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Private Business Investments, Corporate Unsecured Lines of Credit and Bank Trading Notes/Specimen Agreement
Credit Line Amount: $500,000 to $50 million

Current Programs now available  Corporate Line of Credit: Line amount: $250K minimum to $1 million. Total Cost: $16,000. (includes consulting fee) Time of funding: 60 to 70 days.  Corporate Line of Credit: Line amount: $2.5 million guaranteed. Total Cost: $60,000. (includes consulting fee) Time of funding: 70 to 90 days. Steps to get started: (this refers to all corporate lines of credit) 1. Fill out and sign all contracts and fax back. 2. Pay consultant fee. 3. When 1 and 3 are completed Christian will appoint you to the Corporate Lines of Credit experts who will walk you hand in hand to getting your corporate line of credit. 1. Investment Interest Bearing Compound Program (FDIC insured): Christian DeCannett is an independent agent for Omnicron Group. We use a major East Coast bank. Minimum investment: $25,000 Maximum investment: $100 million Interest you earn: 20% to 25% on your dollar. (This interest is added monthly to your original principle. Sit and watch your principle grow as your money doubles and triples over time.) More Info: This investment is unique in which this private banking institution trades bank notes on your dollar. Your money is never taken out of your account, it stays in its own escrow account within this institution. You get an account number, a check book, a credit card, like any other bank, and you can check on your balance at any time. There are no restrictions of any kind on this program. You can take out any part of your principle at any time. You

may add the interest to your principle and earn even more interest per month or you can have part of all that interest sent to a separate account of your choice. The choice is yours. Suggested one-two punch: Recommend a $2.5 million line of credit and then deposit that into the interest bearing program where you will earn 20% to 25% on this amount in which, in a five to six month time frame, you would have doubled your money, at which time, you will have paid off the original line of credit and be left with another $2.5 million dollar profit. From there, you would leave the $2.5 in that account to compound again and again thus doubling and tripling your initial investment ten fold. I assure you many individuals have done this technique and it can be done very easily by you. Protocol Steps: Step 1: Sign all contracts with Creative Financial Group and pay small consultant’s fee. Step 2: Sign both non-disclosures from Omnicron and Creative Financial Group and fax back to Christian, Emily and Cairo. Only nondisclosures are received and verified, Christian will set up a conference call where you will speak with to one or all of the CEO’s of Omnicron where all questions will be answered. Step 3: At this time, Christian’s assistant Emily will send you Phase II and III contracts to sign. Once signed, fax back to Emily, Christian and Cairo. The high interest that you earn is because of Omnicron. Your money is funneled through Omnicron to National City Bank where Omnicron gets a very high return and thus pass it down to their investors. We look forward to doing business with you. 2. Corporate Line of Credit: Line amount: $1 million (depending on strength of business plan.) Requirements: Business Plan and purchase of corporate line of credit. Cost: $30,000. (Bank source gets 4% -- See Christian’s Finder’s Fee Agreement contract for those points.) Time of funding: 60 days Corporate Line of Credit: Amount: $500,000. Requirements: 700+ credit score and fill out required contracts from broker. Cost: “0:” down. (These lines are not guaranteed and have about a 50% success rate.) Bank takes $100,000 at back end at time of funding.


Christian DeCannett gets 10% of $500,000 ($50,000) and Broker #2 gets 10% of $500,000 ($50,000) leaving you with $300,000K to invest in other programs. Time of funding: Three to four weeks. 4. Humanitarian Line of Credit: Requirements: Proof of funds letter from your bank and fill out appropriate contracts. Minimum investment of $100,000K -- Maximum is $5,000,000. This Money must be put in your own escrow account where you will have an MP-760 hold on it, which puts a freeze on the money in your account. At that time, you will receive 25-40% interest on your dollar. The interest pays weekly and you must sign up for this program for one year’s length. (Example: for $100,000, the interest would be $25,000 to $40,000 per week). This program is actually no risk to your principle whatsoever. Cost: Christian DeCannett receives 10% of weekly interest. Length of program: 50 weeks. At that time, you will have the option to rejoin. Same rules apply. 5. $1.2 million Line of Credit: Cost: $77,000.(includes consultant fee) Bank takes $100,000K at the bank and when funded. Christian DeCannett gets 10% of $1.2 million ($125,000) and Broker #2 gets 10% of $1.2 million ($125,000). What you get: After 12 weeks, you shall receive a credit line of $1.2 million guaranteed by a top U.S. bank. You may buy multiple lines per person. Time of funding: 90 days. 6. Bank Guarantee Program: Cost: $0.00. Terms: Minimum $50,000 put into an escrow account which bears 15% interest on the dollar. (Ex. $100,000 = $15,000 month). This program has a fifty-month commitment. You may reinvest the interest back to your principle or have it sent to any bank account of your choice. The maximum cap deposit is $5,000,000.



