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									                                   Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference 
                                         Session Explanations
Mini-keynotes (60 mins)
Delivered by high profile motivational speakers, designed to provide you with an opportunity to hear
about a current key policy area or issue

Interactive Workshops (90 mins)
Interactive sessions which explore a specific area of work, challenge or issue.  You will come away with
an action plan or resources on how to innovate or enhance practice at your place of work.

School Led Practice (45 or 40 mins)
School Led Practice sessions consist of short presentations on a specific theme or subject which focus
on a piece of work that the school has developed, is delivering and the impact of this work

Updates (30 mins)
Delivered by Youth Sport Trust staff to share the latest information on new programmes, key topics and
future issues.

Networks (30 mins)
An informal opportunity to share practice or develop a learning conversation on a themed topic.

Interactive Web Zone (30 mins)
An opportunity to be guided through Youth Sport Trust specific websites and resources, helping you to
see what is on offer and to become acquainted with specific pages and areas of interest.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DAY 1 - 6th February

8.30                                     9.00      9.30   9.45   10.00       10.15    10.30   10.45   11.00   11.15   11.30      11.45     12.00       12.15   12.30   12.45   13.00   13.15   13.30       13.45     14.00       14.15   14.30    14.45   15.00   15.15   15.30       15.45    16.00        16.15   16.30    16.45    17.00            18.30              19.00   19.30   20.00   20.30      21.00                 21.30   22.00   22.30   23.00   23.30

       Registration, refreshments and exhibition                                                                                                                                                   Updates and Networks 1                                                               Updates 2

                                                                                                                                                                                           IWZ 1                                     IWZ 2                            IWZ 3                                     IWZ 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Gala Dinner and Awards
                                                                                                                      Mini-keynote 1                                                           Mini-keynote 3                                                             Mini-keynote 5

                                                                    Opening Address
                                                                                                                      Mini-keynote 2                                                           Mini-keynote 4                                                             Mini-keynote 6

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pre-dinner Drinks
                                                                                                                       Interactive workshop 1 (practical)                                                                                                                 Interactive workshop 12 (practical)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Close of Day 1
                                                                                                                              Interactive workshop 2                                                    Interactive workshop 7                                                    Interactive workshop 13

                                                                                                                              Interactive workshop 3                                                    Interactive workshop 8                                                    Interactive workshop 14

                                                                                                                              Interactive workshop 4                                                    Interactive workshop 9                                                    Interactive workshop 15

                                                                                                                              Interactive workshop 5                                                   Interactive workshop 10                                                    Interactive workshop 16

                                                                                                                              Interactive workshop 6                                                   Interactive workshop 11

                                                                                                                                           SLP 1                                               SLP 6                                     SLP 11                           SLP 16                                    SLP 26

                                                                                                                                           SLP 2                                               SLP 7                                     SLP 12                                                                     SLP 22

                                                                                                                                           SLP 3                                               SLP 8                                     SLP 13                           SLP 18                                    SLP 23

                                                                                                                                           SLP 4                                                                                                                          SLP 28

                                                                                                                                           SLP 5                                               SLP 10                                    SLP 15                           SLP 20                                    SLP 25
                                                                                                                                                   Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference 
                                                                                                                                                           DAY 2 - 7th February

      9.00                                  9.30   9.45        10.00   10.15   10.30   10.45   11.00        11.15    11.30        11.45   12.00    12.15      12.30       12.45         13.00   13.15   13.30             13.45    14.00

                                                                                                    Updates and Networks 3

                                                                                           IWZ 5                                      IWZ 6
Registration, refreshments and exhibition

                                                                                               Mini-keynote 7

                                                                                               Mini-keynote 8

                                                                                               Mini-keynote 9
                                                     Opening Address

                                                                                                                                                                              Closing Address

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lunch and exhibition
                                                                                                        Interactive workshop 17

