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					New York State Therapeutic Recreation Association 12th ANNUAL CONFERENCE



Dear Colleague, Let us be the first to welcome you to our 12th annual conference! Each conference cannot be possible without every one of our members. From our founding board members who paved the way to every new member who joins our association looking to be part of the professional organization, that we call NYSTRA. This year’s conference will be held at the Holiday Inn, which is located in Saratoga Springs, New York, from March 24th –27th, 2007. As you review the schedule of sessions, please note the variety of topics and presenters. We encourage each member to arrive at their selected session on time as once the session has been deemed full no further occupants will be permitted to enter. Each year, the conference committee works very hard to provide our members with a solid conference using the feedback from the most recent conference. Our conference is made possible through NYSTRA members volunteering their time and knowledge. To further improve our conferences your critique is needed. Please take the time at the end of the conference, to complete the conference evaluation. Once again, we are happy to invite you to an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals and increase your knowledge in the wonderful field we call TR. Please register early to insure your place. If a question should arise, please feel free to contact Judy Isaksen at (845) 364-2936 or Vanessa Von Seggern at (631) 581-7893.

Sincerely, Vanessa Von Seggern, CTRS and Judy Isaksen, CTRS Conference Co-Chairs

2007 Conference Committee
CONFERENCE CO-CHAIRS: Vanessa Von Seggern, CTRS & Judy Isaksen, CTRS PROGRAM CO-CHAIRS: Judy Isaksen, CTRS & Susan Wilson, CTRS REGISTRATION CO-CHAIRS: Steve Victory, CTRS & Robin Gallagher, CTRS REGISTRATION COMMITTEE: Virginia Hutchins, CTRS, Isabel Kellerman, CTRS & Noelle Molloy, CTRS HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE: Bert Rappaport, CTRS, Terri Rappaport, CTRS, & Kirstin Impicciatore, CTRS VENDOR/JOB MART CO-CHAIRS: Vanessa Von Seggern, CTRS, Eileen Andreassi, CTRS & David Wickes, CTRS RESOURCE ROOM CO-CHAIRS: Isabel Kellerman, CTRS, Eileen Andreassi, CTRS & David Wickes, CTRS NYSTRA 2006-2007 BOARD PRESIDENT: Isabel Kellerman, CTRS PRESIDENT-ELECT: Denise Horton, CTRS TREASURER: Virginia Hutchins, CTRS SECRETARY: Denise Horton, CTRS MEMBERS AT LARGE: Vanessa Von Seggern, CTRS, Judy Isaksen, CTRS, Danielle Westbrook, CTRS, Russ Pikell, CTRS, John Clements, CTRS, Loretta Sinnott, CTRS, Shevaun Dowd, CTRS, Suzanne Headley-Harriott, CTRS STUDENT LIAISON: Michael Hunter PAST PRESIDENT: Kirstin Impicciatore, CTRS WEB MASTER: Noelle Molloy, CTRS

All members are encouraged to attend the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING on Sunday, March 25th, directly following lunch to discuss issues that affect all of us in the TR profession.

Saturday, March 24th, 2007 10:00am-5:00pm Institute #1 ATRA Standards of Practice: Getting it off the Shelf Marcia Smith, CTRS ATRA President-Elect This session will give participants the confidence to begin using ATRA-SOP to establish policies and procedures (Management Audit) and make changes to their documentation practices (Documentation Audit), which will help meet JCAHO, CARF, CMS and other accrediting agency guidelines. Participants will develop the knowledge and skills needed to use the ATRA Standards of Practice. They will also become aware of how the SOP can be used to improve services. Finally, they will be able to understand the relationship between ATRA SOP and other accreditation standards, such as JCAHO & CARF. (Participants MUST bring a copy of the Standards of Practice manual with them if they have one and copies of documentation to the session.) Saturday, March 24th, 2007 11:00am-4:00pm Institute #2 Diving Deeper into Aquatic Fitness Programming & Current Trends Jodi Frank, Ph.D., CTRS Eastern Connecticut State University Water opens many doors for people who cannot otherwise participate in traditional exercise/recreational programs. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore how to develop an aquatic fitness class, what types of class formats are safely being used in the industry for all ages and abilities, and how you may incorporate them into your programs. In addition, you will be given resources to further your education/certifications in the ever-growing field of aquatics. Come prepared to actively participate in some of the newest trends in aquatic exercise and programming! Saturday, March 24th, 2007 12:00pm-4:00pm NYSTRA Board Meeting Members Welcome