Credit Repair:
Are you current problems/scores stopping you from getting the credit you need or that low interest rate? We have the solution. A new beginning. We can add between 10 and 200 points to your FICO score. We can also erase all inquiries clean from your credit report and any late or delinquent strikes.. This can all happen within 10 to 30 days. Cost: Between: $1,500 to $5000.

Types of Funding:

Film/movie funding, residential, business start-up, hotels, gas stations, retail, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, joint venture, capital, equipment, car dealerships, etc. $10,000 broker’s fee, refundable if not approved.

Broker’s Fee:

Our team is hands down the most resourceful, efficient and reliable team in the US today. You may meet Christian in person or do all business electronically. The money you pay into your corporate line of credit package is put into a team of players that helps you get to your object which is to get you a return on your money.


Investor Consultant Agreement
This agreement is entered into by and between Christian DeCannett with Creative Financial Group, hereafter “consultant” and ________________________________________________________________________, “owner.” The above named owner hereby agrees to the following terms as follows: (Initial) _______ I agree to pay Creative Financial Group a 10% Finder’s Fee for every line of credit I purchase within 24 hours after the funds have been released (refer to Finder’s Fee Agreement). Each deal is separate which will require me to pay the 10% Finder’s Fee for each line of credit that I purchase. I understand that by failing to pay Creative Financial Group its 10% finder’s fee, I will no longer be able to attain further corporate credit lines, and this contract will be null and void. _________ I understand that Creative Financial Group will give you, the client, a 20% finder’s fee from all corporate lines of credit from any new clients you bring to Creative Financial Group. This is 20% of all the money that new client receives from their corporate line of credit. _______ I understand that Creative Financial Group is not acting as my attorney or offering any legal or financial advice. _______ I understand Creative Financial Group hereby is not responsible for how I spend my corporate lines of credit and is not liable for any financial failures I may have. _______ I understand Creative Financial Group has the right to refuse any client at any time for any reason. _______ English is my native language and/or I have the ability to read and understand this agreement. _______ I am not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other mental or physical impairment that could influence my judgment at the time of signing. ________I have thoroughly read this document before signing it, and I agree to the terms and conditions set above herein. This agreement serves as a legal document. _______ I agree to wire Desert Moon Entertainment 10% to the following address: Bank of America 1200 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Routing # 026009593 Checking Account: 00647-06214 (Desert Moon Entertainment) We also accept cashiers checks made out to Desert Moon Entertainment. Or you may pay by major credit card. Note to all Clients Upon purchasing your corporate line of credit it is critical that the Corporate Line of Credit Team be able to build up your FICO score and credit history be at a superb standing. Your profile must be in this standing in order to guarantee a line of credit. The team can increase your FICO points up to 5

100 points and erase all enquiries within 5 to 20 days, Getting your personal file prepared for funding and the actual corp shelf that you purchased is done simultaneously by our team to expedite the process. Remember we are all on the same team and we have the same objective getting you . . . funded. Recommendations We recommend, in order to keep your corporate line in excellent status, that you maintain a 10% balance and pay double your minimum monthly bill. By doing this the bank will increase your line of credit up to 20% in 4 to 6 months.

Beneficiary: Christian DeCannett Upon receiving the $10,000 consulting fee, Christian DeCannett agrees to give your phone number/contact info to its source to purchase your corporate line of credit. At that time, the source will then turn you over to his source who will get you several lines of credit at the banks.

Please fax back to 310 374 3197.
Date: ________________________________ Signature: ____________________________ Print Name: ___________________________

Date: ________________________________ Signature: ____________________________ Print Name: Christian DeCannett, Consultant

Client Personal Profile
This information will be kept confidential by Creative Financial Group.

Name: ________________________________________ Date of Birth: __________________________________ Social Security Number: ________________________ Home Address: ________________________________ Email: _________________________________________ 6

Cell Phone: ____________________________________ Home Phone: __________________________________ Work Phone: ___________________________________

Please sign the above and e-mail attachment to and fax to 310-374-3197.


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