Credit Debit Recurring Gift by jizhen1947


									                                                            CREDIT/DEBIT CARD RECURRING GIFT
                                                                DONATION AUTHORIZATION

I hereby authorize my credit/debit card to make continuous payment to the MUSC Foundation, which is
to be processed on:                   THIS RESTRICTED ENDOWMENT FUND AGREEMENT
                                      (“Agreement”) is made this ___ day of _________, 20__, by and
    _________1st           or        _________15th
                                      between __________________________, whose current address
                                      is ______________________________ (the “Donor”), and the
              -OR-                    Medical University of South Carolina Foundation, a non-profit
                                      South Carolina corporation (the the 1st and 15 to
          __________Split payment evenly and process Biweekly on“Foundation”), th create a
                                      restricted endowment fund of the Foundation. All persons and
Charge Amount: $____________________________
                                      organizations making contributions to this fund shall be bound by
                                      the terms of this Agreement.
Start Date:______________ End Date:_____________ , or until I notify otherwise.
           (Month & Year)                (Month & Year)
                                      1.       Name of the Fund. The name of the Fund created hereby
                                      is the ____________________________ Fund (the “Fund”). Any
Frequency of Credit/Debit Charge (circle one): Biweekly           Monthly         Quarterly      Annually
                                      recipient of benefits form the Fund shall be advised that such
                                      benefits are from the Fund.
Please see credit/debit card information below.
                                              Account Number. AmericanExpress
Credit/Debit Card Type (Circle One): 2. VISA MasterCard The account number of Discover is   the Fund
                                     _____ _____________.
Account Number: _______________ - _______________ - ________________ - _______________
                                     3.       Contributions. Upon signing this Agreement, the Donor
Expiration Date: ___________________ transferredCSC# (back of card): _______________ cash or
                                     has              and delivered to the Foundation the
                                     property listed on Exhibit A, which is attached hereto and made a
Name as it appears on card: __________________________________________
                                     part of this Agreement. All funds delivered by the Donor to the
                                     Foundation and
Signature: ____________________________________designated as contributions to the Fund shall
                                                             Date: ____________
                                     become the assets comprising the Fund, and shall be subject to the
                                     terms of this Agreement. Others may make contributions to the
Donor’s Name: ________________________________________________ RE ID#:________________
                                     Fund, but all such contributions are and shall be held for the
Address: _____________________________________________________________
                                     purposes and uses, and on the terms and conditions, set forth in
                                     this Agreement.
City: ________________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: ____________
                                4.     Purpose.
Phone Number: (H) _______________ (B) ________________ (C)_______________
Email: __________________________________________________ the Fund is to create a permanent
                                       (a)   The purpose of
                                endowment, the income from which may be used for
MUSC Foundation Fund: __________________________________________
Purpose: ________________________________________________________
                                                                      (b)      If at any time the President of The Medical
                                                          University of South Carolina (“MUSC”) and the Chairman of the
In Memory of: ______________________________In Honor of: __________________________________
                                                          MUSC Department of_____________ certify to the Board of
Acknowledgement is to be sent to:                         Directors of the Foundation that the purpose stated above has
Name: _________________________________________________   become unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment, or inconsistent
                                                          with the needs of the Medical University of South Carolina
                                                          and/or City: ____________________________
Address: _____________________________,the purposes and functions of the Foundation, the
                                                          Foundation shall consult with the Donor, if then surviving and
State: ______ Zip Code: _______ Acknowledgee’s relationship to the deceased/honoree: _______________________
                                                          reasonably available, to determine some other purpose or purposes
                                                          for (3) tax-exempt If the Donor is not then surviving or the fullest extent of
The Medical University of South Carolina Foundation is a 501(c) the Fund. charitable organization. Your contribution is tax deductible tois otherwise the law.
                                                          unavailable, the Fund may be used for such other purpose or
                                18 Bee Street MSC 450 Charleston SC 29425-4500 Tel (843) 792-2678 Fax (843) 792-8531
                                                                  Gifts as may be designated by the Board of Directors of the
                                                          purposes can also be made online at
                                                          Foundation.                                                                                          10/08/2013

                                                    5.      Endowment Spending Rate.           The Foundation's
                                                    objective is to preserve and enhance in real dollar terms the

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