                                                                                                        Interactive workshop 18

                                                                                                        Interactive workshop 19

                                                                                                        Interactive workshop 20

                                                                                                        Interactive workshop 21

                                                                                                        Interactive workshop 22

                                                                                                                                          SLP 32

                                                                                               SLP 27

                                                                                                                                          SLP 34

                                                                                               SLP 29                                     SLP 35

                                                                                               SLP 30                                     SLP 36

                                                                                               SLP 31
                                                                                                   Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference 
                                                                                                             Mini Keynotes
MKN ID Time        Title                         Synopsis                                     Target Audience
       (60 mins)
                   What does 'legacy' mean for Headteacher associations share their    HT
1      1115-1215   school leaders?             thoughts on PE and sport in the wake of
                                               the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
                   The power and influence of Supporting schools to lead on health and HT
                   teachers and schools on the well-being, presented by The
                   health and well-being of    Department of Health and an Olympian
2      1115-1215
                   young people                who shares their experience of how
                                               comments made by a teacher and coach
                                               affected their mental health. 
                   Educating Essex' through PE Nurturing a culture of healthy          HT
                   and sport values            competition to develop a values-driven
                                               ethos and raise achievement.
3      1315-1415

                   PE Curriculum 2014            Understanding the content of the new         SL
                                                 national curriculum for PE
4      1315-1415

                   Olympic and Paralympic        Harness lessons from the Olympic and         HT
                   success: essential learning   Paralympic Games for school
5      1515-1615
                   for school leaders            improvement.

                                                 This session will highlight the key          Senior leaders, HT
                                                 findings from the work commissioned by
                                                 the National Literacy Trust, examining
6      1515-1615
                                                 the reasons for low literacy skills and
                   Developing boys literacy      some strategies to address these using
                   through sport                 the context of sport. 
                   The importance of school- How headteachers are leading the way             HT
                   driven local leadership of PE to ensure a strategic local approach to PE
7      1045-1145
                   and school sport              and sport that maximises outcomes for
                                                 young people
                   Oftsed Framework & PE         Understand the impact of the new             SL
                                                 Ofsted framework and explore the
8      1045-1145
                                                 findings of the recent Ofsted Long
                                                 Report for PE.
                   Youth Sport Strategy:         Sport England outline the key aspects of     HT
                   implications and              the Youth Sport Strategy and how
9      1045-1145
                   experiences from school       schools can access the opportunities that
                   leaders                       it brings.

                                                                                                              Page 4 of 8
                                                                                                Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference 
                                                                                                     Interactive Workshops
W- ID       Time (90 mins)     Title                                          Synopsis                                                                          Target Audience

                                                                              A practical workshop providing secondary PE teachers with improved
1           1115-1245          Is your PE inclusive?                          confidence and competence in providing a high quality, inclusive PE               Practitioner
                                                                              experience for all young people, including those with disabilities.
            1115-1245                                                         Understand the Ofsted framework and prepare your PE department for
2 and 13                       Be confident that you are ready for Ofsted                                                                                       All
            1515-1645                                                         inspection.
                                                                              Effective partnerships and strategies for developing and engaging difficult to
3           1115-1245          Solving the puzzle                                                                                                            Senior Leaders
                                                                              reach communities.

