1. Why Try Wax Play? a. Basic form of kinky play b. Pain play c. Easy to do d. Cheap 2. What kind of candles do you use? a. Emergency candles b. Novena candles c. Paraffin candles d. Shabbat candles e. Paraffin blocks from a hobby store melted in a fondue pot turned down low f. Cheap candles 3. What kind of Candles do you stay away from? a. Beeswax b. Dripless c. Metal wicks d. Meallic in color e. Candles with lots of scents, hardeners and additives f. Expensive candles 4. Does size make a difference? a. Containered candles are cooler b. Tapered candles are hotter 5. How do you test candles? a. On your forearm b. Watch for amount of splatter c. Starting height of 12-18” d. Different candle types drip differently. Test each kind 6. Where can you drip wax? a. Preference to less hairy areas b. Back c. Torso d. Thighs e. Breasts f. Genitals? (Differing opinions) 7. How do you prepare the surface? a. Moisturizer, Mineral Oil, Massage Oil (differing opinions) b. Shaving c. Waxing (hair removal kind) 8. How do you prepare the waxing site? a. Allow containerized candles to pool for about an hour b. Fire extinguisher c. Water and ice d. Cold damp cloth and aloe gel e. Drop cloth f. Sturdy table for candles g. Remove combustibles 9. Does dripping height make a difference?

a. Start out several feet away and work your way down b. You should end up between 12-18” above the surface c. Adjust the temperature by adjusting the height d. Communicate with your partner e. Treat burn complaints promptly 10. How do we make it fun and creative? a. Try different colors b. Try different amounts (drip, stream, pool) c. Try to make patterns or designs d. Contrast with ice for added sensations 11. How do I remove the wax? a. Peel off with a dull knife b. Chip with ice scraper c. Use flea comb d. Try a razor e. Use a pet brush f. Try using ice to harden soft wax g. Shower off remaining wax and oils h. Skin is extra sensitive now, be careful 12. What cautions should I consider? a. Second and third degree burns are possible b. Dripping on previous wax cools slowly. Take precautions c. Try it on yourself first d. Watch the height of candles above the body e. Using open flames. Be prepared for the worst Resources: “Wax Play Safety and Hints,” by Shakti “There’s Never Enough Wax,” by Alkallah “Safer BDSM – Wax,” “Types of Play 7: Wax Play,” by Raven Shadowborne “Introduction to Waxing,” by Master Mystic “Hot Wax Play,” by Mistress Renee and gunga din

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