Sunday, March 25th, 2007 8:00am-9:30am COFFEE AND ROLLS

Welcome/Opening General Session Session #1 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 9:30am-11:00am Meeting Healthy People 2010: Guidelines for People with Disabilities Janet Connolly, MS, CTRS, Program Specialist Jerry McCole, Executive Director National Disability Sports Alliance This session will provide an overview of Rhode Island’s efforts to meet the national challenge of reducing obesity and the incidence of secondary health-related conditions in people with disabilities. Through partnership efforts, the National Disability Sports Alliance has designed a program to educate, train, and implement sport and fitness for individuals with physical disabilities, educators, and professionals. Come learn about this program and what’s in it for you!

Session #2 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 11:15am-12:45pm Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation Nancy Vander Molen, MPA, CTRS Lecturer, SUNY at Brockport, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies Evaluation is a systematic process that is required for professional practice to demonstrate to others that therapeutic recreation programs are worthwhile, to justify past projected expenditures, to support program expansion, and to identify areas for improvement. Participants will learn ways to develop and implement evaluation plans to measure the effectiveness of therapeutic recreation interventions and services. Participants will engage in experiences that help apply evaluation to their current work environment. Session #3 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 11:15am-12:45pm Mental Illness: Reducing Stigma and Using Recreation for Treatment Purposes Katie Kimball, Student, Ithaca College Janice Elich Monroe, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor, Ithaca College Mental illness has long been negatively stigmatized by society. This session will explore how recreation professionals can reduce stigma and use recreation as a treatment modality for clientele with mental illness. Session #4 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 11:15am-12:45pm Interpersonal and Leadership Skills for Successful Management-Part 1 Robin Kunstler, Ph.D., CTRS Professor, Lehman College This management skills workshop is for TR practitioners who wish to develop their personal skills and strengths for more effective supervisory responsibilities and for career advancement. Through selfassessment, interactive learning, role-plays and case studies, we will analyze and acquire techniques and strategies for successful management. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DOUBLE SESSION. YOU MUST ATTEND BOTH PARTS OF THE SESSION TO RECEIVE CEU’S. Session #5 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 11:15am-12:45pm Creativity & Adaptability in Therapeutic Recreation Susan Drumgould, CTRS Senior Recreation Therapist, Taconic DDSO Each participant is asked to bring an item to be adapted. This session is interactive. Each group of five will have a variety of items to adapt in each of the following areas: sensory-motor, cognitive, affective/emotional, social, and community awareness/inclusion. As TR providers, each person from the group will be asked to be the leader and each group member will be involved in activity at some level. Groups will demonstrate at least one activity. This session will be limited to 25 participants. 12:45pm-2:45pm LUNCH/NYSTRA MEMBERSHIP MEETING Session #6 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 3:00pm-4:30pm Increasing Senior Independence Through Fitness & Wellness Jodi Frank, Ph.D., CTRS Eastern Connecticut State University Maintaining our body and minds is a challenge at any age, but particularly as one gets older. The purpose of this session is to explore creative fitness and wellness options to enhance independence and self-sufficiency. Come with your ideas and be prepared to move! Session #7 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 3:00pm-4:30pm Evidence –Based Pain Management Interventions for Recreation Therapists Vincent Bonadies, CTRS Director of Recreation Therapy, Rivington House Health Care Facility This session will be an overview of the most common evidence-based interventions recreation therapists can use when treating pain. Implications for recreation therapy practice will be discussed.