            1115-1245                                                         Focus on a leadership module from the Middle Leaders PE programme.
4 and 16                       Leading the PE department                                                                                                       SL/Practitioner
            1515-1645                                                         Emotional intelligence and the vital role it plays in leading a successful team.
                               Empowering students to improve the PE          Student engagement strategies to improve the learning experience within
5           1115-1245                                                                                                                                           SL/Practitioner
                               experience in your school                      PE, other subjects and the wider school.
                                                                              Should competition drive our PE curriculum or the PE curriculum drive
6           1115-1245          A competitive PE curriculum                                                                                                      Head of PE
                                                                              competition? Find the answers in this workshop.
            1315-1445          Using PE and sport to raise attainment         Explore and identifying the most effective strategy for using PE and sport to
7 and 17    Day 2 1045-1215                                                                                                                                     Senior Leaders
                               in english and maths                           to drive your core subject's priorities.
                                                                              Through health and well-being boards Lead Partner Schools advocate
                               Sport: delivering health outcomes for
8           1315-1445                                                         physical activity, health and well-being to deliver local health priorities for   HT, SLT
                               children and young people
                                                                              children and young people.
                               Developing the life skills of primary pupils   Explore how School Sport Organising Crews, bronze Young Ambassadors and
9           1315-1445          through a co-ordinated approach to sports      Playground Active Leaders could be used to develop a coordinated approach         SL/Practitioner
                               leadership                                     to sports leadership.
                                                                              Learn the tricks of the trade to get your messages across while raising the
10          1315-1445          Use the media to your school's benefit
                                                                              profile of PE and sport.
                               Maxmising facilities for community             Sharing practice of how school's have maximised the use of sports facilities
11          1315-1445                                                                                                                                           HT/ SLT
                               development                                    to position it at the heart of the community.
                               Using ICT to support teaching and learning in
12          1515-1645                                                        Practical examples of how ICT is easy, affordable and effective.                   SL/Practitioner
                                                                             What is it that sets the bar for young people's aspirations? A chance to
14 and 18                      The sky's the limit                           explore key challenges facing schools in raising aspirations in young people       Senior Leaders
            Day 2 1045-1215
                                                                             and potential solutions.
            1515-1645                                                         A practitioner-led discussion and debate about features of an outstanding PE SL/Practitioner
15 and 19
            Day 2 1045-1215    Strive for the outstanding lesson              lesson.
                               Developing a coherent, engaging and
                                                                              Achieving outcomes for young people through a high quality PE and school
20          Day 2 1045-1215    challenging PE and sport offer for primary                                                                                       Primary HTs/lead teacher for PE
                                                                              Using feedback from exam boards to explore and analyse the performance
21          Day 2 1045-1215    Raising attainment in GCSE PE (theory)                                                                                           SL/Practitioner
                                                                              of your learners in GSCE PE theory with helpful strategies to raising

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     School Led Practice

SLP - ID   Time (45 mins / Title                                                       Synopsis                                                 Target Audience
           40 mins 32-36)
                           The positive impact of sport and PE across the taught       A strategic approach to using sport and PE to improve
1          1145-1230       curriculum                                                  learning and outcomes in other subjects                  Senior leaders

                            Using the School Games to contribute to whole school       Using the School Games to deliver aspects of
2          1145-1230                                                                                                                            Senior leaders
                            attainment                                                 accredited courses in other curriculum subjects.

3          1145-1230        Assessment tracking to support teaching and learning                                                           SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       Developing a CPD programme of assessment tracking to support the teachingand& learning in PE.

                                                                                       Level 1 School Games competitions throughout the
                                                                                       year for all age groups lead to increased participation,
4          1145-1230        Inter-house competitions: making a positive impact across the whole school                                          SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       student lead activity and the involvement of other
                                                                                       subjects such as music, cooking, spelling.
                                                                                       Using school sport clubs to help your young people
5          1145-1230        School sport: supporting and improving transition                                                                   HT/Practitioner
                                                                                       transition from primary to secondary school.

6          1315-1400        Ofsted: evidencing Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural     Utilising PE and sport across the school to get positive Senior leaders
                            development through PE and school sport                    outcomes from Ofsted.
                            ME FIT: bridging the gap (a Sky Sports Living for Sport    Using sports performance to enhance maths and
7          1315-1400                                                                                                                            Senior leaders
                            project)                                                   English.
8          1315-1400        Top tips in creating an outstanding PE department                                                               SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       A school's experience based on curriculum, achievement, leadership and teaching and learning.

                                                                                       Using the school Leadership Academy to develop
9          1315-1400        Developing the next generation of young coaches            aspiring young coaches through training,mentoring        SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       support and deployment opportunities.
                                                                                       Enabling SEND and able bodied youngsters to compete
                            School Games inclusive competition: engaging all young     alongside one another using competition formats
10         1315-1400
                            people in your school                                      designed by Project Ability schools and the National
                                                                                       Governing Bodies of Sport.
                            School Games: supporting improvements in learning of       Using the School Games to introduce learning
11         1415-1500
                            English and maths (primary)                                experiences into the curriculum. 
                                                                                       Using outdoor and adventurous activities to engage
12         1415-1500        Social inclusion: disaffected boys                                                                                  Senior leaders
                                                                                       disaffected boys.
                                                                                       Build a large extra curricular programme through the
13         1415-1500        How are your extra curricular activities?                  engagement and involvement of your school staff and SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       sports coaches.
                                                                                       Strategies and ideas to impact on teaching and
14         1415-1500        Languages through sport                                                                                         Senior leaders
                                                                                       learning in the languages classroom.
                                                                                       Using Olympic-based sports activities to increase
15         1415-1500        Maths through sport                                        students' interest in maths while positively impacting Senior leaders
                                                                                       on their understanding and learning.
                                                                                       A pilot project shares practice on using competition to
16         1515-1600        Competition for learning in PE                             enhance their PE curriculum while motivating and        SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       enthusing learners.
                                                                                       Using wrestling to teach aesthetic activity and
17         1515-1600        Aesthetic activities for EBD students                                                                               SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       choregraphy to EBD and disengaged students.

