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1st semester


									My Path to My Future 12th grade Curriculum Anchors and Access Points for Interdisciplinary Teams, Counselors and College Centers
1st sem 12th grade September 12th grade Anchors and projects Projects 12th grade Access points Work with counselor or college partners on On Course material Invite in counselor to bring ACT/SAT packets and explain vouchers for the test and deadlines Invite a college rep to discuss how to best use the college Fair. Encourage parents to attend the college fair with the students Invite the counselor to do a session with students preparing to take the ACT/SAT by going over their PSAT test results reviewing test taking tips English Teacher works with students on the college essay Bring in former students who are in college to share their college journey Good Debt/Bad Debt Bring in speakers from a local bank to discuss college loans and credit cards Computer access and Skills to support projects http://www.oncourseworksho Use an on-line calendar or create a calendar in word Find previous OGT tests on the Ode site: D/Templates/Pages/ODE/OD EDetail.aspx?page=3&Topic RelationID=1070&ContentID =7835&Content=51794 (get passwords from the Board) Update Personal Scholarship database Format letter of request Word process college Essay

Discovering Self-Motivation Mastering Self-Management Create Personal Career and College Calendar as a part of a college and career Action plan Regional College Fair-prepare specific questions OGT testing for 12 graders who still need to pass sections Peterson’s ACT prep Register for ACT or SAT Request that the results be sent to the colleges you are really ready to apply to

On Course materials


College Fair Project
Get students to sign up for the ACT/SAT in a group at the same site and plan group transportation to the test


College Essay Financial Aid search Write Letters of request for recommendation

College Essay Project
“Writing the College Essay” by Linda Christensen

Apply for FAFSA Pin # Update college weighted matrix Take ACT and list your top 6 colleges 3 college applications mailed by January 1 or apply on line

College Application Process

Apply online Http://www.commonapp. org Update Weighted Matrix Spreadsheet

My Path to My Future 12th grade Curriculum Anchors and Access Points for Interdisciplinary Teams, Counselors and College Centers
2ndt sem 12th grade January 12th grade Anchors and projects Resources 12th grade Access points Invite in a college representative to talk assist in filling out the FAFSA Computer access and Skills to support projects

Send college applications Filling out FAFSA and using estimator workshop Financial workshop: good debt vs. bad debt Choose topic for capstone project and showcase Follow-up with colleges to see that ACT scores, FAFSA and application are all complete Tech Prep Showcase Track and evaluate College Acceptances and Financial Aid College visits to schools where accepted, tour and ask questions

School application checklist Financial Aid Checklist

On-line FAFSA application FOTWWebApp/complete 013.jsp


Work with Counselors and college center reps to track the progress of all seniors towards having a plan for their LAHS Meet with each student who been accepted into college and assist in reviewing their SAR and Financial Aid plan. Review transcripts to ensure all students are on track to graduate. Create a Facebook page to connect with other students who will be entering the same college in the Fall

Update information in Showcase your technology skills in your project


Campus visit checklist

Update information in Update Resume
Seniors create a poster in word with a current picture and a statement of their plans for next year. Ceate a display of the pictures


Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (CSF) application is due. Send a copy of the SAR to CSF as soon as you receive it. Don’t stop filling out scholarship applications! Commit to a college. And complete financial aid agreement. Request final transcript be sent to College Prepare Career passport from IACP and college and career Action plan

College Commitment checklist

Update information in
Career Passport (2008)


Connect seniors with the alumni association Counselors can link students to job fairs for summer and long-term employment

Present CAPSTONE PROJECT College and Career Action Plan

Website or PowerPoint are excellent presentation tools for the capstone project. Seniors start a social networking page for the class to stay connected

My Path to My Future 12th grade Curriculum Anchors and Access Points for Interdisciplinary Teams, Counselors and College Centers

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