapatnam circulated vide this Headquarters letter No. BA/GIS/7022/2004 dated 11 Feb 2005. 2. As directed by the Chief of the Naval Staff during the deliberation of the Annual General Body meeting, the feasibility of implementing or otherwise the proposed improvements in the various welfare schemes of INBA has been examined at this Headquarters in its totally. After considering the financial viability and the available resources of fund, the following improvements in the existing welfare schemes have been approved with immediate effect:(a) Death Grant: - Ex-Gratia grant admissible to NOK on death of unmarried sailors has been enhanced from the existing Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 7,500/-. (b) Scholarship: - The prevailing scholarship scheme has been liberalized to accommodate naval personnel whose wards fail to score the stipulated minimum threshold percentage in 10+2 examination but do extremely well in subsequent examinations of graduation / professional degree courses. The scholarship would henceforth be admissible to such applicants also w.e.f. the academic year 20052006 subject to the following terms and conditions:(i) The admission to the Professional degree course is secured on merit through competitive examinations. (ii) The course is undertaken from the recognised Institution/ University.

(iii) Minimum marks scored in first regular attempt in Ist year of graduation is 65% in aggregate of all subjects. Thereafter the requisite percentage of marks in subsequent years for renewal of scholarship would be 60% scored in first attempt as is application in normal cases for renewal of scholarship.

17 (iv) In case a child does not meet the laid down percentage criteria both at 10+2 and Ist year of graduation level, he /she would not be considered for scholarship during the entire duration of graduation studies. (c) Threshold Percentage at Graduation Level. The existing threshold percentage at graduation level to be eligible for award of scholarship for pursing Post Graduation studies has been reduced from 70% to 65% to 60% for science and humanity stream subjects respectively w.e.f. the academic year 2005-06. (d) Education Loan for Spouse. A one time loan scheme has been introduced for Naval Personnel whose spouse pursue post 10+2 higher education subject to the following terms and conditions:(i) Maximum quantum of loan would be Rs. 50,000/- or actual expenditure whichever is less only once in the entire span of Naval Service. (ii) Loan amount would bear 8% interest p.a. and recovered in 36 equal monthly installments. (iii) Other norms for application and administration as laid down in NO(spl) 2/98 would also to be adhered to. (e) Enhancement of Higher Education Loan :- The quantum of Loan for Naval personnel whose ward pursue post 10+2 professional courses has been enhanced from the existing Rs. 2 Lacks to Rs. 4 Lacks subject to the following terms and conditions:(i) The admissibility of quantum of loan amount would be based on repaying capacity of the applicant and the fee structure schedule subject to an upper ceiling of Rs. 4 Lacs. (ii) The loan amount would bear 8% interest p.a. and recovered in equal monthly installments as under:S. No. (aa) (ab) (ac) Loan Amount Up to Rs. 2 lacs Up to Rs. 3 lacs Up to Rs. 4 lacs No. of Installments 48 60 72

(iii) Loan will be disbursed in maximum of 3 installments and the Monthly Installments will be adjusted accordingly. (iv) Forwarding of application in normal manner alongwith the following documents duly completed in all respects:(aa) An affidavit of nominee of NGIF benefits on Non-Judicial stamp paper of the appropriate value as per proforma enclosed as appendix I. (ab) Undertaking to recover the outstanding amount of loan as per the proforma enclosed appendix II.

18 (ac) (ad) A copy of the latest statement of entitlement. Schedule of requirement of loan.

(v) All the norms for application and administration as laid down in NO(Spl) 2/98 would also to be adhered to. 3. The Commanding Officer/Officer-in-Charges of the Ships/Establishment /Units/ Detachments are requested to scrutinize the applications for financial assistance meticulously and only those who conform to the schedule norms be forwarded duly recommended for consideration of the administration of INBA.

Appendix I to IHQ, MOD(N) letter BA/8563 dated 25 May 2005 (On Non-Judicial stamp paper of appropriate value) AFFIDAVIT Affidavit of wife/son/daughter of Resident of Aforesaid solemnly affirm and say as follows:1. I/we have no objection to assigning of interest in the insurance cover and survival benefits by my husband/father as a member of Naval Group Insurance Fund to Indian Naval Benevolent Association, New Delhi for obtaining a loan towards education of my son/daughter. 2. I/we fully understand and accept that in the payment of Insurance money/Survival Benefits from Naval Group Insurance Fund the assignee, Indian Naval Benevolent Association, New Delhi will have priority over me/us. 3. My/Our/date/dates of birth is /are & respectively. (strike off whichever is not applicable)

Place : Date :

Signature 1. 2. Deponents

wife /son/ daughter of Indian Navy, aforesaid solemnly affirm and say that the fact mentioned in paras (1) to (3) above are correct to the best of my/our knowledge and nothing is false therein and nothing material has been concealed there from.


Place :

Signature 1.


Date : Witness 1. (Name and address) 2. Seal Notary Public

2. Deponents

Attested Notary Public Date :

Note : In case of minor children, the 1st witness could be father as the natural and legal guardian. The second witness could be maternal/paternal Grand parents or the children‟s mother‟s sister/brother as a safeguard. Appendix II to IHQ, MOD(N) letter BA/8563 dated 25 May 2005 UNDERTAKING

1. I Rank No. undertake that in the event of my service being terminated at my request or for any reason what-so-ever, before the recovery of loan from INBA is fully effected, I hereby authorize the authorities namely the Logistics Officer-in-Charge/Release Centre /Naval Group Insurance Fund to recover the entire amount of outstanding loan against me from the amount due to me from my pay account, retirement / terminal benefits and amount due in my DSOP Fund/ AFPP Fund/ Naval Group Insurance Fund account. 2. I also undertake not to cancel this declaration till the amount due form me has been repaid in full. Signature Name Rank No. Ship /Estab Place : Date : II SIGNED IN MY PRESENCE Commanding Officer/HOD

20 CHAPTER IV MISCELLANEOUS NEWS Following Officers have been placed in the select list for promotion to Flag Rank.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Cmde AR Radhakrishnan (015151 T) Cmde RK Dhowan, (01563 A), YSM Cmde AY Kalaskar (01532 F), NM, VSM Cmde AK Chopra (01627 Y) Cmde P Chauhan (01610 H), VSM Cmde MP Muralidharan (01587 F), NM Cmde CS Patham (01660 Y) Cmde HS Malhi (40449 B) Cmde MK Badhwar (40474 K) Cmde B Kannan (50431 R) Cmde SV Seshachary (50433 W)


DESIGNATIONS AT IHQ MOD(N) – SERVICE OFFICERS 1. With immediate effect the designations of officers posted at IHQ MOD (N) will be as follows:S.No Rank Designation Remarks (a) Commodore Principal Director In a Dte with Two Cmdes, the Junior officer will be Addl Principal Director -----

(b) (c) (d) (e)

Captain Captain (TS)/Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant

Director Joint Director Deputy Director Assistant Director


REVISED LIQUOR QUOTA FOR SERVICE PERSONNEL VIDE QMG BRANCH LETTER 96219/Q/DDGCS DATED 31 MAY 05 The revised liquor quota is as follows:Rank (a) (b) Field Marshal, Admiral of The Fleet/Marshal of Air Force COAS/CNS/CAS (ACTIVE/RETD) Serving Vice Chief of the Three services, Army cdrs and equivalent Scale No Limit No limit

21 (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) Vice chief, Army Cdrs and equivalent (retd) Lt Gen & equivalent (serving))/Maj Gen & equivalent (serviing) Lt Gen & equivalent (retd))/Maj Gen & equivalent (retd) Brig & equivalent (serving) Brig & equivalent (retd) All officers upto Col and equivalent (serving) All officers upto Col and equivalent (retd) JCO and equivalent (serving) JCO and equivalent (retd) OR (serving) OR (retd Widows (all rank) 18 16 14 14 12 12 10 08 06 06 04 50% of husband‟s entitlement 50% of entitlement of deceased offr/soldier


Parent of deceased unmarried officers/PBOR

Four bottles of beers will be equivalent to one unit.

EQUATION OF GALLANTRY AWARDEES WITH FREEDOM FIGHTERS 1. Gallantry Awardees of Chakra Series have been equated with Freedom Fighters for all pensionary benefits. In the past a separate notification was required to be published; now a single notification will be published wherein the enhancement would be automatically made applicable for Chakra Series awardees. VAT CONCESSION EXTENDED BY THE GOVT OF NCT OF DELHI 1. The Govt of NCT vide their Notifications F.101(328)/2005-finc(A/Cs)(i)/1099 and F.101(328)/2005-Fin (A/Cs)(ii)/1110, both dated 02 Jun 05 have accorded exemption from VAT on sale of certain CSD goods. 2 The present status of VAT implementation of vis-à-vis Sales Tax in Unit Run Canteens in Delhi, including URC of INS India is given below:(a) Prior to implementation of VAT w.e.f 01 Apr 05, the Sales Tax, wherever applicable, was included in the whole sale price at which the goods were sold by CSD Depots to URCs; and the URCs in turn sold CSD goods at the “Retail Rates” fixed by the CSD so as to maintain parity of sale price through out the country. The customer was, therefore, not aware of the fact that he was paying Sales Tax on some CSD items. (b) With the implementation of VAT, the VAT element is required to be shown in each Invoice/Bill at the CSD/URC level for payment to the tax authorities. Customer is, therefore, now aware of the fact that he is paying VAT on his purchases from URCs.

22 (c) Out of the total inventory of 2,690 items of CSD Depot, Delhi, the details of the number of items on which VAT is being levied in civil market vis-à-vis on CSD items after publishing of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi Notifications dated 02 Jun 05 regarding exemption of VAT on CSD Items, are given below:Number of items on which VAT is levied % of VAT (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) 0% 4% 12.5% *20% In Civil Market 42 676 1,769 At CSD, Delhi 1,937 109 644 -----------------2,690

203 ---------------2,690 * Pertains to Liquor/Beer/Wine.

(d) The VAT is not chargeable on large number of CSD items such as tooth pastes/brushes/powders, shaving blades/razors, detergents, pressure cooker/milk boilers, plastic ware costing less than 200/-, kitchen-ware, borosil glassware, electric bulb/fluorescent, tubers, ceiling/table fans, juicers-mixer-grinders, electric irons, toasters, mosquito repellents, radios/transistors, soft suit cases, underclothing, mosquito net/dusters, shoes/chappals, pad locks, wrist watches, squash balls, refrigerators (<170 ltrs), biscuits, soft drinks, concentrates/soup, milk powder, tea/coffee, refined/hydrogenated oils etc. (e) 4% VAT is levied on some face creams, toilet cleaning liquids, roohafza/sharbat-e-azam, squashes/juices, pickles, tomato sauce, jams etc i.e on food articles when sold in sealed containers. (f) 12.5% VAT is chargeable on toiletry items eg shaving brushes/crams, after shave lotions, body deodorants/sprays, room fresheners, perfumes, toilet bathing soaps, crockery items, luggage suit-cases/rain-coats, plastic moulded furniture etc. (g) Liquor/Beer/Wine – all are exempted from 20% VAT charged in the civilmarket. (h) Most of items on which 12.5% VAT is being charged were earlier covered under 12% Sales Tax. It would, therefore, make a nominal price difference of 0.5% on such items. MANAGEMENT COURSES AT NARSEE MONJEE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MUMBAI AND SIES COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, NERUL, NAVI MUMBAI. 1. The Directorate General Resettlement has intimated that Maharashtra‟s two most reputed institutes on management studies, i.e, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, and SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOM) have been included in its training panel. Whereas the former enjoys the reputation of being called the IIM of Maharashtra, with fee of Rs. 48000/-per officer, the latter institute is equally reputed and

23 has offered substantially reduced fees for Defence Officers i.e, Rs. 22,000/- per officer (total fees Rs. 55,000/-) with 100% free of cost accommodation. 2. The important feature of these Institute is that they have accepted to extend full support in providing placement to officers in industries in and around Mumbai. In addition, efforts are also underway to assure accommodation for officers in Ville Parle which is close to the Institute. Officers will be required to pay nominal messing and accommodation charges for the same. The accommodation will be provided on fist come first serve basis. 3. The first course at Narsee Monjee Institute is scheduled w.e.f. 01 Oct 05-18 Mar 2006, and that a SIESCOM w.e.f. 03 Oct 05 – 18 Mar 2006 respectively. 4. The details are also available on website www. and NAVAL PLACEMENT CELL 1. The concerted efforts of this Directorate by contacting corporate sector and making several Civil Employment signals thereafter, have resulted in under-mentioned personnel acquiring a suitable Second Innings:SL (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) NAME CMDE ID KUMAR COMPANY NAME


2. Besides above, civil employment opportunities have been generated by this Directorate with the following organisations:(a) (b) (c) Delhi Police for recruitment as Constables. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for Assistant Station Controllers. Haryana Govt. Education Deptt. for Lecturers.

