CHAIRMAN: “We are going to formally welcome several new scouts and their parents to our troop tonight. The following young men have completed the requirements for the Scout Badge, also known as the Joining Requirements. Would these scouts and their parents (or guardian) please come forward as their names is called:”

Wait for Scouts to settle in line Light the Green Candle CHAIRMAN: “It is now my privilege as the chairman of the troop committee to pass this burning candle which represents the Spirit of Scouting to Scoutmaster Roy Hollis who will formally invest these candidates.” Give candle to Scoutmaster END OF CHAIRMAN’S ROLE SCOUTMASTER: “Thank You Mr. Rees. My happiest duty as scoutmaster is to receive new boys and their parents into our Troop Family. Fellow Scouts . . . We are going to bring to light these candles representing the ideals of Scouting. The Three candles symbolize the Three parts of the Scout Oath . . . Duty to God Duty to Country And Duty to Self light the white candle light the blue candle light the red candle

New Scouts you are about to pledge yourselves to a new way of life that has guided millions of boys and men before you. It is not a promise to take lightly.

Are you ready to take this promise ? . . .” SCOUTS: “I am !” SCOUTMASTER: “Will the members of the Troop and all other scouts in the audience please stand and give the scout sign. Please repeat each line of the Scout Oath after me. On My Honor I Will do my best . . . To do my duty to god and my country. And To obey the Scout Law. To Help Other People at All Times. To Keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” TU, Audience please be seated. SCOUTMASTER: “You will be expected to live by the Scout Law and Scout Oath as in the promise you have given in earning this rank. We expect you to uphold the ideals and program of our troop. You will be expected to keep good attendance at all Scout meetings, campouts and events. An most of all, as I extinguish this flame representing the Spirit of Scouting, you will continue its light by being a living example of scouting ideals in your daily life.” “I welcome you to the brotherhood of scouting and Troop 118.”

SCOUTMASTER: “The scout should present the miniature pin to his mother or parent representing his thankfulness for thier support in his scout life.” “Troop 118, please welcome our new scouts with a round of applause !” Scouts can return to thier seats. Ceremony returns to Masters of Ceremonies.

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