Curriculum Outline Consumer Savvy 2006doc by Levone


									CONSUMER SAVVY: SURVIVAL INFORMATION FOR BOOMERS & BEYOND CURRICULUM OUTLINE September 25 – October 16, 2006 September 25, 2006 – Telemarketing and Internet Fraud – Debbie Deem Victim Specialist, Federal Bureau of Investigation I. Recognition II. Responding III. Reporting IV. Prevention V. Resources October 2, 2006 –---- Consumer Issues – Joan Virginia Allen, Esq., Founder/Coordinator, Ventura County FAST I. Be a Savvy Consumer II. Filing a Complaint III. Consumer Assistance IV. 5 Scams to Know About V. Predatory Auto Lending October 9, 2006 –---- Real Property – Home Ownership – Joan Virginia Allen, Esq. Founder/Coordinator, Ventura County FAST I. Reverse mortgages II. Home Equity Loans III. Home Equity Credit Lines IV. Who Oversees Mortgage Brokers V. Questions to Ask a Lender or Mortgage Broker VI. Holding Title VII. Transferring Title

October 16, 2006 ---- Contractors and Related Issues - Maria Guzman-Kennedy Community Outreach Coordinator, Contractors State License Board I. How to Select a Contractor II. Entering Into a Contract III. Recognizing Scams IV. Resources [Consumer Savvy – Curriculum Outline 092506-101606]

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