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					CIS 213 Quiz                      Name: _________________________

______    1. Where would you set a font size for text?
             A. Objects palette
             B. Properties Inspector
             C. Launcher
             D. Site Manager

______    2. Which function key displays the HTML window?
             A. F5
             B. F7
             C. F10
             D. F12

______    3. The file path2.html uses the moontile2.gif image. What does the path
             to the image look like in the Properties Inspector?

               A.   images/moontile.gif
               B.   moontile.gif
               C.   ../moontile.gif
               D.   ../images/moontile.gif

______    4. The file about.html uses the about.gif image. What does the path to
             the image look like in the Properties Inspector?

               A.   about.gif
               B.   images/about.gif
               C.   ../about.gif
               D.   /about.gif

______    5. Which tag is used for a paragraph?
             A. <np>
             B. <ul>
             C. <br>
             D. <p>
______     6. What is a quick way to insert a line break?
              A. enter key
              B. shift + enter
              C. ctrl + spacebar
              D. &nbsp;

______     7. Nielsen suggests that pages need to download in under
              A. 1 minute
              B. 30 seconds
              C. 10 seconds
              D. 2 seconds

______     8. Which of the following is TRUE?
              A. A tracing image needs to be uploaded to the server so it can be
              B. Using a tracing image will make a web page download more
              C. A tracing image is used mainly as an aid for alignment.
              D. The tracing image has to be removed before a file is uploaded to
                 the server.

______     9. Which of the following will reduce image file size:
              A. reduce image dimensions
              B. compress image
              C. both A and B
              D. neither A nor B

______    10. Which of the following is NOT advice that Nielsen would give?
              A. Use headings to help make text easier to scan.
              B. Use descriptive names for links so users know what to expect.
              C. Make writing clear and concise.
              D. Use new browser features right away to impress visitors to your

PART 2. (10 points)

Write the HTML for the page that appears on the next page.

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