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									THE WORLD CUP
Teacher and independent learner notes compiled for the World Cup, Germany 2006. Last updated 30th March 2006.

England and Germany walking out at Wembley for the 1966 Cup Final. Film ID 2314.09

Contents 1. Introduction 2. Before1966 3. 1966 4. After 1966 5. The British Pathe Archive Schools Licence. 6. Using the Archive Introduction Most of the films in the Archive relate to the 1966 final though there are some about both previous and later finals. Several possible uses: 1. Comparison with today. What’s the same? What’s changed? 2. Editing clips from the news films into film of your football. 3. Using clips in presentations, whiteboards, intranet folders, etc to build resources, ‘essays’ or presentations. 4. Using clips for assemblies. The Archive goes back to 1895 with regular news film from about 1920 until it closed in 1970. There are hundreds of films about football which were seen in the cinema between the feature films as newsreels. In the 1930s, 40s and 50s newsreels played the same role as TV news does today. Sound was introduced gradually from 1930. In the Archive ‘silent’ means recorded before sound while ‘mute’ means recorded later but with no sound. Colour was introduced over a very long period with some examples from the 1930’s but was only widely used in newsreels from the mid 1950’s. Television didn’t carry the amount or quality of coverage that we are used to until the 1960s. The 1954 World Cup in Switzerland (the year after the Coronation in the UK which made TV popular here) was the first to be covered by TV. VCRs didn’t become popular until the 1970s. In the 1960’s there was an official World Cup film made of each tournament which was shown in the cinema several months later and people went to the cinema to see the games with slow motion, playbacks, different views and high quality images – all the things we take for granted in TV coverage today. To look up football facts you used books, magazines and annuals…or asked an adult who remembered being at the game! …no WWW. British Pathe, like the media today, recorded what was considered important at the time. The World Cup took time to be accepted…in the same way that European football took time to become established in Britain. Several films have out-takes as well as the final news item which is useful, especially for Media Studies, to ask why were these left out? Why were the other shots included? The Archive is very good at setting contexts for films; find a film then have a look and see what else was happening the same year.

The support website ( ) has several Football Starters, including ‘Football’, which gives a social history of football as recorded in the Archive. (links given below) Listed here are the World Cup related films in the Archive with their ID numbers given in bold. You can use the ID numbers to look up the films at and download them in school over the national education networks across the UK under the RBC/British Pathe Schools Licence. You can edit and re-purpose the films for education use in schools as long as you don’t redistribute or republish the originals or your mash-ups on the WWW, DVDs, etc. More details of the Schools Licence and how you can use the films are given in section 6.

Before 1966 1938 Qualifier
The earliest World Cup news film that we’ve found so far. WORLD SOCCER CUP - IRISH FREE STATE V. NORWAY 04/11/1937 937.46 Football match between Ireland and Norway ends in a draw 3-3. Italy beat Hungary 4-2 in the final. The mystery film? PARIS 24/11/1938 989.27 Two unidentified football teams play against each other in Paris, France. Soundtrack missing. But not the world cup …that was in Paris…but in June.

Alf Ramsey plays for England: 1953
WEMBLEY - ENGLAND v THE REST OF THE WORLD 26/10/1953 124.03 A full Pathe New coverage of football match between England and Rest of the World. How would that match play today…name your world team. Selected originals - ENGLAND V WORLD 28/10/1963 1778.06 Material relating to newsreel story "England v World" 63/87

1954 World Cup: two-reel thriller
GERMANY BEATS HUNGARY 3-2 IN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL (REEL 1.) 1954 2624.10 World Cup trophy won by Germany in dramatic encounter GERMANY BEAT HUNGARY 3-2 IN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL (REEL 2) 1954 2624.13 Germany triumph in World Cup Final in tense in five-goal thriller. Reels? Reels were the things film sued to be wound on and fed through the projector and which had often to be changed half-way through a film. Little film showing how film developed from optical toys in Victorian times and then it shows a projector in a cinema being laced up.

LUMIERE CINEMATOGRAPHY EXHIBITION IN LONDON 1964 3115.17 NO SOUND Earlier rounds included… ENGLAND DRAW WITH BELGIUM 4-4 1954 2616.28 Despite being favourites, the English team had to settle for a draw after extra time. ENGLAND LOSE TO URUGUAY 4-2 aka URUGUAY V ENGLAND 1954 2618.18 British team lose against 1950 World Football Champions Uruguay in Switzerland Germany beat Hungary 3-2 in the final.

