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					JUNE 2009 MINUTES

The Armstrong Conservation District Board of Directors held their monthly meeting at the Armsdale Administration Building, 124 Armsdale Road, Kittanning, PA on Wednesday, June 17, 2009. Vice - Chairman Andrew Kimmel called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Directors present: DeJay Claypoole, Dennis Hawley, Jerry Longwell, Commissioner Patty Kirkpatrick and Dave Collier; Associate Director Pam Meade, Michelle Hickman; District Manager Dave Rupert, E&S Tech I/Assistant District Manager Christine Cramer, H2O Specialist Dave Beale, Office Manager Cindy Smith, D&G Specialist Greg Shustrick, NRCS James Burgess, AmeriCorps Member Carly Phelps, OSM/VISTA Miranda Shoemaker, and VISTA Summer Associate Zach Wolfe, DEP Rep Chuck Kubasik, Boggs Township Supervisor Harold Minteer, Ken Atkinson, Redbank Watershed Association President Tim Murray, and Pat Ruby. Public Comment on Agenda Items - None Scrubgrass Creek Streambank Stabilization Project (CEI) Bid Opening / Award - The following bids were received for the Scrubgrass Streambank Stabilization Project Growing Greener project: Paul R Atkinson & Son, Inc. - $13,600.00, Zubik Excavation - $24,693.00, Jeff Day Excavating - $23,469.52, Excavation Contracting by Eremic, Inc dba Eveready Contracting - $19,925.00, T Peters Construction $14,590.00. Commissioner Patricia Kirkpatrick moved, seconded by DeJay Claypoole to accept Paul R Atkinson & Son, Inc as lowest bidder. Motion carried. Boggs Township Supervisor Harold Minteer and lowest bidder Paul R. Atkinson & Son, Inc will coordinate efforts for the project. Minutes were reviewed. Dave Collier moved, seconded by Dennis Hawley to approve the minutes of May 20, 2009. Motion carried. Jerry Longwell abstained. The Treasurer reported a balance of $111,708.28. Dennis Hawley moved, seconded by DeJay Claypoole to approve the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit. Motion carried. Due to three Growing Greener Projects underway the District will need to increase and draw on the "Line of Credit" at the Elderton State Bank. Dennis Hawley moved, seconded by DeJay Claypoole to secure the needed funds and the best rate for the "Line of Credit". Motion carried. No Outstanding Bills. OLD BUSINESS E & S Fee Schedule Revisions - The District reviews the E & S Fee Schedule every three years. An E & S Fee Schedule of surrounding Districts was distributed at the May meeting for review. Jerry Longwell moved, seconded by Dennis Hawley to increase the review fee to $75 per acre. Motion carried. Jerry

