Winter Wonderland

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					Winter Wonderland
This is our most elegant Theme Parties, and makes for the ideal opportunity to dress in evening gowns, cocktail dresses and dinner jackets. The look and atmosphere of the room is the key to this themed evening, using a combination of intelligent lighting, silk decorations, star cloth and special effects we will create a beautiful room for you and your guests to enjoy. Your guests will be greeted in the entrance hall by a number of our staff who will offer flutes of champagne to your guests on arrival. For the brave few, why not try a drink from our fantastic Vodka Luge. Once all guests have arrived we will open the doors to the main room. As the doors open, guests will be met with a blanket of low lying fog that will float around your ankles as you walk into the room. With beautiful lighting, white trees, star lights and flowing silks. The visual impact of the room will be the start of a wonderful and enjoyable evening. With the fog giving the illusion of a snow covered floor, and elegant decoration around the room and on the tables, your guests will be transported away from the everyday to an elegant and beautiful ‘Winter Wonderland’ that will be remembered for a long time after the evening. Our fantastic star cloth and DJ booth is the perfect backdrop for your dance floor. You can dance the night away with our resident DJ or top class band. Whatever combination of effects and décor you require, you are guaranteed to have a very enjoyable evening, and with guests dressed in full evening wear it will be a fun, elegant and memorable party.

Room Décor
Silver, White and Blue Helium Balloons White and Blue Tablecloths & Napkins Seat Covers (per 100) Silk Wall Drapes Table Decoration Icicles Snow Flakes Back Drop Snow Mountain £275 £200 £400 £325 £175 £175 £175 £350


Back Drop – Ice Queen Palace White Entrance Arch White Pillars White Trellis & Ivy Statues Fountain VIP Carpet VIP Rope & Barrier Santa’s Grotto Snow Queen Palace (Chill Area!!!) White Dance Floor

£350 £150 £200 £300 £250 £375 £250 £150 £395 £500 £450

Low Lying Fog Snow Machine Silver Confetti Bomb £250 £375 £300

LED Starcloth Blue Flame Effect Lighting Up lighting White LED Trees (12 x 5ft) White LED Trees (6 x 6ft) Corner Up lighting Drape Lighting Light Curtain UV Cannon Intelligent Gobo Lighting £450 £300 £250 £175 £175 £150 £225 £150 £300 £500

Vodka Luge DJ and Booth Live Band from Snow Board Simulator Air Hockey Ski Simulator White Chocolate Fountain £450 £225 £1500 £450 £250 £450 £550


Table Decorations
Candelabra (per 10) Ivy (per 10) £300 £100

All prices are subject to VAT. Any number and combination of theme items can be arranged with various reductions available depending on quantity required.


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