Session #8 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 3:00pm-4:30pm Interpersonal and Leadership Skills for Successful Management-Part 2 Robin Kunstler, Ph.D., CTRS Professor, Lehman College This management skills workshop is for TR practitioners who wish to develop their personal skills and strengths for more effective supervisory responsibilities and for career advancement. Through selfassessment, interactive learning, role-plays, and case studies, we will analyze and acquire techniques and strategies for successful management. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE ATTENDED SESSION #4 TO RECEIVE CEUS. Session #9 Sunday, March 25th, 2007 3:00pm-4:30pm The Leisure and Well-Being Model of Therapeutic Recreation Practice Cynthia Carruthers, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor, University of Las Vegas at Nevada Colleen Deyell Hood, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor and Chair, Brock University The field of therapeutic recreation has a number of service delivery models that guide practice. Most of those models identify the remediation of problems as the major focus of care. This session will present a new model of therapeutic recreation that focuses on capacity building and resource development. The model also articulates the mechanisms through which therapeutic recreation service can facilitate physical and psychological well-being.

Monday, March 26th, 2007 7:00am-9:00am BREAKFAST (Bookmakers) KEYNOTE ADDRESS Session #10 Monday, March 26th, 2007 9:00am-10:30am The Power of the Positive: Leisure and the Good Life Cynthia Carruthers, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor, University of Las Vegas at Nevada Colleen Deyell Hood, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor and Chair, Brock University The new positive psychology movement recognizes the vital role of leisure for health, well-being, and authentic happiness. The literature in positive psychology clearly articulates the importance of leisure to physical and emotional well-being, yet few therapeutic recreation specialists are familiar with the new literature. This session will discuss the role of leisure and therapeutic recreation specialists in facilitating the cornerstones of well-being and authentic happiness, including satisfaction about the past, optimism about the future, and happiness in the present. Session #11 Monday, March 26th, 2007 11:00am-12:30pm Circle of Services Carol A. Pogoda, MA, CTRS Melody J. Hanchett, M.Ed., Behaviorist Donna Dow, Adventure Program Coordinator Living Resources Attendees will hear an overview of the development of TR in a clinical services department within a large multi-service, non-for-profit agency. The development of TR groups and adventure program for varied populations will be reviewed. The process of positive behavior modification including expectations to facilitate active and productive participation will be discussed .

Session #12 Monday, March 26th, 2007 11:00am-12:30pm Therapeutic Recreation: An International Perspective Janice Elich Monroe, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor, Ithaca College Travel to Antigua, WI and Hameenlina, Finland and discover the status and role of therapeutic recreation services while exploring cultural influences on the development and implementation of those services. Explore educational and professional development opportunities abroad. Session #13 Monday, March 26th, 2007 11:00am-12:30pm Project NOISEE: Intergenerational Laughter, Giggles, and Squeals Janet Listokin, CTRS Isabella Geriatric Center The on-site childcare center at Isabella Geriatric Center utilizes the entire campus as their classroom through interaction with residents, learning from residents, and having the residents learn from the children. Attending this session will enable you to learn the benefits of intergenerational programming in long-term care. It will also highlight the creation of Isabella Land as well as gain insight on possible obstacles to be overcome in development. Session #14 Monday, March 26th, 2007 11:00am-12:30pm Applying the New CMS Activities Interpretive Guidelines to Your TR Department Vincent Bonadies, CTRS, Director of Recreation Therapy, Rivington House Pat Diffley, CTRS, Director of Recreation Therapy, Project Samaritan This session will give an overview of the new CMS guidelines and its implications for recreation therapists in applying these new guidelines to their programs. Individuals attending this session will learn how to involve other disciplines in this process as well. 12:30pm-2:00pm LUNCH Session #15 Monday, March 26th, 2007 2:00pm-3:30pm Upgrading the Civil Service Recreation Therapy Line Daryl Willenbrink, CTRS, CPRP Donna DuBreuil, MS, PEF, Shop Steward Since the early 1980's, Therapeutic Recreation clinicians working in New York State operated agencies, have not held salary grades comparable to the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech, and Hearing Therapy Departments. This hands-on session will instruct you in how to develop a plan and carry it through for success toward upgrading our salary grades. Session #16 Monday, March 26th, 2007 2:00pm-3:30pm A Conversation about Mark Haddon's "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" Susan Wilson, Ph.D., CTRS, Associate Professor Lynn Anderson, Ph.D., CTRS, CPRP, Professor and Chair SUNY Cortland Mark Haddon, in his story "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time," provides a provocative and intimate account of life from the perspective of a young person with autism. The book not only raises one's empathy and insight into autism, but also provides much food for thought on effective therapeutic recreation practice. Join us again for a "coffeehouse" atmosphere in which we conduct another of NYSTRA's book chats. To attend this session, you must have read "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time," and bring the book with you to the book chat. LIMITED TO THOSE WHO BRING THE BOOK TO THE SESSION.