Note : Since 01 Jan 2005 till 15 Jul 05 about 40 civil employment signals / opportunities have been generated.

24 PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING COC 1. DG Shipping has issued MS Notice 10 on 30 Dec 2004, institutionalising the procedure for obtaining this certification. The procedure entails the following:(a) Executive Officer with 18 months of sea-service including 6 months of actual bridge watch keeping and with augmented training to meet STCW compliance would have to completed the stipulated modular courses. (b) Would be subjected to written and oral examination conducted by DG Shipping at Kochi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai twice a year. (c) On qualifying would be awarded the COC (Ltd) valid for 5 years.

(d) The COC (Ltd) holder is permitted to be employed as Trainee Deck Officer on board Merchant Ships. (e) On completion of 6 months attachment on board merchant ship, the officer is to appear for written/oral exam in Cargo Storage/Handing and Ship Operation/Care of Personnel after attending the prescribed courses. (f) On successful completion and subject to three year service including six months on board trading ship‟s, the officer will be awarded COC as Second Mate (FG).

25 CHAPTER V NAVY FOUNDATION NEWS Bangalore Charter 1. A library has been opened at NOM. Bangalore. Members have contributed books for the same. 2. Ms Judith D‟Souza a well known expert delivered a talk on “Stress Management” on 12 Sep 04. 3. Bangalore hosted the first ever AGM of the Navy foundation in a non naval station on 14 & 15 Oct 04. The CNS and other dignitaries were invited for dinner by the Charter on 14 Oct 04. The GCM & AGM the next day was held at the ASC Centre. The event elicited high praise from all concerned for the impeccable arrangements. 4. During a get together on 20 Mar 05, students of Mt. Carmel college screened four short films and explained how these films were produced. Vishakhapatnam Charter 5. A visit was organised for the members to the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone on 13 Mar 05. Hyderabad Charter 6. Quarterly Meeting. Quarterly meetings are organised at RSI for all members and there ladies. Pamphlets and books including QD and Newsletters are distributed to members. 7. Formation of „E‟ Gps. An „E‟ group titled Navy Foundation Hyderabad at has been activated for easier communication. Kochi Charter 8. 2004 Onam Social. Onam social was held at the old sailing club in Katari bagh on 22 Aug 2004. Octogenarians were felicitated for the first time. The occasion was used to welcome the new C-in-C Vice Admiral SCS Bangara, PVSM, AVSM and his wife Geeta Rani Bangara. C-in-C in his reply greeted the gathering and said that the NFKC will continue to get all the care and support that we have been enjoying from the Command. 9. C-in-C, SNC hosted a lunch exclusively for the retired fraternity on Sunday 28 Nov 2004. Many members and honorary members from NFKC were invited. 10. President NFKC was invited by the C-in-C on the 4th Dec 2004, the Navy Day, to place a wreath at the war memorial at INS Venduruthy. 11. A voluntary collection was requested from the members for the Chief Ministers Tsunami relief fund. Contribution of Rs. 75,000/- received from 126 members/Associate members was presented to the fisheries and tourism minister of Kerala on 29th Jan 2005.

26 12. The Charter thankfully acknowledged a grant of Rs. 40,000/- from the Commanderin-Chief, SNC Vice Admiral SCS Bangara in Feb 05. Delhi Charter 13. 14th Admiral RD Katari Memorial Lecture. The 14th Admiral RD Katari Memorial Lecture on “RECONCILING NATIONAL SECURITY WITH DEVELOPMENT –A THIRD WORLD CONUNDRUM” was delivered by Shri Pranab Mukharjee, Hon‟ble Defence Minister, on November 17, 2004, at India International Centre, and was very well attended by a large number of Diplomats / Defence Attaches, defence analysts, intellectuals, serving and retired Naval Officers and their wives. 14. Professional Seminar. Seminars :The Delhi Charter of Navy Foundation held the following

(a) „Marine Terrorism and its Impact‟; was held on 08 May 2004 at the United Service Institute. (b) “TSUNAMI” – a study in maritime disaster relief‟ was held on 05 March 2005, at NOMA Kota House. The lecture was attended by Admiral Arun Prakash, PVSM, AVSM, VrC, VSM, ADC and a large number of serving and retired Naval Officers were present at both the seminars. Kolakata Charter 15. Maj Gen Saibal Mukherji, Commandant, Eastern Command Hospital, was Guest of Honour during the get together on 21 Nov 04. He assured the members of his support and clarified many queries raised by members. 16. Annual Steamer Party on 27 Feb 05, it was well attended. The Charter conducted a Raffle for the Tsunami victims, with hampers donated by ITC and collected Rs. 5000/-. This amount was handed over to the Bharat Sevashram Sangha for Tsunami relief. Obituary : The Navy Foundation deeply regrets the demise of the following members :Cdr (Retd) G Issacs Lt (Retd) FX Sequeira Mrs Prabha Nair W/o Late Surg RAdm PRK Nair Cdr CV Prasad LtCdr PKV Menon Cmde PC Andrews Cdr Netto Xavier Cmde(Retd) Keshab Chatterjee Cdr Sanjay Bhattacharjee Mrs Aleyamma Panicker w/o Late KP Varghese 02 Nov 04 09 Feb 05 07 Jan 05 03 Sep 04 10 Sep 04 28 Oct 04 10 Dec 04 31 May 04 02 Nov 04 14 Mar 05

27 CHAPTER VI IMPORTANT WEBSITES 1. The IRFC website url : (all lower cases) may be accessed vide alias url : (all lower cases). The latest information includes promotion roster from CABS and personnel updates issued by DOP/IHQ MOD (Navy). Following books on Naval history from 1965 to 1975 and 1976 to 1990 published by IHQ MOD (Navy) are also hosted on website (a) (b) transition to triumph transition to eminence

2. This website is maintained by the Information Resources and Facilities Centre at IHQ MOD(N). The users need to have a user identity and password to browse the contents. The user id and password are provided by the webmaster on request online. 3. This is the official website of the Navy.

4. This website is maintained by the Director General , Resettlement and contains valuable information regarding resettlement opportunity, Employment assistance provided to ESMs, various forms and the Kendriya Sainik Board. 5. 6. This is the official website of the Naval Pay Office. The website of Ministry of Defence. The website of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and

7. Pensions.

8. The website of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Drupadighat, Allahabad.



1. The sanction of Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) was accorded vide GOI/MOD letter No. 22(1)/01/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 30 Dec 02. The Scheme will provide comprehensive medical cover for ex-servicemen and their dependants including wife/husband, children and dependant parents. 2. As the name itself suggests, ECHS would be a contributory scheme. On retirement, every service personnel will compulsorily become a member of ECHS by contributing his share. Similarly, ex-servicemen can become members by making one time contribution, as under. There will be no restriction on age or medical condition. Sl (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Monthly Pension Upto Rs.3,000 Rs.3,001 to 6,000 Rs.6,001 to 10,000 Rs.10,001 to 15,000 Rs. 15,001 and above One Time Contribution Rs 1800 Rs 4,800 Rs 8,400 Rs 12,000 Rs 18,000

3. Existing Medical Allowance. Retired personnel joining the scheme will forfeit the medical allowance of Rs. 100/- presently admissible to them. Those who do not join the scheme will continue getting medical allowance but would not be entitled to any medical facility from Augmented Armed Forces clinics (AAFC) or Polyclinics set up under the scheme. 4. Unlike CGHS which covers only a limited number of cities, ECHS will cover entire country by establishing new Armed Forces Polyclinics (AFP) at 123 non-military stations and Augmented Armed Forces clinics (AAFC) at 104 military stations. The facilities in each station will be configured based on the concentration of ESM population and classification of stations will be done as under: -

Type A Type B Type C Type D

20,000 &above 10,000 - 20,000 5,000 - 10,000 2,500 - 5,000


5. The stations where population of ESM is less than 2500, dependency on the new Armed Forces Polyclinics or Augmented Armed Forces Clinics will be provided. The infrastructure will be created at the earliest but not later than 31 Mar 2008. 6. Equipment. All types of AAFC and AFP will be equipped with X-Ray machine, Ultrasound, Lab Auto Analyzer, Dental Equipment set and Chair, Physiotherapy and ECG machine. In addition those at Type A & Type B stations will be provided with Monitor Defibrillator. Each facility will be manned by medical officers, medical specialist, gynecologist, dental officers, nurses, lab assistant and other support staff recruited mostly on contractual basis. 7. Subject to existing facilities and load, all facilities in Military/Naval/Air Force Hospitals in the same station or nearest or any other station will be used. Reference will be permitted to be made for consultation, diagnostic tests and treatment to empanelled Medical Centres/Polyclinics/Hospitals/Nursing Homes. 8. Reimbursement. The Scheme will be funded entirely by the Govt. and will cater for free out patient treatment. Reimbursement will be provided to the patients or paid directly to empanelled centres for diagnostics tests, consultation, hospitalisation and medicines/consumables not provided at ECHS facilities. A sum of Rs. 200.85 Crores has been earmarked annually for reimbursement subject to increase as the ESM population increases. 9. In the case of emergency, the beneficiary may report to the nearest Govt. hospital or empanelled hospital under the Scheme. The bill for expenditure incurred in such cases will be fully reimbursed. In case of accidents and trauma cases where time for rendering medical aid is crucial for life saving, an Ex-Serviceman may go to any Nursing Home/Hospital. Ex-post facto sanction for reimbursement for such cases will be accorded. 10. The ECHS will be implemented by a Project Management Group (PMG) based at Delhi. It would be headed by a Managing Director (Brig equivalent), 5 Directors and other support staff. There will be 12 Regional Centres, each manned a Director and 3 Deputy Directors. Personnel for these establishments will be drawn from existing resources of the three services. Referral Procedure 11. The procedure for referring to various empanelled Hospitals is enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs. Once a referral is made for a particular procedure/ treatment fresh referral for views/ consultation for the same condition will not be required, unless specified in the original Referral Form. 12. Routine Treatment. (a) (b) Report to Polyclinic. OPD treatment at Polyclinic. The procedure for routine treatment is as follows:-

(c) For Hospital admission/specialist opinion & treatment – OIC Polyclinic refers beneficiary to service hospital/empanelled facility.


(d) Beneficiary to collect Referral form from MO/Specialist polyclinic duly countersigned and stamped by OIC polyclinic. (e) Report to referred Hospital for required consultation /treatment/diagnostic procedure. (f) NO PAYMENT to be made by the ECHS member to the referred medical facility/diagnostic centre. 13. Treatment During Emergency (Empanelled Medical Facility). The procedure for treatment during emergency for Empanelled Medical Facility is as follows:(a) (b) Preferably report to service hospital/empanelled facility. Prove identity through ECHS Smart Card/Acknowledgement slip. with the

(c) Inform ECHS Polyclinics at the earliest (but not later than 48 hrs) following details:-

(i) ECHS Membership No, service No, Rank & Name of the ECHS Member, Diagnosis, Date & time of admission, Hospital to which admitted. (OIC polyclinic will make arrangements for verifications of the facts). (ii) After verification the patient will be referred formally.

(iii) NO PAYMENT to be made by beneficiary to the empanelled hospital/medical facility. Treatment During Emergency (Non empanelled Medical Facility). The procedure for treatment during emergency for Non Empanelled Medical Facility is as follows:(a) ECHS member may not be able to follow the normal referral procedure, hence he should follow the following:(i) No embargo on proceeding to non-empanelled hospital. 14.

(ii) Inform nearest ECHS Polyclinic within 48 hrs of such admission with following details:(aa) ECHS Membership No, Service No, Rank and Name of ECHS member. Date and time of admission, hospital to which admitted. (b) Bills of the concerned non-empanelled hospital/medical facility will be cleared by the beneficiary. (c) Member submits bills along with summary of the case to the concerned poly clinic within one month from the date of discharge from hospital for reimbursement.

31 (d) Sanction for reimbursement as per approved rates will be accorded by Central Organisation (ECHS). (e) Payment to be made by cash assignment officer at Station HQ.

