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Brierfield Town Centre Grants and Promotional Initiative 2002/03 – 2003/04
1) Purpose of Report a) To seek authorisation from the Committee to draw down funds from the 2003/04 Brierfield Town Centre Grants budget. b) To request that the Committee approve a grant application received for the Brierfield Town Centre Grants Scheme. 2) Issue a) Funding: The approved allocation for July – March 2003 in respect of Brierfield Grants is £41,400 funded through the Pendle Economic Regeneration Programme. It was agreed at the meeting on 3rd September 2002 to draw down £899 from the 2003/04 allocation making a total allocation of £42,299 for 2002/03. Permission has now been granted by the Partnership Support Unit to draw down limited funds for cases that need to complete works prior to 31st March 2003. b) Brierfield Town Centre Grants Background: Applications for assistance are submitted to the Regeneration Unit towards the cost of shop front and structural internal improvements to town centre premises within Brierfield. The level of grant offered is 60% of eligible costs up to a maximum of £10,000. Application requiring a decision: Unique Fireplaces, Former Junction Hotel, Colne Road, BRIERFIELD An application has been received from the owner of the former Junction Hotel building, Colne Road for assistance towards improvements to this property. This very prominent gateway property which has been vacant for some time and substantial investment is required to reinstate this building for commercial use. The applicant has already undertaken a significant amount of internal improvement work for which grant assistance has not been requested. The grant works identified are to comprise of essential internal structural works to the walls and ceilings, replacement and repair of windows to all elevations, painting and signage.

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The applicant seeks to complete the refurbishment of this property by February 2003 to meet his opening deadline of 1st March 2003. A maximum grant of £10,000 is sought towards eligible costs. The total Private Sector Investment in this project far exceeds the required level of 40% and is indicative of the commitment to Brierfield this applicant is making choosing Brierfield as the location for the expansion of his Fireplace Showroom widening the choice of goods and services within the town.

3) Policy Implications
All applications/works are appraised in line with Local Plan policies and the Economic Development Strategy.

4) Local Agenda 21 Implications
Where possible we encourage the use of environmentally friendly products and services.

5) Community Safety Implications
The Regeneration Unit liaises with the Community Safety Officer on community safety issues. As a result of grant aid this previously prominent, large redundant building will be improved and occupied thus making the property safer and more desirable, reducing the threat of vandalism, making the town more vibrant and reducing the fear of crime.

6) Financial Implications
a) Funding The Brierfield Town Centre Grant allocation for 2002/03 has already been committed with permission having been granted to draw down £899 to cover all applications received. It is estimated that the salary costs of the project will be less than anticipated and consequently any residual funds will be transferred to the available grant amount. However, if Committee approve the application from Unique Fireplaces up to a further £10,000 will be required from the 2003/04 Grant allocation. The Partnership Support Unit have confirmed that they will approve this draw down of funds from 2003/04 as long as works are completed prior to 31st March 2003. b) Brierfield Town Centre Grants The proposed grant offer can be found within the total Brierfield Town Centre Grant budget for financial year 2003/2004 as detailed in the table below: Brierfield Town Centre Grants Allocation April 2003 – March 2004 Less Grant Approval September 2002 5 Colne Road Balance Available 2003/04 Less Grant Application Received Unique Fireplaces
formerly The Junction Hotel


£ 25,000

£ 899 £ 24,101 £ 26,688 £ 10,000 £ 16,688

Total grant monies available 2003/04

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7) Conclusions a) Funding That the facility to drawn down funds from the 2003/04 allocation be used to assist the progress of works at Unique Fireplaces, Colne Road, Brierfield to meet the target opening date of 1st March 2003. b) Brierfield Town Centre Grants That the grant for Unique Fireplaces formerly The Junction Hotel, Colne Road, Brierfield meets the criteria of the grant programme: i) Assists in the occupation of premises that have been empty for some time ii) Leads to the introduction of a business that extends the range of choice of goods and services iii) Resolves a problem affecting the future of the property or its potential iv) Creates 4.0fte jobs, other than construction jobs 8) Recommendation a) Funding Authorisation be given to draw down funding from 2003/04 of £10,000 making the total draw down to a maximum of £10,899. b) Brierfield Town Centre Grants That the Committee approves the grant application for Unique Fireplaces, formerly The Junction Hotel, Colne Road, Brierfield.

Town Hall, NELSON, Report Author: Nina Pinder (Tel:) (01282) 661683 E-Mail: Background Papers: Location Map Date: November 15, 2009

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