Session #17 Monday, March 26th, 2007 2:00pm-3:30pm Opening the Outdoors to People with Disabilities Carole Fraser, Universal Program Coordinator NYS Department of Environmental Conservation The presentation will be a talk accompanied by a PowerPoint with photos and site descriptions, introducing conference attendees to New York State's accessible outdoor facilities. The presentation will highlight the programs available at these facilities such as camping, fishing, and boating access and emphasize the social and personal empowerment that such activities can provide. Session #18 Monday, March 26th, 2007 2:00pm-3:30pm 2007 NCTRC Job Analysis Study Bob Riley, Ph.D., CTRS, Executive Director, NCTRC Noelle Molloy, M.S.Ed., CTRS, Credentialing Specialist, NCTRC This session will focus on the recently conducted NCTRC Job Analysis (JA) Study. The JA results are utilized in the design of the NCTRC Certification Exam as well as inform CTRSs about areas of continuing education. Results of the study and implications to recertification will be addressed. Session #19 Monday, March 26th, 2007 3:45pm-5:15pm Development of a State-Wide Inclusive Recreation Center at SUNY Cortland Lynn Anderson, Ph.D., CTRS, CPRP, Professor and Chair Susan Wilson, Ph.D., CTRS, Associate Professor Laurie Penney-McGee, Project Coordinator SUNY-Cortland With a grant from the New York State Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities, SUNY Cortland Recreation and Leisure Studies Department is developing a statewide Inclusive Recreation Resource Center. The purpose of the center will be to promote and sustain participation by people with disabilities in inclusive recreation activities and resources throughout the state. Come learn how you, a therapeutic recreation specialist, can be a key player in this exciting initiative! Session #20 Monday, March 26th, 2007 3:45pm-5:15pm Use of Technology Interventions for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease Mr. Paul Bufano MS CTRS, Director of Recreational Therapy, Aging In America - Morningside House Mr. Michael Jendreski EdM, MS, Dementia Program Coordinator, Aging In America - Morningside House This session will focus on innovative audiovisual projects designed for residents living on a special care Alzheimer's unit. The intervention enhances quality by minimizing aberrant behaviors, decreasing apathy and boredom by engaging persons in a meaningful intervention, offering a diversion to at-risk wandering, and elopement and increasing social interaction amongst peers, staff, and families. This session will also focus on improving the work environment of staff and creating a medium for staff to share quality time with residents. Also discussed will be other assistive technologies such as enabling devices and an electronic reminiscence program designed for persons with mild cognitive impairment. Session #21 Monday, March 26th, 2007 3:45pm-5:15pm NTRS President Presents Tracey Crawford, CTRS, NTRS President TBA

Session #22 Monday, March 26th, 2007 3:45pm-5:15pm NCTRC Certification: All You Need to Know Noelle Molloy, M.S.Ed., CTRS, Credentialing Specialist, NCTRC This session provides an in depth coverage of the NCTRC Certification Standards. It will include the requirements for application, application process, exam information, and requirements to maintain your certification.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 8:00am-9:00am BREAKFAST

