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					Increasing Access and Affordability to Higher Education
The YSU Community College Initiative May 2007 County Commissioner Update

YSU Outcomes and Expectations
 Increase access and affordability to higher education  Achieve Governor’s goal of increasing the number of

students enrolled in Ohio colleges and universities by 230,000. (MV – approximately 9,000 students)  Develop financial packages that are comparable to community college pricing  Develop dynamic programs that are consistent with the workforce needs of the region  Be a catalyst for economic recovery and growth in the region

Overview of Ohio’s current CC system
 There are 23 community colleges in Ohio
 

Two types of community colleges Local and State support

 There are 28 counties that are currently not

part of a community college district

Is There a Need? Educational Attainment
% 25 or Older Bachelors + 17.5% 14.5% 10.8% 21.4% 24.4% Associate Degree 4.8% 5.2% 5.0% 5.9% 6.3%

Mahoning Trumbull Columbiana Ohio US

Enrollment in Two and Four Year Public Higher Education,1995 and 2004
Two Year 1995 3362 2004 4309 YSU 13089 13166 Total 16451 17475

Two Year 1995 11393 2004 18806 Toledo 21248 19675 Total 32641 38481

Two Year 1995 25284 2004 30093 Wright State 14745 16207 Total 40029 46300

Student Attendance in Region (2004)
12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 Trumbull Mahoning Columbiana CSU 45 55 4 UA 284 283 116 KSU 985 717 493 YSU 3183 6460 875

Community College Attraction
50 40 30 20 10 0 /1000 pop CC 48 SCC 29 Tech 27 Branch 17

Community College Pricing

7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 CC SCC 3432 Tech 3840 BC 4750 YSU 6800

Cost $ 2375

Community College Feasibility Study
1. Conducted a market study

2. Completed area-wide leadership interviews:

60 interviews (see handout) 3. Completed a community phone survey: 700 interviews (see handout) 4. Surveying area employers – 420 (see handout)

Point 1: Mahoning Valley Must Overcome Education Deficits
 Fund for Our Economic Future ranks “skilled

workforce” at the top of regional economic success indicators.  Voices and Choices indicates that preparing workers for current and future jobs is our # 1 challenge  Associate degree level jobs currently growing at double Ohio’s overall job growth rate.

Point 2: Only Market in State Without a Community College
 To reach Governor’s goal will require
  

Enrolling large numbers of adult and non traditional students Education must be close to home and offered at times that are convenient for adults Must be low cost

Point 3: Price Matters!
 93% say more people would attend college if

they could get a quality education for half the price of a four year university.  Need to drive price down!

Basic Model: Integrated Partnership Model
 Form an academic unit to organize, market,

and develop new programs and certificates.  Heavily invest in forming partnerships with career and technical centers, businesses, health care providers, unions, and high schools  Invest in distance learning initiatives and blended programming  Invite other community colleges and branch campuses to develop joint programs and collaborations

Partnership Model Benefits
 Invests in programs/people not buildings

 YSU current two-year programs are designed

so that students have a seamless pathway into the four-year programs  Can strategically place/develop programs for groups/businesses/organizations

Cost – THE ISSUE!
1. To increase access we must have lower

tuition 2. How can YSU charge a lower tuition to the “YSU” students who are part of the “community college”? 3. How will YSU make up the lost tuition for students who move into the community college? 4. How can YSU continue to compete with the growing competition for our students?

Target Strategies
Goal: YSU tuition comparable to a community college

7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 CC SCC 3432 Tech 3840 BC 4750 YSU 6800
Phase 2: $0 MVP Phase 1: $3000

Cost $ 2375

Mahoning Valley Promise (Phase 1)
The Mahoning Valley Promise will guarantee that every student from the Mahoning Valley who chooses to attend Youngstown State University will pay no more than $3000 per year inclusive of all costs and fees for the first and second year of college. The $3000 maximum is based on a full time load of 30 credit hours. This value could be higher or lower depending upon the level of community support.

Analyzing the situation
2005 FY Freshman and Sophomores from Mahoning and Trumbull Counties


Total Revenue

$13,000,000 $13,000,000

Non Loan Financial Aid and Scholarships
Total Out of Pocket and Loans

On Average YSU 1st and 2nd year students Pay $100 per credit or $3,000 per year!

Cost of Phase 1 of the Mahoning Valley Promise (MVP)
 The MVP would cause an estimated loss of

about $6,500,000 in YSU revenue  Have to increase enrollment by about 900 students  Need to find financial partners
  


University Community State Private Support

Benefits of MVP
 Will increase access to all students, not just

the two-year program students  Will greatly contribute to the economic revitalization of the Valley.  Will be terrific to market  Will make a “splash” nationally

Will Cost Money!

Costs of MVP
 Three levels of tuition

Phase 1: $3000 per year for 30 credits


YSU will need to make up the difference in lost revenue and added expenses – about $8 million Require some private support and increased enrollment Requires significant private and community support


Phase 2: $0 tuition for 30 credits

Establishing a Community College District

Ohio Revised Code 3354.02 Creation of a Community College District
 

The attorney general shall be the attorney for each community college district A proposal to create a community college district may be presented to the Ohio Board of Regents in any of the following ways:



The board of county commissioners of any county, having a population of not less than 75,000, may, by resolution approved by two-thirds of its members, propose the creation of a community college district consisting of the whole territory of such county. The boards of county commissioners of any two or more contiguous counties, which together have a combined population of not less than 75,000, may, by a resolution approved by two-thirds of the members of each such board, together and jointly propose the creation of a community college district consisting of the whole territories of such counties together. Hold a special election

Higher Education
 Higher education is the key to economic    

revitalization We must invest in the “knowledge economy” We must provide affordable access to higher education This is a community responsibility! We are in this together!

Remaining Tasks
 Complete details of integrated partnership model  Meet with and obtain input from county commissioners,

local officials, and state officials  Establish the Mahoning Valley as a Community College District under the authority of Youngstown State University  Garner financial support to implement Phase 1 of the Mahoning Valley Promise  Make formal recommendation to the YSU Board of Trustees – June 2007