15. Treatment at Medical Institute of National Repute/Application for Medical Advances. The procedure for treatment at Medical Institute of national repute is as follows:(a) Take referral form from ECHS poly clinic to the medical institute of national repute. (b) (c) Obtain estimate for treatment (from the concerned hospital). Submit following to OIC Poly Clinic for perusal and (i) (ii) (iii) processing:-

Application for advance be made on plain paper. Photocopy of ECHS Smart Card. Estimate from hospital.

(iv) Certificate certifying the bills in original will be deposited with OIC poly clinic within one month of discharge,(failingwhich NO Re-imbursement is admissible). (d) Obtain in advance in the form of a crossed cheque payable to concerned hospital from Station HQ (Cash Assignment Officer). (e) Outstation beneficiary will follow above procedure with ECHS poly clinic and Station HQ of the town/Station from where treatment is required (Parent poly clinic to be kept informed of the progress of the case). 16. Additional Conditions Covered. The mentioned:(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) TB & Leprosy Hearing Aid Mental diseases HIV/AIDS Artificial limbs/appliances Rehabilitation/terminal care Medical equipment for residences a year at additional conditions also cover under

(h) Medical Examination/Health check up, screening test. (Once Polyclinic only)


(j) (k) (m)

Intra-ocular lenses Spectacles Plastic surgery.

17. Action for Referral in Case of Absence of Empanelled Hospitals in a Stations. Procedure for „Referral‟ in case of absence of Empanelled Hospitals in a station is as follows:(a) Phase I - Polyclinics Being Established in 60 Military Stations. In these stations only employed polyclinic doctors will be authorized to refer ECHS members to empanelled medical facilities. Till such time the infrastructure for polyclinics is established, CO MH/AFH/NH is also delegated similar referral authority till the ECHS doctors are employed. For example, if ECHS polyclinic is to be established in Chennai by 31 Mar 2006, and employment of polyclinic doctors get delayed till 30 Jun 2006, then CO MH Chennai is authorized to refer ECHS member to empanelled hospitals. (b) Service Hospital in Other 44 Military Stations. CO MH/NH/ AFH can refer ECHS beneficiaries to empanelled facilities. Such referral will be on the advice of the concerned specialist, and the ECHS member can be referred to the empanelled hospitals. (c) Military Station Where no Service Hospitals is Available. In Military Station where no service hospital is available, the service hospital located nearest to the military station will be authorized to refer to ECHS beneficiaries in the same manner as sub Para (b) above. (d) Phase I - Polyclinics Being Established in 25 Non Military Stations. Only the polyclinics medical Officer/Specialist are authorized to refer ECHS beneficiaries as per laid down procedures. (e) Other 88 Non Military Stations. For other 88 Non military stations, CO of the service hospital nearest to the station will be authorised to refer to ECHS beneficiaries, as at Para (b) above. (f) All referrals from ECHS polyclinics will be authorized by OIC polyclinic under his stamp. Referrals from service Hospital will be authenticated by CO/Comdt Hospital as mentioned in Para (b) above. (g) Service Hospital/polyclinic may refer patients to empanelled facility in other towns/stations where required facility exists. (h) Out station referral patients will report to OIC polyclinic of the Station, where such patients requires treatment. (j) OIC Polyclinic of the station where empanelled facility exists will issue referral form duly stamped and authenticate the beneficiaries for treatment.

33 Medicines 18. The rules regarding procurement of medicine and reimbursement are mentioned in the succeeding paragraphs. 19. ECHS member will not be required to purchase any medicines prescribed for him/ her by an ECHS doctor/ empanelled hospital. 20. Medicines will be provided by the ECHS Polyclinics.

21. At times, brand name of the particular medicine issued may be different form that prescribed by an empanelled hospital however, drug of the same chemical composition will be issued. 22. 23. The ECHS members are requested not to insist on a brand name of any medicine. It is ensured that the best and quality medicines are provided to the ECHS clientele.

Reimbursement for Medicine in Exceptional Cases. 24. The reimbursement is Permitted Only if patient referred by polyclinic for certain specialty treatment and the medicines were prescribed to be taken with immediate effect on discharge from hospital. Specialty conditions are:(a) Post Cardiology. (b) (c) (d) (e) operative cases of Major Cardiac Surgery / Interventional

Oncology. Post operative organ transplant. Post operative joint replacement. Post operative Major Neurosurgical/ Neurology.

25. Suitable prescription for demand of medicines for the above conditions to be provided to the OIC polyclinic immediately after discharge. 26. OIC polyclinic will arrange for procurement of the drugs. In such cases, cost of drugs purchased by ECHS member is “Re-imbursable” for a period of 30 days only. 27. Period of Re-imbursement. In such cases one month after date of discharge from the hospital or date of issue of medicines from polyclinic which ever is earlier. 28. The claim for re-imbursement will be supported by following documents and to be submitted to OIC polyclinic:(a) (b) Application from ECHS Member. Photocopy of Smart card/ECHS Regn Slip.

34 (c) (d) Referral No of the polyclinic. Professional advice of specialist.

(e) Contingent bill. (Specimen format available at station HQ/Regional centre /polyclinic) (f) Bills in original.

Issue of Prescribed Medical Equipment 29. The procedure regarding provisioning of prescribed medical equipment is mentioned in the succeeding paragraphs. 30. Hearing Aids. (a) ECHS member is entitled for Hearing Aid on the recommendations of an ENT specialist after clinical and audiometric justification. (b) ECHS member will submit the advice of the ENT specialist along with the justification to the OIC Polyclinic. (c) OIC polyclinic will initiate procurement of the item.

(d) REPLACEMENT permitted after a minimum of 5 years life of the Hearing Aid based on a condemnation certificate and approval of ENT specialist. (e) DIGITAL Hearing aid to be provided on recommendations of three ENT specialist including at least one Service Specialist. 31. Artificial Limbs / Nebulisers. (a) On referral by Polyclinic, the Artificial limbs/ Appliances can be obtained through service facilities and will be at fitted Artificial limb Sub Centre in AFMS Hospital. (b) When treatment is under taken in civil empanelled facilities, CGHS rates, if any, will borne by the ECHS member. 32. Glucometers and Nebulisers. (a) Issued to ECHS members, when use of such equipment is considered absolutely essential on medical grounds and specifically recommended by medical specialist of the ECHS polyclinic / Empanelled hospital. (b) Approval of senior Adviser and Consultant medicine under whose jurisdiction the ECHS polyclinic is located, will be obtained. (c) The OIC polyclinic procedures. (d) will procure equipment as per local purchase

Details of issues of equipment will be recorded in ECHS Smart Card.



Cost of maintenance of equipment will be borne by ECHS member. will be after expiry of 5 years treatment by the Medical Specialist. on

(f) Replacement of equipment recommendations for continuation of 33. CIPAP/ BIPAP Machines.

(a) Issued to ECHS member on recommendations of a specialist of hospital/ Empanelled hospital.

a service

(b) Approval of Senior Adviser and consultant of the concerned speciality under whose jurisdiction the ECHS polyclinic is located, will be obtained. (c) The OIC procedures. polyclinic will procure machine as per local purchase

(d) Actual cost of CIPAP/ BIPAP machines or CGHS rates, which ever is less, will apply. Expenditure over and above will be borne by ECHS members. (e) Details of issue of machines will be recorded in ECHS Smart Card of members. (f) Machine will be issued once in a life time and maintenance keep of machine will be borne by ECHS member. 34. Spectacles. (a) Spectacles will not be provided under ECHS system except conventional cataract surgery, where specially recommended by the surgeon. (b) Cost of spectacles in such cases will be limited to Rs 200/hundred only). (c) Patients will submit spectacles to OIC Polyclinic. (d) the bills for re-imbursement (Rupees in and cost of up





The payment will be made by Cash Assignment Officer at Station HQ.

(e) Replacement of spectacles admissible once in a three years on the advise of the Medical Officers of the Polyclinic or empanelled consultant.



Dental Treatment. (a) Dentures will be permitted Polyclinic/Service Dental Centre. on advice of Dental Officer ECHS


(b) Partial/complete denture will be permitted on one time basis as per CGHS rates. Instructions for ESMs 36. Smart Card production has commenced. All members are being issued the Smart Cards. (Please do bring the acknowledgement slips when you come to collect the Smart Cards). 37. ECHS Smart Cards are admissible at all ECHS Polyclinics all over India.

38. The Smart Cards gets activated the moment ECHS member reports at the dependent/any polyclinic for the first time. 39. The members can ask for refund from AGI/AFGI(under the medical benefit scheme) by furnishing the details of Smart Card/Photocopy of acknowledgement slip issued by Regional Centre. While asking for refund please do furnish the details of banker‟s and bank account number. 40. Cost of each Smart Card/add on cards is Rs 90/-(a maximum of three cards inclusive of two add on cards can be given to each member). 41. Loss of Smart Card be reported immediately to the nearest Station HQ/ECHS Polyclinic /Regional Centre (ECHS). 42. The ECHS beneficiary is requested to intimate the change of status of his/her dependents to prevent misuse of the Smart Card. 43. Do‟s & Don‟ts. of members:(a) Do‟s. (i) (ii) (iii) Do visit your ECHS Polyclinic whenever you need Medical Aid. Do carry your ECHS Card. Do avail all diagnostic and Therapeutic facilities at the Polyclinic. Certain Do‟s & Don‟ts are mentioned below for the information

(iv) Do exercise your option of being referred to service Hospital/empanelled facility of your choice, but only when referral is advised by Polyclinic. (v) Do carry referral form and ECHS Card to the Empanelled facility.

(vi) Do try to choose a Service / Empanelled Hospital in an emergency – you won‟t have to pay. (vii) Do inform your polyclinic within 48 hours when admitted in an emergency.


(viii) Do allow some time for Polyclinic to procure superspeciality drugs prescribed for you, if not readily available. (b) DONT‟s. (i) Do not go to Empanelled Hospital without referral from ECHS polyclinic, except in emergency. (ii) Do not pay bills in empanelled Hospitals - ECHS will clear your bills.

(iii) Do not insist for referral for facilities available in polyclinic – it is not authorized. (iv) Do not insist on particular brand name of drug from polyclinic– you may be issued different brand but with same Pharmacological composition. Trust your doctor. (v) Do not ask for drugs prescribed by private doctors without referral from polyclinic. (vi) Do not purchase drugs yourself and ask for reimbursement – it is not authorized. (vii) Do not accept sub-standard treatment at Empanelled Hospitals – Report to your ECHS polyclinic for any ill-treatment/sub standard medical/treatment. 44. „A‟. 45. Empanelled list of Hospitals. A list of empanelled hospital is placed at Appendix

A set of “Frequently Asked Questions” concerning ECHS is placed at Appendix „B‟

Note:Naval Headquarters vide 166 IG have intimated that with immediate effect ceiling on monthly income for eligibility of dependants to avail medical facilities under ECHS has been raised from Rs. 1500/- to 2550/-.

38 Appendix „A‟ (Refers to Para 44, Chapter VII) REF:GOI MOD (DEPARTMENT OF EX-SERVICEMAN 24(8)/03/US(WE(D(RES) DATED 29TH OCTOBER 2004 WELFARE) NO.

SUBJECT : EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES AND DIAGNOSTIC CENTRES FOR EX-SERVICEMEN CONTRIBUTORY HEALTH SCHEME (ECHS) 1. I am directed to say that the issue of empanelment of Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centres for treatment of ECHS members in terms of the provisions of Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. No. 24(0)/03/US(WE(D(Res) dated 16 June 2004 has been considered by the Empowered Committee and it has been decided to empanel the Private Hospital/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centres in the under mentioned places for the different specialties and procedures as per the lists attached in the Annexure. (a) Dehi, Gurgaon & NOIDA Annexure 1 (A&B) (b) Kolkata Annexure 2 (A&B) I Chennai Annexure 3 (A&B) (d) Hyderabad Annexure 4 (A) (e) Trivandrum Annexure 5 (A&B) (f) Lucknow Annexure 6 (B) (g) Ahmedabad Annexure 7 (A&B) (h) Chandigarh Annexure 8 (A&B) (j) Pallakad Annexure 2 (A) (k) Belgaum, Dharwad, Bijapur, Hubli Annexure 10 (A) (m) Jalandhar Annexure 11 (A) (n) Ropar Annexure 12 (A&B) (o) Dehradun Annexure 13 (A&B) (p) Siliguri Annexure 14 (A&B) (q) Bhatinda Annexure 15 (A) I Thalassery Annexure 16 (A) (s) Muktsar Annexure 17 (A) (t) Madurai Annexure 18 (A) (u) Ahmednagar Annexure 19 (B) (v) Amritsar Annexure 20 (A) (w) Indore Annexure 21 (A) (Note: Sub Annexure „A‟ relates to Hospitals and Annexure „B‟ relates to Diagnostics Centres) 2. All the terms and conditions including fixation of rates payable to empanelled hospitals for various items of treatment/tests will be regulated under Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. No. 24(8)/03/US(WE)/ D(Res) dated 19 Nov 2003 read in conjunction with Paras 5(d) and 9 of Govt. of India, Minister of Defence letter NO. No. 24(9)/03/US(WS)/ D(Res) dated 16 June 2004. 3. The period of validity of the empanelment will be for 2 years or till further orders, whichever is earlier.

