Youth Icebreakers - Turkey Toss

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     Icebreakers -
      Turkey Toss

 How much corn can you
feed the turkey and fatten
  it up for Thanksgiving.

  Game Teaching Point /
  Just for fun

  Game Materials
  Candy Corn in a feed
  bucket. (You can also use
  a paper cup for each pair)
  Alternatives: popcorn,
  Cranberries, fish crackers,
  M&M’s etc

   Game Play

   1. Have the youth form
      pairs and choose who
      will be the “Turkey”
      and who will be the
   2. Give each pair an equal
      amount of candy corn.
   3. Pairs must face each
      other at a distance of
      about 5 feet.

  4. On your signal the
     Thanksgiving turkeys
     must start making turkey
     sounds: “Gobble, Gobble,
  5. The farmer then must
     toss the candied corn to
     the Thanksgiving turkey,
     one piece at a time.
  6. If the turkey successfully
     catches the corn in his
     mouth, the pair is still in
     the game.

 7. If the turkey does not
    successfully catch the
    corn in its mouth, the
    pair Is eliminated from
    game play.
 8. Increase the distance
    between the remaining
    participants then let the
    farmers toss another
    piece of corn.

 9. Continue to repeat the
    activity until only one
    winner remains. If all pairs
    fail, then those turkeys
    that successfully caught
    the corn at the last
    distance are recognized as
    the winners or repeat until
    one pair succeeds.

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Description: How much corn can you feed the turkey and fatten it up for Thanksgiving.