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					Don’t Be Afraid of Tuition….

Pell Grants FSEOG No interest Loans Work Study

• • • • • Free Application for Federal Student Aid

1. Grants-Consider the Following:
• Pell Grants/ FSEOG’s don’t need to be paid back • 2003 Pell Grant Awards will be $4,000+ • 2003 FSEOG $400-$3,300 • Funds after tuition can be used for books, fees • It takes 15 minutes to apply

Food for thought!
• Up to $4,000 for 1 hour
– 15 minutes gathering info – 5 minutes getting onto the internet – 25 minutes filling out form – 10 minutes filling in verification forms – 5 minutes to pick up check

2. Federal School Loans
• Can be a friend…. • 0% interest while in school • Start Re-pay after graduation • (Try not to use till Junior or Senior year)

3. Federal Work Study
• Work on campus
• Federal funds • Jobs that work around school schedule

So now what???

Register for a PIN
1. One for the student 2. One for the Parent

5 Things you will need…..
• Driver’s License • Taxes you do for this next April • Social Security #s • Age of older parent • List of school(s)

What will it ask?
• • • • • Gross Annual Income Adjusted Gross Income Other Investments Number of dependants Legal state of residence

FAFSA on the WEB!!!
Go to:
Fill out. Find out immediately your chance with EFC# (Expected Family Contribution).