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									                        A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR

                        Vanessa L.
                                  2010 Edition

                                  INCOME                                  Social Security
                                  Social Security                         Survivor Benefits
                                  Retirement Benefits                     Benefits:
                                                                        Monthly cash benefits based on
Dear Neighbor,                    Benefits:                             years of employment and amount
                                  Monthly cash benefits based on your withheld from earnings of a de-
  This pamphlet has been          years of employment and amounts ceased beneficiary for their surviv-
prepared as a special service     withheld from your earnings.
to seniors living in my Assem-                                          ing spouse, unmarried child, or de-
bly District. It is designed to   Eligibility:                          pendent parent.
provide you with basic in-        Full Retirement Age (FRA) is 65 if Eligibility:
formation about senior citi-      you were born before 1942. Gradu- Age 60 or older. Age 50 or older for
zen benefit programs, and         ally, this number rises for people people with disabilities. At any age if
to let you know how to find       born after 1942, from 65 to 67. In you are caring for a child with a dis-
out more about them. Please       2010, you have reached FRA if you ability or a child under the age of 16.
note that this material has       were born in 1944 or earlier.         If you are divorced, you may still
been revised and updated as       You are eligible at age 62 for re- receive survivor benefits if the mar-
of July, 2010.                    duced benefits. However, every riage lasted ten years or longer, al-
                                  month you collect before you reach though remarriage affects eligibility.
  If you are not sure which
                                  the FRA permanently reduces your
agency to turn to, or if you      benefit, so it is a good idea to seek Income Limits
encounter any difficulties        financial advice before deciding to Resource Limits
in your search for assis-         begin collecting benefits early.
tance, please do not hesi-                                                Government Agency:
tate to contact my office at      Income Limits:                          Same as with SS Retirement Benefits.
718-538-2000. And, if you         In 2010, if you reach FRA (66 years     Social Security
                                  old), you can earn up to $37,680 this
would like additional cop-
                                  year without a loss in benefits. For
                                                                          Disability Benefits
ies of this pamphlet, please                                              (SSD)
also let us know.                 every $3 earned over the limit, $1
                                  is withheld from benefits but only      Benefits:
  Sincerely,                      counting earnings before the month      Monthly cash benefits based on
                                  that FRA was reached.                   years of employment prior to onset
                                  For individuals over the FRA there is   of disability.
 Vanessa L. Gibson                no income limit.
 Member of Assembly               The earning limit for individuals       Eligibility:
                                  under 65 is $14,160. For every $2       No age requirement. Must fall under
 77th District                                                            the Social Security Administration’s
                                  over the limit, $1 is withheld from
                                  benefits.                               definition of disability, which is
                                                                          stricter than many other definitions.
                                  Resource Limits: None.                  Broadly, the disability must prevent
930 Grand Concourse, Suite 1E     Government Agency:                      you from working for at least one
      Bronx, NY 10451             U.S. Social Security                    year or is expected to result in death.
Phone Number: 718-538-2000        Administration: 1-800-772-1213          Income Limits
     OFFICE HOURS:      
                                                                          Resource Limits
    10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
     Monday thru Friday
                                   Si desean recibir esta guía en español, favor de llamar
     Printed on recycled paper.
                                   a la oficina de la asambleísta Gibson al 718-538-2000.
Government Agency:                       Government Agency:               Reduces the cost of basic telephone
Same as with SS Retirement Benefits. Same as with SS Retirement Benefits. service to as little as $1 per month.
Supplemental Security                    Emergency Assistance                    Eligibility:
Income (SSI)                             for Adults (EAA)                        Must be a recipient of one of the fol-
                                                                                 lowing: Temporary Assistance Pro-
 Benefits:                              Benefits:                               gram, Food Stamps, Home Energy
Monthly cash benefits to meet food,      Cash payments for food, rent, mov-      Assistance Program, Supplemental
clothing, and shelter needs.             ing expenses, utilities, furniture,     Security Income, Veteran’s Disabil-
If you live alone, your maximum          repairs, and more in an emergency       ity or Surviving Spouse Pension. If
monthly benefit is $761. For a cou-      situation.                              you qualify for one of these pro-
ple, the maximum benefit is $1,115.      Eligibility:                            grams, but are not a recipient, you
If you live with others, the maximum     SSI recipients as well as those eli-    may still be able to receive benefits
benefit for an individual is $697 and    gible for SSI with a documented         through Lifeline.
