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									Student’s Investigation                            Name:

Blue Footed Booby

1. Where do Blue Footed Booby’s live?

2. Where did the name Blue Footed Booby originate from?

3. What is the scientific name for the Blue Footed Booby?

4. Are the Blue Footed Booby endangered?

5. Do these birds spend more time on land or on the water?

Galápagos Giant Tortoise

1. What is the estimated age that the Giant Tortoise can reach?

2. What is the scientific name of the Giant Tortoise?

3. Are Giant Tortoises herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

4. What are their shells made out of?

5. How heavy can these tortoises get?

Galápagos Sea Lion

1. They are one of the most numerous species on the Galápagos.
True or False? (Circle One)

2. What do the Sea Lions mostly feed on?

3. What are some predators of the Sea Lions?

4. Roughly, how heavy can these Sea Lions get?

5. Sea Lions are Mammals. True or False?
Galápagos Land Iguana

1. What is the scientific name for the Land Iguana?

2. What do the Land Iguanas eat?

3. Roughly how long do these Land Iguanas get?

4. The Land Iguanas can live for more than 50 years. True or False?
(Circle one)

5. What is the estimated population of Land Iguanas on the
Galapagos Islands?

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