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SYMPHONIC WIND BAND (SWB) - Conductor ~ Alan Holford Rehearsal Venue Eyres Monsell Primary School, Simmins Crescent, Leicester, LE2 9AH Saturdays 10.15am. - 12.30pm. Congratulations on achieving a place in the Symphonic Wind Band 2009 / 2010. The Symphonic Wind Band is Arts in Education’s senior wind band offering members an outstanding opportunity to work together to achieve the very highest standards of performance. Last year the band took part in the Boosey & Hawkes National Concert Band Festival winning a double gold medal and memorable concerts took place throughout the year at De Montfort Hall and Holy Trinity Church. Members of the band can look forward to an exciting year in 2009 / 2010. Students who were members of the band last year or attended the band’s concerts will know that the Symphonic Wind Band performs to a very high standard. This is achieved through the commitment of members of the band and the high level of training offered by the staff of the Arts in Education Service. Standards are not achieved lightly and before accepting this offer of a place in the band, it is important that you consider the commitment involved. As a result of your audition you clearly have the potential for the band, but this is only the beginning. You will be expected to practise your parts regularly, and seek help with parts from instrumental teachers to enable you to perform to your best and take full advantage of the opportunity you have with the band. You will be expected to attend all rehearsals, courses and concerts as scheduled. You are an important part of a team and the success of the band and ultimately your enjoyment very much depends on your commitment and contribution. Please read the enclosed rules, procedures and information sheets carefully. In the event of illness on the day of a concert please arrange for someone, (possibly another member of the group who lives nearby), to deliver music to the concert venue in time for the rehearsal as a 'dep player' may be required. If you are experiencing transport difficulties with a particular concert please telephone Arts in Education who may be able to offer a solution or give you contact telephone numbers for parents of other children in the group who live close to you and may be able to assist. In return for making this commitment, the band will provide you with inspiring major new musical experiences, enormous encouragement and expert technical guidance. The performances will be of the highest standard you have ever achieved, and the targets will help you lift your playing to new heights. Concert Dress Gents. Black jacket, bow tie, trousers, shoes and black socks plus black shirt. Ladies. Full-length black evening dresses or black blouse and full length black skirt or trousers and black shoes. Provisional Concert and rehearsal schedule Please see the attached sheet for all known SWB rehearsal dates, course dates and performance events. Full details of performances (rehearsals, ticket information, etc. will be issued two/three weeks prior to the performance.) Please check the rehearsal and concert dates carefully. This is very important; if key members of the band are unavailable on concert dates the band may be unable to perform. Advance notice of your commitment at this stage will help us plan in good time. Sheet Music One warning! The cost of buying or hiring sheet music is a big expense to this band. Please take great care of all music issued to you and always return it punctually and in good condition. There will be charges for both late and non-return of music - £5 for every copy returned after the deadline to cover the extra costs incurred and £10 for every copy which we have to replace.

COURSE The first course this year is Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September at Eyres Monsell Primary School from 10.00am until 4.00pm each day. On Saturday 19th it will be possible for members to use the Arts in Education transport to get to the course but members need to make their own arrangements for transport home on this day, and to and from the course on Sunday 14th. N.B. Please note that on these days and on other full day training courses throughout the year students are allowed to leave the rehearsal site at lunch time. Any parents who do not wish their child to leave the site should provide them with a packed lunch and drinks each day and make their wishes clear to their child. Students who remain on site during the lunch hour will be supervised, however students who leave the site will not be supervised by Arts in Education staff. A register will be taken at the start of the afternoon. Transport Transport is provided from various points around the County and City at a subsidised cost to parents. Members using Arts in Education transport should normally proceed to Guthlaxton Campus where Saturday staff will direct them to the shuttle bus that takes them to Eyres Monsell Primary School. Boosey & Hawkes National Concert Band Festival Once again the Band will be participating in the above. We are awaiting confirmation of regional final dates and will forward these to you as soon as possible but it is likely to be towards the end of the Autumn Term. Tour 2010 It is hoped that a group of 60+ musicians from the Symphonic Wind Band and the Training Band will be able to tour to Prague. The expected dates are Friday 16th – Sunday 18th July 2010 for the pre-tour course and the tour from Monday 19th – Monday 26th July 2010. Places will be allocated in the first instance to members of the Symphonic Wind Band and Arts in Education very much hope that all members will be able to participate in the tour. It is anticipated that the cost will not exceed £620. In order to plan the year, Arts in Education need to know now if you will be joining the tour. Please complete the attached form and if you intend to tour enclose a £50 non-refundable deposit. Of course, if the tour does not go ahead, all deposits will be refunded. The Friends of Arts in Education will once again try to offer some financial help to individuals in need of assistance – for support categories please see paragraph below. The tour taking place and the final cost will depend on enough players in all sections making the commitment. N.B The Friends support for tours in the new academic year will still be in line with the County Council benefit categories that are outlined on your registration form. If you are in receipt of a listed benefit the Friends of Arts in Education may be able to offer support up to a maximum amount of £100.00, if their funds allow. If you are in receipt of 100% fee remission you are not required to make a written application, but need to indicate clearly on the attached form the amount you are requesting up to a maximum of £100.00. These requests are the priority for this academic year, but if you do not receive a listed benefit and feel that you have exceptional circumstances that may merit support, you can write to The Chair of The Friends of Arts in Education, c/o Arts in Education, Knighton Fields Centre. Your request for support would need to clearly outline the reasons for the need for support and the amount requested. You may be required to provide evidence of your financial circumstances. Any requests to the Friends should be returned with your commitment slip. Arts in Education Website Arts in Education regularly circulates written information about classes, rehearsals and performances to parents/carers. It is not possible to direct mail all information because of the numbers involved and routine letters are often handed directly to students. Arts in Education will also be putting copies of any letters to performance groups on our website on the bulletin board so that parents / carers can check details or obtain another copy if a letter is mislaid at Letters regarding performances will be posted on the Performance Information page. PLEASE RETURN THE ENCLOSED REGISTRATION FORM & THE COMMITMENT SLIP BY

WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR MUSICAL YEAR WITH THE SYMPHONIC WIND BAND Remember - the first rehearsal is at the venue listed above on SATURDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER

SYMPHONIC WIND BAND (SWB) LEICESTER-SHIRE ARTS IN EDUCATION YEAR DATES 2009/10 Autumn Term 2009 12th, 19th, 26th September 3rd, 10th & 31st October (No rehearsal - Half Term 17th & 24th October) 7th, 14th 21st & 28th November 5th & 12th December Autumn Term Course Dates Saturday 19th September 10.00am – 4.00pm – Eyres Monsell Sunday 20th September 10.00am – 4.00pm – Eyres Monsell Spring Term 2010 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th January 6th & 27th February (No rehearsal - Half term 13th & 20th February) 6th, 13th, 20th March Spring Term Course Dates Saturday 9th January 10.00am – 4.00pm – Eyres Monsell Sunday 10th January 10.00am – 4.00pm – Eyres Monsell Summer Term 2010 17th & 24th April 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd May (No rehearsal - Half Term 29th May & 5th June) 12th, 19th & 26th June Summer Term Course Dates Saturday 17th April 10.00am – 4.00pm – Eyres Monsell Sunday 18th April 10.00am – 4.00pm – Eyres Monsell

CONCERTS Autumn Term 2009 Gala Concert – Sunday 6th December 2009, 7.00pm - De Montfort Hall, Leicester National Concert Band Festival – November 2009.

Spring Term 2010 Band Concert – Saturday 20th March 2010, 8.00pm– Holy Trinity Church, Leicester.

Summer Term 2010 Summer Concert - Saturday 3rd July – 8.00pm – Holy Trinity Church, Leicester

SWB COMMITMENT SLIP Please return this with your acceptance form I have read and understood the information about this year's SWB commitments. I shall make every effort to attend all rehearsals and concerts, and should like to join the band. Signature of student .................................................. Please print your name ................................................

Parent, please countersign here ……………………………………………… If you have already booked activities which clash with any of the planned SWB dates, please write the details here:-


My son/daughter will be free for the pre-tour course and Tour in July 2010 and would like to attend, subject to receiving further details of the tour.



 I anticipate that I would be able to pay the estimated full amount of £620.00 (the full amount would be requested in instalments and if the cost rose above the estimated amount parents/carers would be informed and have the opportunity to withdraw). I understand a deposit cheque for £50.00 payable to Leicestershire County Council will be requested if a place is offered. I am in receipt of a Benefit outlined on my child’s registration form and have provided evidence as requested. I understand that the Friends of Arts in Education may be able to offer support of a maximum of £100.00 towards the full cost of my son/daughter’s tour place if their funds allow. Please indicate below the amount you are requesting up to a maximum of £100.00 Amount Requested  £ …………….


I am not in receipt of a Benefit outlined on my child’s registration form, but I am enclosing a request with this form to The Chair, Friends of Arts in Education, c/o Knighton Fields Centre

Signature of Parent / Carer ………………………………………… Date:………………………….. NAME (in caps)…………………………………………



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