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					                                                 Newsletter — 4th Qtr. 2009
                             December 10, 2009                                                             Volume 1, Issue II1

                                                  H O L I D A Y         G R E E T I N G S
       In this issue:

Holiday Greetings        1

Gibson Under The Tree    1

Extend Your Boating      2

Decorating Your Gibson   3

National Houseboat       3
Expo 2010

Gibson Boats 2009        3
Open House

                                                 Put A Gibson Boat Under The Tree

                                                         Limited production spots are still available that will assure a
                                                       Spring / Early Summer delivery.
                                                         The Gibson design team is available to address all of your
                                                       ideas for customized production.
                                                        The upcoming season will be here sooner than you think.
                                                       Our parts department is ready to assist you with needed items.

                                                             We are on the web!
                          Newsletter — 4th Qtr. 2009
December 10, 2009                                                                                  Volume 1, Issue II1

                                 Extend Your Boating Season...
             Without fail every winter, boaters in many locations have a decision to make about how
             and when to prepare their boat for the winter season. Winterization is expensive, plus it
             renders your boat unusable throughout the winter/early spring. In many areas of the US,
             temperatures can drop below freezing and then can spring up to over 60 degrees a few
             days later.
             This translates into boating days lost during the winter and early spring due to permanent
             winterization. There IS an option, why not enjoy your boat year-round with the installation
             of a bilge heater?
             Marine Engine Compartment Heaters have been around for 20 years and are used my many
             boaters with great success. Basically, it is a device that is installed in your engine
             compartment that circulates warm air when temperatures drop below 45 and turns off
             when temperatures rises back up over 45 degrees.
             Here are a few things to know about BoatSafe heaters.
             Reliability: BoatSafe bilge heaters have a variety of Coast Guard and Independent testing
             lab approvals to put boater’s minds at ease.
             Size: Depending on the size of your boat compartment, BoatSafe Heaters offers two sizes
             that will fit nicely into any area of you engine compartment. Since the product circulates
             warm air versus blowing hot air like a hair dryer, one can mount it in several
             locations. Another feature is a vertical mounting bracket accessory that adapts well for
             certain compartments.
             Installation: Fairly straight forward for the DIY crowd. There are plenty of marinas and
             boat service centers that are very capable of providing installation services. Most
             installations take less than 1.5 hours.
             Cost to Operate: $.08 -.10 per hour to operate.
             Testing: To insure the unit is working, the BoatSafe Heaters feature a test button.
             Safety: Since it circulates warm air, the unit only gets warm to
             touch, unlike others that have “caution hot” labels.
             Besides being able to extend your boating season, the BoatSafe
             Heater provides additional value in the form of keeping your
             engine compartment dry and corrosion free, improving battery
             performance by having a warm engine, and save boaters money
             by eliminating the cost of annual winterization costs.

             Please contact Gibson to inquire about obtaining a
             BoatSafe heater.
                          Newsletter — 4th Qtr. 2009
December 10, 2009                                                                                Volume 1, Issue II1

                                Decorating Your Gibson Boat ?

             Gibson would like to receive and publish any pictures of Gibson Boats being entered in
             Christmas boat parades or just decorated at the dock. Have a digital picture taken and e-
             mail to Gibson Boats ( Pictures will be published in the 1st Qtr
             2010 newsletter. Please include boat name and City / State if you would like it to be

                                National Houseboat Expo 2010
             Gibson Boats will be at the 2010 National Houseboat Expo in Louisville, KY at the
             Kentucky Exposition Center March 5th—March 7th. Please visit the Expo website (http://
    for additional information.
             Gibson Boats will also have the factory open and available for visits & tours. You can stop
             by on the way to the Expo or returning afterwards. Please RSVP to Gibson Boats by calling
             (615) 325-9320.

                                Gibson Boats 2009 Open House
             The 2009 Gibson open house proved to be another successful event. There was a sizable
             number of current owners and prospective new boat purchasers in attendance. Everyone
             enjoyed touring the boats that were in various stages of constructions and several current
             owners were able to obtain needed parts. Thanks to everyone who attended and
             remember you are always welcome to visit the Gibson Plant during business hours for a
             guided tour. Just give us a call and we are always more than happy to accommodate your

                                                  Gibson Boats
                                                 130 Davis Street
                                              Portland, TN 37148
                                    (P) 615-325-9320 (F) 615-325-9321

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