                            Empowering students to improve the PE experience in        PE Change Teams is the Youth Sport Trust's 2012 Legacy
18         1515-1600                                                                   programme for schools, and their students, to improve SL/Practitioner
                            your school.
                                                                                       PE and a range of other subjects.
                                                                                       Change4Life Sports Clubs are engaging less-active
19         1515-1600        Pupil Premium in action                                                                                           HT/Practitioner
                                                                                       students and impacting on pupil premium priorities.
                            Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths and the           Inspiring students through venue design/structures,
28         1515-1600                                                                                                                            Senior leaders
                            Olympics                                                   teamwork and history.
                                                                                      Impact on your Ofsted report by utilising leadership
                            Supporting whole school priorities through leadership and
20         1515-1600                                                                  and volunteering across your whole school and within HT/Practitioner
                                                                                      cross curricular work. 

21         1615-1700        French through football                                    Using a link with Arsenal FC to develop French skills.   Senior leaders

                                                                                       Using your pupil premium funding to host a holiday
26         1615-1700        Keep in touch programme                                    club for students focusing on literacy, numeracy and     Senior leaders
                                                                                       community cohesion.

                                                                                       Developing leadership across the school to improve
22         1615-1700        Raising boys' achievement through sport education.                                                                  Senior leaders
                                                                                       attitudes to cross-curriculuar learning In boys.

23         1615-1700        Supporting the less-able in showing progress                                                                      SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       An introduction to new materials that support schools in moving SEND pupils from P Scales onto Levels 1-3 of the National Curriculum.

                                                                                       Student engagement through School Sport Organising
                            Develop your PE and school sport offer through             Committees and PE Change Teams can develop a PE
24         1615-1700                                                                                                                       SL
                            meaningful student engagement                              and school sport offer that meets the needs of your
                                                                                       Shape how school sport is organised within your
25         1615-1700        Developing leadership in primary schools                   school by engaging leaders through School Sport
                                                                                       Organising Crews. 

                                                                                       The impact of PE on pastoral and wider issues, raising
27         1045-1130        PE: impacting on whole school priorities                                                                          Senior leaders
                                                                                       achievement, behaviour and attendance.

                                                                                       Develop a year round inter-form curriciulum
29         1045-1130        Competition in the curriculum                              competition in core subjects to culminate at your      Senior leaders
                                                                                       school's School Games Day. Strategies include a
                                                                                       spelling-bee in English, slime construction in science
                                                                                       A chance to understand the findings from a recent
                                                                                       and a maths murder mystery.
30         1045-1130        Engaging girls in physical education                       research project and hear from a school that has       SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       enjoyed success is engaging girls in PE
                                                                                       Enabling primary schools to develop a thematic/multi
                            Developing an intra-school competition offer for primary   skill approach to intra school (School Games Level 1)
31         1045-1130                                                                                                                          Practitioner
                            aged young people.                                         competition, building upon the principles of Long
                                                                                       Term Athlete Development.
                                                                                       Using sport to enrich your KS5 offer and develop the
32         1145-1225        Developing employability skills at Key Stage 5                                                                      SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       employability skills of your students.

33         1145-1225        Inclusive dance                                            Enabling wheelchair uses to access GCSE dance            SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       through Project Ability.
                            Using ICT to engage learners and raise achievement and     Using handheld technology and apps for analysis,
34         1145-1225                                                                                                                            SL/Practitioner
                            understanding in PE                                        observation, performing and sharing practice.