39 4. This issues in consultation with the Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their I.D. No. 975/PD/04 dated 27 Oct 2004. Annexure „1A‟ EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS DELHI, GURGAON, NOIDA Sl. No. 1. Name of Hospitals General Recognized for Specialization



Centre for sight, A-23 Ophthalmology Green Park, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi – 110 016 RG Stone Urological Research Institute (A Unit of RG Scientific enterprises Pvt Ltd.) F-12, East of Kailash New Delhi – 110 065 Escorts Heart Institute & Blood bank, Radio Research centre, Okhla Road, Diagnosis & Emergency New Delhi – 110 025



Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, C- General medicine, ENT, 1, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110 Orthopedics, Dental 058 Microbiology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia Blood Bank, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology, Radio Diagnosis, Emergency & Physiotherapy, General Medicine, ENT, Microbiology

Surgery – Cardio thoracic and Vascular Surgery Medicine – Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology & Critical care medicine Radio diagnosis /Imaging CT Scan & MRI Pediatrics – Cardiology Pathology - Transfusion medicine Surgery- Neuro Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive, Genito Urinary, Gastro Intestinal Traumatology & Spinal Medicine – Neuro medicine Cardiology, Respiratory Diseases, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Clinical Hematology, Oncology & Interventional Cardiology, Radio diagnosis/Imaging, CT Scan Other – Dialysis


Umkal Hospital and MP Heart Research Institute A-520, Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon – 122 002


General Surgery, Dialysis Ophthalmology Psychiatry, Anaesthesia, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology North point Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Endo uro surgery (Endoscopic S-357, Panchseel Park, New Urology surgical procedure)

40 Delhi – 110 017 7. Dr. Nandwani‟s Dential Clinic, A-3/196, Sector – 8, Rohini, Delhi - 110085 City Dental Clinic (A unit of city Dental Care (Pvt Ltd.), B-39, Basement, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110 024 Dental & Oral Health Care Centre, 1/117 Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt – 110 010 Hi-Tech Dental Clinic, New Sunehari Market, Att Sec- 27, Noida – 201303 Gulati Dental Centre, C2B/78B Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058 Dental Solutions, J-28 (F.F) Opp Pizza Hut, Sector – 19, Noida – 201301 Dr. Manish Kalra‟s Dental & Orthodontic Clinic, C-15(GF) Amar Colony Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi – 110 024 Dr. Khosla‟s Dental Clinic, B4/86, Safdarjung Enclave, (Near Safdarjung Club), New Delhi – 110 029 Raahat Dental Clinic, Raj Place, Main Road, Palam Colony, New Delhi – 110045 Dr. Verma‟s Dental Care Clinic, C-3/57, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110 058 Dental -


Dental & Laboratory

Dental -


Dental & Laboratory Dental & Laboratory Dental Dental

Dental -


Dental -

11. 12.



Dental & Laboratory

Dental -





Dental & Laboratory Dental & Laboratory

Dental -


Dental -

41 Annexure „1B‟ EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING CENTRES FOR ECHS DELHI, GURGAON, NOIDA Sl. No. 1. Name of Hospitals General New Delhi Scan Research Institute (A Unit of Buxi Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd) Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajinder Nagar New Delhi – 110 060 Dr. Lal Path Labs Pvt. Ltd. Eskay House, 54, Hanuman Road, New Delhi – 110001 IC Sight & Sound Enterprises, 12 Basrurkar Mkt Moti Bagh – I, New Delhi – 110 021 Mahajan Nuclear Medicine & Bone Densitometry Centre, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi – 110 060 Diwan Chand Imaging Research Centre, 10-B, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 11001 CT Scan Recognized for Specialised


Pathology and Microbiology

Specialised Pathology Investigations


Search therapy, hearing test & hearing aid test




Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometry, RIA laboratory and Stress Thallium



CT Scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Colour Doppler, Echocardiography and Bone Densitometry CT Scan and Colour Doppler


Mahajan Diagnostic Ultrasonography Jaipur Golden Hospital, 2 Institutional Area, Sec3, Rohini New Delhi – 110085 Saral Advanced Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. 2, Shakti Vihar & E-1073, Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi – 110 034 Kohil Imshinh & Diagnostic Centre, 70, Mount Kailash, East of Kailash, New Delhi – 110065 Pathology, Microbiology Radio diagnosis


and CT Scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Electro Physiological Studies (EPS)


Ultrasound, Mammograhy and Colour Doppler

42 Annexure „2A‟ EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS KOLKATA Sl. No. 1. Name of Hospitals General Peerless Hospital & BK Roy Research Centre (A unit of Peerless Hospital & research Centre Ltd.), 360, Panchasayar, Kolkata – 700 094 General Medicine, ENT, Orthopedics Dental, Microbiology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia, Blood Bank, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology, Radio Diagnosis and Emergency Recognized for Specialised Surgery : Neuro-Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive, Cardio Thoracic Vascular, Genito Urinary, Pediatric, Gastro Intestinal, Traumatology, Joint Replacement, spinal, Prosthetic, Laparoscopic, Endovascular and Geriatric Surgery Medicine: Neuro-medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory Diseases, Gastro-enterology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, rheumatology, Clinical Hematology, Oncology, Critical care medicine, interventional Cardiology and Geriatric Medicine. Radio diagnosis/ Imaging : CT Scan and interventional and Vascular Radiology. Obstetrics &Gynecology : Infertility and assisted reproduction, Gynecological Endocrinology and Materno foetal medicine. Pediatrics : Neonatology, Cardiology, Neurology, Haematology Pathology : Onco pathology, AIDS & Virology -



Dr. Nihar Munsi eye Ophthalmology Foundation Centre for Eye Microsurgery & IOL Implant 1/3, Dover Place, Kolkata – 700019 Rabindrantah Blood Bank and Tagore International Emergencies Institute of Cardiac Sciences (A unit of Asia Heart Foundation). 124, Mukundapur, (EM Bypass), Near Santoshpur Connector, Kolkata – 700099

Surgery : Cardio Thoracic Surgery Medicine : Cardiology, Oncology (Medical) and Interventional Cardiology

43 4. Ruby General Hospital, Kasba Golpark, EM bypass, Kolkata : 700107 General Medicine, ENT Orthopedics Dental, Microbiology Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia Obstetrics, Dermatology, Pathology, Radio Diagnosis, Emergency and Physiotherapy Surgery : Neuro-Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive, Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery, Genito Urinary, Pediatric Surgery, Oncology Surgery, Gastro Intestinal, Traumatology, Joint Replacement, spinal, Prosthetic, Laparoscopic, Geriatric Surgery Medicine :Neuro-medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory Diseases, Gastro-enterology, Endocrinology, Clinical Haematology, Oncology, Critical care medicine, interventional Cardiology and Geriatric Medicine. Radiodiagnosis/Imaging : CT Scan. Paediatrics : Neonatology, Cardiology, Neurology, Haematology and Oncology.


The Calcutta Medical Research Institute, 7/2 Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata : 700027

General Medicine, ENT, Dental, Microbiology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology, Radio Diagnosis and Emergency

Surgery : Neuro-Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive, Pediatric Surgery, Oncology Surgery, Traumatology, Joint Replacement, spinal, Prosthetic, Laparoscopic Medicine :Neuro-medicine, Gastro enterology, Endocrinology, Nephrology and Oncology (Medical). Radiodiagnosis/Imaging : CT Scan and MRI. Paediatrics : Neonatology and Nephrology.


Annexure 2B EMPANELMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC CENTRES FOR ECHS KOLKATA Sl. No 1 Name of Diagnostic Centres Medinova Diagnostic Services Ltd. 1 Sarat Chatterjee Avenue, Kolkata – 700 029 Recognized for General Microbiology Pathology and Radiography Specialised CT Scan, Cardiology & Gastroenterology (Investigation only). Radiodiagnosis/Imaging – CT Scan and MRI Pathology – Onco Pathology, Transplant Pathology, AIDS & Virology and Transfusion medicine. Annexure 3A EMPANELMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC HOMES FOR ECHS CHENNAI SL. No. 1 Name of Diagnostic Centres Recognized for Specialised Ophthalmology


Belle Vue Clinic, 9 Dr. UN Brahmachari Street Kolkata – 700017

Microbiology Pathology and Radio diagnosis

General Sankara Nethralaya, Unit of Ophthalmology and Medical Research Foundation, Ophthalmic Emergency 18 College Road, Chennai600006

Annexure 3B EMPANELMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC CENTRES FOR ECHS CHENNAI SL. 1 Name of Diagnostic Centres Bharat Scans Pvt. Ltd. 197 Peters Roads Royapettah, Chennai-600014 Vita Diagnostics Limited, 49 Harris Road, Pudupet, Chennai – 600002 General Radio Diagnosis Recognized for Specialised CT Scan and MRI



CT Scan, MRI and colour Doppler

45 Annexure 4A EMPANELMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC HOMES FOR ECHS HYDERABAD SL 1 Name of Diagnostic Centres Yashoda Hospitals (Unit of Jaya Surgical Pvt. Ltd. SP Road, Secunderabad – 500 003 Care Hospitals, 6-3248/1/1A, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034 Recognized for General General Medicine, ENT, General Surgery, Anaesthesia, Radio Diagnosis and Emergency Specialised Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Onco surgery, Genito urinary Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery Medicine :Neuro Medicine, Oncology, Nephrology & Respiratory Disease. Radio Diagnosis/Imaging CT Scan Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Cardio thoracic, Vascular, Genito Urinary, Oncology Gastro Intestinal Traumatolgy, Joint Replacement, Spinal Prosthetic & Laparoscopic Surgery Medicine – Neuro medicine, Cardiology Respiratory Diseases, Gastro enterology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Oncology, Critical care medicine & Interventional Cardiology. Radio diagnosis/Imaging CT Scan, MRI, Interventional and Vascular Radiology Annexure 5A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS TRIVANDRUM Name of Hospitals Recognized for General Specialised Kerala Institute of Medical General Medicine ENT, Sciences. Post Box No. 1, Orthopedics, Dental, Anayara Post, Trivandrum Microbiology, General Surgery – 695029 Ophthalmology, anesthesia, Blood Bank, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology Radio Diagnosis and Emergency Chaihanya Eye Hospital & Ophthalmology Research Institute, Kesavadasuram, Thiruvananthpuram – 695004


General Medicine, ENT, Microbiology, Anesthesia, Blood Bank, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology, Radio Diagnosis & Emergency

Sl. No 1.


46 Annexure 5B EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING CENTRES FOR ECHS TRIVANDRUM Name of Hospitals Recognized for General Specialised Devi Scans Pvt. Ltd, Pathology, Microbiology and ST Scan and MRI Kumarapuram, Opp Radio diagnosis Medical College PO, Thiruvananthapuram – 695011 Annexure 6B EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING CENTRES FOR ECHS LUCKNOW Sl. No 1. Name of Hospitals Decible Hearing Aid Centres, 414 Sri Ram Tower, 13 Ashok Marg Lucknow - 220001. Post, Trivandrum – 695029 Kamla Physiotherapy Centre, B-1/81 Sector J Aliganj, Lucknow – 226 024 Diagnostic Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd. B-52, J-Park, Mahanagar Extn, Near Kapoorthala Crossing, Lucknow -226006 Name of Hospitals Lucknow Recognized for General Specialised Hearing Aid Test/Fitment

l.N o 1.







