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									The Legare Waring House at Charles Towne Landing
Corporate Christmas Parties
Site Fee Includes use of: House, Grounds & Avenue of Oaks (Rates subject to change, please call to verify) 2007-2008 RATES Holiday Rates

Weekday <100 ppl $1,500 100-200 ppl $3,000

Friday Night $3,250

Saturday $3,700

Sunday $3,250

Cost includes use of the house and grounds for a four-hour event, beginning after park hours and ending by 11:00 PM, transportation shuttles (if needed), traffic attendants, and day-before & day-after cleaning. Park hours for Charles Towne Landing are as follows: Memorial Day – Labor Day: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm All other times of the year: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm * Rates are based on events with fewer than 200 people. There will be an added fee for larger events,based upon number of guests. Additional fees will be made available upon request. Rental Deposit and Security Deposit: The 20% rental deposit and $750 security deposit will be due upon your returning this signed and initialed contract. The 20% deposit will secure your date and is non-refundable for any reason including natural disasters, acts of God or international terrorist attacks. The security deposit will be returned to the Event Coordinator in the form of a check to the client’s name that is listed on the contract immediately following the event. A check will be returned following the final walk -thru of the house. The staff person in charge will determine if there is any excessive clean-up or damage done to the property as a result of your event. If necessary, the security deposit will be applied towards any needed repairs. The 80% balance rental fee is due at the final meeting, two weeks prior to the event and will be applied toward the site fee. Consultation / Site Visits: Clients will receive unlimited consultation via telephone and email leading up to the event. However, access to the house is limited to two site visits after the initial consultation prior to the event day. While we do accommodate requests for weekend site visits, we ask that appointments be scheduled two days ahead of time to ensure that someone will be available to serve you. Vehicles are not permitted on park roads at anytime without a representative from Charles Towne Landing or the Charleston Area CVB. Event Coordinator: To ensure proper use and care of the Legare Waring House, we require that the client hire a qualified event coordinator to be responsible for the event. Client Initial: _____ Page 1 of 5

This person will also serve in the capacity of decision-maker on behalf of the client in dealing with caterers, bar services, florists, entertainment, rentals, etc. and will collaborate with the Legare Waring House staff during the event. At the final meeting, two weeks prior to the event, the client and the event coordinator must meet with Legare Waring House staff to review agendas and details as well as establish a schedule for set-up and deliveries. Upon checkout, the event coordinator is responsible for a walk-through of the property with Legare Waring House staff. The two will assess any possible damages or excessive cleanup that may have occurred during the event. The security deposit will be handled as addressed in the rental deposit and security deposit section of this contract. If a qualified coordinator is not hired, the full security deposit will be applied towards that cost, and not refunded to the client. Tents and Inclement Weather: Tents and other rentals are not included in the contract fee. Because the house can comfortably accommodate up 75 people for a standing event, it serves very much as an outdoor facility. Clients are strongly encouraged to put a tent on rain delay in the event of inclement weather. Vendors: The Legare Waring House will provide you with a list of preferred vendors. It is required that all caterers and bar services provide the appropriate insurance documentation at the final meeting two weeks prior to the event. All vendors and service contractors are responsible for the cleanup and removal of their equipment, food, bar supplies and garbage within two hours of the event’s conclusion. Beverage Service: While alcohol consumption is allowed at The Legare Waring House, alcohol may not be served to minors or anyone appearing to be intoxicated. The SC Alcohol Beverage and Control board requires that all alcohol be supplied by a professional bar service with the necessary licenses and liability insurance. Upon signing this agreement, the client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Legare Waring House, Charles Towne Landing, the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, the SC Department of Parks Recreation & Tourism, the State of South Carolina and employees of each organization from any damages, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, which may arise as a result of consumption of alcoholic beverages by the client and any of the clients guests. Music: While we allow bands, DJs and all other types of musical entertainment on the grounds, only acoustical instruments are allowed inside the house. Furniture / Equipment: The Legare Waring House is a historic home and the furnishings are antiques or period reproductions. We require clients and guests to use the facilities in a respectful manner. Votives and candles in hurricane lamps are not permitted inside the house. Certain furniture, including patio furniture, may be moved within a room, but approval must be obtained from the Legare Waring House office 72 hours prior to the event. Please do not move any of the porch furniture outside without staff approval. The piano is not a piece of furniture that may be moved.

