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									TUTOR GUIDE 2006/2007

Library Tel: 01284 716216 Email:

Term Time Opening Hours Monday – Thursday 0830 – 1900 Friday 0830 - 1700

Holiday Opening Hours:9am – 5pm except for summer break when we are open 9am – 1pm and may close completely. Please check our website for

September 2007

Membership All staff at West Suffolk College and its centres as well are entitled to use the Library facilities. Your staff badge will be your library card but you need to register your membership at the library counter (your payroll number is your library number when renewing or reserving books online via the catalogue). Membership entitles you to 15 items at any one time (10 books and 5 videos/DVDs). You will have full access to all the Library‟s electronic resources as part of this membership and if you would like to use these remotely you can do so by applying for a West Suffolk College Athens number. Staff teaching on the HE programme may also use UCS and UEA Library resources (see separate leaflet). Library Advisors Each School has its own library advisor who acts as a link person for all library resources. They are as follows:Faculty of Business and Service Industries Business Management Hairdressing, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Hospitality Faculty of Technology Construction Building Services Engineering Computing Faculty of Humanities and Health Healthcare and Early Years Applied Sciences Humanities Foundation Studies Faculty of Creative and Professional Studies Art and Design Academy of Creative Entertainment (ACE) Continuing Professional Development Continuing Education (including Skills for Life) Hilary Sanders Hilary Sanders Paula King Hilary Sanders Julia Lale Julia Lale Julia Lale Paula King Julia Lale Julia Lale Julia Lale Paula King Hilary Sanders Hilary Sanders Paula King Paula King

Please contact your advisor when requesting new resources and for literature searches.


We would be grateful for copies of any reading lists that you produce for students before the resources are required with an indication of essential reading clearly marked. We talk to all new teaching staff at induction and further sessions are available to staff in a particular school. If you would like a one to one induction, please contact your Library advisor (listed above) We will keep you posted on new resources that are published and, when invited will come to school meetings to update you on new developments and resources in the library that may be useful for your teaching. If it would help your students during an assignment to have certain texts put on reference or restricted loan, please let your advisor know well in advance. Part of the Library budget is allocated annually to a Tutor Resource Fund, for the purchase of specific resources which may be held within each faculty. This will be issued to you for 1 year at a time to keep a track of College resources. Loans and Renewals Please always produce your library card (ID Badge) whenever you borrow material. You are entitled to 10 books and 5 videos/DVDs at any one time. Reference books may not be taken out of the Library except under special circumstances. Please refer to a member of staff. All material will be date stamped at the time of issue, and you may renew an item provided it has not been reserved. You may renew by telephone, online (pick up a leaflet) and in person. For stock control purposes, we must physically see any book after 4 renewals. If material has not been returned, a reminder will be sent to you, one week after it is due. An account, asking you for the replacement cost will follow three weeks later. Please bear in mind we only have a limited budget and resources not returned have to be replaced. Staff are not charged for overdue material at the moment, but if this proves to be impeding the return of overdue material, a fine system will be reinstated for staff. Reservations and Inter-Library loans Items on loan may be reserved by asking a member of staff or via the online catalogue. A link to the Library catalogue is available on the Library website ( There are links to the Library website from StaffNet, StudentNet, the College website, Blackboard and the UCS website. Books and periodical articles not in our library can usually be borrowed via the inter-library loans system using a form available at the counter or online via the Library website. If we need to borrow from the British Library and you would like to extend the loan of the item, we will have to charge you £2.80 (the original loan will not cost you anything).


Tutors in Local Learning Centres All tutors and their students have full use of the Library‟s services. We can arrange for material borrowed from us to be picked up by you from your local public library if necessary. Any suggestions from you about how we can offer more support would be very welcome. Arrangement of Library resources and use of Catalogue The resources in the Library are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System and are given a class number which relates to their subject. This number is printed on the spine of each resource. Resources on the same subject are given the same number, and so will be found near each other on the shelves. Please note You will need to use the computer catalogue to find any resource to tell you its class number and whether it is available or on loan. You can search the catalogue by author, title or keyword. For a more specific search, two or more keywords may be combined using the advanced search. The catalogue is available via the Library website but is always kept running on the central “catalogue” machine in the Library. Range of Resources You will find a wide range of resources in the Library which not only relate to courses run at the college, but also for general interest, including fiction. If you would like us to create an electronic reading list for you and your students please ask your Library advisor. We will group Library resources under one “virtual” list so that one search will bring up everything on the reading list showing current availability. Books We have about 28,000 volumes, mostly available for loan. Use the catalogue to find these. Journals We subscribe to about 180 hard copy titles, which are listed with holdings information on the catalogue and in the yellow coloured folders available throughout the Library. Current copies of each journal are displayed in the Journal display area. Back copies are filed in the Journal Archive. You may borrow back copies for one day only. Some of these titles are available electronically and can be found under electronic resources on the Library website. We also have access to several thousand electronic journals (some with full text) through „Infotrac‟ available via the Library website. Your students will also find this useful. Recordings About 1,200 videos with several programmes on each are available for loan, for 1 week at a time. There is also a growing collection of DVDs. Use the catalogue to find these. If you would like a video transferred to DVD, please ask your Library advisor. If you wish to 3