Session #23 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 9:00am-10:30am Assessing Strengths: Tools for Positive Change Lynn Anderson, Ph.D., CTRS Chair, RLS Dept., SUNY Cortland Linda Heyne, Ph.D., CTRS Chair, TRLS Dept., Ithaca College At the heart of therapeutic recreation practice is the art of building strengths in the individuals we serve. In order to systematically build strengths, we must systematically assess them. This session will expose participants to some of the assessment tools that can be used to assess internal and external strengths in our participants. Session #24 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 9:00am-10:30am Animal Assisted Therapy Activities from A to Z Donna Sims, CTRS Upstate Medical University Hospital This session will look at animal assisted therapy and activities from the idea stage to the actual treatment session. We will discuss the benefits, different populations, and settings they are being used in, creation a multidisciplinary program, documentation, find a program that meets your needs, what to look for in a therapy dog, how to train one, and how to run a program without live animals while you work out the details. Session #25 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 9:00am-10:30am Building Community Partnerships in Recreation Programming: How to Use Your CHARM and Other Resources to Develop Successful Community Inclusion Anita O'Brien The Center for Disability Rights Join us for an information-packed session on tips and tricks for starting community partnerships, identifying barriers and developing strategies for eliminating them, discovering what a recreation BLT is, and learning what CHARM is and why you should care! Based on our experiences implementing a federally funded program called Outdoor Exposure: The Integrated Disability Adventure Program, we share with you very tangible ideas for fostering INCLUSION in your community. The Outdoor Exposure Program offers rock climbing, scuba diving, horseback riding, kayaking, and aquatics programming in inclusive settings. Come learn about how you can incorporate business partnerships within your recreation programming. Session #26 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 9:00am-10:30am The Ethical Practice of Therapeutic Recreation Matt Gold, CTRS, Director, OT/RT Department New York State Psychiatric Institute This session will examine the NTRS and ATRA Codes of Ethics, comparing and contrasting them, as well as exploring their relevance to TR practice. Ethical dilemmas will be presented, with an opportunity to discuss how to apply ethical principles and guidelines to actual practice.

Session #27 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 10:45am-12:15pm Head Injury: Coma to Community Eileen Andreassi, CTRS David Wickes, CTRS Helen Hayes Hospital The session will give the causes and consequences of sustaining a closed head injury. The session will cover treatment methods for recreation therapists working with clients with head injuries. Session #28 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 10:45am-12:15pm Active Treatment Through our Senses Ira Dunne, Recreation Therapist UCP of Suffolk Everyday activities that allow our individuals to explore their five senses. Many activities cross over to allow them to use multiple senses at the same time and let them explore the environment that we take for granted. Session #29 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 10:45am-12:15pm Enhancing the Quality of the Leisure Experience: A Value-Added Approach for Therapeutic Recreation Practice Colleen Deyell Hood, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor and Chair, Brock University Cynthia Carruthers, Ph.D., CTRS Associate Professor, University of Las Vegas at Nevada Therapeutic Recreation Specialists often articulate the value of leisure involvement for health and well-being. However, not everyone has the capacity to reap the many benefits of leisure involvement. This session will present five strategies for increasing the value of leisure for clients as articulated in the Leisure and WellBeing Model. Each strategy will be described and will include practical applications for TR practice. Endnote/Buffet Lunch—Included in all Registration Plans Session #31 Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 12:30pm-2:00pm Harness the Power of Therapeutic Recreation! Kirstin F. Impicciatore, MS Ed, CTRS Assistant Professor of TR, Utica College As therapeutic recreation professionals, we know that we provide powerful modalities, but we often are not able to convey that power to those outside of our profession. This session will give participants the tools to communicate the effectiveness and necessity of Therapeutic Recreation through the proper use of evidencebased practice, the therapeutic recreation process, and administrative organization.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM *Please Print and Enclose This Form With Payment
*If paying with a Purchase Order (PO) please enclose a copy of the PO with a contact name & no.