$1,057 for a couple. Maximum ben-        need for emergency assistance.       Income Limits
efit levels vary for those living in
family care centers, hospitals, and      Income Limits                 Resource Limits:
institutions.                            Resource Limits: Same as SSI. Determined through Eligibility
Your maximum benefit is calculat-                                      criteria as stated above.
                                         Government Agency:
ed by taking your maximum ben-           New York City Human Resources Government Agency:
efit amount and subtracting your         Administration                          New York State Department of
“countable income.” Your count-          HRA Hotline: 877-472-8411               Public Service: 212-417-2378
able income does not include the                                                 For more information, visit www.
first $20 of your income, the first
                                                                        or call cus-
$65 of your earnings, and half of        Food Stamps                             tomer service for your local phone
all earnings above $65. A range of                                               company.
other types of income like the value     Benefits:
of food stamps, income tax refunds,      Monthly allotment of benefits           Home Energy
state or local assistance, home en-      through a debit card system for pur-    Assistance Program
ergy assistance, or loans you must       chasing food. Amount of benefit de-
                                         pends on household size and income.     (HEAP)
repay do not count towards your
countable income.                        Eligibility:                            Benefits:
                                         Benefits are available to low-income    HEAP Regular Benefit – Small
Even if you only earn $1 in SSI after
                                         people generally, but the income        grants and energy credits qualified
your countable income is factored in,
                                         limits are higher when a member of      homeowners and renters who pay
it is often a good idea to apply be-
                                         the household is over the age of 60     for their own heat. Benefits are paid
cause SSI qualifies you for Medicaid
                                         or has a disability.                    directly to the vendor who supplies
health insurance coverage.
                                                                                 heat. Regular benefit enrollment for
Eligibility:                             Income Limits:                          the 2009-10 period is closed. To ap-
You must be low-income and be at         Income limits are based on federal      ply next year, call 311 early in the
least 65 year old or be blind or have    poverty levels and vary based on        year, or contact my office for more
a disability. With some limited ex-      household size. Households that         information.
ceptions, you must be a U.S. citizen.    would normally not meet income
                                                                                 HEAP Emergency Benefit – “One
If you live with a spouse who does       guidelines may still qualify where
                                                                                 shot” assistance for qualifying rent-
not qualify for SSI, some of that        there is a household member over
                                                                                 ers and homeowners with an emer-
spouse’s income will be counted in       60 or a person with a disability.
                                                                                 gency affecting their main source
determining your eligibility.            Resource Limits:                        of heat. Emergency benefits are no
Income Limits:                           There are no resource limits where      longer available for the 2009-10
In simplest terms, your income limit     the household meets income quali-       period. If you are in an emergency
is the same as your maximum ben-         fication. Where the household is        situation next year, call 311 or my
efit amount. If you earn more than       over the income limit but qualifies     office as soon as possible.
your maximum benefit, you can’t          because there is a household mem-       2010 HEAP Cooling Component
receive SSI.                             ber over 60 or a person with a dis-     – Pays for the installation of an air
                                         ability the resource limit is $3,000,   conditioning unit in certain qualify-
Resource Limits:                         not including a vehicle of any value.
Resources are things you own, like                                               ing households.
real estate, cash, stocks and bonds,     Government Agency:                      Eligibility:
or bank accounts. For individuals        New York City Human Resources           Must be age 60 or older or have a
the resource limit is $2,000. For        Administration                          household member who is age 60 or
couples it is $3,000. Each individual    HRA Hotline: 877-472-8411               older, a child under the age of 6, or a
may have $1,500 burial fund, and                    household member with a disability.
each household may have a car, own                                               2010 HEAP Cooling Component
their own home (as long as it is their   UTILITIES                               – To qualify, you must have received
primary residence), and own per-                                                 the Regular HEAP Benefit this year
sonal and household goods, among
                                         Lifeline Telephone
                                                                                 or fall within HEAP income guide-
other exceptions without impacting       Services                                lines. Those with a working air con-
their resource limit.                    Benefits:                               ditioning unit that is less than 5 years
old or that have received a HEAP          Senior Citizens                      Government Agency:
funded air conditioner within the         Homeowners                           NYC Department of Finance
past 4 years are not eligible. At least                                        311
one member of the household must          Exemption (SCHE)           
have a medical condition that is exac-    Benefits:
erbated by heat. You can apply until      Real estate tax exemption of up to   TRANSPORTATION
August 13, 2010 or until the funds        50% for owners who live in their
run out, whichever comes first.           own 1- to 3-family home, condo-
                                                                               Reduced Fare
                                          minium, or cooperative apartment.    MetroCard
Income Limits:
HEAP income limits are based on           Renewable every second year.         Benefits:
your monthly household gross in-          Those who qualify for SCHE will      The current MTA fare is $2.25 and
come and your household size. This        automatically receive Enhanced       the Reduced fare is half ($1.10). You
year, the maximum monthly gross           STAR benefits.                       receive a personalized Reduced-
income is $2,030 for an individual, Eligibility:                               Fare MetroCoard with your name
$2,654 for a couple. The limit is Must be 65 years old or older. If a          and photograph. It works just like
higher for larger household sizes.                                             a regular Metrocard and allows you
                                    spouse, domestic partner, or a sib-        to buy unlimited rides or pay-per-
Resource Limits: None.              ling is a co-owner, one must be 65         ride. Reduced fares are also avail-
                                    or older. If other persons are co-
Government Agency:                  owners, all must be 65 and older.