1958 World Cup:
IRELAND 2 ITALY 2 FOOTBALL 2576.18 Fighting breaks out at football match between Ireland and Italy. Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1957 IRELAND: 2 ITALY: 1 20/01/1958 1517.05 Those ere the days! Ireland beat Italy in World Cup football qualifying match in Belfast. SCOTLAND BEATS SPAIN, 4-2 13/05/1957 651.13 Scotland beats Spain 4-2 in a World Cup qualifying match at Hampden Park Brazil beat Sweden 5-2 in the final with Pele appearing in his first World Cup.

1962 World Cup: ENGLAND V PORTUGAL (aka ENGLAND: 2 PORTUGAL: 1) 30/10/1961 1740.04 England beat Portugal at football in World Cup decider at Wembley. Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final.

1963: 100 years of football
"HOME AND AWAY" 1963 2729.01 A film charting the history of British football in the FA centenary year

1966: Forty years ago today… !
Lost the cup? What a pickle. Six months before the World Cup the Jules Rimet trophy, the original trophy, was stolen, and then found by a dog called Pickles. About the Jules Rimet trophy  30 SECOND NEWS - PICKLES AND OWNER RECEIVE £1,000 21/04/1966 1793.03 David Corbett, and his dog Pickles who found World Cup, receive £1,000 check  30 SECOND NEWS - THREE STORIES 07/04/1966 1791.08 Pickles gets his reward, (plus lions at Longleat Stately Home & Waterloo lions moved.) Jules Rimet photo Wikipedia.

BBC On this day: 20 March 1966 – the Pickles story.

The build-up to 66: been here before then? RAMSEY, WHAT NOW? 24/10/1965 1820.22 Austria unexpectedly beat England in World Cup qualifier football match at Wembley But first things first! Let’s make the footballs! FOOTBALLS FOR WORLD CUP 21/04/1966 1793.02 Special footballs are made by hand for the World Cup in a Yorkshire factory …and then the stamps! WORLD CUP STAMPS A SELL OUT 21/08/1966 1799.27 Postage stamps marking England's World Cup win are an instant success Pele training with Brazil BRAZILIAN FOOTBALL TEAM IN TRAINING IN SWEDEN FOR WORLD CUP aka BRAZIL IN TRAINING 1966 3204.14 Good shots of Pele and Brazilian football team training and with some fans. …then there’s the draw… WORLD CUP - THE DRAW 10/01/1966 1783.05 World Cup draw in London - England will play against Uruguay. …and then the opening WORLD CUP OPENING AT WEMBLEY aka WEMBLEY 1966 WORLD CUP OPENING 1966 3209.08 MUTE Boys teams from the competing countries walk out onto the pitch. THE WORLD CUP 14/07/1966 2001.01 Queen opens the World Football Cup at Wembley - England plays against Uruguay The early rounds (many of these stories are MUTE (ie no sound) – though of course you could provide your own sound track…hone up your commentating skills.
RUMANIA BEAT PORTUGAL IN FOOTBALL WORLD CUP ELIMINATOR 1969 3326.15 World Cup Eliminator football match where Rumania beat Portugal 1 - 0. WORLD CUP 1966 SWITZERLAND V SPAIN 1966 3156.16 MUTE Switzerland play Spain during the 1966 World Cup Finals in England WORLD CUP 1966 SWITZERLAND V WEST GERMANY 1966 3156.18 MUTE Switzerland play Germany during the 1966 World Cup WORLD CUP 1966 CHILE V. ITALY) 1966 3158.02 MUTE Story about Chile versus Italy in the 1966 World Cup Football Finals (WORLD CUP 1966 MEXICO V. ENGLAND) 1966 3158.05 MUTE Story about Mexico versus England in the 1966 World Cup Football Finals WORLD CUP 1966 MEXICO V. FRANCE) 1966 3158.07 MUTE Story about Mexico versus France in the 1966 World Cup Football Finals. WORLD CUP - NORTH KOREA V CHILE 1966 3221.22 MUTE Chile and North Korea draw 1-1 during the 1966 World Cup RUSSIA V. N. KOREA IN WORLD CUP MATCH 1966 3178.08 MUTE World Cup football match in progress, Russia v North Korea

Uncut film: Russia beat Chile in Sunderland. WORLD CUP - CHILE V. U.S.S.R. AT SUNDERLAND 1966 3160.01