Name:__________________________ Name for badge:_________________________ NYSTRA member: ____ yes ____ no Organization: _____________________ Title :__________________________________ Mailing Address:__________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________ State: _____________Zip:__________ Phone:__________________ E-mail: _______________________ Fax: ______________ Certification: ______ CTRS Other _________________________________________

_____Please check here if you are presenting at this year's Conference Registration includes access to educational sessions only. All hospitality events and meals are included in overnight hotel registration package. If commuting, meals can be purchased at the registration table. Please see following page for further explanation. FULL REGISTRATION
Before 3/10 _____ Member $114 _____ Non-Member $174 _____ Student Member $ 74 _____ Student Non-Member $104 After 3/10 $134 $194 $94 $114


Before 3/10 After 3/10 _____Member $84 $109 _____ Non-Member $109 $129 _____ Student Member $45 $55 _____ Student Non-Member $59 $69

Institutes: ______ #1 $59 or ______#2 $59 (in addition to conference rate above) If attending as daily, please note which day you are attending ____Sun. ____Mon. ____Tues.

CEUs will be paid onsite Special Services: ____Special Diet ____Accessible Accommodations MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (PLEASE PRINT) Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City: ____________State: _______ Zip: __________ Home Phone: ( ) ___________________________ Work Phone: ( ) _____________Fax: ( ) ___________ E-Mail:______________________________ Employer/School:___________________________________Population:___________________________ Certification(s): CTRS ___ Other: Membership Fees: Professional - $55.00 __ Associate - $50.00__ Student - $30.00__ Organizational - $125.00__ Retirement - $25.00___ How/where did you learn about NYSTRA? ____________________________________
FOR NYSTRA USE ONLY DJ ____________ DR ____________ DE ___________ Send Payment or Purchase Order payable to NYSTRA with registration form to:

Steve Victory 423 Millerton Road Lakeville, CT 06039 Phone: (845) 877-6821 ext. 3485 Fax: (845) 877-9555

Conference Registration Includes: Registration Packet, access to all educational sessions, Sunday’s Networking Cocktail Hour, NYSTRA Annual Membership Meeting, and Job Mart/Resource & Exhibit Area. Student Rate: Proof of full time student status must accompany registration form and payment. Overnight Accommodations: If reserving a room through the hotel (please see following page), all meals and hospitality functions will be inclusive within the hotel rate. Upon check-in, you will receive a packet of meal/function tickets. Commuting Conference Attendees: Please note, with the exception of the endnote, registration does not include any meals or hospitality functions. However, meal and function tickets will be sold at the NYSTRA registration desk. Meal tickets can be purchased for the following fixed meal prices: Breakfast: $10.00 Registration/CEU Desk Open: Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Lunch: $15.00 8:00am-5:00pm 8:00am-5:00pm 8:00am-5:00pm 8:00am-2:30pm Dinner: $22.00

Continuing Education Units
Application has been made to the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit is determined by the length of the presentation. For example, attendance at an hour and a half session will earn .15 CEU. The total of all sessions attended will yield the total CEU awarded for attending the 12th Annual NYSTRA Conference. The total CEU awarded will vary by participant according to the number of sessions attended. Please note that there is one double session. A delegate must attend both parts of the double session to earn CEUs. NCTRC does not pre-approve any continuing education. NCTRC has not reviewed or approved of the content of these materials and does not endorse or sponsor any of the activities of NYSTRA.

There will be a $10.00 registration fee for CEUs which will be paid onsite.
Delegates will receive detailed instructions regarding the documentation of CEUs at the conference. However, you must have your CEU sheet with you for each session you are attending for CEU credit. You will be required to sign in at each session. You must TURN IN your CEU sheet BEFORE you leave the conference. You cannot get credits for sessions attended unless you turn in your sheet at the CEU desk.
An official transcript will be processed and mailed to you within 6-8 weeks following the conference. Transcripts will be kept on file at the ATRA central office.

