Grocery Gift Cards Form by jizhen1947


									                             Shop at
                   Stop & Shop and/or

          Then You Can Make $$ for Naubuc!
How does it work? All you have to do is buy your groceries at Stop &
Shop and/or Shop Rite with gift cards that you purchase through the
Naubuc PTO.

                           It’s THAT easy!!

Our goal: sell $20K of gift cards per month. Sound like a lot?

   If just 50 families used $400/month for their groceries, we will
    make our goal! Or…
   If every family at Naubuc used $50/month, we’ll make our goal!

For more information and to purchase your monthly cards (or some for
friends & family!), please complete form on other side and return to
“Gift Cards” via backpack. Feel free to contact Bridget at 860.986.9616
or Thank you for participating!
                           Naubuc PTO

                    Gift Card Order Form
Name:                             Phone Number:


I will pick up my gift cards at Bridget’s house (4 UConn Ave).

Please deliver gift cards to my home.

Gift Card Type            Card Value    # of Cards Total $
STOP & SHOP               $25
SHOP RITE                 $25

There are two easy ways to order gift cards!

  1. Complete this order form and make your check payable to “Naubuc
    PTO” and return form and check in envelope marked “Gift Cards”
    via backpack to school.
  2. Send your order to

          Naubuc PTO THANKS you for your support!

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