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Protective glass covers have been placed on the furnishings to prevent damage during events. While these provide ample protection against day-to-day usage, they are not meant to be used as food stations. We ask that absolutely no food be placed on the piano. Please consider this when deciding where the cake will be displayed. Parking & Transportation: Guests will park in the Charles Towne Landing main visitor parking area, which has capacity for 300 vehicles. Shuttles will transport guests from the parking lot to the Legare Waring House throughout the event and is included in the contract fees. Smaller events may allow us the opportunity to park guests closer to the house. Time Overage: Rental cost includes use of the house and grounds for a four-hour event, ending by 11:00 PM. If additional time is needed or used, an added fee of $250.00 per hour will apply. The additional time must be approved prior to the event, or the fees will come from the security deposit. Holidays: The Legare Waring House will not be available to rent on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Additional Information:  The facility is handicap accessible.  Shower facilities are not in working order and may not be used during events.  Fireplaces are non-working and smoking inside the house is prohibited.  No fireworks (including sparklers) may be used on the premises of Charles Towne Landing.  Open-flame candles are not allowed inside the house. Candles may only be used in the fireplace and must be enclosed in glass-shaded holders with heat protecting bases.  Nails and staples are not allowed when placing any decorations – please use tape or floral wire.  Charles Towne Landing trash bins may be used for all events, however, ALL trash must be removed from the receptacles immediately following each event. All trash must be removed from the house and discarded in the private dumpster located behind the house.  All tables, chairs, plates and glassware are to be properly broken down and stored on the front porch for pick up. Any racks left outside containing plates and glasses with leftover food and drink will attract wild animals at the park and cause damage to your rentals.  Please remove any food and drink from the refrigerator and clean-up any spills or leftover food.  The custodial closet is conveniently located in the storage area beside the microwave. Please sweep the floors and thoroughly wipe down the counters and sink.  No cars may be left onsite overnight. Any cars left in the main parking lot or at the Legare Waring House may be subject to towing, at the owner’s expense.  The event coordinator and catering representative is required to stay until the conclusion of the event to survey the house and grounds for damages and proper clean-up before leaving the property.

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The Legare Waring House at Charles Towne Landing
CHECKLIST Final Meeting, Two Weeks Prior to Event: Date: _________________________________ Location: Legare Waring House Attendees: Client(s), Event Coordinator, Legare Waring House staff 1. Client / event coordinator to provide agenda for corporate event. 2. Establish a schedule for vendor set-up, deliveries and pick-ups. This includes caterer, bar service, rental company, florist, baker, photographer, entertainment, etc. 3. Client / event coordinator to provide caterer / bar service insurance documentation. 4. Client to provide list of guests and vendors who will park at the house for the event (there are 8 parking spots available at the house for VIP guests and vendors). 5. Balance due on site rental.

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The Legare Waring House at Charles Towne Landing
RENTAL CONTRACT No part of the rental contract or terms and conditions may be altered without agreement by both parties, nor may it be transferred or sublet by the Renter. Full payment must be received two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event. Your event date will be reserved upon receipt of this contract, the terms and conditions page and the nonrefundable security deposit. Please make checks payable to the CACVB and mail to 423 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403. Company Name: ________________________________ Contact: _________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ City, State & Zip: _________________________________________________________________________ Work phone: ________________________ Fax: _______________________________ Mobile phone: ________________________ E-mail: ______________________________

Rental date: __________ Event start time: _________ Event type: ________________ # of Guests: _______ Tent location (please check one, if applicable): _________ Over Fountain or _________ Avenue of Oaks Tents are not allowed in any other area of the Legare Waring House grounds. Event Coordinator (Required): _____________________________ Phone: ________________ How did you hear about the Legare Waring House? _____________________________ Rental Fee: Total Fee: $____________________ $____________________ Security Deposit: $750 20% Deposit: $____________________

CHECK ____ VISA / MC / AMEX / DISCOVER # _____________________ Exp ______ 3-Digit Code ______ The individual, agent or entity signing this contract, along with the event guests and any contracted labor, will hold the State of South Carolina, Charles Towne Landing and the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, all employees and affiliates, individually and jointly and severally harmless for any loss, damage or injury to person or property resulting from the use, occupancy or possession of the premises. I, __________________ hereby acknowledge that I have read the above rental contract and foregoing terms and conditions and I agree to the terms and conditions this __________ day of __________, 20________. Renter’s signature: _______________________________________________________

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