Holiday Inn—Saratoga Springs (Overnight accommodations and meals)

Reservation Request Form

RATES-Two Night Stay-Sun, March 24-Tues, March 27, 2007 ONLY
Single Occupancy – Per Person, Per Stay $324.00 Rates are inclusive of service charges Double Occupancy – Per Person, Per Stay $221.00 Rates are inclusive of service charges

Two night stay rates include: Overnight accommodations for Sunday and Monday night, 2 breakfasts, 3 buffet lunches, 2 banquet dinners and hors d’oeuvres with cocktail hour before awards banquet. (Rates are subject to prevailing New York State Tax)

For those guests arriving on Friday or Saturday a room rate of $103.00 a night applies
All rates guaranteed through March 1st, 2007

To reserve your space now, PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE this form and return it at your earliest convenience.
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DEPOSIT: Individuals are required to provide the Hotel with a deposit equal to first nights package price with this form by March 1, 2007. Make checks payable to Holiday Inn. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club, and Discover Cards for deposit – please complete the information requested below. Any and all cancellations made less than seven (7) days prior to arrival will be subject to the forfeiture of the individual's deposit. Individuals who are categorized as a "No Show" will be billed in full. Credit will not be given for missed meals or early departures. After the cut off date, the group rate quoted will no longer be available, and all charges will reflect current prevailing rates.
Check: Credit Card Type: Name on Credit Card: Credit Card No.: Expiration Date: Signature:

PLEASE MAIL OR FAX THIS FORM TO: Holiday Inn—Saratoga Springs 232 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Phone (518) 584-4550 Fax (518) 580-1924

Resources and Agency Exhibits
The NYSTRA Resource Committee invites you to submit written materials for our Annual Multi-Day Conference. We once again plan on featuring a variety of information/topics related to our profession. Resource materials will be displayed at the conference at no cost. Throughout the conference, a table will be available for your display. Audio/visual equipment will not be provided. However you may bring your own equipment. Please limit amount of resources to 3 boxes. Any facility, agency and/or organization interested in being a part of this networking venue should fill out the form below and send it by March 17, 2007 to: Vanessa Von Seggern, CTRS 128 Church Road Great River, NY 11739 (631) 834-3654 If you are not attending the conference, but would like to submit materials, call Vanessa to make arrangements and send materials to the hotel no earlier than March 21, 2007 (earlier shipments are subject to hotel handling fees) to: Holiday Inn (Attention: NYSTRA Conference 3/25-3/28) 232 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Facility/Organization/Agency: ________________________________________________ Contact Person attending Conference: __________________________________________ Telephone# Day: ___________________ Evening: ________________________________ Date of Arrival: ____________________________________________________________ Type of Resource, Description and Materials to be Displayed: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

Job/Internship Mart
To advertise a position or internship, information must be received by March 17, 2007. Please mail the form below to: Vanessa Von Seggern, CTRS 128 Church Road Great River, NY 11739 (631) 834-3654

EMPLOYMENT OR INTERNSHIP Job/Internship Title:__________________________________________ Setting/Population:___________________________________________ Facility Name:_______________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________ Contact Person:______________________ Phone #:__________________ Position Description:

_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________
Position Requirements:

_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Deadline for Application:______________ Starting Date:____________ CTRS Supervisor: Stipend Available: Housing Assistance Available: YES____ YES____ YES____ NO____ NO____ NO____