                                                                               able if you have a NYC Department
New York City Human Resources Veterans under the age of 65, their              of the Aging ID card, Medicare card
Administration                                                                 (Medicaid card not accepted), Ac-
                                    spouse, or non-remarried surviving         cess-A-Ride ID card, or pre-1995
HRA Hotline: 877-472-8411           spouses of veterans also qualify.          MTA Reduced-Fare ID card.                The property must be the benefi-
                                    ciary’s primary residence.                 Eligibility:
HOUSING                                                                        Must be 65 years of age or older or
                                    Property owners cannot receive both        have a qualifying disability.
Senior Citizen Rent                 the Disabled Homeowners’ Exemp-
Increase Exemption                  tion (DHE) and SCHE.                  Income Limits
(SCRIE)                                   Income Limits:                  Resource Limits: None.
Benefits:                                 The combined total income, less Government Agency:
Relief from rent increases a tenant       any un-reimbursed medical and MTA New York City Transit
is obligated to pay. The landlord is      prescription drug expenses, of all 311
compensated through a reduction in        owners of the property must be less
their property taxes.                     than $37,399.
                                  Resource Limits: None.                       Access-A-Ride
Must be 62 years old or older and Government Agency:                           Benefits:
live in a rent controlled, stabilized,                                        Transportation for people with
                                          NYC Department of Finance           disabilities who are unable to use
Mitchell-Lama, Redevelopment
Company developments, Article XI          311                                 public bus or subway service for
co-ops established under the Private                some or all of their trips. Operates
Financing Housing Law, and Feder-         Enhanced School                     24 hours a day, 7 days a week with
ally-assisted co-op apartments.                                               calls scheduled in advance by tele-
                                          Tax Relief Exemption                phone. Passengers pay their regular
Your rent must be one-third of your       (STAR)
income and can’t include things like                                          MTA fare for Access-A-Ride and
fees for air conditioning, utilities,     Benefits:                           pay the reduced fare when they ride
and other auxiliary services.             Exemption from school property the bus or subway.
                                          taxes for owner occupied primary Eligibility:
Income Limits:                            residences. All NYC homeown- Must be a person with a disability
For 2010, your combined household         ers qualify for the basic exemption who, after an assessment by the
income from all sources must be           (approx. $200/year). Qualified se- MTA, is determined to have a bona
less than $29,000, including Social       nior citizens can receive Enhanced fide need for the services. Those
Security income.                          STAR (approx. $400/year).           with temporary or seasonal disabili-
Resource Limits: None.                    Eligibility:                        ties are still eligible.
Government Agency:                        Must be 65 years old or older and Income Limits
NYC Department of Finance (for            own and live in a 1- to 3-family
rent controlled/stabilized tenants)       home, condominium, or coopera- Resource Limits: None.
311                                       tive apartment.                     Government Agency:                      Income Limits:                      MTA New York City Transit
NYC Department of Housing                 The combined total income, less un- 311
Preservation and Development              reimbursed medical and prescription
(for Mitchell-Lama and all other          drug expenses, of all owners of the guide.htm
tenants) 311                              property must be less than $74,700.
                                                                               HEALTH                Resource Limits: None.
                                                                               Medicare Part A (Hospital
Insurance Program)                      If you don’t sign up when you are Resource Limits
                                        first eligible you may have to pay
Benefits:                               to join and your next opportunity Government Agency
Coverage for hospital care and lim- to join will be from November 15, Same as Medicare Part A.
ited coverage for skilled nursing fa- 2010 to December 31, 2010.
cilities, home health care, and hos-                                        Medicaid Full Coverage
pice care. $1,100 deductible for first Income Limits                        Benefits:
through 60th day of hospitalization. Resource Limits                        Comprehensive health care benefits,
Co-insurance payments thereafter.                                           including hospital, physician, skilled
                                        Government Agency                   nursing facility, health-related facil-
Eligibility                             Same as Medicare Part A.