request recordings, please use the form at the counter giving as much notice as possible. We have the facility to record from the main terrestrial stations and freeview. Lists of new recordings are produced and are available on request. Please note you may record television programmes and BBC Radio at home for use in college with registered students (except O.U. broadcasts). They must be clearly labelled with title, date and a clear statement „for educational use only‟. Article Collection A collection of articles, photocopied from journals or books, and fully catalogued is stored in the filing cabinet. Any articles on your reading list that you would like included in this collection should be requested from or submitted to us in good time for the beginning of the course. They are filed in class number order and are for Reference only. Use the Library catalogue to find them. Library website and electronic resources The Library website includes information on the library and its services. The address is and there are links from the College website, StaffNet, StudentNet, Blackboard and UCS website. Key features include  The library catalogue where resources on loan can be renewed and items can be reserved.  Access to electronic resources we hold. These are arranged alphabetically and by subject and include electronic journals, databases and more specialized resources. You can search for resources either alphabetically or by subject area. See leaflet called “Electronic resources”.  Leaflets and guides  Online request forms  Useful basic information Many electronic resources are available from home but you will need to apply for an Athens number to access them. Please see “Athens usernames” leaflet. If you are a member of staff teaching on the HE programme, you will also be able to access the electronic resources at UCS and some from UEA. Usernames and passwords can be obtained from us at WSC Library. Careers The Careers Library is a comprehensive up-to-date collection of resources on jobs and careers, with a section on University entrance, containing a full set of university prospectuses. Electronic resources are also available to compliment this collection.

Computers There are 35 networked computers and a scanner in the Library available for use on a „drop-in‟ basis. All have Internet, USB ports, floppy disc and CD drives. Most are in the main IT area but a few are sited in other parts of the Library for more private use. You and your


students will need their college cards (ID badges) to access these computers. Printing is free but colour printing costs 25p. We have one computer adapted for use by wheel-chair users. Other specialised adaptive software/hardware for students who have particular needs is available. Please ask at the Library counter. Software loaded on the network includes Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher 2003) Microsoft Front Page 2003 Microsoft Project 2003 Microsoft Digital Images Suite 2003 Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility pack (to enable 2007 applications of Office to open in Office 2003) Office text converter pack (to allow Works for windows files to be opened) Mind Genius Text Help read and write – please ask for headphones from Library counter Target Skills Basic Skills Screener Sage line 50 Fox IT Reader (PDF) instead of Acrobat reader

Should you wish to use the computers for your group at any time, please phone ext 216 first to check whether machines are available. We are not able to accommodate groups of students sent down from classes unless we know in advance. Access to the internet in college including the Library is restricted to discourage students from accessing unsavoury websites thereby contravening the College Netiquette. IT support is available from all Library staff. Study Areas Provision has been made both for quiet group study and for silent individual study. The silent study area is located at the far end of the Library. Please encourage your students to sit themselves in the place which best suits their study needs. Likewise, please do not take groups down to the Quiet study area if you are going to talk to them. There is laptop area for staff and students to use their own laptops but please remember that all laptops have to be PAT tested before use on College premises. Ask a member of staff. Please note that if any of your students are behaving unacceptably, we will ask them to leave the Library and may need to issue an oral warning. We will always inform you if the latter occurs. Other Resources Photocopiers: Cross College Photocopier This is located in the Library and is for large runs of copying only. Please see procedures manual section 06.02 for correct procedure. There is a 3 day turn around. Any requests for copying can be submitted to the Library Office or a Staff member. 5

Black & White Photocopier - Please only use this for copying of Library resources that you are unable to do in your department. You will need to arrange to get a Staff photocopier card if you want to use the Library copier for college-related work. Your FBA will be able to sign an expenditure recharge form so that we can credit your card. The cost is 3p a copy so:100 credits – £3.00 500 credits - £15.00 700 credits - £21.00 A4 uses 1 credit A3 uses 2 credits Colour Photocopier Please bring your Faculty/School card with you for college work (your FBA/Centre Head will have one of these). A member of staff will assist with operating the colour photocopier. A4 – 25p a sheet A3 – 50p a sheet Laminator A4 – 40p a sheet A3 – 80p a sheet Binding combs 10 – 40p


We also have a guillotine, a video playback machine for individual use and a television. Student Induction We offer Library inductions for an introduction to the area, and its resources to all students early on in their course. Further in-depth sessions can be booked on particular aspects such as use of electronic resources and literature-searching later on in the course. NOTE We are always looking for ways to improve our service and would welcome suggestions or comments on the Library via your Library Advisor. Staff are available whenever the Library is open and we are happy to help you find the resources you need in whatever format.

Skills for Life Centre   See timetable for opening hours which is available from the Library counter. Available for support for students in literacy, numeracy and ESOL as well as having a range of useful tutor materials.



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