World Cup match in Sunderland sees a narrow victory for Russia. There are 19 minutes of mute film! The film is uncut so maybe useful for Media Studies. How would you edit it and what commentary? The semi finals WEST GERMANY INTO FINAL 28/07/1966 2001.23 West Germany beat Russia and goes through to football World Cup final. ENGLAND THROUGH TO FINAL OF WORLD CUP 28/07/1966 2001.24 England beat Portugal and goes through to football World Cup final The Final : 30th July 1966 WORLD CUP - MIGHTY ENGLAND - Technicolor 31/07/1966 2003.01 England wins the football World Cup. This film is made in ‘Technicolor’ who first made colour film in 1916, though development of new and better processes has been on-going ever since. They have now gone digital and are the world’s largest processor of DVD. WORLD CUP FINAL 1966 ENGLAND V. GERMANY aka WORLD CUP 1966 - FINAL 1966 2999.15 MUTE Unused shots from the match, including W. Germany's 1st goal and England's 1st and 3rd goals. When the films were made they were shot and then edited to provide the highlights that made up the Final film that was shown in the Cinema. BBC on this day: 30th July 1966 Welcome Home! RAMSEY'S MEN SEE HOW THEY WON 04/08/1966 1799.17 England's World Cup winning football team get a great welcome and see film of the match; no continuous replays on the telly then? Back to Bread and Butter FOOTBALL BACK TO THE LEAGUE 25/08/1966 2003.02 Chelsea beat West Ham 2-1 in the first FA Cup match of the season Celebrity SPORTS WRITERS' CHOICE 15/12/1966 2015.29 England football team wins Sportsmen of the Year award from the sports writers BEST IN SPORT - BOBBY AND ANN VOTED 04/12/1966 2015.10 Sportsman and sportswoman of the year chosen at Savoy Hotel, London. BRITAIN'S TOPS WITH THE TEENS (aka BRITISH TEENAGERS' TOP TEN PERSONALITIES) 03/12/1967 2047.19 Results of survey asking teenagers who their top 10 people were – where did the footballers come? Still the same today?

And what else was going on in 1966?
A YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENTS - Technicolor 29/12/1966 2015.39 Review of the year 1966 - Technicolor

After 1966
Mexico, 1970
MEXICO WORLD CUP STADIUM 1960 - 1969 3277.20 Scenes from around Mexico City and the World Cup stadium ENGLAND IN TRAINING 18/01/1970 2239.25 Colour item showing the England football team in training.

More football topics from the Archive in Shapesoftime
Football: a history Scottish Football The Manchester United Munich air crash …and in the Pathe Blog… Jinky: 13th March 2005 (Jimmy Johnstone; Celtic and Scotland) George Best: 3rd December 2005 (…never played in a World Cup) Bill Nicholson and Spurs

Some Websites
World Cup 2006 FIFA’s official site…nice history section. The Jules Rimet Cup BBCs International Football site About Technicolour There’s a nice little flash history on Technicolor’s own website choose ‘About’ then ‘History’ All the scores? The essential facts! Search the World Cup and International Football scores database

The British Pathe Archive Schools Licence
The British Pathe Archive Schools Licence was developed by the RBC for schools throughout the UK. It allows creative or re-purposing uses of the Archive’s 3,500 hours of digitised video by pupils and teachers in schools over the National Education Network (NEN) and the education networks in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Access does not require passwords (broadband network magic) and is free. The resources are identified, then selected and delivered to you by download (works like ‘Amazon’); you can choose WM or QT files to suit. The Licence does not allow teachers or pupils to republish or distribute the Pathe resources (files) or their own work using the Pathe resources beyond school; NOT on websites, over the WWW, on DVD or anything. Please respect this Licence. For more information about the RBC and British Pathe Archive Schools Licence please go to

Using the Archive
Go to from school.
Finding the selected clips in the teacher notes. The numbers in bold are the Film ID numbers. To find them use the Advanced Search.

The Advanced Search 1. Select the Advanced Search option from the Archive website 2. Enter the number in the Film ID box (top right) 3. Click on ‘Go’ (bottom line of icons on the same page) 4. Hey presto! The full description and links to the media and stills files appear!

More Support The Shapesoftime website has introductory materials and curriculum support materials for using the Archive. You will need a password to use it – same conditions as British Pathe which you can get from your RBC, LEA, C2Kni, LTS or NGfL Cymru. For newcomers to British Pathe the website contains a step-by-step ‘How To’ document. Log in and then go to the ‘Resources for Schools’ section. To contact your RBC please go to National partners should contact C2Kni, LTS or NGfL Cymru.

The RBC/British Pathe Schools Licence Feedback is welcome:

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