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Now that you are an Eagle Scout, celebrate! Your Scoutmasters and friends want to brag about you and congratulate you on reaching the highest rank in Boy Scouting. By now you should have attended and been involved with several Eagle ceremonies and have a basic idea of what you liked and did not like about the ceremonies. Here are some helpful steps in planning for your own big celebration. 1. Pick a date. Look at the Troop calendar to make sure the date you want to have your ceremony is open and no other Scout activities are planned. 2. Ask a Scoutmaster if he/she will be present at your ceremony. 3. Confirm the date with the facility where you are going to have the ceremony. If it is at Farragut Presbyterian Church on a Tuesday, the Troop already has the Fellowship Hall for our use. If you want the Sanctuary, you would have to reserve that with the Church secretary. Call the Church 966-9547. If you want to have your ceremony on another day, you must call the Church to reserve all rooms you want. The Church does not allow the Troop to use the Church on any Sunday. There is no cost to use the Church. 4. You can pick any place to have your ceremony. It does not have to be at the Church. 5. After picking a date, reserving a place, and asking a Scoutmaster, you are ready to send invitations to your event. These can be purchased at the Scout Office or designed by you or you can email everyone you want to attend. 6. Now you are ready to plan your ceremony. Tell the Committee Chairman about your plans and ask for the Troop Eagle notebook. The Chairman is in charge of this notebook and may store it at the Church (in the closet in a blue rubber container marked “Eagle”) or at his/her home. 7. The Troop notebook contains Eagle ceremonies, programs, poems, addresses, websites and books the Troop has collected from other Eagle ceremonies. 8. Look through the notebook and decide what you want in your ceremony. Make it your own and special to you. There are many types of ceremonies- examples – the Voice of the Eagle or the 12 candles. Whatever you decide, your ceremony must include, Presentation of the Colors, The Eagle Pledge to include all Eagles present at the ceremony, and an Eagle Response thanking the people who helped you achieve your goal of Eagle Scout, telling some things you enjoyed about your experiences in Scouting and encouraging the younger Scouts to work towards their Eagle rank. 9. If you want to invite Elected officials from the town, and/or State they have websites to contact them and/or offices in Knoxville to contact them. If they are available on the date of your ceremony most enjoy attending. Congressman Duncan will bring a flag that has flown over the Capital in Washington D.C. and present it at the ceremony. 10. Next you need to ask your Scoutmaster, Mentor, or special adult to speak at your ceremony on your behalf. 11. You need to ask any adult and Scout you want to help with the ceremony, 12. You must type a script of everything that is said during the ceremony, except for the speaker’s speech, Have the Scoutmaster who is helping you, approve the script.

13. A copy of your ceremony is given to anyone with a speaking part. On the day of the ceremony, if someone is unable to attend, with a written script you are able to ask someone else to replace them and that person would know what to do and say. 14. In the blue rubber container in the Fellowship closet, there are logs for the candles, an Eagle table banner, plastic to cover the banner so the candles do not drip on it, and red, white and blue fat candles. 15. You must purchase the 12 tapered candles for the Scout Law. Please take these home with you and do not put them into the container. Please wrap the red, white and blue candles so they do not fade onto the Eagle Scout banner. 16. The American and Troop flags and stands are in the closet in the Fellowship Hall. 17. If you have a program to pass out, include the order of the ceremony, the names of the people and what they are doing, a brief history of your Scouting career, and a brief explanation of your Eagle project. 18. If you want to use the Grand piano, use must ask permission from Sandra Hipsher. 19. If you want to show a slide show at the ceremony have Mr. Stoner help you. 20. If you use the Church sanctuary, move the Communion table to the side. Get a white folding table to use for your ceremony. 21. Mr. Stoner or Mr. Misner have keys to unlock the Church. You must arrange a time to meet them to unlock the Church for you to set- up. They also know how to run the microphones and the AC. 22. The Troop purchases the Eagle scarf, slide, pin, mentor pin and parents’ pins. 23. After the ceremony, please have someone clean the Sanctuary and put things back in order. You will be busy at the reception. 24. You are welcome to use the kitchen in the Fellowship Hall. The Church does not have a freezer in the kitchen. There is one in the Fellowship Hall. Please do not use the dishwasher. 25. Make sure the stoves are turned off and everything is cleaned up and back in place. 26. Have someone do the serving for you so you can enjoy your reception. 27. Display pictures and Scouting items for people to look at during the reception. If you want to show a slide show or have music during the reception, have Mr. Stoner help you. 28. Set out a few tables and chairs. If you put out lots of tables and chairs, the people will stay longer. This is ok as long as you have someone who is willing to stay and lock up the Church. 29. Use decorations and balloons. It is a party. 30. Sweep the floor. The broom is in the kitchen. 31. Take out the trash and put in new trash liners. They should be in the closet in the kitchen. 32. You should be the last person to leave, making sure everything is put back in order and all Scout items are back in the closet. 33. Thank the person for locking the Church.

Have a great Eagle ceremony and enjoy. You have earned it!!!!!

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