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									GCSE PE and the linear reforms - FAQs

When is the last opportunity to be assessed via the modular specification?
Summer 2013 is the last opportunity for any cohort to be assessed using the modular specification.

How will the changes affect candidates in year 10?
Students currently in Year 10 and who are applying for certification in summer 2013 will be
permitted to enter in a modular way. Candidates can sit one unit in summer 2012 and another unit
is summer 2013. Students who apply for certification from summer 2014 onwards will be required
to sit all their examinations at the end of the course.

How will the changes affect students in Year 9, who started a 3-year GCSE course in September
Students who started a three year programme in September 2011 and will be expecting to apply for
certification in summer 2014 and therefore will need to enter for all units in summer 2014, sitting all
the examinations at the end of the course.

What are the specification changes for the GCSE PE, when it goes linear?
The content of the specification remains the same and has not been amended since the changes to
the government initiatives in 2011.

How many exam papers will the candidates sit? How long will the exam paper be?
We have not made any changes to the number of exam papers taken by candidates. They are still
required to sit one exam paper - a one hour 30 minutes examination (full course) or a one hour
examination (shout course) at the end of the course.

Will there still be a short course,
Yes there will still be a short course

Will the short course count towards the 2014 league tables??
Only full GCSE qualifications (120 GLH in size) will be counted. Short-course GCSEs (60 GLH in size)
will not be recognised in the headline measures from 2014.

Will candidates who take a short course GCSE still be able to top up to a full GCSE?
No. Schools will still be able to enter pupils for a short course but all the necessary assessments for a
full GCSE will have to be completed within a single examination series. There will be no top-ups
allowed from short course to full course - you will still be able to enter pupils for a short
course at the end of Year 10 and the full GCSE at the end of Year 11, but all the necessary
assessments for the full GCSE will have to be completed at the end of Year 11. The option to
complete the two additional practical activities via 5PE05 is no longer possible.

Will there be any changes to the UMS system for the new specification?
There will be no change to the UMS conversion as stated in the current specification.

Can a student carry forward marks from the controlled assessment unit?
If a student wishes to re-take the whole qualification then they will be able to carry forward the
marks they received for the controlled assessment unit. They can do this as they are carrying
forward the UMS mark they were awarded.

When does controlled assessment need to be submitted?
 Controlled assessment for the Analysis of Performance including the Personal Exercise Programme
(PEP), can only be submitted in the summer series (May deadline). However, you can offer the unit
earlier in the year candidates certificate, retain the controlled assessment securely, and submit it
during the moderation window, for example you could teach the controlled assessment in the
autumn term, students could write the response in January or earlier, you could retain the responses
securely and submit these on your moderation day. For GCSE PE the moderation window is between
1st of March and 5th of May.
Practical performance as a leader or official will take place and be marked during the course

For the practical assessment as a performer this must take place in the March to May window. The
only exceptions are activities such as trekking which the school may only be able to offer in the
winter term. Special permission should be sort from the Assessment team at to do this.

Centres should note that candidates CAN NOT be assessed in the first year of a two year course.
Candidates must always be assessed in their final year of the course.

Will QWC (Quality of Written Communication) still be assessed in the extended writing question?
Yes there will be no change to QWC with the new linear qualification.

Can a centre still offer additional activities through Meeting Local Needs (MLN)?
Yes, centres are able to offer additional activities through Meeting Local Needs. The process for this
is in the specification on page 41 or centres can contact the PE Assessment Team for more assistance.

Do candidates still have to be assessed in their chosen activities during the moderation window?
Yes, candidates must be assessed in their selected activities during the moderation window.

Can I assess candidates outside the moderation window?
No, however if there are extenuating circumstances a request should be made to to gain authorisation before assessment takes place.

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