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Longwell moved, seconded by Commissioner Kirkpatrick for the increase to become effective October 1, 2009. Motion carried. Recommendations were to review the E & S Fee Schedule again in January. Nominating Org Meeting – The meeting will be held Wednesday, July 29th at 6:00 pm at Lenape Heights Golf Course. This meeting is to explain the policy and procedures for nominating potential Directors for the Armstrong Conservation District Board. Persons interested in attending need to RSVP by Tuesday, July 21, 2009. NEW BUSINESS Redbank Watershed Association – DEP has announced it will be accepting applications for the 2009 Growing Greener Grants until July 17, 2009. Redbank Watershed Association President Tim Murray approached the Board regarding a potential Growing Greener streambank stabilization project that will improve ± 1,000 feet of streambank along the south side of Redbank Creek in Mahoning Township. Pat Ruby is the landowner Mr. Ruby expressed concerns over obligations and land use restrictions if he agreed to the project. It was expressed that there are no restrictions other than he is not permitted to alter the structures once they are in place and the project is complete. The watershed is requesting that the District act as fiscal agent and to be administrator of the grant. Dave Collier moved, seconded by Jerry Longwell to act as fiscal agent and to be administrator of the grant. Motion carried. Right to Know – The Pennsylvania Right to Know Law was revised in 2008. It applies to all requests for "public records". Commissioner Kirkpatrick moved, seconded by Dave Collier to adopt the Right to Know policy and the fee schedule as presented. Motion carried. PACD / SCC Joint Annual Conference – The 62nd PACD/SCC Joint Annual Conference is scheduled for July 20-21, 2009 at the Ramada Conference Center, State College. Deadline for pre-registrations is July 14, 2009. PACD Executive Council Annual meeting will relate to three different subjects; Bylaws, Policies, and Budget and Dues for FY 2009-2010. To be entitled to vote, the Conservation District must be in good standing by having paid its dues during the previous PACD fiscal year. ACD will not be permitted to vote. OSM/VISTA Summer Associate & AmeriCorps (PMSC) for 09/10 - Dave Rupert introduced Zach Wolfe. Jerry Longwell moved, seconded by Dennis Hawley to employee Zach Wolfe as a VISTA Summer Associate for two months and then an AmeriCorps Member (PMSC) for 2009/2010. Motion carried. OTHER BUSINESS Grassland Committee – The Grassland Committee reviewed the 2009 Project Grass Applications and made the recommendation to select Wayne Truitt as 1 st candidate and Martin Eckart as 2 nd candidate to receive the next round of Project Grass funding or any additional funds available from the current round of Project Grass Grant funding. Commissioner Kirkpatrick moved, seconded by Dave Collier to approve the recommendation of the committee. Motion carried. ARRA Application for D & G Projects – Larry Gasparato from PennVEST meet with Dave Rupert and Greg Shustrick to revise the "Resolution to Apply" and "Letter of Responsibility" to reflect an increase in application funds from $1,584,069.441 to $1,678.05 for the PennVEST AARA Green Project Reserve Funding. DEP is requiring that the proposed D& G Projects have a PE seal. Jerry Longwell moved by Resolution, and seconded by Commissioner Kirkpatrick to accept the proposed revisions as presented. Motion carried. Advanta (MasterCard) Business Card Account – The District received notification that the Advanta Business Credit Card account will be closed effective May 30 th. As a select Advanta customer, American

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Express OPEN is offering the District to apply for a Business Card. The Board of Directors expressed that the District have only one card (VISA) at this time. CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence was received from 1) PACD's response to ACD's comments that was presented at the PACD Winter Meeting and 2) PA Envirothon Board of Directors is looking for nominations from county conservation districts for members to serve on its Board of Directors. There is one vacancy. AGENCY REPORTS DEP Representative Chuck Kubasik had nothing to add to his written report. Cooperator Agreement requesting cancellation. Edward K Lasher, Jr. 43 acres Kittanning Township

Jerry Longwell moved, seconded by Dave Collier to cancel. Motion carried. The following Erosion and Sediment Control Plans were submitted to the District Board for approval / disapproval: Rev. Date Name Twp. By Status 6/1/2009 6/3/2009 6/8/2009 Dominion Transmission - Rural Valley - rev plan E Franklin Sewer Project Kiski Junction RR - Ph 3 & 4 Valley / Cowan E Franklin Bethel/Gilpin CC CC CC A A A

Dennis Hawley moved, seconded by Dave Collier to approve the above plans and their review status. Motion carried. Jerry Longwell abstained on Kiski Junction. Cooperative Plan Reviews – None Nutrient Management Plan - None PDIP - None PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD Pam Meade reminded the group of the Crooked Creek Watershed Association Fish Fry Saturday, July 18, 2009. The watershed is raffling a 12' Field & Stream Old Town "Kay-Noe" (a canoe kayak hybrid) or $400 cash. Ticket price is $5. Dave Rupert reported on the progress of the Collier Growing Greener project. The Board Vice Chairman Andrew Kimmel adjourned the meeting at 8:32 pm. The next scheduled Board meeting is for Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at the Armsdale Administration Building. Respectfully submitted, Cindy Smith Office Manager

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