Pathology, Microbiology and Radio diagnosis

CT Scan

Annexure 7A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS AHMEDABAD Sl. 1. Recognized for General Shreeji Dental Lab, 3 Tirth Dental Laboratory Work only Bhumi Apartment, Keshav Nagar, Subhash Bridge, Ahmedabad - 380027 Name of Hospitals


47 Annexure 7B EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING CENTRES FOR ECHS AHMEDABAD Sl. 1. Name of Hospital General st Sankalp Diagnostic 1 Floor, Microbiology Chandraprabhu Complex Sardar Pathology Patel Bavla Char Rasta, Stadium Road, Ahmedabad – 380014 Recognized for Specialised and Onco Pathology and AIDS & Virology


Name of Hospitals

Recognized for


Fortis Heart Institute & Multi speciality Hospital Sector 62, Phase VIII, Mohali – 160062

48 General General Medicine ENT, Orthopedics, Dental, , General Surgery Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Obstetrics, Dermatology, Pathology and Emergency


Kaiser Hospital, Sector 21 Panchkula (Haryana)

Specialised Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Cardio thoracic, Genito Urinary Cardio thoracic, Genito Urinary Gastro Intestinal, Traumatolgy, Joint Replacement, Spinal Prosthetic & Laparoscopic Surgery and Endovascular surgery Medicine – Neuro medicine, Cardiology Respiratory Diseases, Gastro entomology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Clinical Hematology, Oncology, Critical Care Medicine & Interventional Cardiology and Geriatric Medicine. Radio diagnosis/Imaging : Interventional and Vascular Radiology General Medicine ENT, Dental Nephrology Microbiology, General Surgery Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Blood Bank Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics , Dermatology, Pathology , Radio Diagnosis and Emergency Annexure 8A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES ECHS CHANDIGARH

Annexure 8B

49 EMPANELMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC CENTRES FOR ECHS CHANDIGARH Name of Hospitals Recognized for General Specialised Chandigarh Clinical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. SCF Pathology 9 Sec, 16-D, Chandigarh SCO 76, Sec 20-C, Chandigarh 338-15A, Chandigarh Mirchias Diagnostics SCO 912, NAC Radio diagnosis Manimajra, Chandigarh Spiral CT and MRI Centre, SCO 73-74, Sector 20, Chandigarh – 160019 Dr. Sandhu‟s Pathology & Imaging Centre, Pathology and SCO 50-51, Sec -34-A, Chandigarh – 160034 Radio Diagnosis

Sl. 1.

2. 3. 4.

CT Scan CT Scan and MRI -

Annexure 9A

50 EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS PALLAKAD Sl. 1. Name of Hospitals Thangam Hospital of PMRC Fortis Heart Institute & Multi speciality Hospitial Sector 62, Phase VIII, Mohali – 160062 Recognized for General General Medicine ENT, Orthopedics, Dental, , General Surgery Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anaeshtesia, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology, Radio diagnosis and Emergency General Medicine ENT, Orthopedic, Dental, Microbiology, General Surgery Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Blood Bank Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, , Pathology , Radio Diagnosis, Physiotherapy and Emergency General Medicine ENT, Dental, Microbiology, General Surgery Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology, Radio diagnosis and Emergency Specialised Non invasive Cardiology and CT Scan


Sai Nursing Home, Sai Junction, Olavakkod, Palakkad - 678002

Genito Urinary Surgery


Alshifa Hospital Pvt. Ltd. PB No. 26, Ooty Road, Perintalmanna – 22, Malappuram, Kerala

Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Vascular, Genito Urinary, Traumatolgy, Replacement, Spinal Prosthetic & Laparoscopic Surgery Medicine – Neuro medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Interventional Cardiology. Radio diagnosis/Imaging : CT Scan, Interventional and Vascular Radiology Pediatrics : Neonatology Pathology: AIDS & Virology

Annexure 10


Name of Hospitals

Recognized for

51 General 1. DRARWAD Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Medical College Hospital, Sattur, Dharward – 580 009 General Medicine ENT, Orthopedic, Microbiology, General Surgery Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology , Radio Diagnosis, and Emergency

Specialised Surgery – Plastic Reconstructive and

BELGAUM 2. KLES Hospital & MRC Medicine ENT, Orthopedic, Belgaum, Nehrunagar, Microbiology, General Surgery Belgaum – 590 010 Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, Blood Bank, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology , Radio Diagnosis, and Emergency

Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Cardio thoracic, Vascular, Genito Urinary and Joint Replacement. Medicine – Neuro medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory Diseases, Endocrinology and Interventional Cardiology. Radio diagnosis/Imaginings : CT Scan, MRI, Interventional and Vascular Radiology Pediatrics : Neonatology Obstetrics & Gynecology – Infertility and assisted reproduction.

BIJAPUR 3. Shri BM Patil Medical College and Research Centre Speciality Hospital, Ashram Road, Bijapur – 596 103 General Medicine ENT, Orthopaedic, General Surgery Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Pathology , Radio Diagnosis, and Emergency Genito Urinary Surgery

HUBALI 4. Karnataka Cancer Therapy Anesthesia and Blood Bank Surgery : Oncology(Surgery) and Research Institute, MG Medicine : Oncology Road Navanagar, Hubli – (Medical) and Radiotherapy. 580025 Pathology : Oncopathology EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS BELGAUM, BIJAPUR AND HUBLI



52 General Tagore Hospital & Heart Medicine, Orthopedic, General Care Centre, Banda Surgery, Anesthesia, Blood Bahadur Nagar, Mahavir Bank, Pathology , Radio Marg, Jalandhar -144008 Diagnosis, and Emergency


Oxford Hospital(P) Ltd. Emergency Sevice 305, Lajpat Nagar, Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar – 144001

Specialised Surgery : Cardio thoracic and Genito Urinary. Medicine: Cardiology, Nephrology and Interventional Cardiology. Pediatrics : Cardiology Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Cardio thoracic, Vascular Surgery, Spinal and Endovascular Surgery. Medicine : Neuro Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology and Interventional Cardiology. Surgery : Genito Urinary and Laparoscopic Surgery. Medicine :, Nephrology Pediatrics : Pediatric Nephrology Pathology: AIDS & Virology and Transfusion Medicine. Others : Renal Transplantation, Lithotripsy and Urodynamics

3. 4.

Orthonova Hospital, Orthopaedics Nakodar Road, Jalandhar Kidney Hospital, 63, Blood Bank Warvam Nagar, Cool Road, Jalandhar – 144001

Annexure 12A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS ROPAR Sl. No 1. Recognized for General Kiran Nursing Home & Laparoscopic Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centre, Dashmesh Nagar, Bela Chowk, Ropar – 140 001 Name of Hospitals

Specialised -

Annexure 12 B EMPANELMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE FOR ECHS ROPAR Sl. Name of Hospitals Recognized for

53 No 1. General Chandigarh Ultrasound Scan Centre, 9, Radio diagnosis Lehri Mandir Complex Hospital Road, Ultrasonography Ropar – 140 001 Specialised and -

Annexure 13A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITAL/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS DEHRADUN Sl. No 1. Name of Hospitals Recognized for



Specialised Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive and Laparoscopic Surgery. Medicine : Non invasive cardiology, Respiratory Disease, Gastro enterology and Nephrology Radio diagnosis/Imaging. – CT Scan Archana Hospital. 123 – A, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Genito Urinary Surgery and Mahendra Vihar, Behind Hotel Anesthesia and Pediatrics Laparoscopic Surgery Surbhii Palace, Ballupur Road, Dehradun MK Surgical Clinic & Urology General Surgery and Surgery –Genito Urinary and Centre, 8 Convent Road, Anesthesia Laparoscopic Surgery Dehradun – 248 001 Medicine – Non invasive Cardiology City Hospital, 1- Chakrata Orthopedics Road, Bindal Bridge, Dehradun-248001 Luthra Hospital Pvt. Ltd., 58, Ophthalmology Chakrata Road & 9B Astley Hall, Dehradun – 248 001 Amritsar Eye Clinic, 122/1 EC Ophthalmology Road, Dehradun – 248 001 Patil Dental Clinic, 39/1, Dental Ballupur Road, Near Ballupur Chowk, Dehradun – 248 001 -

General Combined Medical Institute General Medicine ENT, Hospital, 54, Haridwar Road, Dental, Microbiology, Dehradun (UA) – 248001 General Surgery Ophthalmology, , Anesthesia, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics and Emergency, Orthopedics.




Retina, Phaco & Lasik Surgery, Ophthalmic Ultrasound and Automated Perimary. -




No 1.


Doon MRU Scan Centre, 79, Rajpur Road, Dehradun – 248 001 Dr. Ahuja‟s Pathology & Pathology, Microbiology and Imaging Centre, 7/B Astley Radio Diagnosis Hall, Dehradun – 248 001

54 General -

Specialised MRI

CT Scan

Annexure 14A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS SILIGURI Sl. No 1. Name of Hospitals Sunrise Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd, Udham Singh Sarani, Ashrampara, Sevoke Road, Siliguri – 734401 Recognized for General General Medicine ENT, Orthopedics, Microbiology, General Surgery Ophthalmology, , Anesthesia, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics Dermatology, Pathology, Radio Diagnosis and Emergency. Specialised Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Genito Urinary, Spinal and Laparoscopic Surgery. Medicine : Neuro Medicine, Non invasive cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Nephrology Radio diagnosis/Imaging. – CT Scan Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Genito Urinary, Spinal and Laparoscopic Surgery. Medicine : Neuro Medicine, Non invasive cardiology, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology Surgery : Laparoscopic Surgery. Medicine : Neuro Medicine, Non invasive cardiology, Gastroenterology, Radio diagnosis/Imaging. – CT Scan


Anandaloke Hospiatal & Neurosciences Centre ( A unit of Anandloke Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd), 2nd Miles, Sevoke Road, Siliguri – 734 401

General Medicine ENT, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Radio Diagnosis and Emergency.


Paramount Hospital Pvt. Ltd. (Nuro Ortho & Truma Centre), Mangal Pandey Road, Khalpara, Siliguri – 734405


55 No 1. General Delhi Dental Clinic, Mall Road Near Spice Dental Telecom Office, Bhatinda – 151001 Specialised -

Annexure 16A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS THALASSERY Sl. No 1. Name of Hospitals Tellicherry Co-operative Hospita (A unit of Tellicherry co-operative Hospital Society Ltd. No. C1021) Cooperative Hospital Junction, Thalassery – 670 101 Recognized for General Specialised General Medicine ENT, Dental, Surgery : Neuro Surgery, Microbiology, General Surgery Pediatric Surgery, Spinal and Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Laparoscopic Surgery. Anesthesia, Blood Bank, Medicine : Neuro Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Non invasive cardiology, Pediatrics Dermatology, , Radio Gastroenterology and Diagnosis and Emergency. Nephrology Radio diagnosis/Imaging. – CT Scan Obstetrics & Gynecology : Infertility and assisted reproduction. Annexure 17A

EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS MUKTSAR Sl. No 1. Recognized for General Specialised Patiala Eye Hospital & Maternity Home, Opthalmology. Behind Ajit Cinema Bathinda Road, Muktsar - 152026 Annexure 18A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS Annexure 19B MADURAI Name of Hospitals Recognized for General Specialised Meenakshi Mission General Medicine ENT, Dental, CT Scan Hospital and Research Microbiology, General Surgery Centre (Run by SR Trust), Ophthalmology, Paychiatry, Anesthesia, Lake Area Melur Road, Blood Bank, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Madurai – 625107 Paediatrics Dermatology, , Radio Diagnosis and Emergency. EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS AHMEDNAGAR Sl. Name of Hospitals Recognized for Name of Hospitals

Sl. No 1.

No 1.

56 General Hi-Tech Diagnosis Centre, Microbiology and Pathology Behind Court, Near Vitthal Mandir, Court Gali, Ahmednagar – 414001

Specialised -

Annexure 20A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS AMRITSAR Sl. No 1. Name of Hospitals Recognized for Specialised Surgery : Cardio Thoracic, Vascular Surgery, Paediatric Surgery.. Medicine : Neuro Medicine, Gastroenterology, Clinical Immunology and Interventional Cardilogy Paediatrics - Cardiology Pathology– Transfusion medicine Other(specify) : Nuclear medicine. Annexure 21A EMPANELMENT OF HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES FOR ECHS INDORE Sl. No 1. Name of Hospitals General College of Dental Science Dental & Hospital, F-12, Jhoomer Ghat, Rau, Dist – Indore – 453331 Recognized for Specialised

General Escorts Heart and Super Microbiology, Anesthesia, specially Institute Ltd. Blood Bank, Pathology and Majidha Verka Bye Pass Emergency. Road, Amritsar - 143004


57 Q1 What is the Ex Service Men Contributory Health Scheme?

Ans. ECHS was authorised by Government of India on 30 Dec2002, and has been introduced from 01 April 2003. It is a publicly funded medicare scheme for those who are ex-servicemen and pensioners & their eligible dependants, and will provide comprehensive, quality treatment through out-patient treatment at 227 Polyclinics all over India, and inpatient hospitalization & treatment through Military Hospitals and out-sourced Civil Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers at all theb se 227 locations, which will be empanelled for the purpose. Treatment/hospitalization in Service Hospitals will be available to ECHS members, subject to availability of speciality, medical staff and bed space. Q2. Who are eligible to become ECHS members? Ans. (a) Ex Servicemen (ESM) drawing any Pension / disability pension and their family members, as indicated at Answer 4. (b) (c) Widows/Family Pensioners drawing Ordinary/Special family pension. Ex-Servicemen drawing disability pension.

