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					U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Afghan Opium Production -

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                                                                        Blacklisted Radio Podcast - 11.16.2013 by Doug Owen
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                                          Drug War?       American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium
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     Podcasts on Tunein                   It is well-documented that the U.S. government has – at least at some times in some parts
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                                          (Big American banks also launder money for drug cartels. See this, this, this and this.
                                          Indeed, drug dealers kept the banking system afloat during the depths of the 2008
                                          financial crisis. And the U.S. drug money laundering is continuing to this day.)

                                          The U.S. military has openly said that it is protecting Afghani poppy fields:

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U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Afghan Opium Production -

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U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Afghan Opium Production -

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