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College Searches:
Data on more than 3,200 two and four-year colleges. Searchable data base. Lots of tips. The Princeton Review site. College match and rankings. Description of the Calif. Community colleges, programs, services. All CSU campuses. Build a portfolio and transfer information. UC system site. Portfolio option, searches, links. Connections for all California private colleges. All California campuses are represented. Lots of links. College matching service and specific major information. College sites with virtual tours, web cams. Overview of post-secondary education in California, links. Common application for over 277 member colleges.

College Admission Testing: Students may register for the SAT I and II, find practice questions for SAT and AP exams and more. Students may register for the ACT; try sample questions. Information about test preparation, financial aid, textbooks. Free SAT and ACT prep software. Download SAT and ACT software. SAT I, II and ACT online practice test site. Free SAT and ACT test prep.

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Job/Career/Major Searches: A huge site with tons of links to career resources and jobs. Information on salary, job openings and fastest growing occupations by states. Bureau Labor Statistics - Job prospects Jobs in government. Jobs in national parks, resorts, them parks, tour companies. Jobs in non-profit organizations. ID: 1009382 Password: burlingame Research college courses, majors.

Financial Aid: Federal financial aid information. Cal Grants and specialized programs available in California. Complete the FAFSA application online or download. Download the “Profile,” Independent college financial aid form. Financial Aid 101- the entire process. Research ideal student loans, scholarships and other resources. Social networking site for student loans. Financial aid and scholarship information.

Scholarships: Free scholarship service. Free scholarship service. Free scholarship service. Free scholarship service. Free scholarship service. National college match and scholarship program. Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Bill Gates Millennium Scholars.

Check for more websites in the Career and College Guide.

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