Q3. Is there any age limit or medical condition for joining the ECHS? Ans. Joining the ECHS is voluntary for those ESM/eligible persons who retired on or before 31 March 2003. There is no restriction on age or medical condition at the time of seeking membership or joining the scheme. ESM/eligible persons have upto 31 March 2008 to exercise their option (that is, within the next 5 years). Entry to the scheme shall close on 31 March 2008, after which the option cannot be exercised. Q4. Who are the family members covered? Ans. Spouse, unemployed son(s) below 25 years, unemployed and unmarried daughter(s), dependant parents whose combined income is less than Rs 1500/- pm, and mentally/physically challenged children for life. Q5. What happens to those servicemen who retire on after 01 Apr 03? Ans. They compulsorily become members of ECHS on retirement, and their subscription will be directly deducted from their terminal benefits CDA (Pensions), and this fact will be indicated in their PPO. Such personnel will, however, have to comply with requirements of submitting an Application and an Affidavit. Q6. What happens to the monthly medical allowance of Rs. 100/-, which is applicable now, for those retired personnel who join the ECHS scheme? Will they still continue to get it? Ans. No, they have to forfeit it. They shall continue to draw the allowance till date of joining ECHS, ie, date of acceptance of Application Form. At the end of each month, Regional Centres will obtain consolidated list of ECHS members from Station HQs in their jurisdiction, & forward this list (alongwith ORIGINAL copy of MRO) to concerned PCDA/PDA - latter will issue instructions to Pension Paying Office/Bank to cease payment of Rs 100.00 pm. Authority :- CGDA HQs letter dated 17 Nov 2003. Q7. What is the time period for the scheme to stabilize? Ans. It is expected to fully stabilize by 31 March 2008. Q8. Will the present arrangements of medical support continue till then? Ans. Yes – but this needs clarification. Routine support by MI Rooms or by Service Hospitals for minor treatment (commonly referred to as “garden diseases”) is a welfare

58 subject and is controlled by Command HQs of the three services, and may continue. However, this support has no connection with ECHS. Some modicum of support as provided by Service Hospitals, for inexpensive treatment, will continue in the future also. Priority for treatment at Service Hospitals shall be governed by following principles: (a) Authorised Category. Only serving soldiers and their permissible dependants are authorized for treatment in service hospitals, and they shall be given first priority. (b) ECHS Authorised Category. Those ESM pensioners (and their dependants) who have become ECHS members shall be entitled to be given full range of treatment for all categories of diseases, subject to availability of bed space, availability of speciality, and availability of qualified doctors. Those that are referred to Military facilities will be treated at par with serving personnel. (c) Entitled Category. All those who are Ex-Servicemen and do not become members by 31 March 2008, shall continue to receive treatment in Military Hospitals. The treatment to be provided will be as given at present, that is not involving heavy expenditure. The entire system will be received after 31 March 2008. Q9. What are the rates of ECHS contribution? Ans. The one-time contribution to be made is based on the basic monthly pension (excluding DA). Pension means uncommuted pension. The rates are as follows: Basic monthly pension Upto Rs 3000/Rs 3001 to Rs 6000/Rs 6001 to Rs 10000/Rs 10001 to Rs 15000/Above Rs 15001/One-time contribution Rs 1800/Rs 4800/Rs 8400/Rs 12000/Rs 18000/-

Q10. What would the scheme cater for and how? Ans. The scheme would cater for medicare through the clinics as given below: ECHS Polyclinics (alongside Service Hospitals) - 104 ECHS Polyclinics at non-military stations - 123

Q11. What are the arrangements for those entitled ECHS members who need specialized treatment, which is not available in the Polyclinics? Ans. In the first instance the Polyclinic doctor(s) will refer them to Service Hospitals. If facilities are not available at Service Hospitals, they will be referred to an empanelled hospital of the patient‟s choice. Polyclinic staff will not dictate which empanelled facility should be utilised by the patient. Q12. Will the members have to initially make payment to the empanelled hospital and then seek reimbursement? Ans. No. The ECHS organisation will make direct payment to the empanelled hospital (except for dietary charges which are to be paid by the member). There is no burden of any payment on the ECHS member either for treatment or medicines. The ECHS will NOT

59 reimburse the member for any payments made by him knowingly or inadvertently. The only exception is in emergency hospitalization – details covered later in this FAQ. Q13. What is the address of Central Organisation of ECHS? Ans. The policy decisions and administration of the scheme will be controlled by the Central Organisation at Delhi, through thirteen Regional Centres. Postal address below: ECHS Central Organisation Room No 278-A, South Block, Adjutant General‟s Branch Army Headquarters, New Delhi-110 011 Following are managing the ECHS and may be contacted in necessity: (a) Lt Gen Mohinder Singh, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, Adjutant General

(b) Lt Gen M G Girish, PVSM, AVSM, VSM Director General Discipline, Ceremonials and Welfare (c) Lt Gen Vijay Dua, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), Managing Director

Q14. What are the addresses of the Regional Offices? Ans. The following are the addresses of Regional Centres with names of Regional Directors: (a) Col Pradeep Yadu (b) Col AK Chopra Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Jammu Regional Centre, Delhi C/o Stn HQ Jammu C/o HQ Delhi Area, Delhi Cantt- 10 (c) Col FS Dehal Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre Chandimandir Chandimandir Col RS Dogra Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Jaipur C/o HQ 61 (I) Sub Area Col SV Singh Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Lucknow C/o HQ Lucknow Sub Area Col G Sikdar Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Kolkata C/o HQ Eastern Command Kolkatta (d) Col VK Handu Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Jabalpur Jabalpur Col Sandeep Kumar Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Pune C/o HQ Pune Sub Area Col DS Gawande Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Chennai C/o HQ ATNK & K Area, Chennai Cmde NS Malik Regional HQs ECHS (Kochi) C/o HQs Southern Naval Command Naval Base, Kochi








Col Narendra Singh


Gp Capt K Singh

60 Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Patna C/o Stn HQ Patna (n) Col Mukesh Malhotra Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Gauhati C/o HQ 51 Sub Area C/o 99 APO Regional Director (ECHS) Regional Centre, Hyderabad C/O AF Station Begumpet, Hyd

Q15. Where are the application forms available? Ans. Forms are available at all Station Headquarters, CSDs and at Rajya Sainik Board offices. For those having access to the internet form can also be downloaded from website „‟ or “”. Q16. How to apply for ECHS membership? Ans. Collect the forms. Thereafter, read the instructions carefully, fill up the application form, get the affidavit notarized and subscription/contribution deposited in Government Treasury/Reserve Bank of India or State Bank of India. Pensioners are then to personally report to Station Headquarters with the completed application form and following original and photo copy of documents (Dependants are NOT required to accompany): (a) Pension Payment Order (PPO), duly attested by Bank/Treasury from where the pension is being drawn. Original is to be shown at the time of submission of application form. (b) Discharge book (Not required in case of Naval officers).

(c) Two passport size photographs each of the pensioner & dependants, who propose to use the ECHS facilities - paste one copy of each photo on Pages 8 & 9 of the application form, and one copy each on the Affidavit. (d) Attach original copy of Military Receivable Order (MRO) to the Application Form as proof of deposit of contribution (note that the duplicate copy is for the bank, triplicate copy for pensioner & fourth copy is a spare one). (e) Affidavit duly notarized, in original.

(f) Ex-servicemen Identity Card (photocopy NOT to be attached) Original will be shown for comparison at the time of submission of form at Station Headquarters. Q17. Where are the collection points for the completed application forms? Ans. Station Headquarters at 104 designated locations are the only authorized collection points. Nominated officers will collect completed application forms & compare originals with photocopies. Nominated officers are the only ones who are authorized to verify documents, original PPO and Ex Servicemen Identity Card at the time of submission of application. They will hand over a receipt to the ESM on collection & spot verification of documents. Detailed vetting and verification shall be undertaken thereafter, and may take between 15 days to 2 months depending on the information to be sought. A pensioner/widow is only considered a full member once he/she is issued a valid ECHS

61 Membership SMART Card, and NOT before. Acceptance of Application Form & MRO only implies joining the Scheme. Q18. How much time will it take to issue Smart Card after submission of the forms? Ans. Presently it will take 4-6 months after deposit of form. The applicants will be intimated the date by the Stn HQ/collection centre. However, once the entire system is in place, a card will be issued within three months of submitting the form. Q19. How will the membership be given to Pensioners/Ex-Servicemen? Ans. ECHS Membership SMART cards will be issued after processing of application form submitted by ESM. Each ESM shall be issued minimum one card (for the whole family) and two add-on cards, if desired. This choice is to be indicated in the form. Q20. What are the diseases, which can be treated under the ECHS? Ans. All known diseases are covered for treatment under ECHS. Q21. Where are all the Polyclinics going to be set up in the country? Ans. Polyclinics will be set up countrywide at 227 stations. See list at Appendix attached. Q22. Who will staff the Polyclinics and what will be the working hours? Ans. Medical and para medical staff will be hired/employed on contract for working at Polyclinics. Polyclinics will be open for eight hours during weekdays. They shall be closed on Sundays and Gazetted holidays. ESM patients requiring attention outside working hours will be handled by Duty MOs of service hospitals (in military stations) and by on-call civilian doctors in non-military stations. One nursing assistant will be available in all clinics in non – military stations after working hours. Q23. What is the difference between the existing AGI/AFGI MB Scheme as compared to ECHS? Ans. AGIF/AFGI Medical Benefit Schemes are privately funded ventures with limited coverage and that too for specific diseases. These cater for the ex-servicemen and spouse only, whereas ECHS caters to dependent parents and children, in addition to above. Reimbursement of medical expenses under AGIF/AFGIS is limited to certain specified diseases only and financial limits of expenditure (max Rs 2.10 lakhs each for exservicemen and spouse) are also specified. There are no such restrictions under ECHS. Also refer to the Annexure. Q24. Is employment as medical & non-medical staff an automatic resettlement avenue for retired ex-servicemen for managing the Scheme? Ans. No. While preference will be given to ESM for employment in Polyclinics, the emphasis will first be on quality and experience. Operational management of the overall ECHS Sr No Category Percentage of ESM (a) (b) (c) (d) Medical Officers Dental Officers Para Medical Staff Other Staff 60% 60% 70% 70%

scheme will, however, be by regular service personnel only. All efforts will be made to employ a minimum of following ESM in polyclinics : -


Q25. What is the contribution of the Govt to sustain the expenditure of the Scheme? Ans. The ECHS scheme is totally Govt funded. The contribution by the pensioners has no bearing on the expenditure to be incurred. Q26. What is the scope of reimbursement for travel from/to Polyclinic to the empanelled hospitals/specialist diagnostic centers? Ans. Travel to & from the Polyclinic is the responsibility of the ESM. However, seriously ill patients will be provided the following facilities: (a) Travel in Same City. Ambulance of ECHS will be provided within municipal limits of the city, if medical condition of patient requires so. (b) Travel to a Different City. If the patient himself opts to go to an empanelled hospital/diagnostic centre in another city, then the expense of travel will be borne by the patient himself/herself. ECHS will not provide any facility/reimbursement in such cases. However, if an ECHS member is transferred from one empanelled hospital to another on medical advice/medical condition, then Travelling Allowance (Rail/Air) shall be admitted and restricted to actuals. Q27. Is there any other alternative to submitting an Affidavit or MRO? Ans. No. Both these are legal & financial requirements. Q28. When will the AGI/AFGI MB Scheme cease to exist? Ans. Both AGIS (MBS) & AFGIS (MIS) have stopped new enrollment from 01 April 2003. AGIS (MBS) shall completely wind up on 31 March 2006, and original contribution shall be refunded in full to all outstanding members on that date. Existing members can continue to use the MBS facilities uptil 31 Mar 2006 or ask for refund once they join the ECHS – choice is theirs. Refund will be in full, even if MBS facility has been availed. The AFGIS (MIS) shall close on 31 March 2005, or an earlier date, as decided by the Air Force – members shall be informed by the AFGIS. Q29. What is the procedure for payment of bills to empanelled hospitals? Does the ECHS member/patient have to pay anything or will the ECHS settle the bills? Ans. Payment by ECHS only, post treatment. Patient does NOT have to pay anything (except Hospital Stoppages / Dietary charges). Q30. What is the procedure for obtaining medicines, which are not available either with the Polyclinic or with the empanelled hospital? Ans. Local purchase will be done through concerned SEMO, in military stations, and by the OIC Polyclinic/Medical Officer in non-military stations. They have been authorized certain LP powers. ECHS members are NOT required to purchase any medicines and, hence, will not be re-imbursed.

