August 18_ 2009 Meeting of the Dune Deck Board of Directors Board by Levone


									August 18, 2009 Meeting of the Dune Deck Board of Directors
Board Members Present: Peter D’Agostino, Susan Savarese, Greg Harrison Not present: Martha Vellano, Cindy Lawrence Unit Owners Present: Florin Vasilescu, Carol and Bob Schonfeld, Roger Basso, Jim Veras, Linda Harrison The meeting was called to order by President Greg Harrison at 4:30 p.m. The meeting was duly certified. Peter moved to waive the reading of the minutes of the July 20 meeting. Susan seconded it; the motion passed unanimously. President’s Report The president would like to congratulate the board and unit owners on the hiring of Gary Hodach as manager of Dune Deck. He has worked at Southgate for 15 years and just started his own condo management business. He will be here in the Manager’s office on Mondays and Fridays from 10 to 4. After the second week of Sept, he will also be able to come in on Tuesdays for an overall work week of 20-25 hours. He will continue to work part time at Southgate so if we need him at Dune Deck when he is over there, he can come here and vice versa. Gary is working hard to get acquainted with Dune Deck and wants to get things done. Manager’s Report There are quite few things going on. Gary has been working with Peter regarding contractors for some of the projects -- to get them on the table and start moving forward with action. He conducted a staff meeting with the door staff, which he likes to do on a regular basis. He went over the basic guidelines for what is expected of them now and when the season begins. This Friday will be another staff meeting with the maintenance people. Gary will go over hurricane planning to help guide the unit owners who are here through storms. He is starting to get familiar with the items that need to be addressed. Everyone whom he has met has been very helpful and friendly. President: We appreciate Gary’s ability to focus on projects. He is also on call 24/7 in case of emergency here. Greg made the motion to approve Gary’s contract, which includes a clause that it can be broken by either party with a 30-day notice. The salary is commensurate with his experience. Susan seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved. We have a new housekeeper that Peter got for us, Blanca. She is able to wear white clothes and still keep this building immaculate. Everyone appreciates how well organized she is – even all the floors have been cleaned every day. Plus she is a very nice person.

President: We have a special operations account for assessments that is currently around $30,000. Greg moved that Dune Deck hire the services of Nicole Johnson, a forensic accountant, to consult with us about budgetary items, and that the board approve a resolution to transfer these assessment funds to the operating budget under Nicole’s guidance. Susan seconded the motion and it passed. Peter (Kidco) Report: The PBSJ engineering firm has given the Board of Directors an engineering survey report of the building and seawall. Now they need to survey all of the apartments. For example, Jim Veras’ apartment balcony has rebars showing through the floor. This is a good time to get contractors because they want the business. The balconies are priority and decks are second. Peter is going to the bank with Martha on Friday to further discuss the scope of work to include in the application for the line of credit. Susan moved that Criterium Inspection Engineers be approved to be paid on an hourly basis for soliciting actual bids for the building cement work. Peter seconded the motion and it passed. In the proposal by PBSJ on our sea wall, we were told we got bad advice on our previous seawall examination. Gary, Peter, Susan and Greg met with PBSJ. There are some suggestions for determining the depth of the seawall but no one can make a 100% guarantee that the seawall is on the bedrock. A physical engineer was being asked to evaluate what an ocean engineer needed to do. The outside of the seawall needs to be blasted and painted as soon as possible. When the turtle season is over, the sand is gone, it can be accomplished. One of the advisors said they would not get another seawall. Apparently the problem is not with a seawall itself but with the sand that may wash out. The seawall needs to be safe by itself. It would be a legal battle and a battle with environmentalists, but we don’t need to fight that battle internally until after they ultrasound the seawall. They need to tell us what condition that seawall is in – how deep it is. Greg has talked with the president of 3600 because the Mayfair is putting additional height to the seawall, but 3600 may not be able to work together with us to align on a contiguous seawall. Peter moved to spend the $9000 to take PBSJ to the next stage of evaluating our seawall. Susan seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. Greg: Kidco has been acting as our advisor on a lot of projects and has received reduced bids and longer warranties on equipment, such as the fire alarm system, resulting in significant savings.

Peter: The fire alarm people are ready to submit drawings to the building department. They are evaluating all the apartments to make sure everything is working and determine what needs to be done. Dune Deck got a letter from the state that everything has to be brought up to code. The state will not issue the permits that are placed in the elevators, and that will be an insurance liability. Greg moved the Board of Directors accept the contract for the fire alarm system for $85,000. Peter seconded it and it passed. We are getting bids for the elevator. We want a non-proprietary system where anyone can fix it. The generator needs to work with the elevator. We are not ready to vote on the generator, as we need two more bids. We must have the diesel oil tank removed by December 31; otherwise, there will be daily fines. If you contaminate the soil with a leak you get in trouble with the EPA. We are getting bids to go from diesel to natural gas for a new generator. Landscaping Committee: Bob and Carol Schonfeld were acknowledged for their hard work on the landscaping – the front looks the best it has in years. Budget Committee needs to meet before the next Board of Directors’ meeting. Gary, Nicole, the Budget Committee (Jim Veras, Carol Schonfeld, Irwin Robinson) and any interested board members will have a more direct report. We have not received the $41,000 Palm Beach Windstorm Insurance Trust said they were refunding. We were also promised we would be notified by now if we have to have an assessment by the company against our letter of credit for $100,000 being held by Sterling Bank. Gary is assigned to check into this issue. When Board members sign checks, they need to sign as their position, not just their name. Cindy Lawrence resigned this morning. Because the president can appoint an interim board member, he has asked Linda Harrison to fill Cindy’s position until the annual unit owners’ meeting. The building insurance is $123,000 for next year, but it includes all flood, windstorm, liability, etc. We are on a payment plan of $8,000 per month. There are serious issues with various balconies that need to be repaired. The front drive-up has been evaluated with various proposals at various costs. Gary will try to get some samples of pavers to be considered.

A date of December 7th at 4:30 p.m. was set as the Annual Unit Owners’ Meeting. Anyone who wants to run for the board needs to have their application turned in 40 days prior to the annual meeting. We will use absentee ballots rather than proxies. The social committee may decide to plan a holiday gathering at the same time. Greg moved to adjourn the meeting; Susan seconded the motion and it was approved. Unit owners’ comments: Bob Schonfeld asked about the plan to eliminate the midnight to 7:00 a.m. doorman. Greg: Until the fire alarm system is repaired, the late night door people need to walk the halls. Also, 24-hour door coverage is an amenity that is included in the documents. It would require a vote of the unit owners. We need to send a letter to the unit owners to first of all be able to amend the bylaws with a simple 50% majority instead of a 75% majority of the unit owners. We will go forward with the letter. Bob Schonfeld wanted a more detailed account of the line of credit from the bank to be assured that the unit owners won’t get a big assessment. Jim Veras: Clearly we are in a position to spend a lot of money. We need to objectively and candidly present the information and convert estimates into true numbers. We have the appropriate personnel to do this so it can be an acceptable process.

The minutes of this meeting, August 18, 2009, have been presented to the Board of Directors for their review and approval. With the signature below these minutes will become part of the permanent record of Dune Deck Condominium Association. By ____________________________ Date of Acceptance _______________________________ Susan Savarese - Secretary

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