                                                                                       Using the 5 abilities assessment wheel to help every
35         1145-1225        Assessment in PE at Key Stage 3                            Key Stage 3 pupil to know their strengths, areas for SL/Practitioner
                                                                                       development and how to set personal goals.
                                                                                       Change4Life Sports Clubs (primary and secondary) are
36         1145-1225        Engaging less-active students                              engaging less-active students while impacting on     HT/Practitioner
                                                                                       wider, whole school priorities.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 6 of 8
                                                                                          Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference 
                                                                                                Updates and Networks
U&N - ID   Time (30 mins)   Title                  Synopsis                                            Target Audience

                                                   School Starts is a new talent identification
U 1a       1345-1415        School Stars                                                               SL/Practitioners
                            Building on            Maximising Bikeability to deliver wider whole
U 1b       1345-1415                                                                                   SLT/Practitioners
                            Bikeability            school outcomes 
                            The future of the
                                                   Update on the Young Ambassador programme
U 1c       1345-1415        Young Ambassador                                                           SL
                                                   going forward.
                            National School        New developments within National School Sport
U 1d       1345-1415                                                                             SL
                            Sport Week             Week 2013.

                                                   Using your pupil premium funding to host a
                            Keep in touch
N 1e       1345-1416                               holiday club for students focusing on literacy,
                                                   numeracy and community cohesion.

                            Officiating and        National Governing Bodies of Sport share
                            leadership             current information about accredited
U 2a       1545-1615                                                                                 SL/Practitioners
                            qualifications for     opportunities for students and training available
                            young people           to teachers.

                            School sport partner Tennis presents its comprehensive schools sport
U 2b       1545-1615                                                                             SLT/Practitioners
                            offer: tennis        offer.

U 2c       1545-1615        Lead your generation The Youth Sport Trust's legacy vision.
                            Building capacity in
                                                   Develop a worthwhile voluntary internship for a
                            your school sport
U 3a       1100-1200                               young person and build capacity in your PE      SLT/Practitioners
                            workforce by using
                            volunteer interns
                                                   Latest developments from National Governing
                            Transition pupils in
                                                   Bodies of Sport to create school club formats to
U 3b       1100-1200        to and from                                                                SLT/Practitioners
                                                   help sustain young people's participation in
                                                   school sport. 
                                                   Start to Move, supported by Bupa, is for all Key
U 3c       1100-1200        Bupa Start to Move
                                                   Stage 1 practitioners. 
                                                   TOP Sport, supported by Matalan, is the Youth
U 3d       1100-1200        Matalan TOP Sport
                                                   Sport Trust's Key Stage 2 PE programme. 
                            Youth Sport Trust:
                                                  Understand the Lead Partner School Strategy and
U 3e       1100-1200        Lead Partner School                                                    All
                                                  how it can benefit your school.
                                                  Feeder school pupils have developed a
N 3f       1100-1200                              transition support DVD for use back in their own Senior leaders
                            transition project
                                                  schools simply by filming students and staff
                                                  about life in the secondary school.
                                                  Development of student leadership,
                            Embed student
                                                  qualifications and opportunities across all key
N 3h       1100-1200        leadership across the                                                  SL/Practitioners
                                                  stages and areas of the curriculum including
                            whole school
                                                  languages, numeracy and literacy.

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                                                  Youth Sport Trust 2013 Conference 
                                                         Interactive Webzone
                          Title              Synopsis                       Target Audience
IWZ - ID Time (30 mins)

                                             Online resources
                          Supporting the
                                             developed to support
1        1315-1345        delivery of                                  Practitioner
                                             inclusive PE and school
                          inclusive PE 
                                             YoUR Activity resources
                          Supporting peer
2        1415-1445                           can help support peer led Practitioner
                          led activity 
                          Celebrate the
                                             Maximise the online
                          success of your
3        1515-1545                           resources available to         Practitioner
                          Change4Life Sports
                                             Change4Life Sports Clubs
                                             Supporting subject leaders to
                          Resources to       improve and develop their PE
                          support you in     department by using our
4        1615-1645        developing an      online resource which          SL/Practitioner
                          outstanding PE     provides case studies,
                          department         succuess stories, top tips and
                                             self-review documents.
                                             Inspire to Lead' could help
                                             you achieve inclusivity,
                          Fully inclusive
5        1045-1115                           ensuring your schools is    Practitioner
                                             reaching out to all young
                                             earn about the School Games
                          The School Games
6        1145-1215        website
                                             website, kitemark and       Practitioner
                                             available resources.

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