63 Q31. What is the basis of location of Polyclinics and their range of treatment facilities being provided by them? Ans. ESM population of the area, as per ZSB reports, determines the type of Polyclinic, ie, Type A, B, C or D. Each Polyclinic has different scales of manpower & equipment. Q32. What are the methods of empanelment of hospitals and doctors with respect to each Polyclinic? Ans. Empanelment will be done by a Station Board of officers, comprising of the Station Cdr/his rep, one Medical rep, a Medical Specialist and member of ECHS, and approved by Command HQs. List of empanelled Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres & Specialist Consultants will be available at each Polyclinic. Will also be posted on ECHS website at a later date. Q33. How do the members intimate the change of residence, or change of status of dependants? Ans. Change may be intimated to Station HQs. However, each time the pensioner or his dependants visit a Polyclinic, the status of dependants will automatically be checked. ECHS members must provide accurate facts of status. In case it is discovered that change of status has been concealed (no matter what the reasons) the provisions of Para 9 of the Affidavit will be applied and membership of the ESM and all his dependants will be terminated, without any relief. There is NO appeal in such cases. Q34. Can the members have the option to continue with more than one Govt/PSU Scheme? Ans. An individual cannot become a member of two Govt/PSU Schemes – he/she has to cancel membership of the other scheme in case opting for the ECHS. For example, one cannot be a member of CGHS & ECHS at the same time. Nor can one be a member of the ECHS and a PSU scheme at the same time. In case any concealment of facts is discerned, recourse will be taken as per provisions of Para 9 of the Affidavit. Q35. What is the medical coverage for those Ex-Servicemen who do not join the ECHS Scheme? Ans. Existing facilities through MI Room and Service Hospitals will continue. This will be reviewed after five years. Q36. Why is re-imbursement not allowed under ECHS yet, even though members have submitted forms and made payment of contribution? Ans. The procedures for empanelment of hospitals/diagnostic centers/consultants and payment to them are under consideration of the Government. There is NO payment to be made by an ECHS member under the scheme, hence, NO provision for re-imbursement. Q37. Will all dependents of ESM be allowed add-on SMART cards independently? Ans. Only two add-on cards are being provided in the initial phase. However, the question of having more add-on cards will be reviewed later, depending on demand. The cost of each Smart Card is R 90.00 – cost of each Add-on Card is also Rs 90.00. Q38. Whether dentures will be authorised under ECHS? Ans. Yes. Details will be issued through an ECHS Brochure by 31 Mar 2004. Q39. What will be the provisions for treatment/hospitalisation in emergencies? Ans. ESM has three options, namely: -

64 (a) (b) Report to nearest service hospital for treatment. Report to nearest empanelled hospital. Bill will be paid by ECHS.

(c) Report to any/nearest non-empanelled hospital. ESM/ his rep will have to pay the charges to the non-empanelled hospital initially. (d) In all cases where emergency treatment is availed, and where the patient does NOT go through the Polyclinic referral route, it will be the patient‟s responsibility to inform his Polyclinic/ECHS Central Org or Regional Centre within 48 hours of where he/she is admitted. (e) Such bills will be forwarded in original only to the ECHS Central Organisation, Delhi. (f) Note. The onus of informing the Polyclinic or ECHS shall be of the patient. Also the onus of proving the emergency shall be that of the ESM patient. Q40. Can an ESM regularly go to a particular consultant/specialist? Ans. Yes, but only to empanelled consultants, after he/she is referred by the Polyclinic. ECHS members cannot go to non-empanelled Consultants, or go to empanelled consultants without reference by the Polyclinic authorities. Q41. What will be the method of treatment & referral under the ECHS scheme? Ans. First stage of referral will be to Service Hospitals in military stations (and wherever possible even in non-military stations depending upon distance). In case the specialist facilities or bed space is NOT available in the Service Hospital, then the patient will be referred to empanelled civil facilities of their choice. Q42. DO Pt II Order requirement should be done away with, since it requires senior citizens to run around pension offices? Ans. Officers should submit their application form to Station HQs. In case of any clarification, Station HQs will get the necessary Part II Order from Record Offices. However, requirement of consulting DO Part II order/ GENFORM / AF RECFORM cannot be dispensed with due to mandatory verification check for eligibility. Q43. Clarification regarding medical history: will persons already suffering from a disease continue to be eligible after gaining ECHS membership? Is it necessary to provide medical details asked for in the computerized application form? Will the application be rejected for want of medical history/ allergy details? Ans. Yes. History is being taken to help pensioners for their treatment and not to deny any service. Q44. Can the ESM make a choice of empanelled facility? Who will empanel hospitals/diagnostic centers and specialist consultants? Ans. (a) Choice of Empanelled Hospital. This has been included in the policy, even without suggestions made by the environment. The patient can get himself treated at a Service Hospital when referred by the polyclinic doctor. In case bed space is not available in the Service Hospital, the patient only will decide the civil empanelled hospital of his choice, any where in India – cost of transportation of going there to be borne by him.


(b) Empanelment of Hospitals. The decision for empanelment of such hospitals, which can undertake serious surgeries, lies with the Station Commander. Members may make their views known to Station Commander – he alone can decide on inclusion/exclusion. (c) Polyclinics. The Polyclinics will cater for treatment of the patient as per opinion of doctor. This has been included in the system. (d) All efforts are being made to make the scheme beneficial to all Exservicemen and the emphasis will be on quality. A duly constituted Station Board of Officers, comprising non-AMC officers, as well as service medical advisors/specialists and an ECHS representative, shall carry out empanelment of civil hospitals/diagnostic centers/specialist consultants. Q45. Can the submission of Affidavit be waived? The submission procedure of MRO is also difficult – can it be changed? Ans. The requirement of Affidavit cannot be waived, as it is a legal document in which the most operative portion is Para 9. In case of misuse, submission of fraudulent information or any other misdemeanor, the ECHS has the right to take legal action. The depositing of MRO at SBI/Govt Treasury is unavoidable as it is a treasury deposit Q46. Will ECHS members be re-imbursed payment made by them for treatment or medicines? Ans. The term “reimbursement” ceases to exist with the ECHS scheme being put in place. No entitled ECHS membership Cardholder is required to pay any money for treatment at a Polyclinic/empanelled hospital (except Hospital Stoppages/Diet charges). Q47. Where will the computerized application forms be available? Do those ESM who have submitted their normal application forms earlier need to fill in the computerized forms? Ans. (a) A sample Computerised application form has been prepared and forwarded to all Command HQs by Central Organization, ECHS. The forms will be distributed under the aegis of Command HQs through Stn HQs. ECHS Central Org does not issue forms directly. Ex-Servicemen should contact Stn HQs/CSD Canteens and Kendriya/Rajya Sainik Boards for the forms. (b) No. ECHS does not wish to inconvenience pensioners. Therefore, those pensioners/widows who have already submitted the old forms do NOT have to re-fill the new computerized forms. Their computer forms shall be filled-in on their behalf by the Station HQs staff. When the ESM pensioners visit the Stn HQs to collect their Membership SMART Cards, they will be required to sign their computerized forms. Q48. By when are the ECHS membership SMART Cards likely to be issued? Is it essential for an ESM to hold a SMART Card to be eligible for ECHS facilities? Ans. (a) Smart Cards are proposed to be issued to members joining the Scheme for which the tender procedures are currently under way. It will take some time (4-6 months) before cards can be issued to members. The current expectation is that SMART Cards may be issued sometime from 15 Jan 2004 onwards. All efforts are being put in to ensure early issue.


(b) We also wish to mention that ECHS membership card shall only be issued to those pensioners/widows whose cases have been fully scrutinized/ verified after detailed examination of documents. Merely submitting a form or MRO does not make a pensioner an ECHS member. Q49. Can the Application forms be provided from locations other than those specified earlier – for example, can they be provided at air bases or naval establishments? Can the scrutiny & verification of forms be done at locations other than designated Station HQs? Is it necessary to submit the Affidavit? Ans. (a) Distribution of Application Forms. The printing/distribution of application form, as well as points of distribution, has been left entirely to Army/Naval/Air Force Command Headquarters. ESM may approach the concerned MG IC Adm/COS/SASO in case they feel the forms should be distributed from other locations. (b) Receipt and Scrutiny/ Verification of Application Forms. The receipt, scrutiny and verification of the forms are a legal requirement to prevent entry of wrong personnel. Also the ECHS organisation does not wish to retain any original documents of pensioner. Hence the forms will have to be submitted in person to any of designated 104 Military stations and it is regretted that this duty cannot be assigned to Rajya Sainik Board Officers. (c) Requirement of Affidavit. The requirement of affidavit cannot be waived as it is legal document in which most operative portion is Para 9. In case of misuse, submission of fraudulent information and any other misdemeanor the ECHS has the right to take legal action. Therefore it is regretted that the Affidavit cannot be waived and can be signed by Notary Public. Q50. Can treatment be availed at Augmented Armed Forces Clinics (AAFCs) till the ECHS Polyclinics are fully established and till civil hospitals are empanelled? Will new civil hospitals/diagnostic centers be empanelled later, or will it be a one-time exercise? Ans. (a) Augmentation of Resources for Military Hospitals. It is pointed out that Army/Naval/Air Force Command Headquarters have already taken action to augment resources at 32 locations even while the constr and equipping of ECHS Polyclinics is to commence. It is also pointed out that all Military Hospitals have been directed to continue to provide existing and some additional support at Military Hospitals till the empanelment of reputed all India private hospitals is approved. The case for empanelment of such reputed Hospitals is currently under examination by Ministry of Defence. We would also like to mention that once the ECHS membership of a pensioner is approved and he possesses his membership Smart Card, he will be auth treatment in a Military Hospital subject to availability of bed space/treatment facility/availability of concerned specialists. Provision to include New Hospitals. The point is well taken and has been noted for the future. Modification to Govt letter will be undertaken if and when any new service hospitals are constructed. However, we would like to mention that authorization of Polyclinics is strictly based on statistical data of ESM residing in a district and is not related to presence/absence of service hospitals.


