2007 Contestant Minimum Local Pageant Requirements Form - Teen by Levone


									Miss Teen Texas Organization 2010 Minimum “Teen” Local Pageant Requirements
I understand that to be able to participate as a Miss Teen Texas Local Pageant, I am responsible for the following:

1. Furnishing the local pageant director with a completed and notarized copy of the 19-page Miss America’s
Outstanding Teen State & Local Contestant Contract, in addition to Attachment “C” Miss Teen Texas Scholarship Rules and Regulations. 2. Attaching a photocopy of my birth certificate to the above 19-page document (#1 above). 3. Including a copy of my most recent transcripts, or report card/reporting mechanism with cumulative GPA with the above 19-page document (#1 above). 4. Proof of Residency, if required, based on Section 2.3.1 of the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen State & Local Contestant Contract. 5. Supplying the local pageant Executive Director with a completed copy of the Contestant Release and Indemnity Agreement, including my signature, my guardian’s signature, and a witness’ signature. 6. Submitting a Local Pageant Application Form to the local pageant director. 7. Presenting the completed Judges Resume Form and Platform Statement to the local pageant director. 8. Providing the local pageant director with a Talent Introduction. 9. Delivering to the local pageant director a Talent Accompaniment Tape or CD (clean copy), not to exceed 2 minutes in length, if using an accompaniment. The local pageant director will inform me of whether or not a tape or CD is acceptable. I understand that the Judges’ Coordinator will time my talent during the competition and if my talent exceeds the 2 minute maximum length, the judges will be made aware of the noncompliance with the rules and the judges may deduct points from my talent score. 10. Wearing the appropriate wardrobe for all areas of competition: A. Private Interview - Dress is acceptable for BUSINESS wear. B. Lifestyle & Fitness - Top may be any type of athletic top of any style and any length; Bottom part must be solid black “bike” shorts and the leg length may be no shorter than three (3) inches; Shoes: Solid White “Ked” type shoe; Socks may NOT be worn during Lifestyle & Fitness Competition. C. Evening Wear - my choice of gown, cocktail dress, or pants outfit. D. Talent - conducive to portraying talent. E. Shoes for all areas of competition, as I feel appropriate.

11. Complying with local pageant requests for additional wardrobe for particular production numbers or
themes of the local pageant. 12. Signing the Miss USA former contestant document (if applicable) stating that I understand the requirements. ____________________________________ Contestant’s Printed Name ____________________________________ Contestant’s Guardian’s Printed Name ____________________________________ Contestant’s Signature ____________________________________ Contestant’s Guardian’s Signature

___________WHITE ROCK LAKE_____ Local Pageant Title

___________________________________ Today’s Date


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