Salary Range:________________________________________________

All of the guestrooms have been updated over the last two years. Standard features include rooms with a king size bed or two double beds, coffeemakers, phone with voice mail and data port, 50 channel cable service on a 25” color television, hairdryers, irons and ironing board, and am/fm clock radios. Fifty of these rooms also have refrigerators and microwaves. Complimentary high speed internet access. Luxury class accommodations include all of the above plus upscale décor and linens, enlarged baths, two phone lines, in room safes and VCRs. Choose from king or two queen size beds or king suites with kitchenettes. FEATURES Bookmakers Restaurant and Lounge Open 7 days a week 6:30am-10:00pm Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner—Room Service Available Pools Indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools Open daily 7:00am-10:00pm Exercise Room 24 hour exercise room with treadmills, stairmaster, bike and free weights Coin Laundry Located on first floor Services 24 hour guest fax Monday through Friday same day dry cleaning Free on site parking Just a short stroll to Canfield Casino in Congress Park, the National Museums of Racing and Dance, downtown Saratoga Springs and the Thoroughbred Race Track.

Albany - Follow signs for I-87 North towards Montreal for 25 miles, Take Exit 13N via ramp to US-9 and Bear right on US-9 heading North for 3.5 miles. Holiday Inn is on the Right. Buffalo/Rochester – I-90 East to Exit 28 (Fultonville/Fonda) and take Rt. 30A North for 6 miles. Turn right on Rt. 29 heading east for 31 miles. Turn right on US-9 and head south for 3 blocks. Holiday Inn is on the Left. Massachusetts/Connecticut – I-90 East to Albany. Follow signs for I-87 North towards Montreal. Continue on I-87 North for 25 miles. Take Exit 13N via ramp to US-9 and Bear right on US-9 and go North for 3.5 miles. Holiday Inn is on the Right. Montreal – I-87 South to Exit 15 and Rt. 50. Take Rt. 50 Southwest for 2.5 Miles. Holiday Inn is on the Left. New York City - I-87 North for 136 miles, Exit I-87 via ramp at sign reading "Exit 24 I-87 N / I-90 E to Albany / Montreal". Follow signs for I-87 North towards Montreal for 25 miles. Take Exit 13N to US-9 heading North for 3.5 miles. Holiday Inn is on the Right.

Saturday, March 24th Sunday, March 25th 8:00am 12:45pm Ballroom) 5:30pm 6:30pm Monday, March 26th 7:00am 12:30pm 6:00pm 8:00pm Tuesday, March 27th 8:00am 12:30pm

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Breakfast (Daily Double Ballroom) Buffet Lunch (Daily Double Ballroom)

General Information
Sessions/Times Subject to Change: All sessions and times listed are subject to change, rescheduling or cancellation. Please check your registration packet for any updates to the conference program you received prior to the conference. Session Etiquette: All speakers deserve the utmost respect while presenting please silence your cell phones, refrain from talking during the session and arrive at each session promptly. Those who do not abide by these rules may be asked to leave the session. Thank you for your consideration. Recommended Dress: Casual Business attire is recommended for the NYSTRA Annual Conference. Consider bringing a sweater or jacket for sessions as temperatures within meeting facilities vary. No Smoking Policy: There is no smoking allowed in educational sessions or meal functions. Please smoke in designated areas of the hotel. Responsible Drinking: Recognizing the social component of conferences and the potential for alcohol abuse, NYSTRA encourages responsible drinking. All NYSTRA sponsored socials provide non-alcoholic beverage options. No alcohol will be served to anyone under the age of 21. Children: NYSTRA welcomes children at the conference; however, conference educational sessions are designed for a professional audience. Please plan accordingly and do not bring small children or infants to educational sessions. Registration/Payment/Cancellation Policy: All attendees and speakers at the NYSTRA annual conference are required to register and pay the appropriate fee. Please use the Registration Form and mail prior to the conference. You will be emailed a confirmation card when your registration is received. If you are paying with a purchase order, please mail your registration form in advance and indicate that you are paying with a purchase order. Early registration is recommended. On-site registration will be available.

Cancellation refund requests must be in writing. Cancellations postmarked on or before 14 days prior to the conference will be assessed a $20 processing fee. Cancellations received after 14 days but prior to start of conference will be assessed a 25% processing fee. NO refunds for cancellations received after the conference begins or for ―No Shows.‖

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