Must be at least 65 years old and                                           ity, and home care coverage. Eligi-
(a) be eligible for Social Security (or Elderly Pharmaceutical ble adults receive their medical care
Railroad Retirement); or (b) wish to Insurance Coverage                     through a managed care plan or fee-
purchase coverage; or (c) be a work- (EPIC)                                 for-service. While your application
er with a disability who has been en-                                       is being processed, Medicaid may
titled to disability for 24 months; or Benefits:                            provide up to 90 days of retroactive
(d) have chronic renal disease.         Provides additional coverage for coverage for unpaid medical bills.
                                        prescription drugs for Medicare Eligibility:
Income Limits                           Part D and Medicaid spend-down Must be 65 or older, blind, have a
Resource Limits: None.                  recipients.                         child under 21 with a disability or
Government Agency:                      Eligibility:                        be the caretaker relative of a depen-
Social Security Administration          Must be at least 65 years old. Not dent child who is experiencing de-
1-800-772-1213                          eligible if receiving Medicaid Full privation of parental support.                        Coverage.                           Income Limits:
HIICAP Hotline: 212-341-3978            Income Limits:                      $767/month (individual), $1,117
                                        Fee Plan: $20,000 (individuals),    (couples)
Medicare Part B                         $26,000 (couples)                   The first $20 of monthly income is
(Supplemental Medical                   Deductible Plan: $20,001-$35,000 exempt from this calculation.
Insurance)                              (individuals), $26,001-$50,000      When one spouse is institutionalized
Benefits:                               (couples)                           and receiving Medicaid, the other
Optional. Partial coverage (80% of Resource Limits: None.                   spouse, not receiving Medicaid may
approved fee) for physician, outpa-                                         retain $2,739 in monthly income and
tient clinic, skilled nursing center, Government Agency:                    a maximum of $109,560 in assets.
and durable medical equipment. NYS Department of Health                     Resource Limits:
$96.40 monthly premium ($110.50 EPIC Helpline: 1 (800) 332-3742 $13,800 (individuals), $20,100 (cou-
or more for those with higher in-            ples). Exempt: primary residence,
comes or first filing in 2010). $155 care/epic/                             car, some burial arrangements.
annual deductible.
                                       Qualified Medicare                     Government Agency:
Eligibility                            Beneficiary (QMB) &                    NYC Human Resources
Income Limits                          Specified Low-Income                   Administration
Resource Limits                        Medicare Beneficiary                   HRA Hotline: 1-877-472-8411
                                                                              HIICAP Hotline: 212-341-3978
Government Agency:                     (SLMB)
Same as Medicare Part A.               Benefits:                              public_insurance/adults65.shtml
Medicare Part D                        Pays for Medicare premiums and
                                       can also pay for coinsurance and       Medicaid Excess
(Prescription Drug
                                       deductibles in certain circumstanc-    Income Program
Coverage)                              es. SLMB pays for Medicare Part        Benefits:
Benefits:                              B premiums only. In addition to        Medicaid coverage, but on a month-
Brand-name and generic prescrip-       SLMB, there are other programs         to-month basis after the use of ex-
tion drugs at participating pharma-    that can help pay for Medicare Part    cess income to cover medical costs.
cies. Extra help programs are avail-   B premiums for people with higher
able for those who need assistance     incomes called QI-1 and QWDI.          Eligibility:
with plan costs.                                                              Same as Medicaid Full Coverage
                                      Eligibility:                            except for income levels.
Eligibility:                          Must be enrolled in Medicare Part
Everyone with Medicare is eligible. A and eligible for Medicare Part B.       Income Limits
You may sign up when you first be- Income Limits                              No maximum, provided that medi-
come eligible for Medicare (three QMB: $903/month (for                        cal expenses reduce net income to
months before you turn 65 until individuals), $1,215/month (for               the levels listed above.
three months after you turn 65). If couples)                                  Resource Limits
you get Medicare due to a disability,
you can join from three months be- SLMB: $1,083/month (for                    Government Agency
fore to three months after your 25th individuals), $1,457/month (for          Same as Medicaid Full Coverage.
month of disability payments.         couples)

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