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					Hi Natalia, Attached is the list I’ve been working on….. some of it is looks pretty regimented, but I thought it would be better to cover my bases than forget something! Our schedule is shaping up to be the following: 9:00 AM, hair appointments for me, Alex & Tara at Renaissance Hair Co. at 547 Baker St. (underneath Dr. Beauchamps optometry) Makeup work will start at 11:30 at my house, 914 Gordon Road (corner of Gordon and 7th St. ) Photos with Vogue at Gyro Park starting at 1:00 with the bridal party and as much family as I can rope into coming. Ceremony at 4:00 at the 16th tee Photos after ceremony with grandparents and other family not at Gyro. Cocktail hour/informal receiving line on the sundeck at the clubhouse until dinner at 6:00 inside. So….. what I was thinking is if you could come by the hair salon at 9:30-10:00 to get candid shots of us getting ready, hair, makeup, me getting dresses….then hang out with us until we need to go to Gyro…. Or if you can come to Gyro too and get candid’s…. Alex will probably be staying at her mom’s Friday night. If you wanted to come into town with her that could be arranged….and of course you can ride around with us My main focuses are those little moments thru the day that would otherwise be missed sort of more like a photo storybook of the day… -Candid shots white getting ready, specifically of me and Alex & Tara AND *me and my mom* and any other family around while we are getting ready. -those fun shots of the bride & wedding party piling in and out of the vehicles such as us leaving the house to go to gyro -family / mingling and the general goings on at gyro while photos are being done + any set up poses you can get -family and guests mingling at the golf club and the 16th tee before and after the ceremony -full running spread of the bridal party procession and us at the ‘altar’, the full ceremony, rose ceremony, signing the register etc. -you can get candid and posed shots during the impromptu photo shoot after the ceremony. After the point Vogue will leave. -mingling and posing with friends and family during the cocktail hour and after dinner -artsy type shots of the décor and tables at the golf club, one of the centerpieces -maybe a few of the head table during dinner -people giving speeches -the wedding cake -dancing….the first dance (if we do one) -garter toss/bouquet toss (if we do it) Also, when you get developing, see if they can put them on a CD too. To get to our house… go to Lakeside park and follow Gordon Rd. to the corner of 7th st. It’s the robins egg blue house on the right, my teal green & white striped mustang will be in the driveway. Please call me if you have any questions etc. at 354 0115 or you can try my cell phone at 354 3714 I’m usually home after work around 6 and I will be off from work starting next Wednesday.

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