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					Scholarship Information The following information is to help you find scholarships be available for school. Start with the free resources first. I. Internet resources that are free: 1. Smart Student guide to financial aid 2. Sallie Mae Cashe 3. Fastweb 4. Internet application for scholarships 5. and other free money that may this site looks like a sweepstakes site. No money is required to enter daily and monthly scholarship drawings, but beware: Sites like this also sell lists of e-mail addresses, possibly making you a "spam" target. 6. this site is a wonderful tool for searching scholarships offered in each state. This site is free and highly recommended. 7. An all around education portal for first time students, returning students. 8. MOLIS Scholarship/Fellowship Scholarships for minority students. 9. Arts Deadline List Scholarships, grants and programs in the art field. 10. College Board scholarships search

A collection of resources in searching for scholarships. 11. By Petersen's Publishing -offers information about colleges and scholarships. 12. Education, funding, and grants. 13. MACH25 By College Net Free scholarship search which also helps you create letters to apply for scholarships. 14. Sallie Mae Scholarships Federal Loan's Program's own scholarship search. 15. FASTaidScholarship Search Bills itself as "World's largest FREE online scholarship database". 16. InternationalStudent. com An excellent information page for international students interested in studying in the United States with a link to an affiliated site with information about scholarships for international students. 17. Scholarship-page .com Free scholarship search service. 18. FreSch...a free scholarship service as well as college and career recommendations. 19. rams. com Scholarship resource network 20. Another pretty comprehensive information page for college students, with a free scholarship search. II. Fee based Internet resources. 1. [fee-based] scholarships grants college $19.95 for book 2. Scholarship services

3. These require some amount of payment: financial aid Alpha Two publishing -they offer a report, which you must pay for, which gives how-to's on scholarships, grants, loans, other financial aid. $19.95 for report 4. $12.97 for book (plus shipping & handling) III. Other resources: 1. Report on "Paying for college: loans, grants, scholarships & scams" 2. this is a list of books and publications at the library. This was put on line by the Rancho Cucamonga Public library 3. There is at least one group on Onelist that deals primarily searching for free money for school. check for it through their search engine (used "scholarships and grants.") 4. Any public library, check your school library, check with librarian.


INFORMATION ABOUT FINANCIAL AID: 1. This is the department of education website and can be a useful start into discovering the world of federal aid. 2. The application to federal aid can be found in this site. Every January 1st the new application is issued. A big hint is to apply for a pin number early and always keep a copy of your Student Aid Report, worksheets and taxes in one file. 3. www.ftc.govlbcp/conlineledcamslscholarshiplindex.html This is the Federal Trade Commission site. Very good information for parents and students regarding scholarship fraud. Also a good site to report scholarship scams. 4. Information about college loans and also get pre-approved for a Parent PLUS loan. 5. A fun and inspirational site by Ken Kaplan. Articles about what he had learned looking for scholarship. Worth taking a look at his advise.

More SCHOLARSHIP WEBSITES: HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 1. (high school juniors) 3. 4.

5. (search "scholarship" in the search box; also available to under grads) 6. 7.

MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS SITES 1. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2. The Gates Millennium Scholars Program 3. The United Negro College Fund 4. The Organization of Chinese Americans 5. The Association on American Indian Affairs 6. The Native American Art Studies Association 7. The US Pan American Chamber of Commerce 8. The Japanese American Citizens League 9. The Ronald McDonald House Charities

ADVICE TO EVERYONE 1.Do not pay anyone for a scholarship search or to apply for a scholarship. Do not give out your credit card information. 2. Essay contests, art contest and general contests are great ways to find funding and exposure but be aware of how your information is used in the contests. 3. Establish an e-mail address strictly for scholarships so that your regular e-mail address do not get overloaded if you accept any offers for information. Create a new address that reflects a professional attitude. 4. Know the social affiliations of your parents and grandparents. Many local and national clubs will hold scholarships for members, relatives and member nominees. 5. Corporate scholarships are starling to be administered by the company. Use the search mode to look for scholarship within the site. Pick a common household brand and start searching. 6. Take a look at your state grants. Some states will let students take the grants into another state. Take a look at the deadlines of the different states in front of the FAFSA. Know your state's residency requirements. 7,Follow directions carefully. The people processing the information will not stop and call you because you forgot something real simple. 8. Dress your application for success. Spend a little time to make sure your application is in a format that works well and looks good. First impression counts. 9. Keep copies of all your information and obtain a Certificate of Mailing from the post office. 10.Let people who you might want to ask for recommendations know what you are planning on doing as early as possible. They can start formulating something in their head about you. Communicate with the person if you plan to read their recommendation or you just want the sealed envelope. Keep in mind to also send a thank you note for their time. You may need them to generate the same letter for another scholarship. 11.Take advantage of scholarships search engine that will print out request letters. 12.Understand your scholarship award letter. You may have to turn in something once you are in school to certify that you are a full-time student or have made academic progress. Keep a contact person at the scholarship site for any questions and additional help you may require. 12. Be aware of your credit history. Avoid signing up for credit cards because they are offering discounts or giveaways. Build up a credit history, keep it clean, and/or fix your credit history. 13.Visit the library or the bookstore and look up scholarships on books. You do not have to buy the books from the bookstore. Just bring a notepad and write down the websites or contact information. 14. Keep looking for scholarships regardless of what year in college you are attending. 15. Do not put working part-time out of the question in helping to pay for college. 16. Send a Thank You card to everybody (the scholarship office, your schools. the people who wrote your recommendations)

More Online Scholarships Information: -A guide to student loans, scholarships, and military aid. Includes helpful information about how to recognize scholarship scams! Scholarship Searches: -A free scholarship search, with a database of over 400,000 scholarships. You have to fill out a lengthy personal profile, but you immediately receive a list of available scholarships, and any new ones that match your profile will be emailed to you. -A free scholarship search. The web site also includes information and tips to help increase your chances of winning a scholarship. -A free scholarship search. It gives you the option of whether you'd like to do a custom scholarship search, or a quick search, based on your major or location. -This search has a database of 500,000 available scholarships. You can either search in 'lite' mode (tree), which will give you random access to one-third of the database, or in 'full' mode, for a $9 fee. –A free scholarship search. This site also requires you to fill out a lot of information. –A free scholarship search. Rather confusing but it is free so it might be worth your time.

Link Pages: aid/scholarship -programs -Listing of many organizations that provide scholarships. -Links to sources of scholarship information.

Scholarship Resources
Scholarship Search Sites & General Resources:

Scholarships for Women:
Network of Executive Women in Hospitality (NEWH) Girls Going Places Scholarship *For girls up to 18 years of age going places/girlsgoing places.html

Scholarships for Native Americans: American Indian College Fund American Indian Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships for Hispanic Americans:
First in My Family Scholarship

Hispanic College Fund

Scholarships for African Americans
American Dream Scholarship NAACP

Art/Design/Animation Scholarships:
The Straightforward Media Variazione Animoids

Interior/Residential Design
Scholarships: American Society of Interior Designers

Academic Excellence: Gates Millennium Scholars


Scholarships for High School Students: Horatio Alger Association Patricia M. McNamara Memorial Scholarship

AXA Achievement Scholarship Program

Community service Scholarships: Target All-Around Scholarship group/community giving/scholarship rules.jhtml Tylenol Scholarship