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									St. John’s Faith Formation Parent Handbook 2009-2010

If you haven’t filled out a registration form for your child/ren please see Margie Livermore, St. John’s Director of Religious Education, to register him or her. The Faith Formation registration fee is $35 per child with a family maximum of $120.00. If cost is an issue please contact the DRE in the parish office at 515-993-4590 or e-mail at

Arrival & Departure
Religious Education classes will be held Wednesday evenings with an early session at 5:457:00 pm and a late session from 7:15-8:30 pm. To help control the traffic of so many people coming and going, students should be dropped off at the upper parking lot and proceed to the Church for Evening Prayer. Upon arriving, the students should go directly to the pew designated for their class. Families are encouraged to come and participate with their student in Evening Prayer. Good Shepherd students do not attend Evening Prayer and should be dropped up at the Atrium. Following class, students should be picked up from the lower level in the Parish Hall. For the safety of our students all parents are required to come into the Parish Hall to pick up their child, with the exception of high school students whose parents have signed a waiver. The catechists may not release your child to anyone but you unless they are listed on the Student Release Authorization Form that you will find in this handbook. If you are involved in a carpool please fill out the form in this handbook listing the person(s) who have permission to come to the Parish Hall to get your child. Again, the catechists will not dismiss a student to anyone except the parent or persons listed on the form. Please return the forms to the DRE office, not to the catechist. We will make copies for the catechists. You may fill out one form for your entire family. High School Faith Formation students are released as their parents direct. Please fill out the waiver form if you wish them to be dismissed on their own. If you need additional forms they are available in the DRE office or from the catechists.

Cancellation due to Weather
All families are asked to share an e-mail address in which we can notify you of any Faith Formation news, especially the need to cancel classes due to inclement weather. If you do not have e-mail, please watch WHO-TV, channel 13 for any cancellation notices. All families who have provided us with their e-mail address will be contacted via e-mail if classes are cancelled. If school is cancelled or let out early due to inclement weather in the Adel/DeSoto/Minburn school district, Faith Formation classes at St. John’s will be cancelled as well. If you have any question if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, please call the Religious Education office at 515-993-4590. If we are no longer in the office, we will do our best to change the recorded message on the office phone to inform you of any cancellation.

This year we will be taking attendance in each of the classrooms. If your child will not be in class please call the Religious Education office at 515-993-4590 as early as possible before classes start. If your child is absent and we have not heard from you, one of our hall assistants will call your home. This policy is implemented as a safety precaution.

Class Conduct
Respectful and reverent behavior is expected of all students during Evening Prayer and in the classroom. Disruptive behavior keeps all the other students in the class from having a positive experience and accomplishing the required tasks for that session. We ask that students do not bring pop or other food to class. NO GUM at both Evening Prayer and the classroom.

Discipline Policy
If a student is disruptive in class the catechist will address the behavior with the student in a positive manner within the classroom setting. If a second reprimand is necessary the catechist will take the student to Mrs. Livermore. If a third reprimand is necessary the student will be sent to Mrs. Livermore and the parents will be called to come pick up the student. The student will not be allowed back into the classroom until one parent comes to class and remains with the student for the entire class period.

Family Based Catechesis
There is one class built into our schedule designated as Family Based Catechesis Night. The date is Wednesday January 6th 2010. On this evening the students will remain at home to do their lessons with their family. We will send home lessons which will be appropriate for the entire family.

In the event of a fire, the catechists will lead the students outside from the closest exit that is listed on the Emergency Plan posted in each classroom area. The hall monitors will check the bathrooms and lead any students to safety by the most expedient route. Anytime the students are asked to leave the building because of an emergency situation, they and their catechists should go immediately to the North east corner of the property under the trees. Remain there for further instructions from the DRE. If a tornado warning is issued the students will follow their catechists to one of the following areas: Atrium, DRE’s office, Youth Minister office or restrooms. If a warning occurs at or near dismissal time, the students will not be released. If parents arrive during a tornado warning, you may take cover with the students and wait until the all clear is sounded.

Safe Environment
Each of the catechists and Faith Formation assistants at St. John’s are required to attend the Virtus safe environment training provided by the Diocese of Des Moines. In addition, background checks are required for them and all parish staff. It is our intention to do all that we can to insure the protection of our children. We also monitor class spaces, hallways and bathrooms every ten minutes during the evening. Only one child will be allowed in each bathroom at a time. If you have any questions about this policy please call Mrs. Livermore at 515-993-4590

Dress Code
We ask that students be dressed properly when attending Faith Formation classes. The following guidelines are currently in effect:  Girls are asked not to wear spaghetti strap blouses/shirts, go without the proper foundation garments, or wear short shorts. If hip huggers are worn a shirt or blouse long enough to cover the midriff or be tucked into the waistband is necessary. Boys are asked not to wear their jeans, pants or shorts in a sagging fashion, and that their pants be pulled up to the proper position at the waist and a belt worn if necessary. Students should not wear t-shirts with derogatory pictures or writing. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in the student’s parent being asked to come and get the student.

  

Student Release Authorization Form
My child/ren: Name: __________________________________ Grade: ____________ Name: __________________________________ Grade: ____________ Name: __________________________________ Grade: ____________ Name: __________________________________ Grade: ____________ has/have permission to be dismissed to the following person(s) besides their parent or legal guardian after Faith Formation class: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
If you are involved in a divorce situation with custody restrictions, we need to have a copy of the court order stating that a parent is not allowed to pick up their child.

Signed: ___________________________________ Date: ___________

High School Waiver Form
My child_________________________________ has permission to be dismissed to his/her own recognizance after Faith Formation class. I understand that I take responsibility for their actions and whereabouts once they leave their classroom.

Signed: ____________________________________ Date: __________

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