Q 51. Can the submission or quoting of Part II Orders/GENFORM/POR be dispensed with as most pensioners do not have copies or cannot recall the authority of marriage and births? Ans. Requirement of Part II Orders. To ensure that there is no fraudulent entry into the ECHS Scheme, requirement of producing/quoting Part II Orders for Army persons, GENFORM for Naval personnel & POR for AF personnel is mandatory where ever dependants are included in Application form. Requirement of above Part II Orders & related documents for Navy & AF, is, however, waived in those cases where ONLY the ESM & spouse wish to become ESM beneficiaries and their details and joint photographs are available on the PPO. It may be appreciated that PPOs issued prior to 1994 do not contain photographs of the spouse and hence some other form of proof is essential. Q 52. What is the relationship between the ECHS and the AGIF (MBS) or AFGIS (MIS)? Will deposit for the MBS & MIS be refunded? Ans. (a) AGIF (MBS)/AFGIS (MIS). As regards the two AGI and AFGIS Schemes, there is no connection with the ECHS. They are privately funded and are being wound up as indicated earlier. The decision to close these has been taken by the concerned authorities after full deliberation and taking into account all possible angles. Should any member wish to take this matter further, you may write to MD AGIF/MD AFGIS for further clarifications. Moreover, since the ECHS is a public funded scheme where as the AGIF/AFGIS are private schemes it will be technically incorrect and administratively impossible to deduct and transfer money from one scheme to another. (b) The procedure that has been specified so far is that any Ex-Serviceman pensioner joining the scheme has to submit his money by MRO. It is voluntary for such pensioners to join ECHS. As a special concession, it has been legislated by Army Headquarters that AGIF (MBS) money will be refunded in full, irrespective of medical treatment availed, to any individual wishing to withdraw his money on joining ECHS. The AGIS is being compulsorily terminated on 31 Mar 2006 on which date all pending amounts will be paid back to members. AFGIS is being terminated on 31 March 2005, and Air HQs will be issuing separate instructions for refund. (c) Difference in Payment of Contribution. As earlier mentioned, ECHS subscription rates have been decided by Govt based on a common scale applicable to all Central Government employees. Nothing further can be done in this matter and the matter has been treated as closed. Since it is voluntary for the existing pensioners to join the scheme, they are the best judges whether to join or not. Q53. What is the need to introduce the new computerized forms – they appear to be too complicated? Ans. New Computerised Application Form. While at individual level some may feel the form is complicated and cumbersome, it may please be understood that we are dealing with approximately 20 lakhs pensioners/widows and approx 3 lakh new retirees, residing all over India. To avoid the ECHS also going the inefficient way of many other Govt Schemes, it is imperative to ensure that all those joining this scheme are legitimately authorized. The aim is not to harass Ex-Servicemen but to ensure full probity and verification. HQ ECHS has taken every possible step to review, revise and reduce the burden on Ex-Servicemen. Whatever has been asked for in application form is the very basic minimum, required for computer management for such a large Ex-Servicemen population. We hope ESM will

68 bear with this one-time inconvenience and perhaps combine the visit for ECHS (meant for their benefit) with their next visit to a CSD or an MI Room. Q54. Please issue clarification on the following issues: (a) If an ESM does not join the ECHS will he continue to avail the facilities as hitherto fore? Answer – Yes, as hitherto fore. However if he/she joins the ECHS, he/she will not get any medical allowance (ie Rs 100/-). Payment will stop once Application Form is accepted by Regional Centre/Station HQs. At the end of each month, Regional Centres will obtain consolidated list of ECHS members from Station HQs in their jurisdiction, & forward this (alongwith ORIGINAL copy of MRO) to concerned PCDA/PDA - latter will issue instructions to Pension Paying Office/Bank to cease payment of Rs 100.00 pm. Authority :CGDA HQs letter. (b) If an ESM joins the ECHS, will he continue to get the medical treatment from service hospitals? Answer. Yes. An ECHS patient who is referred by his Polyclinic doctor will be admitted/treated in a Service Hospital, provided specialty and bed space is available. Q55. What are the latest rates of contribution to the ECHS Scheme? Ans. (a) Contribution. Rates of subscriptions for ECHS were amended by Govt of India, MOD letter NO 22(I)/01/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 01 Apr 2003 which are as under :Pension/Family Pension (Rupees per month) Upto Rs 3000/Rs 3001/- to Rs 6000/Rs 6001/- to Rs 10000/Rs 10001/- to Rs 15000/Rs 15001 and above Contribution (in Rupee) Rs 1800/Rs 4800/Rs 8400/Rs 12000/Rs 18000/-

(b) The above rates are based on CGHS rates and as applicable to all Central Govt employees. (c) To assist Ex-Servicemen in easy payment, Govt has approved payment in three annual equated annual installments. ECHS SMART Card will only be valid for the period of subscription. Q56. Have any arrangements been made for publicity of the ECHS for the ESMs residing in rural areas? Is the contribution to be paid in one lump sum or can it be paid in installments? Where will the Polyclinics be sited in military & non-military areas? Ans. (a) Publicity. The Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) is being advertised through newspapers, talk shows on Doordarshan and through bulletin ads on other channels. In addition English and vernacular posters have been published by Command HQs and displayed at CSDs, Military Hospitals and at Zila/Rajya Sainik Board premises. Besides this, ex-serviceman rallies are being addressed by service offrs to disseminate the essentials of the scheme. It is also hoped that the word will be spread by word of mouth to the furthest corners of each state, by serving soldiers proceeding on leave. All units should provide 4-5 application forms to each soldier proceeding on leave for handing over to ESM residing in their village. Around 15,000

69 posters in Hindi & English have been printed centrally in Sept and sent to Commands & Zila Sainik Boards for display. (b) Payment. The payment has to be made through an MRO in one lump sum or through three yearly installments. Choice is with pensioner. Card will become valid for life only after the payment of the third installment. (c) Siting of Polyclinics. Siting in military stations will be on A1 Land, and preferably adjacent to/within the premises of a Service Hospital. The final decision will be that of the Station Commander, and approved by his chain of command. As far as Polyclinics in non-military stations are concerned, these will be sited/selected by a Station Board of Officers and approved by Command Headquarters. Convenience of ESM will be kept in mind while siting. Q57. Will Digital Hearing aids be authorized under the ECHS? Ans. Yes. However, the authorisation of a Digital Hearing Aid has first to be approved by a qualified specialist and approved by a Service Specialist. It is not upto the patient to demand such equipment. Rules & Regulations for provision of specialist items are currently under approval of Govt. By and large these will follow the minimum standards of the CGHS, suitably upgraded for the ECHS. Q58. Will contributions towards ECHS be exempted from Income Tax, and can relief be claimed under Section 88? Ans. Case has been forwarded to Central Board of Direct Taxation (CBDT), Min of Finance – reply is awaited. We are hopeful of a positive outcome. Q59. Will re-imbursements be permitted under ECHS? What is the factual position regarding treatment of retired personnel in Service Hospitals – how will joining ECHS affect my status? (a) Reimbursement. The term “reimbursement” ceases to exist with the ECHS being put in place. No entitled ECHS Membership Card holder is required to pay any money for treatment/medicines at a ECHS Polyclinic, or at an empanelled hospital/diagnostic centre to which he has been referred to by the Polyclinic. All bills for treatment/medicines will be cleared directly by ECHS with the empanelled hospital/diagnostic centre, except hospital stoppages & dietary charges. The only exception is that cheque reimbursement will be made to an ESM for emergency treatment undertaken in a non-empanelled hospital – for this certain conditions apply. These will be communicated in due course. Free treatment/medicines are assured to ECHS members, provided they follow ECHS procedures of first reporting to a Polyclinic & referral beyond. ECHS will not cover any expenses outside laid down procedure. (b) Treatment at MHs. The factual position as of now is as follows. ESM/pensioners are presently not authorised treatment in MHs as a right – they are only entitled to be treated for minor diseases (commonly refered to as “garden diseases”), and that too subject to availability of bed space, doctors, type of treatment and medicines etc. By joining ECHS, the ESM/pensioner becomes an authorised category. The only difference is that initial outpatient handling/ treatment will be by the ECHS Polyclinic, rather then the Staff Surgeon of the MH. In case the ESM requires further reference/treatment, it can be provided to him in the nearest MH, subject to availability of medicines, treatment facility and bed space. Should that not be available, he/she will be referred to an empanelled civil hospital of the patient‟s choice. It may also be noted that Command HQs have opened up

70 a number of small MI Rooms, which cater to minor medical needs of ex-servicemen. These may continue to be operated as a welfare measure under orders of Command HQs, and treatment provided thereat has no connection with the ECHS. To summarise, ECHS philosophy is, outpatient treatment by Polyclinic, and in–patient treatment by MH (subject to availability) and/ or empanelled hospitals. (c) Treatment at Local Civil Medical Facility. The choice of empanelled hospital/diagnostic center is entirely that of the ECHS Membership Card holder. The procedure will be somewhat like this – the patient first has to report to the ECHS Polyclinic. In case the MO/Specialist at the ECHS Polyclinic suggests further treatment, the ECHS member will first be referred to local MH (where existing/where treatment facility is available). Should MH not have the desired treatment/doctor/bed space, the ECHS patient will have the choice of going to any empanelled hospital in the station. The choice of empanelled hospital will be his choice, and not that of the MO. Should the treatment not be available in that station, the ECHS Card holder can go to any empanelled hospital in India. Q60. In case an ESM/widow does not wish to join the ECHS, how will her treatment be affected under the present dispensation/rules? Can ECHS members avail treatment in R&R Hospital, Delhi Cantt? Ans. (a) Treatment of Non-ECHS members. The question has partially been answered at Q 60 above. Non-ECHS members may continue to use facilities at existing MH/MI Rooms as hitherto fore as entitled members, subject to availability of 3 resources at that MH. It will be suggested to them to become authorised members by joining the ECHS. Let us assume two ESM patients report to the RR Hospital or to any service hospital – the priority will be given to the ECHS member since he is from the authorised category and has paid subscription, whereas a non-ECHS member is only entitled and his treatment is subject to availability of bed space etc. Non-ECHS members will also continue to get a Medical Allowance of Rs 100/- pm in their pension. (b) Treatment at R&R Hospital. A list of approx 500 hospitals has already been submitted to MOD and is under examination. Approval is expected to be accorded by end-Aug 2003. Treatment at R&R Hospital will be given when a case is referred/ transferred to it by ECHS clinic or another Service Hospital. It may be appreciated that R&R Hospital is heavily committed to meet requirement of serving soldiers & only spare bed space can be provided to ECHS members. Q 61. What are the benefits of joining the ECHS? Ans. The ECHS has brought in tremendous flexibility and empowerment for pensioners. The major benefits are; No Cash payment to be made any where, treatment is free, the number of diseases covered is exhaustive (and not restricted to the ten under MBS) and treatment can be availed in MH/Civil empanelled hospital of choice of the ECHS Card holder, and there is no upper limit for repeated treatment of the same disease/condition. The ECHS Card holder will have priority in treatment in MH/Service hospital over a non – ECHS member. The latter cannot avail any facilities of empanelled hospitals or treatment under the ECHS. Also refer to comparative chart with AGIS (MBS) scheme. Q 62. The term “ex-servicemen” is derogatory in nature – use “Retired Defence Personnel” instead.

71 Ans. Terminology “Ex-Servicemen”. While both terms, ie, “ESM” or “Retired Defence Personnel” are acceptable; the former term is more generically used and has come to stay. The word “ex” merely implies that the individual was once a serviceman, but is not a serviceman now. It does not, by any stretch of imagination, imply “non-existence” or any other degrading/derogatory meaning. It may be appreciated that while every one who leaves the service can be an “ex-serviceman”, NOT all can be called “retired defence personnel”. ECOs, Short Service Commission Officers, NCC officers, personnel proceeding on pre-mature retirement, discharges and dismissals are not covered by the term “retired defence personnel”, whereas they are covered by the term “ESM”. The appellation “retired defence personnel” would refer to one who has completed his term of service and is drawing pension. Hence a change may not be necessary, and the generally accepted usage of “ex-serviceman” that has come to stay all over India, will continue to be used. Q 63. What is the difference between “authorised” and “entitled” treatment at Service Hospitals? Ans. (a) At present the rule position for treatment in Service hospitals is, that it is only authorised to serving ranks/personnel and their declared dependants. ExServicemen are one amongst a list of 34 categories entitled to treatment, and hence, fall in a non-authorised category. The list of 34 includes BSF personnel under Army control, NCC, DGOF pers, etc. Treatment of ESM is, therefore, subject to many conditions like availability of bed space, treatment facility, availability of qualified doctors etc. Also, many diseases requiring long hospitalisation/expensive treatment, like Heart Transplant, Angiography, Cancer, Renal Transplants, Artificial Limbs, and such other facilities are not permitted for ESM. (b) By becoming an ECHS member, the ESM joins the authorised category for the complete range of in-patient treatment, both in service and in empanelled hospitals. However, their priority is next only to serving service personnel and their dependants, who hold primacy in attendance, care and treatment. Non-ECHS members will be treated only as per the existing procedure of restricted services provided by MHs, and will NOT have access to empanelled civil hospitals. Q 64. Is dental treatment catered for at Polyclinics? Ans. Yes. Each Polyclinic depending on the Type, whether “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D” has the following facilities in full or in part :(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) Two emergency ICU beds with monitors. Physiotherapy equipment. Analysis lab with reagents. Digital ECG machine. Dental chair. Ultrasound machine with normal & Gynaecology probes. X Ray machine. Oxygen Concentrator. Nebuliser. Minor OT facility.

72 (k) BP machine & other routine instruments as in an MI Room.

Q 65. Will services of all specialists be available at all Polyclinics? Ans. No. Whereas Type A & B clinics will have normal medical officers, medical specialists, gynecologist and dentist on their establishment, Type C & D will not have all. In any case, for any specialist/super-specialist consultation, the ECHS patients will be referred to outsourced Hospital/Diagnostic Centres and specialists.

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