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XML Viewer - Rohde _ Schwarz


									              If the Advantest toolbar is not visible, please click on the "Initialize XMLV
              and click the "Initialize XMLViewer" button.
              To start XMLViewer, click on the XMLViewer tool button on the Advantest

Version   1
Build     4
se click on the "Initialize XMLViewer tab-page
 er tool button on the Advantest toolbar.
Initialize XMLViewer
                       Click here to initialize XMLViewer

                       This operation should be executed only once, to create a
                       toolbar called "Advantest" and a toolbutton called XMLViewer

                       Once the tool bar has been created, you should not open
                       XMLViewer.xls directly anymore, nor should you click on this
                       "initialize" button again.

                       Start XMLViewer by clicking on the XMLViewer tool button.
nly once, to create a
button called XMLViewer

you should not open
should you click on this

XMLViewer tool button.
Operation canceled by user
Invalid file
File does not fit instrument selection
Invalid Parameter
File cannot be opened
Error reading file
Error during initialization
Instrument family not supported
No data
End of file encountered
Memory Allocation error
No data for conversion
No Trace Information
Error during file interpretation
Instrument reference does not belong to the selected family
File does not contain required information (SETUP)
Requested function is not supported in this configuration
Family             Instruments List                  Family codes
U37xx - FUS        U3751, U3771, U3772, U3741                    5
U3641 - ULIS csv   U4341, U4342, U4941, U3641, U3661             0
U3641 - ULIS bin   U4341, U4342, U4941, U3641, U3661             0
R3131 - SA1        R3131, R3131N                                 1
R3132 - SA2        R3132, R3162, R3172, R3182                    2
R3465 - PA         R3263, R3463, R3465, R3272                    3
R3267 - PAX        R3267, R3273                                  4
Dialog Titles                      Filters
Open U3751 Family source file      XML Files U3751 family (*.xml),*.xml,All Files (*.*),*.*
Open U3641 Family CSV source file CSV Files U3641 family (*.csv),*.csv,All Files (*.*),*.*
                                   Binary Files U3641 family (*.dat),*.dat,All Files (*.*),*.*
Open U3641 Family Binary source file
Open R3131 Family source file      Text Files R3131 family (*.dat),*.dat,All Files (*.*),*.*
Open R3132 Family source file      Text Files R3132 family (*.dat),*.dat,All Files (*.*),*.*
Open R3465 Family source file      Binary Files R3465 family (*.dat),*.dat,All Files (*.*),*.*
Open R3267 Family source file      Text Files R3267 family (*.dat),*.dat,All Files (*.*),*.*
Preferences Code
Prefered file type code                                                  0
Default input directory path          D:\DocumentsAF\Dev\FileView\data
Default output directory path         D:\DocumentsAF\Dev\FileView\data
PageSetup adjustment for report sheet              FALSE                     True/false: this process is VERY tim

e: this process is VERY time consumming
      Use data conversion function independent on the OS language since XML data will
1.2   always use a "." as decimal point.
      Attenuation and Impedance parameters: read ATDUALCH and OHMDUALCH which are
1.3   context dependent instead of the non context dependent AT and OHM
      Within the excel macro make sure that if '\' is not found in the directory name, or if a "."
1.4   is found before a "\" that the system will not crash (difficult to test)

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