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					                                                                                  MSN Entertainment Pushdown
                                                                                                            Last Updated - May 24, 2012

Creative Acceptance Policy
All creative must meet the requirements of the MSA Creative Acceptance Policy

Ad Specifications
Ad Type Initial   Download File Max Initial    Full       Panel       Max Weight             Audio                 Animation/              Alt
/ Ad Size Size    Size (GIF/JPG) Download File Expanded   Expansion   Progressive Download   Specifications/ Limit Looping Limit           Text
                                 Size          Size       Direction   (Video/ Streaming                                                    Limit
Banner   972W X 40k             150k          972W X 418H down        2.2mb                  Allowed on user click    Allowed; Duration: 30 65 char
728x90   66H                                                                                 only; Duration: 30 sec   sec, Video Duration:
                                                                                                                      15 sec

The User Experience

Product Overview
The MSN Entertainment Pushdown (Sliver) is a Flash enabled unit that seamlessly expands to 972x418 while politely
pushing all page elements downwards. After a set duration (7 seconds), or if the user opts to close the expanded
Pushdown, the unit seamlessly retracts while pushing all page elements back to their original position, and resolves into a
972x66 Leave Behind Sliver on both the Homepage and Site Section pages. The Pushdown functionality can be replayed
by the end-user and is clickable throughout the duration of the Ad.

The first user impression will deliver an auto-initiated Pushdown experience. All subsequent impressions will deliver a
user- initiated Pushdown which expands via user click. The Pushdown product may also contain Video elements.

        972x418 Pushdown Element:

              o    Dimensions: 972x418Format: Source FLA, Exported SWF (Flash 9, Action Script 2.0 enabled)
              o    File size: 150KAnimation maximum allowed time: 7 sec
              o    Expansion: Must contain a clearly defined Expand hotspot (16pt font: “ Expand”). First impression allows
                   auto-initiated expansion; all subsequent impressions require user interaction via a click.
              o    Close Button: Must contain a clearly defined close button (16pt font: “Close X”). Ad will collapse if the
                   user clicks the close button or if the user does not interact after a set duration of 7 seconds resolving
                   back to the 972x66 leave behind Sliver image.
              o    Controls: If the Pushdown contains video, the following video controls should be included:

                        1. Play / Pause
                        2. Audio On / Off
                        3. Optional: Rewind, Stop

              o    Frame Labels: The main timeline should contain the 3 frame labels below to control the behavior:

                        1. Prompt
                              1. When the ad reaches its minimum height of 66 pixels, the playback head will display this
                                  frame label.
                              2. This frame label should contain the collapsed 972x66 portion of the ad.

                        2. Expanding
                                                                                                                                           1 of 4
                            1. While the Slider ad is expanding and pushing page elements downwards, the playback
                               head will display this frame label
                            2. This frame label should contain static imagery for when the ad expands
                            3. This frame should not contain animation unveiling the content, the Pushdown will handle
                               unveiling the content

                    3. Animate
                          1. Once the Pushdown has completed expanding and reaches the max height of 418 pixels,
                              the playback head will display this frame label
                          2. This frame label should contain all animation for the expanded Pushdown.

           o    Frequency Cap: The host-initiated and user-initiated ads leverage the same Pushdown design asset. Once
                the frequency cap is in effect, the ad will display the animation which resides on the prompt frame label.

      972x66 MSN Pushdown Alternate Image:
           Dimension: 972x66
           Format: .GIF / .JPG
           File size: 30k
           Animation: Maximum allowed animation time: 7 sec

      Audio:
           Available on user click only. Off by default.
           Audio mute button control required.

      Video:
               Host-initiated video may be used in any portion of the experience.
               Video duration: 30 seconds max. Replay allowed with user initiation.
               Stop and Play button controls required.
               Companion audio may be included with video (see audio specs above).
               File size: 2.2 MB
               File type: Rich Media / Flash / Video
               Video formats– contact rich media vendor for specific file types and support

      Additional Notes:
           Any auto-initiated executions must be frequency capped at once per user per day. Since multiple site
              sections are included in the media plan, auto-initiated executions must be frequency capped at once per
              user, per day, per section front
           The Pushdown action should never be placed so that it overlaps the Search Bar.
           Above ad specs are the standard guidelines for the Pushdown Ad. Other ads on the page can
                      Expanding Rich Media
                   In-Page Rich Media
                   Float to Rectangle (Market/Channel Decision)

Expanding Ad Experience

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      File Types
      Flash requirements
      Flash files guidelines (that require FS Command is embedded in the file)
      Video Formats – types and support.

Ad Specifications

Ad Choices is hard coded to the MSN Movies, MSN and MSN TV sites, placed below the ad unit. It is not featured or ad
served within the ad unit. No action needs to be taken to feature Ad Choices within the ad unit.

Certified Rich Media Vendors

      Unicast
           o Preview link- Please click here
           o For any questions regarding this ad unit, please contact Unicast at
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Data Reported

           o Ad impressions
      3rd Party Partner
           o 3rd party partners will typically provide impressions and click-through data, as well as enhanced metrics.
               Please consult your rich media partner of choice for more detail.

Data Collection

      Microsoft permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal identifying information (for example, through web
       forms embedded in ads).
      Advertisers may be required to modify ad units or provided additional disclosure in order to be acceptable for
       advertising on Microsoft sites.
      Advertisers wishing to collect personal information within advertisements (according to specifications above)
       must follow these guidelines:
           o Clearly identify organization
           o Provide link to privacy policy (usually adjacent to the web form’s “submit” button)
           o Identify purpose for collecting information

Ad Submission Guidelines
All creative must meet the MSA Ad Submission Guidelines

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